Chapter 18 Keep You Like an Oath

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The uprising has only gotten more organized and the one who thought to create chaos is slowly being reigned in.


A vase is thrown against the wall, shattering as the man who threw it growls in pure rage.

Nothing is going to plan!

Lucifer 1

He has worked for millions of years to recover his powers and when he saw the mess his chosen had made of their second chance that he gave them, he decided that it was because they were not under his control.

For his chosen are the best in the universe.  No matter what the others said.  They are not one of the originals.  In fact, none of the ones who had been his sisters and brothers had raised a hand to stop him.  They had at least understood that the chosen ones are the ones that are supposed to control the worlds.

Not make alliances with the chattel!  No.  Those beings were to be used by his people.  Not to consider them equals!

That is fine, when he made their new world, he made sure that none of them would see any other as equals.  Not with the beasts he added to the world that resembled those who would try to be equals of the Creator’s image!

He leans down against the desk, breathing hard.  Now his daughter is missing!  He suspects that she is the Sookie that is with that beast, Northman!  He cannot understand how she has been hidden from him all these years, but he had faithful followers that had kept an eye on her.  The shifter received the freedom to run around even after the betrayals he had perpetuated to just tell him about his daughter.

The last report from him says she is still missing.  At least he is no longer among the living; he had paid the price for failing him.  He had played the game with the shifter, just content knowing that she is fine and kept innocent.  To find out in the space of weeks of him taking care of other messes that she had been in danger and to have never once been contacted!  Well, that is not an issue that the shifter has to worry about anymore.

He wishes that he had his daughter’s ability to read minds.  However, that will not be something that will matter in the long run.  Whoever cast the spells on her was good.  He could be standing in front of her and not sense her presence.  She would not be sensed by him even if the wind is blowing at her; it would feel as though there is nothing there.

He is still searching for the being who could cast the spell against him.   He needed to break the spell so he could take her away and teach her everything she can achieve with her powers.  He had wanted someone to love him as he is and he figured a child would be the one who could do that.

Snarling, he throws his desk across the room.  Instead someone had managed to hide the mother away.  Not that she matters to him since she was only chosen at random.  He had changed much about her to ready her to bear his child and make sure that the child would breed true.

He had not wanted to lose the child to time after all.  No, the woman was just a breeder, a uterus he used to make the perfect creature for him.  He had left the gender of the child to fate, not being able to decide between a female to love and dote on him or a son to follow in his footsteps.  Just like their Creator, he found he could not choose between the two.  Both are as deserving of being his child.  Though he did name the child.

Turning to the window behind him, he looks out on the paradise he had made for the purest of the species.  He had moved them to another world and told them it was another plane of existence.  One that was meant just for them.

He snorts.  They are naïve fools.  But that is okay; once he wipes out the flawed of the species, he will breed them to his standards.  First he will get rid of that so-called family of his.  He has no idea why Niall had left them alive all this time.

But before he can do as he plans, he has this fucked up mess to deal with. He growls as the thought reminds him how the imbeciles on Earth have totally fucked up the plan he has worked so hard for!  They are not playing by the rules!

And whoever is protecting them on the Home Planets will be destroyed.  He had been thrilled to learn they are all going there and planned to get rid of them easily; however, he cannot reach into the planets to destroy the ones there.

Not that he wanted to do it, but he did want to check if he was still as powerful as he was.  It had taken millions of years to get to the point he is now.  He doesn’t want to drain himself to that level.  No.  That would have set back his plans almost to the beginning again.  He is almost to the end of those plans.

But, what to do with these upstarts?  If his daughter is the Sookie that is leading them then he cannot wipe them out.  And he wants Northman also.  If they are true soul mates, then he will have to keep the barbarian alive unless he wants his daughter to die from the loss of her mate.  For Northman had made sure that she is bonded to him totally.  Even Gods had to bow before the Soul Mating that they have between them.

As it is, he is looking for his henchman Compton. He had found out that the idiot is the reason that Northman and Sookie had met and that Compton he had tried to trick her.

Then there is the fact that the waste of space took her virginity!  Compton is going to find out no one messes with Lucifer’s daughter!  The punishments will be public to make sure that all know that what is his is not to be messed with.

Well, after he has had his fun. He can always heal him and then meet out punishment publicly.  He nods to himself.  That will be better.

A knock on the door sounds and he waves his hand, returning his office to a pristine state and removing the sound blocker from the room. “Yes?”

“Sir, the council is waiting for you.  Do you wish me to tell them they need to be patient a little longer?”

An evil smile came to his face, yet his voice displayed none of it as he answers the page, “No, I will be right there.  And Jayce?  Good job in letting me know.  I appreciate it.”

The adoration of the creature behind the door comes through and Lucifer closes his eyes, feeding off the energy.  Then he opens his eyes.  It is time to do his job and sow discord.

After all, he has to make sure his chosen race was behaving and who better than he to look over them and decide who needs to be punished and rewarded?  After all, he did make an oath to the Creator to make sure his creations are kept in line.

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  1. galwidanatitud

    on the bright side, everyone wants Compton’s head on a platter. hehehehehe

  2. valady1

    Lucifer is Sookie’s father, wow didn’t see that coming at all. But that is proof yet again that she is not a Stackhouse, even if that was her name. And Niall isn’t Lucifer, but seems to be aligned with him.


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