Chapter 11 A Thousand Years Go By

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Warlow grins as he then kneels in front of him as one of the others loosen the chains on the ancient vampire, “I am Warlow.  And I happen to be the actual father of Eric.” Then he reaches out and, gently putting his hands on Godric, takes him to freedom.


When Warlow and the guards appear with a badly hurt Godric, pandemonium ensues.  There are people running around getting blood for the King’s Maker as others work to make sure that there are rooms ready for him. Others still are calling for physicians for him from their worlds.

Into the middle of this, Eric and Sookie appear.  Eric is by the side of his Maker in a second; cataloging all the injuries his Maker has been subjected to.  He is growling, his eyes dark with anger at the damage that he sees, and even more so at the fact that he is right here in front of him and Eric still cannot feel him!  If it weren’t for the proof of touch, he would think Godric was a draugr.  (Ghost)

Sookie is on the other side of Godric and, seeing the injuries, quickly calls out for a Fae-based humanoid to give blood. He needs actual blood, as fresh as possible and as close to the originals as possible.  A couple of guards appear at her side and line up, the first one exposing his wrist.  Giving blood to the Ancient would be an honor given all they had learned of him from their majesties.

Eric though is the first to offer blood, his wrist at his Maker’s mouth within seconds of Sookie’s call.  Only then does his face look guilty as he looks up to Sookie, only to be soothed, ‘It’s ok Eric.  I knew you would do it, and, in fact I encourage it.  I was making sure that there will be blood for you, and more for Godric to take to finish the healing.  We need one of the witches in here, or if you don’t trust them, one of the other magical folk to test why your bond is still blocked.’ She is quickly sending out commands verbally as she reassures her mate.

When she feels Eric’s thankfulness, she asks, “Shadoe, who would you trust to look over the Advisor?  Eric is still not feeling the bond to Godric even after feeding him.” She has made her way to Eric’s side, giving her place to the doctors who had appeared.  They are doing what they can to help facilitate the healing, moving bones into the right places and so on.  But their thoughts tell her how serious this is and that a lot of the damage is based on magic that they have no idea how to counter.  Not even the Pond could do anything but help him live.  He would have to heal at the same speed as a human would.

Shadoe cocks his head to the side, mystified to what could be blocking their bond — the one that only the mating bond surpasses — as well as who and what could have done the damage that everyone could see.  He also can hear the prognosis of the medics.  He can see how this worries Sookie and Eric and comments quickly, “One of the Sidhe or what you might think of angels.  They are the most magical of your kind.  Of the others possible, there is Alderan, a mix of what you think of as Unicorns and Pegasus, as well as Luat.  He is a Dragon, but one of the,” He frowns as he tries to place the name for them, “Space and Time, I think is the closest to his affiliation.  Either of those could help, milady.” He is also trying to think of any others who can help them.  Sadly, with these wounds, there are few who can fix this.

Whoever did this must be a mage of unmatched powers?  Moreover, that makes him feel what humans call someone walking over his grave.  This did not bode well for them or their chances of surviving, especially if Eric is correct that it is the same enemy.

Still giving orders, Sookie nods to Shadoe. “Call them, please.”  Then she places a hand on Eric’s shoulder, “Eric, we need to move him to a room.  It will be more secure.” She does not like how exposed they are with the thoughts she is hearing from everyone.  Her eyes are bright as her own magic is answering the threat, coiling under the surface of her skin, ready to defend her loved ones.

He looks down as he reluctantly lifts his wrist from his Maker.  Nevertheless, he tells the guards waiting to help Godric, “Please move him to our chambers.  Until we find out what has happened, I want as many guards on him as there are on us.”  His face looks up and his eyes are blazing.  “Is this understood?” He has not read anyone but he can feel Sookie’s powers and knows that she is right.

The orders are accepted and Godric is popped into their chambers and is deposited on the bed at the same time.  The only way in is for one of the Guards or those with the allowance and ability to transport themselves inside.  It was one of the many ways to safeguard the High King and Queen.  There are no doors, nor any other entrances.  It had been made by one of the dragons of the earth, so it does not appear on the maps of the original building on top of them.

The other safer place is of course for them to go to Home.  They have so many protections on the planet that were not there before, as well as it being their stronghold.  From there, they can also jump into any of the allied planets that fall in their Kingdom.  Except the Royal couple and those that are connected to them like Warlow.  They have the ability to jump anywhere without having to touch base on the planets first.

As Sookie and Eric appear in the space of the extra bedroom Eric had asked to be added, a flash fills the room.

Alderan The Winged Unicorn

Suddenly there is a creature that resembles a Unicorn and a Pegasus, but smaller than an average horse.


The next being is glowing softly, her wings at first glance part of her hair until you realize it is all wispy feathers.

Luat Dragon 1

Finally, a shadow of a Dragon overlapping the room is seen. All three bow before the High King and Queen, waiting for the reason they were called to their presence.

Sookie is the first one to say something, “Thank you all.  Eric cannot sense his Bond with his Maker, Godric. Also, the medics who had looked over Godric above have found that there is strong magic that is blocking his ability to heal normally.  As you well know, we have been searching for Godric and he will become a trusted ally in our Counsel.  Please do what you can to see if there are any spells or other things upon him that could resolve these mysteries.”  She cannot bare to see the gentle vampire she had briefly known in person in so much pain.  Nor how badly he is damaged.  In some places, there is nothing but bone left. The effect is grotesque and frankly, if it had been before Warlow had taken her from Bon Temps, she would be very sick right now.  The only thing making her able to stand here is the need to support her mate.

Eric stands behind Sookie, his arms are wrapped around his little mate using her to help him keep his calm.  His Maker is back, and he will be grateful to his father for finding him.  The fact that Warlow is not jealous is amazing, but he remembers what Warlow told him.

His mind slips to that time, not able to stay in the present where he is helpless as he stands there watching others work on his Master.

On this new world, Eric is still enjoying being able to see the sun, even if it is not his own.  When Warlow starts talking,  he turns to listen to Warlow explain to him the reasoning behind his abandonment, “I have loved you all this time, Eric.  I did everything I could to make sure you had a happy life.  I even made sure your Maker was a man who would love you as you deserve.  I chased off the other possibility, and once I got him far enough away, I killed him.” Warlow is looking out over the mountains as he admits this.

Taking a deep breath, “I even worked to make sure Sookie would be yours when she came about.  I did so much, and would continue to do so much for the only child that I ever had.  For I love you and your Sookie as though she was my own.  It is why I ripped you out of your lives to stop the cycle you were already on.  All that would happen if you continued on that path would result in the both of you being miserable and broken-hearted in the end.  And one of the possibilities would be that you two would be so broken that you would not get together.  I couldn’t have that.”

He turns to look at his son, “I am proud of you.  I always have been no matter what you were.  You have only brought honor to this family, and I will do anything to make sure you are happy.  Including making sure that you and your mate get together.”

The two stare at each other, and from then on, their relationship became less stormy and one of greater acceptance.

Warlow is not serious often, but when he is, it tells you a lot of what he is thinking.  He is acknowledged as the father of Eric, and as such, he is given special disposition to handle things.  Warlow is trusted by them higher than any other being is, only Godric may be close to him in the authority he wields on their behalf.  The amount of sacrifice he has to do to make this all possible made that assured.

Plus they both loved him.  He was honest and never acted like a father figure, telling them both that they had much better ones and he never wants to take that place.  What a relationship they have now is much more valuable to them all.

On the other hand, the man lying on the bed in front of him, he is Eric’s brother, father, and son.  He means so much to both Eric and Sookie that seeing him in pain and not feeling him is hurting them both.

When Godric’s eyes fly open again, he sees Eric holding Sookie at the foot of the bed and he croaks out, “Lucifer!”

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