Chapter 2 Like Ghosts in the Sun

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But he thinks on what he found out, and for once, listens to the Ancient.  If these two “parents” are coming and they have Warlow doing as they like, who is he to try to go against the tide?

Since it has been failing him to fight.


The world continues on its path undisturbed by the events on its surface.  No matter how much the inhabitants of this world think they are the end all, they are not.

They don’t even remember their own history correctly.

None of them — no matter the race, religion or science — are right on their beginnings.  However, there is a grain of truth in it all.  But when isn’t there?

The truth is that really is an all-powerful being with a considerable amount of what would be called gods below him to help with the creatures he has made.  However, all the so-called races descended from the same stock.  And that one fact would destroy the world’s beliefs. The argument of Evolution vs. Creationism would be a minor fight once the truth had been found.

In fact, there are now only three beings from their planet who know the whole truth and they had a rough time accepting it at first. One had found out the hard way. When he shared it with the other two, he also told them they are the High King and Queen of the Allied Planets.

Yes, planets.   However, the aliens that everyone keeps wondering about are the people crawling over the earth as it is now.  There are others, but they are hiding away from Earth as it is now.

Everything and everyone descended from two people.  The Eve and Adam of myth possibly, but there were two beings that brought them all forth.  Well, that is what the one who had been bored and curious found when he went searching for the truth.  The truth of why he was not like others, why he could do things that no one thought was possible.

The information he found is nowhere near the truth he knew and he is one of oldest creatures from Earth.

Fae and shifters — be it any type or those who can only shift into one other creature — are the same.  Demons are the Fire Fae and Angels are Fae who go into another realm.  The vampires are a type of Fae and it is their stay on Earth that has changed them drastically, the most radically of all the Fae.  Then there were those who devolved into creatures without abilities: what everyone now calls humans.

Unable to find at first a reason why they came to earth, the searcher figures that the Earth was so rich in resources that others came to it. Compared to what he finds on the true home world, it is…somewhat freeing to be here.  Earth has lighter gravity and is so much richer overall in resources than their worlds.  There is much that is better on their home worlds, but this is all the Truth-finder could determine for why they would leave the Eden that is their planets.

When asking why they left their worlds, he is told of a war that had broken out among the Fae and magic changing the world from the beauty of the past, of the races being one, to a world of suffering. So many told him the same story that he believes it.  And when he looks upon the original worlds, he cannot understand why they would war upon each other.

But then, the humans make war to this day over things that he never understands.    The worlds, the home ones as well as Earth, recovered. A war like that had nothing on the millions, even billions of years of rotating around the suns. Moreover, they eventually blossom again.

However, the magic that is left after the war on Earth changed the beings on the planet into what they are now. It made them evolve to the point where iron and lemons are acidic to what is now named the Fae and all the other species have developed other weaknesses that were not evident before.

In the end, it is the humans who suffer the most.  They are the Earth Fae, but their powers were stripped from them in an attempt to save their planets.  Especially their new beloved home. They did manage to reverse some of the damage with their magic and cause the world to recover quicker.  However, the result is that the ability to know the truth and be able to touch their heritage in the way they were used to is now gone.

It is how Witches appeared from humans; they are the ones who somehow have the right genes that are mixing, trying to bring back a type of Fae so needed by the universe itself. Those genes trying to correct an error is how Vampires can make some powerful vampires while others are so ordinary that no one knows the difference.

The vampires, instead of being born the way they are, are forced to change others in the other way they have of making more of their type.  The gift of becoming a Dark Fae had once been a great secret and never guaranteed to work.  Now, it is the only way the species has survived.  Though it is postulated that if a Maker is called to a child, it always seems to become one of the powerful ones.  This is what they think is yet another way that the universe is calling attention to those who should have been born Dark Fae instead of a human.

The ones telling him all this are a truth that would either bring wonder or terror to the humans.  The truth is, there are other races out there; the universe is too big for there to be only one race.  After the war, they withdrew to the farthest reaches, not wanting to be part of the world that was so ugly.  The war had affected more than the Fae race.  It had left deep wounds in the races that had once been allied with them.

So the Dragons, Pixies, Ents, Dwarves, Centaurs and so on retreated from the home worlds and watched.  Praying for the Prophesy that had come at the end of the war to come about.  When they meet the one who genuinely searched for the truth, they eagerly give it to him.  They had been told of him coming as a sign of the prophecy coming to fruition.  This Truth-finder would be the cause of the change per those who sometimes had the ability to see glimpses into the future.

They give him their support and help him overcome so much as this is first of his time to know the truth, as well as help him with his abilities that are unique to him.  Most of them had versions of the powers, and among them all they trained him.

Once he is trained, they begin telling him what needs to happen and what has happened thus far to ready for the prophecy.  And then entrusted to him the means to get hold of them when it is the time.

He takes the information and returns to kill his maker.  Step one of the lists of needed things to happen taken care of to have the best ending for the inhabitants of the planet called Earth and restore the chance to right the great wrong caused so long ago.

Oh, to be able to be as free as the Truth Seeker had been, to be able to do as he had, he had killed the bitch long ago.  However, some imbecile had kept her blood and made it possible for her to come back.  She is the abomination that she tried to warn them against; she was the one who helped destroy the history to remake it how she desired the future to come.

It will take him thousands of years to make sure all the blood is gone, but he made it where there are none by the time she had foretold that she would be back.  There are other ways to solve the issues of the time that she had seen.  In fact, the way she had thought of fixing it all, it would have been too late to save the species, much less all of the races on the Planet.

During that time, he watches for the individuals that he is told would be instrumental in saving the world as they know it.  He turns the AP, making sure that she understood the reasons why, and that she agrees with his rules.  She is the great prophet that will help him bring their race as well as the others to the point that the prophecy is possible.  Unfortunately, something about that time will cause her to be blind.  Until then, they know that the future they are working towards will need her guiding hand to help negate the free will that can mess up the plans.

Armed with the knowledge they have, he works with her, keeping to the shadows as much as possible, to make sure the other individuals are in place.  He became what Earth would call a master assassin when needed, a peacemaker at other times.  He would make bargains that would have far-reaching results.  All to ready them for the war to come.

Although he still laughs at what Earth calls master assassins, having met the actual owners of that title.  They had partially trained him, telling him only one outside will learn all of their trade.

He plans, always working for the chance of having that hopeful future.  However, he is hating parts of what he had to do, knowing it is needed.  The pain of never acknowledging some of the people he had affected.  He was so proud of many of the people but had to stay away.

Until the time came closer to when he will be able to acknowledge everyone, then he started moving in the world to make it possible for the last of the changes to happen, eager for the chance to be able to meet the people in person.

One of the times that free will almost messed up the future he is working on, appearing in the rain on a bridge to save a young girl from being killed by her parents.  All due to them misunderstanding a deal he had made long ago for this particular child. On this girl’s shoulders would hang the fate of the prophecy, and there is no way she would be harmed.

He had already dealt with her funny uncle, as she will call him.  Unfortunately, he had to allow some of it to happen.  The lecher never touched her how he desired to, but he couldn’t stop the man from thinking of it.  So he never understood at first why she was acting as traumatized as her cousin, but he was determined to find out why.

Sookie had some of the most impressive shields in her mind which had kept him in the dark until he realized that she had telepathy.  He had almost strangled the AP for not telling him.  All his work to keep this little one safe had nearly failed.  The only good thing is she was kept physically innocent and he had made sure that the uncle could do no more to her.

Then to get the frantic call from the AP to save the little one from her own parents, that had been the last straw of things happening to her.  He had been so enraged that nothing in her wretched life was easy, and then to have been thrown into another “plane” of existence by the idiot named Niall. Well, it had made it to the point where he had a personal vendetta against the bumbling fool.

It is too bad that the trip to the other “plane” isn’t worth even a hiccup in their plans. He came back in time to watch over her sobbing from her heartbreak of her parents dying. His own heart had broken over her thoughts that it was all her fault.  He had used a lot of glamour to make sure her so-called brother never hurt her.  Maybe a tad too much as he came to figure out later in life.

The boy is an idiot.

After he had done everything he could to be sure she was safe, he had left to take care of other issues. When he came back to check on his little trouble maker, he was enraged to see what had conspired in the short amount of time he had been gone.  Almost insane with rage, he rips her out of her life after forcefully showing her the truth.  How she had been told lies all her life.  How the blood really affects her.  He ripped off her blinders showing how the imbecile she thought she loved was using her for his own purposes.

He then picked up her mate, and then took them to the original world.  Fuck the original plan, he didn’t want either of these beings who meant so much to him by this time to suffer more than they have been.  How could so much go wrong in a few weeks?!?!?

There, the other beings came to teach them as he goes back to take care of things happening on Earth.  But when he gets a chance, he came back to spend much time with the two, finally proud of the fact that he can acknowledge them as what they are to him.

Not that there had not been issues, but then his trouble maker wouldn’t be named that if she had a calmer life, nor could her mate keep up with her if he were not her equal.  He had quite enjoyed the show of the two facing off against each other, screaming how they each have done things wrong to the other or in general.  He has a chair and popcorn ready any time they went off.

All in all, he is thrilled when the day came on one of his trips home to find them in bed together finally.

After that, there had been a few blow-ups of their tempers but he suspects that it is the makeup sex that they desire more than the actual fights.  Why they didn’t just fuck, he doesn’t know.  But the fire they both show is enough to have him grinning proudly.  These two are no pushovers, and they will need that same fire to deal with what he suspects is coming for all of them.

The other races came back in more numbers as they learn, and soon it comes to the point that the two are ready to take control.  They are all watching and taking care of issues as they come up on Earth as they discuss how to introduce the world to the truth.  The master assassins have taken their correct place, the place they had spent eons training for.

Everything is finally lining up to come up for the showdown on Earth, hopefully, with as peaceful solution as could be possible.

About time.

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  1. galwidanatitud

    geez. who would have thought someone could live such a complicated life. i don’t envy him at all.

  2. valady1

    Poor Warlow has his hands full it seems.

  3. geenakmom

    Wow. So much world building and history in such a short chapter. To see where the races originated from is just too cool. And this Warlow I like. He’s struggled so much to right wrongs.


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