Chapter 17 Let the Revolution Take It’s Toll

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Now, the next steps will be taken.  This war has started against what Lucifer had planned, and their opening salvo had been a doozy.  No, they are indeed not running away from this fight.



In the early dawn hours, Eric wakes to feel Sookie’s body lying alongside his own. Using his sense of touch first, he maps the feel of her body with his hands.  They slowly move up her body, trailing goosebumps from their light touch.  When he reaches her breasts, he opens his eyes, to see them start to tighten from his touch.  He only makes a line up them, ignoring her nipples, and then coming to her throat that lays so trusting under his hand as it wraps around it.  Rubbing his thumb along the side of her throat, he lets go to move his hand to cover her cheek, only for her nuzzle into his hand, still asleep.


His eyes are gentle, but at the same time, his body is answering the fact that she is here and her warm body is always welcoming to his touch. His thumb now rubs her bottom lip, and it opens, her breathe ghosting over it as his eyes take in all of her, amazed as always that this woman is his. He spends a few minutes taking her in, the light that guides him in making this universe better for her in every way he can.

When her body slides along his own, it entices him to move to take advantage of this moment in time to show her his love and his devotion.  However, knowing her penchant for speeding up his movements, he moves to tie his goddesses’ hands above her head as she sleeps in the silk of his tie from last night. Then he proceeds to wake her up slowly, his mouth nuzzling her throat, nipping at it as she bares it to his fangs with trust. As she whimpers in her throat, it vibrates under his sensitive fangs and he moans as he feels the first coils of lust rising in his lover through his bond.

Eric is kissing his mate slowly as he makes his way down her body. Tasting her skin, mapping it out yet again in his mind, marking any differences from the thousands of other times he has taken this route, enjoying the slight differences of her taste. He is worshipping the body of his goddess as he has named her many times, letting his love for her flow through their bond. The velvet softness of her skin as she moves under him in the drowsiness that only morning can give.


She writhes underneath him, her moans of pleasure and growls of frustrations mixing together to make him look up and smile softly at her. “Shh, min älskare.  You know I will not leave you wanting.  I never have, nor will I ever.”  Though when her eyes try to focus on his, he frowns as he hears her mumbling inside of his head, protesting his words. “Well, I do push you as far as I can, but I never tease.” He admits a smirk appearing.

She growls “Eric!!” then a whimper of ‘please’ slides into his head. He boyishly grins and does as his lady, his love,  and his life commands with a quiet, “As you wish.” The burst of love those words cause in her has him closing his eyes and just enjoying that moment in time.

His proud head lowers down to where she is wet; the smell of her arousal is his ambrosia.  He knows most men have told their significant others this, but for a vampire who has not eaten anything but blood for a thousand years, and has tried to find different things to try, this is truly heaven to him.  Even being able to eat food from Baile is not a close comparison to him.

Her taste here is as unique as her blood, and no one will ever taste it again.  A momentary thought of making sure Compton is brought to their dungeon for him to take care of passes through and is gone as fast as it came.  The idiot didn’t deserve even that second, of his time with her but his possessive instincts still rise over his lover.

His mind is pulled into the present when Sookie throws back her head from her body, arching as her mate shows her how truly magnificent he is in the art of cunnilingus.  It is truly an art form as he takes her to the edge over and over, then bringing her back by reducing the pressure he uses. He is also stepping up his speed, using it as a way to bring her to multiple orgasms. He flicks her clit, makes designs with his tongue and then fucking her with it.  In short, he does everything he has found his lover to enjoy and unleashes on her while enjoying the sensation of her finding her peak over and over.

Sookie is becoming mindless with the pleasure he is giving her. However, she manages to tell herself, that tomorrow will be her turn to drive him nuts.  Soon that thought is left behind in a white haze as Eric finally allows her to come yet again after driving her to the point then backing off to make her go up that mountain yet again.

This time, Eric senses that he will need to finish it, or he will be taking her rougher than he wants to when it comes to his own turn.  Not that Sookie won’t love every second of it.  She often prefers him to let loose as she calls it.  And it happens now that he knows he won’t hurt her.  But this time is for them to connect.  With that in mind, he takes this last chance to use his fangs, carefully inserting them into her lower lips so it doesn’t hurt her.  Using the opportunity to have a real treat of having both her blood and cum mix together.  He never does it unless she is like this, literally high on the orgasm he has brought out on her.  She has told him that he can do it when he wishes, but he never likes hurting his lover.

Before she has time to come down to feel the pain, he heals the marks. Then works to drive her lust up to another orgasm with the use of his fingers to make sure she is ready for him.

He is amazed that she is always tight but teases her each night asking if she has done her Kegels.  His mate luckily has a sense of humor and is happy to show him each time she does them.  On those nights, neither last long as she squeezes him while he thrusts into her.

But these times in the morning are nothing more than connecting for them both and an opportunity for them to show each other the love they feel.  This is what is grounding them in this war. Showing them what they are fighting for.

Couple Embracing in Bed 3

He soon merges with her while his beloved is coming down from her last orgasm.  Eric kisses her slowly at first as he adjusts to her tight body around him, his thrusts are shallow in the beginning.  Then, feeling her in the bond more and more, he starts thrusting harder.  She arches up into him and he yanks on the silk tie that has hands tied up, releasing her hands.  They immediately grab onto his back, her nails digging into him as she rises to meet each of his thrusts.

No words are exchanged out loud, nor internally.  Only their emotions are needed to tell the other of their feelings, and that part of their bond is wide open and flowing with them.  It is almost visible around them as their love, devotion, trust and need flow through them and around them.

The two of them never break eye contact as they drive each other up that cliff of desire, lust, and love.  Both striving for the other to reach that peak and when they do, they set off each other’s orgasm. For a moment, they become one, seeing, feeling, being each other through that endless second.

The two crash as one, Eric quickly rolling so that Sookie is above him and they lay there, panting.  They enjoy the moment for what it is, and the precious time that they have together.  With the war going on, they don’t have as much time to do this more than around the times they are going to bed.  And that is only because of the damage it would cause for them to not have it.


However, there is a knock at the door and the two groan as they get up, making their way into the bathroom for a quick clean and change before the next meetings.

The humans who had moved to the new worlds have had a crash course in everything.  How they are all one species, how there are the different genus, or as they call them races, and how they could possibly be one of them after living here for awhile.  The news that they cannot tell them what type they will be wasn’t as much a shock to these individuals since they have come to trust them on their own.  The possibilities are endless, and there is usually a type of possibility somewhere.

They have also learned the real history as well met with the Allies, getting their first look at how different they are.  The shocker to them all is how tolerant this group is of all this information being thrown at them.  But as one of the newcomers told them, after the information bombs on earth, not that much can surprise them anymore.  And furthermore, they chose to come here.

Then came the questions. The proof that Fae are still as curious as always. How the Unicorn/Pegasus creatures reminded them of horses as well as the other types. They had made valid points and Eric was happy to set them to finding out why some of the creatures seem to resemble creatures that could be found on Earth.  He was interested in what they will find.

The other thing that had shocked the newcomers is the way they govern.  Thinking of how they wanted to rule for now, Sookie and Eric had erected this to make it easier to conduct the meetings. They then told the new denizens of the worlds when they held the meetings and that they are welcome to come and give their input. Otherwise, they will be televised.  All of them have sworn an oath to never say anything, and in fact, are unable to due to the oath used and the magic of the world when they took the oath.

They had been shocked at the openness of the government, and, in fact, applauded it.  Then they dug right in, soon becoming just as invested as everyone else in the planning and the war against Lucifer. This is exactly what the Council had wanted.  This is the only way that they will win against Lucifer, with the races all behind them and working with them to defeat him.

With this much going on, they might actually have a chance.

The full council is together, with the seating in the amphitheater packed.  Eric sits down with Sookie at his side, and they start the open town meeting as Sookie calls them. “How is the war doing?” Their words are easily heard in the stadium with the use of magic and none of the noise that makes it so hard to think.

Shadoe is sitting at the table and barks out a laugh. “I do believe this way of making war is confusing Lucifer.  These are only the beginning salvos, but having you admit to so much and then fall back to here, well that has resulted in nothing that we can see as being his hand in it.” He cocks his head to the side, his nature having him enjoy making this much mischief-making.

The crowd murmurs approvingly as Eric nods.  “And is Earth calming down?  Or should we hit them with more truth?” He knows which he wishes to do, but he wants to hear the response of others.

Warlow just shakes his head, his fingers tapping on the table as he sprawls out in his chair. “If I were you, I would bring in the Pope and some others that have been working with you into the know.  Let them tell their people of the truths.  It will lessen the shock.  WE don’t need to use that to keep them off balance.  Earth is suddenly in a position that they are not the center of the universe, and that if someone is fed up with them, they can leave.   That has never been an option until now.  As it sinks in, it will bring only more chaos.” He is ready to wash their hands of Earth.  All that is left are the idiots.   The others are the ones waiting to become one of them.

Speaking in a low rumble, Erisel advises them, “I second this motion.  I think the reality that there is another place and that it is more pleasing than Earth is going to throw off some of Lucifer’s plan.  Along with the fact that the spells and so on keeping him off.” Her bonded nods, always silent in the meetings.

Moving restlessly from his place, Julian agrees. “I bless the High Queen and her team that found out that nugget of information that he cannot enter the worlds.  It helped explain why he forced all of us off these worlds.” He growls out the last; none of his race liking the fact that they had been compelled to betray the alliance in their eyes.  For that alone, Lucifer will be made to pay.

There is much talk from the crowd agreeing.  It had been one of those relieved moments when that fact had been told.  And along with the help of Jarvis, they had found a way to contact some of the deities.  One, in particular, Iteru, had helped put another set of protections to prevent anyone from being removed from the planets without their consent. They had not foreseen that response and in fact had never known what had happened to the Fae along with their followers.

The only ones excepted from that are hidden from the general knowledge, but it had been a measure that everyone in the worlds had unanimously agreed upon.

No one wanted to give up their home.  Again.

The meeting continues with the plans being shared, and once it had all been talked through, Eric and Sookie dismiss the meeting.  They soon flicker out and are in their home, with Warlow, Godric and the others close to them appearing.

Godric is still recovering from his time at Lucifer’s hands.  He tires easily and aches in ways he hasn’t in thousands of years.  He is on the couch, stretched out, as he muses to them, “I can’t believe how well everyone is getting on with this.” It had been one of the things that surprised him.

Sookie smiles, “It is because these are the people who want it to work.  When all of this is over, Earth will have to figure out how they want to be represented.  The conflicts will probably be then.  Now we are all battling for our lives and the right to live them.  There is much to do, and no idle hands.” She shrugs.  It will be something to deal with when this is all over.  She just likes that they are thinking of when it is going to be over.

Leaning back in his chair with Sookie soon sitting on his lap, Eric starts the next round of meetings.  This is the core group, with Shadoe, Luat and the rest phasing in. The quiet plans will be made.

The uprising has only become more organized and the one who thought to create chaos is slowly being reigned in.

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