Chapter 16 It Began With An Ending

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Yes, all of it is being used, since humanity deserves a break.


Weeks later, the human race watches in shock as details of a Vampire Concentration camp and the shocking truths of the proposed experiments on the vampires.

Even members of the Supernatural Community that had been thinking it was all a hoax to make Northman seem like the savior are shocked.

Nothing is held back.  Everything is being shown, including the mock ups of what they thought would happen and the plans to use the facility to test a new virus to ensure it would kill the vampires through drinking True Blood. They had planned for something to happen to the current batches to force vampires to drink the contaminated versions. In fact, by the time they would have known the True Blood was unsafe, it would be too late for the infected.

Then on top of that, the world is shown how the Fellowship of the Sun had been working with the Governor of Louisiana.  The reports showed how that vampires that were caught were drained of their blood to sell on the streets to fund their need for this camp, weapons and anything else to further their cause.

All the dirty secrets are shown, and the world watches as it became apparent which countries are also involved.  They even outed the Weres when they discovered that there are already plans to begin experiments on them as well.

It is on non-stop, streaming to televisions everywhere, reporting how their neighbors are possibly being taken.  There are plans to dissect the Weres to discover the DNA strands that make them possible. In some countries, the plans are that anyone that even had one strand of the DNA that indicated they are not pure human will be killed.

At the same time, Eric and Sookie declare that since America’s government is willing to help do this to the vamps, as well as deny them rights, that the Vampires of America will no longer pay taxes.  Furthermore, they will start an exodus from the country unless they are treated fairly.  They refuse to be treated as third class citizens anymore.  They pointed out that the Holocaust had begun the same way and unlike others, they learned from the past.

With that, they advised that they will be providing any proof of this happening, as well as a list of companies that will be impacted when they leave.

Then panic starts when the lists come out of the businesses that would be closing due to Vampires’ controlling interests, often because many of the country’s largest companies were in fact started by vampires.  No one had really thought about the fact that Vampires have been around for such a long time and are often very entrenched in businesses.  They either started them or they took them over at some point.

After this all came out, the question often came up of where they will all go.  It is then that Canada opened its borders welcoming the Vampires to come live with them, followed by the Scandinavian countries.  When it becomes evident the vampires’ actions are going to be potentially damaging to the world economy, experts came out of the woodwork pointing out that they still have to remain on Earth and that this is all just temporary.

Then came the next step that Eric and the other had been waiting for.  The threats to seize the companies from the control of the Vampires.  It became quickly aware to the planet that War is on the horizon.

When it became evident that the US is getting ready to attack the Vampires, Russia decides to get their two cents in and invites the Vampires to base their companies in their country.  This only results in escalating tensions to the equivalent of the Cold War.  Countries are at each other’s throats trying to make them all agree with the same idea: to force the vampires and others to be under their control.  They were under the misunderstanding that, as the experts had pointed out, the vampires and others will eventually have to capitulate to their demands.

In a bold move, Eric and Sookie drop the next bomb. That if things didn’t become peaceful, they and any other supernatural being who wishes to come along, as well as any humans, would retreat to Baile, the home world of Fae.  A place where they would not have to worry about Earth and their demands upon them.

With this announcement, they stream pictures of the planets.  The world is shocked.  Not able to help herself, Sookie, with mischievous unholy glee per Godric, informs the world, that it will only be fair that all the original Fae can come home. Then with that glee very evident to all, that only those on Earth that are descended from the Fae can return to the right home world.

It takes a little bit to sink into their minds what she is hinting.  A lot of speculation on what she could mean finally comes to a head one evening when Eric is asked if humans are still allowed.  Eric had only raised that eyebrow of his as he comments back dryly, “We did say all those descended from the Fae were allowed to come home.” He sat back in his seat, his hands folded over his stomach as he waits for the response.

When that response comes, it is one for the books.   Rioting breaks out everywhere as the beliefs of the world collapse, the world descending into more chaos.

At that time, Eric and Sookie publically show the first batch of volunteers heading back to the Home World when the rioting turns to attack the Supernatural or those thought to be.

However, as the cries of Witch are heard as well as a large amount of humankind becoming the creatures of hell that they are very possible of doing, the saner side of the world watches.  They note that anyone who wants to leave are allowed to pick the world they wish to inhabit.  The only catch being that they have to agree to follow the laws and decrees of the High King and Queen.

The council had guessed this would all happen, but those in the council who had visions of the future had advised that this way was much more peaceful than the alternatives.  Earth would have been no more, along with the majority of the beings on it.  In fact, only 1% were expected to survive what was to happen.

This result had not been accepted by anyone in the council.  They had played with scenarios, with Sookie even wishing for an Alice Cullen to bounce ideas off of.  In the end, it was the ancients, Eric, Godric, and others who stepped forward when it was obvious what was going to happen that would help them all.

Their ability to have kept themselves hidden as well as making fortunes helped them learn to read and guess what the reactions would be to announcements.

With those individuals contributing, they had formed this course of action and reluctantly put it into action.

Now they all watched carefully to see that nothing went FUBAR.  They are not perfect in what they thought would happen. They had thought that with the plan to remove the companies that Vampires controlled would have had America backing off, but for the most part, they had succeeded.

There is just no easy way to tell mankind that they are not native to Earth.  However, Sookie and Eric, being the face of the Supernatural, as well as apparently staying on the new planets that they are offering for the safety of those wanting to leave the chaos on Earth, take pity on the besieged planet.  They step forward with more information.

They meet with the Pope, who happened to be one of the more laid backed ones, and talk with him.  They show that while the pantheons that mankind had worshiped are real, there is a being higher than them.  He has no name, for it would be blasphemous to try to name the unnameable.

Also, Sookie admits on live television her own reactions when she found out the information.  How that she had been so shaken in her faith when she had learned the truth.  She is blunt about her feelings and how lost she had been for a period of time.

After that meeting, they are often asked back to the Apostol Palace to talk with the leader of Christianity.  During one of those meetings, she sat down and gave the Pope the story of what has happened.  On his own, he quickly starts correlating the information back to the Bible.  The similarities between the actual story and the story mankind had known is amazing.  And he uses that knowledge to calm the masses.

Then came the moment when the Pope himself wondered if the Bible is not just the true story that has been altered as it was handed down over the years.  Sookie quickly told him it is the same thought they had too.  And in fact, that it seemed to be the only truthful one of why they came to Earth.  That truth had done much to soothe a lot of the remaining unrest.

While there are still those taking advantage of the chaos, there are others watching and making their own opinions.  The fact that the vampires left en masse, along with their companies, makes it hard on Earth.  They quickly prove that they have the ability to make all of these things on the new worlds, and often better than they could originally.

The need to make the products on Earth is gone and it loses the revenue from that.  Then there are those who thought they would need to sell the products on Earth and they could at least profit off of transport and so on. That hope is destroyed as well.  Mankind soon finds that there is little traffic coming back to Earth.  Why would there be?  All the people who would have purchased the products are now on the other planets.

The High King and Queen are often mentioned but never named.  Eric and Sookie remain the face of the Supernatural, and they make sure that none on Earth know that they are the same people.  The quality of life is so much higher on the home worlds that everyone had settled happily and keep the secret.

The ones who had lost the most on Earth were the oil tycoons.  There is no more need for fossil fuels to be used, or really for anything but clean, renewable energy.  With the Earth in turmoil, the quality of life for those remaining begins to decline.

Soon Earth slowly becomes aware of what they are losing out on and the world slowly crawls back to the sane side of life.

Now, the next steps will be taken.  This war has started against what Lucifer had planned, and their opening salvo had been a doozy.  No, they are indeed not running away from this fight.

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  1. galwidanatitud

    if that ain’t a wake up call for the stupid humans, i don’t know what is.

  2. gwynwyvar

    Sooo good. Come to my country, no come to mine!
    Well screw that, we’re going to a different Planet! ;P Love it!

  3. valady1

    Sometimes you have to hit people between the eyes with a 2X4 to get their attention. I think this fits that idea perfectly.


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