Chapter 12 Tired Wings are Falling

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When Godric’s eyes fly open again, he sees Eric holding Sookie at the foot of the bed and he croaks out, “Lucifer!”


Sookie’s eyes immediately narrow as Eric cocks his head to the side. Lucifer?  What does the Lord of Hell have to do with Godric?  And why is he saying that to Eric?  Neither Godric nor Eric believes in the mythology that he belongs to.

What surprises both of them to the point of where they stare at him, is Warlow, who tries to calm Godric by telling him calmly, “No, Eric is not Lucifer.  That asshole is locked away.  And he appears to be much younger than Eric.” The way he said it sounded like he knew the fallen angel personally.

When everyone in the room looks at him, he just shrugs slightly from the wall he is leaning against. “What?  Sookie is not the only one who does dives into the database.  I have been diving into it after a comment I heard her say once to see how many things line up from the past to the history that the humans think are true.”  He had found so many interesting things and had talked with Sookie about a lot of them.  He had thought that it was one of the things they had talked about but with the way she is looking at him, he must have planned to and never gotten to it.

Frowning, Eric asks, “Where and when was he is locked away?  And who is he?”  He can’t be talking about the same Lucifer that Eric had thought.  But then, Eric remembers Sookie’s comments about how so much of the Bible they are finding to be real…

Frowning as he thinks back to it, “I didn’t do an in-depth dive on it, but I did look around for it.  There was a god named Lucifer.  He was one of the older ones that are thought to be the hands of the All-Seeing One.  He decided that he didn’t like the way we handled some of the issues we had.  So he stepped in.” Warlow tries to remember more.  It had been one of the first dives he had done and he had almost overloaded with information.  He learned later how much he can dive and quickly recall later.

The room is silent as the FaePire thinks. “I believe he was cast out after he almost caused the alliance, which was young at the time, to fall apart.  Seemed he didn’t like the other species. He thought that we should be the only ones and he got upset when he found out they were coming in as allies, equals.” He snorts as he realizes that it may be where his bitch of a maker may have gotten her overblown sense of entitlement.  Shoot, their whole race only took after the God, who claimed them as his own.  It would explain so much.


Shaking his head, to get back on track, Warlow continues the story. “It took a bunch of the Gods working together to take him down and they imprisoned him into a black hole.  They had warnings and so forth out there for no one to come close in case their cage doesn’t hold.  From what I understand, there should be no reason anyone would want to even go there since there is nothing there.” He shrugs at the end, not really worried it was that asshole.  There is no place or time he can even imagine that someone would go there, much less ignore all the warnings to free the beast.

Hearing that, Eric looks down at his Sookie, “But there go the words of babes.” He shakes his head, all too aware of how curious humans are and what a challenge would do to them.  If they had no idea what their consequences are, they might actually make a station on the cage so they can study it closely.  All of the Fae races are seemingly cursed with unending curiosity as well as the need to push themselves.

Agreeing with her mate, Sookie turns to ask Warlow, “So he is an actual God?  Cast out of the heavens like the Bible says?” Hearing what Eric is thinking, he couldn’t be more right than if he had read minds all his life as she has.  Curiosity didn’t just belong to the cats.

Warlow just nods, “Yeah.  And like I said, one of the older ones.” He is giving them information, but he does not think this is a problem.  As he said, the God is put away.

Eric and her eyes meet, and then she nods.  “I guess I am going diving again.  At least I and the team have a reason to be diving for now, not just general information.” She sounds weary, but then she has popped every day to Techno to dive, then when she is done debriefing, she comes back here to work.  She is doing so much, but as the most experienced, as well as a favorite of the AI, she always gets more out of her dives than her team often does.

Warlow frowns, “Did you hear that he was locked away by the very gods?”  He doesn’t understand why they are treating this as the answer to their problems. Because if it is, they may very well be screwed.

Looking at his father, Eric sends to him, Warlow, if nothing but the impossible makes sense, then it must be the impossible.  We don’t doubt your findings, but if any time in the future he could be freed, he could come back in time to get revenge.  Since one of the teachings we learned is that Gods can travel to anywhere, any time, any possibility.  When you think like that, and take into account the Fae’s curiosity with that, what do you get?’ Eric watches him, seeing if he sees what Sookie and he already did.

Thinking about what Eric said, Warlow’s eyes widen, “Fuck.” He murmurs.  This has the possibility of being bad.  Very, very bad.

The rest of them start moving out of the room while Eric moves to sit down by Godric.  He looks down at his maker and softly asks, “How are you?” He is concerned but refuses to read Godric’s mind to see anything else.  He will tell his maker his abilities later.  Godric is one of the best strategic minds out there.  Though the ancient always told Eric he is better, Godric is not one to dismiss.

Godric smiles slightly, “You could say, beaten. Thank you for not giving up on me.” He had watched the interactions and noticed Warlow’s complete 180 when Eric stared at him.  He suspects there is much more going on but right now, he is trusting that his child will keep him safe.  He still cannot believe that he had tried to walk out in the sun.  The maniacal laughter in his head as Sookie had cried for him had hurt him so much.  But nothing he did could stop the alien who took over his body.

Nodding, Eric looks him over, frowning at the damage still present on his body. “Were you there the entire time and how long was it for you?” Seeing the oozing wounds, as well as the signs of the bones not fully healed from being broken, is hard for him.  But he needs information that Godric is the only one that can tell him.  Information that may make the difference between them winning and losing.

Allan Hyde 19

Frowning at his words, Godric asks, “How long was it for me?  Why would it be different for me than you?” He struggles to understand since that just didn’t make sense.  A minute was a minute everywhere…wasn’t it?

Chuckling, Eric leans back as he notices that only the Dragon is still there, the others having left after speaking to his mate.  “Let’s just say the universe is not what we call orderly in the methods of Time.  What one world has in time can double the time here.  And I don’t mean the rotation of the planets.  It’s a mess, but one we can deal with at a later date.” To say the least.  It had been one of the issues with the Alliance.  To figure out the timing.  And of course, as Earl had told him, it changes still to this day.   It truly shows that magic can affect more than just people.

Thinking about the fact that he still has someone else in the room, Eric looks up at the dragon and asks, “May I know what you have stayed to tell me?” He shows ultimate respect since this dragon just felt powerful and old.  The weight of his regard was heavy and would make a lesser man shake.


The being, still a shadow of it’s real self, chuckles. “High King, you are kind to use the courtly ways to ask, but it is not needed.  Time itself seems too short to deal with it if the Evil One is back.” He growls out the last part.  The battles to contain the mad god had wrecked the universe.  But they were needed.  And if it is that time again, they better be ready for it.  The sooner, the better.

Godric just blinks in shock at what he actually is seeing.  He thought there were others but when he looked again, he had seen a blue dog by Sookie’s side when she left.  Somehow, he missed the being in front of him.  He must be really bad off that he is missing these critical details.

Seeing the worry cloud Godric’s aura, Luat chuckles. “No worries, Maker of the High King.  I had faded almost all the way out to await the King’s time.  Your injuries are massive.  It is a testament to your will to live that you are here.” He bows his head to the Dark Fae.  He may not be ancient to him, but the fact he has survived so long on a planet that is not conducive to his kind is a huge testament to his character.  As well as surviving with his mind intact after the torture he has gone through.  He deserves from him all the respect that he would command on Earth.

Closing his eyes, Godric corrects him, “To Lucifer. He wanted someone to talk to.  Somehow I am the one he chose out of all the beings out there.” He growls out the last part, he had not enjoyed being the Godling’s plaything.  Many times he had thought he had died, only to come to the blonde’s laughter.  He had been praised for taking more than others who had been under Lucifer’s control.

Eric and Luat look at each other. This makes what they fear more of a reality.  Luat then tells the King softly, “Your coming was foretold back in those days also.  It never said what it was foretelling you will be uniting the worlds against.  Nor that this is your foe.  Nothing is known with prophecies.  All they do is give a hint to the future.  And give hope.” He tries to infuse that hope into the King.  If Eric thinks they are already beaten before they even get started, they will fail.

Thinking, Eric stands up and starts pacing, going over the options in his head.  Once he has a place to start, he asks, “Luat, what can you tell us of Godric?” He wants to know that his Maker will be ok, even if it takes awhile.  Then he will go out and do what is needed.

Still thinking about the possible ramifications of Lucifer being free, Luat gives the report he and the others had put together for the King. “Godric’s wounds are caused by many things. Silver being one of them as you guessed, but also magic and time.  Chaos is somehow in his wounds as well.  It may take awhile for the Maker to heal.  It will take me working with him, none of the others are as adept with Chaos as I am.” He states to the King.  It is the reason he is the one to be left behind.  If it could have been handled by another better, they would be here reporting to the High King.

Nodding his head, looks to Godric, “We will keep you here unless Sookie finds out otherwise in her dives.  She is already in the database from what it feels.” The feeling is always odd when she is in there.  Like there are two or more of her out there.  The same thing happens when she is on a planet where time moves differently.

His eyebrow raising up, Godric asks, “Where is this database?” He has heard mentions of this and wonders what they mean when they say they are diving for information.  He has never even heard of gaining information by diving…

Eric looks up, already thinking of what they need to be doing, “Luat what is basically on the other side of the universe as we know it?”  He will ask Sookie to explain the database to Godric.  She is the best at it and she will tell Godric all about it, but he wants all the information from the dragon before he leaves.

Chuckling at the young Maker’s face at being ignored by Eric, he tries to explain.  “Godric, Maker of the High King, the world is different than you know.  You are about to be introduced to much more than you can ever imagine.  There is a place for you waiting.  The High King and Queen have been hopeful since it was rumored that you were still alive.  But for now, you are to heal.”

Looking back to the King, understanding what he is really asking, Luat tells him, “I will go and see, milord, if I can find Lucifer’s prison and if he is still inside.”

The Blue Dragon fades out, leaving the Maker and the King to talk and to connect as it leaves others to watch over the two. Time to visit the impossible planet.


On another world, a team of people are watching the High Queen as she is under.  She had joked when they had found out about the database that entering it was like being in the Matrix.  Eric had glanced at her and then laughed about it.

They had both dived in at first, going after the information that had been held in the database just for them.  When they came out, it had been obvious that they had changed.  Eric had since dived when he wanted to know something but it is Sookie who dives more often.

She has become adept at finding information.  The issue is that you need to know what you are looking for.  The database is amazing and contains information on anything you could ask for but you have to know what to ask.  It self-updates continuously.  Even when there were none to use it, it still used the probes that Jason is now employing to satisfy its curiosity and to keep it updated.  Now that there are people using it again, it is eager to work with them.

As Eric commented, it is like looking for something online using Google.  Depending on the query to Google, you could have two people looking for the same information and only one finding it.  While they will both find information related to the subject, one will be correct and the other will have supporting evidence.

It is why as they brought people “in the know,” they had slowly been expanding the number of people who dive.  There is a vampire that had been left after the cleansing of the Authority who is getting as good as Sookie at the dives.  However, her focus was on the technology.  Sookie was on the history and finding the answers to the questions she and Eric had.

So even though Warlow had dived for the information in the past, Sookie was going in with the full authority of High Queen and knowing she will be accessing areas that no other could.  The team is looking forward to seeing what she retrieved, most of them Dive junkies who love the sheer amount information they can find and bring out to the others.

But all of them are fully aware that there is a chance that this dive will make their world change.  So all are holding their breath.  No one is in the database, giving their queen unlimited access with no worries on messing with any of their own dives.

When the Queen sits up, she meets Warlow’s eyes, “Get Eric.  We have a mess.” It is enough to make them all worry.

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