Chapter 19 I am the Rising Tide

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After all, he has to make sure his chosen race was behaving and who better than he to look over them and decide who needs to be punished and rewarded?  After all, he did make an oath to the Creator to make sure his creations are kept in line.


Everyone is working industrially on their assignments. They are working with one goal in mind: to never let what happened in the past ever happen again.  No one wants to lose their memories or to be thrown across space and made to live on a planet that barely allowed them to flourish.

However, one species concentrating on a single goal is about to find out that they are more powerful than a god. That their convictions, their determination is about to allow them into the next step on the evolutionary path that the All-Seeing one had thought out. Add to that their allies, and this war is already won.

They just didn’t realize it.

The worlds flourish again with the creatures that had been in its care returning to it. It should not really shock others to know that magic does more than they realize, it gives life to the world itself.  This is the reason they remembered a mother earth presence.  Earth did not have the magic to gain it that sentient presence, but Baile is the only planet they named for a reason.

She is alive and is waiting for them remember again.

They will be shocked to learn that their predecessors had not named the other worlds because to them, they are all her.  And they would be right.  It is why those that lived off of what they are now calling only Baile never lost their abilities living on the other planets.  She is the reason for the Database actually being in the core of what they call Techno now.

Until they come to the stage that they will know her as Mother again, she feeds them small amounts of herself.  She works on healing little things that had been caused by being away from the energies they needed to have to flourish to their full possibilities. She also watched over them proudly as they set forth to do as their ancestors did and preserve her nature.  She will be happy when they are done with their present crisis since she wants to give to them the cities that Lucifer tried to remove from her.

The other worlds are not as active as she is but they help her take care of the others.  All three worlds love how their creatures had flourished and became more than they were before.  It had mourned the loss of the years it could have watched over them.  Nevertheless, it is thankful that the world that housed them had been able to keep them alive.

Now, they are about to achieve levels thought impossible by their ancestors.  They are about to become what they had been made to be.  What the All-Father had entrusted to them to make possible.

The hope of all.

On Techno planet, Sookie wakes up, opening her eyes to her mate, and smiles. He had called her back with his mere presence.  Jarvis had seen the look come over her face and had laughingly pushed her to the exit, telling her to say hello from him.


Eric smiles back as he gives her a hand to help her up from the bench that she is on to monitor her body while she is diving in the database. “Anything?” He is curious; knowing that she was checking with Jarvis on the progress of what they think are Niall/Lucifer’s plans.

Jarvis has become so adept in sliding in and out of the computers that the Assassins are working with him to help him identify patterns and other things that they have found when they are looking for information.  This along with the entity he calls his little brother are making it less risky for them to keep track of what is going on Earth, though both of the AI’s have been asked to be as safe as possible. They are becoming a reason to dive, just to talk to the two of them for their own sakes.  Some of their more technical people are looking into making it possible for them to be either holograms or have robot bodies to interact with the outside of the database.

However, everyone who dives laughed when Little Brother asked to be called George after finding an old Looney Tune cartoon.  Seems even AI’s like cartoons.  But he commented that a common line had him thinking of it when they ask which way did the information flow.

She grins up at her tall mate, stretching to get any kinks out of her body from the long visit. “He is finding it hard to get any allies.  Earth is becoming stable, and with the help of Jarvis and George working with the Pope and others, the people of Earth are learning the truth.”

As she finishes stretching, she yawns, taking the hand of her mate, to stand and then be brought into the arms of her mate in a fluid moment, holding her close as they reconnect.  “Not much longer before we can start the next step.” Sookie kisses him lightly, then lays her head on his chest, reveling in his strength.

He chuckles as he kisses the top of her head, resting his own head on hers for a moment. “He cannot understand what we are doing.  It is keeping him off his stride.  While he scrambles around trying to shore up his plans, we are moving forward.” He cannot help the pride of their plan vibrating up their bond. But he also sends another blast of love, the same that had let her know as he had stood outside her bench.

Taking a deep breath of Eric’s calming scent, she sadly informs him, “Looks like even Bon Temps is not exempt from the madness.  Sam died.  He was torn apart in his trailer in the middle of the lunch rush. No one heard a thing.” She cannot help but wonder if it had anything to do with Niall, but dismisses it as being paranoid.

Frowning, he had heard her thought and was reminded of the saying that you are not paranoid if things warrant it, Eric asks, “What do they think it was?” Hoping to be able to assure her one way or the other.  Also, he is curious.  The shifter is a joke but he has defenses of his own. To be killed that close to the bar without anyone knowing it in the middle of a rush is not something easy to have pulled off.

Rubbing her face on him, Sookie answers,  “They have no fucking clue.  That is word for word on the official report.  In fact, they asked for someone of the ‘special’ type to come and look at the case to see if they may have any chance of knowing what the hell is happening.” She cannot help but laugh.  Jarvis had to show her the actual report that said it when she had been adamant that he had been pulling her leg.

Smiling, Eric kisses the top of her head again, feeling their bond reflecting their happiness in being close. “So our plan is slowly working.  Even in your backward town.” He reflects how they have learned to talk out loud much more now that there were more people around them.  He sometimes misses the telepathy talking since it was always flavored with her emotions, but as Jason had complained, it is unnerving to others to have them do that.

Hearing his thought, and nodding in agreement to them as well as his comment that he said, Sookie hugs him close, then releases him to walk over to the technician that has been waiting for her. She tells the young lady, “Thanks!” The lady had been responsible for monitoring her vitals and keeping her safe while her mind is elsewhere.

Blushing, the young woman politely replies to her, “No problem, your Majesty.  I hope you have many more fruitful dives in the future.” She did not bow or do anything else since neither of them like it.  As they pointed out, they are all working together and there is nothing that makes them any different than the rest.

No one agrees with them, but they play the game.  They look up to them for their guidance and the way they work to make them all happy.  Also, they also look at the couple and see them as an example of everything that is possible now in these times.

With that, the young woman watches the royal couple walk out of the rooms.  She smiles, hoping again for her own mate to be found.  To enjoy what those two have.  And she goes back to her job, cleaning the bench and getting everything ready for the next dive.  After work, she will get her chance for her first dive and hopes that she can find something to help them out.

Walking down the hall to the chambers they have on this world, Sookie and Eric continue to talk about how Earth is finally coming to terms with the fact that they may not be the only ones in the universe.  It has helped that any who wanted to come to their worlds to look over the information they have found has been welcomed.  They had nothing to hide and only demanded an oath not to talk about some of the things they find here.  This has the side effect of putting more people through where they can clear them and also making sure no spies can leak through.  Not that any has tried.  Yet.

Many had agreed to the oath, not thinking it was a big deal.  Imagine their shock when they find that the oath they take to support the rules and the monarchy is binding anywhere they go.  However, the open meetings that they hold are what makes most of them surprised.  Their plans are discussed where anyone can hear them and give their input.  The plans might be made in private, but 99% of it is discussed in public to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

It also allowed the people more direct input into the government.  This is not a democracy, but nor is it anything that is on Earth.  Here, magic and technology often merge to make things that are not definable anymore as just magic or technology.  This makes it possible to hold these meetings. And if a watcher on another world finds that they know something that may hurt or help, they are gaining the abilities to be able to appear and let the group know.

The audience in the amphitheater is now growing smaller as more can jump or pop or whatever they want to call it.  As Sookie had mentioned long ago, once you are taught how to use it, it is something that you can do easily.  Most cannot do more than jump from world to world, while some are learning under Warlow how to join his teams.  Soon they will be able to hold these in a room and any who needs to speak can appear.

When Earth found out that they could only be a part of the alliance, they had asked why they couldn’t be part of the Home Worlds.  They were told that as a sovereign world, they could only join as part of the alliance.  They are also informed that they need to elect a set amount of people to represent the races on the planet.

When it is found out that they didn’t mean the races of man, but the races of the species on the planet, well that had been a huge shock to the humans to find that the Allied Planets put more stock on how versified the worlds are that join them.

That had started a race to include as many races into the active parts of the world.  Instead of being persecuted for being different, suddenly the more different you are, the more you are wanted.  It is creating a society where individualism is as celebrated as it once was prosecuted.

Which is precisely what they had hoped would come about.

Lucifer is finding it harder and harder to find allies to hate the different races as racist bigots are looked down on.  They are often punished and when the thought that the Home Worlds wouldn’t like that came up, they reintroduced shunning, thus making it hard for them to infiltrate the ranks as once was easily possible.

Witches and others who had abilities out of the normal were asked to come up with ways to make sure the bigots were unable to worm their way up the ranks.  It started in the private sectors and quickly moved through the world as becoming the new normal.

Eric had wanted this to not be a war of fighting sword to sword.  He wanted it to be a war that Lucifer wasn’t expecting.  The initial salvo was not anticipated, and since then, they have kept everyone off balance.

It may come down to a war that might be considered normal, but not until they can attempt make it fair.  So for now, they sliced and hacked at his allies, making it harder and harder for them to be able to help.

For now, the war they are raging is one of words and actions.  They never did anything but point out the truth and then use that to hammer the planet of Earth.  They exposed them to more and more truth.  At first it was in the face you can’t escape; then they turned to more passive ways of getting the news out to them.

They had achieved what they had wanted: they now have a core group of people in the worlds working as one towards helping them win this.  And they all approved of the way they are fighting this battle.  The alternatives had shocked them when they had asked why they had gone about it the way they had so far.  Once that was over, they had been applauded in finding a way to gain what they wanted with as little life lost as they had.

Eric had thought of possible ways to do this, and from the beginning, he had not wanted to go head to head with the Original.  He could not see a way to win this.  So long before the prophets had told him what would or would not work, he had thought through the possibilities.

Godric being taken had only moved up the timetable.  He had been the spark that had set this all off, and there was no regret on any of the participants what they have done.  Godric is more than worth it all.

Once he had learned that he was the reason that the fight started, Godric had been appalled.  He is hurt still, the magic still in the wounds from Lucifer have him in constant agony.  This had done nothing but anger everyone who came in contact with the gentle Ancient.

Shadoe had quickly found a compatriot in Godric.  There are many times Godric, Shadoe and Sookie would be huddled together discussing theories. Other times would find Shadoe and Godric talking about the differences from now and their past.

Luat is the one who finally breaks the spells on the first of the wounds.  From there, he insists it will be easier to break the rest.  Until then, Godric is just happy to be around Eric and Sookie.  He has little memories from the time they had met, and this is something that many people are trying to figure out why.

They had wondered about his apathy before, but Godric told them not to worry.  Whatever had caused it is no longer a factor since they are now no longer affecting him.  Why worry about the past when the future is so new for all of them?

All in all, the future is looking better and better.

And they are slowly winning this war. Though none know what will happen when it comes to a head.  They need to figure out what needs to be done to draw out Lucifer in the end.

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