Chapter 21 So Many Hills to Climb

21 Crossing 1

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He backs away after blessing his son and grandson. “I will watch over you, but I cannot interfere anymore.  Good luck, and my blessing and love upon you both.” With that Iteru, the God of the Fae Race, disappears.


A dark-headed vampire looks frantically around then darts from his spot and vamps to his next hiding place.  He has no idea who is hunting him but whoever it is, they have driven him across the planet Earth trying to escape.  He is desperately seeking a way off-world, but nowhere can he find someone willing to take him to the Home Worlds. He has tried bribery, threatening, and even begging.

A sound behind him makes him dart to another place, and the mocking laughter comes out behind him. “Do you really think you can escape me?  You managed to make enemies of all the people who might have helped you on one side or the other.  And you have no idea why, do you?” The voice is loud, but when the vampire looks around, no one even acts as though they heard a word being said.  At this point, he realizes he is screwed.


The vampire looks around scared almost to death, wishing he was human so he might actually get away by having a heart attack.  He has tried to walk out in the daylight, but it did nothing to him.  Nothing seems to be able to help him and he is so tired. He has been driven without any rest since that attempt to walk out in the sun.  He has run, swam, shed blood trying to hide, and never allowed himself to rest.  He is being driven and he has no idea why.

The mocking voice asks him, “What do you expect?  You pissed off the wrong person this time, Compton. You did something to what is mine.  You took something from them that can never be fixed. Not even I can fix this error, and that is saying a lot.  Because of that, of the pain you caused, you are going to suffer.” With that, there is a ping and Compton stares at the arrow that is fixed to the wall next to him.  A millimeter to the right and he would have been dead.

How he wishes that it had been that millimeter off.

However, he could not stop running, there is a need that is almost painful when he stops to start moving again and he takes off once more.  The haunting laughter behind him, playing with the being who had thought to play with his daughter.

Fitting revenge in his mind.

Eric, Warlow and Sookie calls the council together and they quickly inform them of the information they had received.  The group is shocked but they immediately see the possibilities.  Instead of being mortals going against a God, they now have three of their own.  Nothing is said about them being gods and anything that could happen from it.  They trusted the three with their lives.

However, it had been an information dump as intense as the one that Iteru gave them.  They abbreviated it, taking out a lot of the personal parts, not sure how to explain some of it.

Alexander Skarsgard 75

Eric is leaning against a wall, watching his father and mate from where he is standing. He is in control of the meeting but he is worried for Sookie. He can feel the turmoil and expects that at the end of this session Sookie will be at the Clan, working on her skills with the Assassins again. Since she took up the offer to be taught by them at the beginning, Sookie has never let up on her lessons, telling him they felt more natural to her.  Knowing his skill had improved with them, but that he fights differently than they do, offers to spar with her anytime.  He agrees with her; their style of fighting is more suited to her body type.

Now, when she needs to relax, she goes to them to train and they help her.  She is on her way to becoming a Master under their tutelage.  When she shows up with a cloak of her own, he will be proud of her as the only outsider of the clan who will know what it means.

He explains as he is thinking over the possibilities of what this may mean to his mate. “There was a reason our species was chosen for Lucifer.  We are powerful on our own.  The Creator had made us with the idea that we will be what we are.  The ones who will join together the beings of the universe, help them.  In fact, we were doing what he had seen us doing at our creation with the Alliance.  With that, we are also the ones who will be the first to reach the level of the Gods, then invite them to be our equals while we strive for the ultimate goal.”

He looks at all of them, “To grow and be one with the Creator.”

Everyone is watching Eric as he continues, “Because of this, he gave us Lucifer, knowing that we are the ones who will be his equal.  That we will be able to control him.  However, we almost failed. Thankfully our other God saw the possibilities, and he had done what he could to help out.  At this point, Sookie and I could disappear and you could defeat him on your own.” He smirks, proud of those he is leading for this period of time.  No matter what Iteru said, Sookie and he are only here to help until the crisis is over.


The Council looks at each other, then Godric chuckles.  “We have a threesome of our own personal Gods, and they tell us we can control them?  What did I do wrong?” he is shaking his head in amusement.

The room explodes in laughter.  And the pressure relaxed.


Warlow is sprawled out as usual in his usual seat. “I think we need to focus on finding where the Fae are.  I am more sure than ever that Niall is Lucifer, and that he is hiding in the place they are.  Claude had told me it was a different realm but I suspect he is being lied to.  If they are not aware of the possibilities of other worlds, then why would they know that?” He shrugs, watching Sookie as well.  She is silent, and he can tell she is shaken with the information that they had received.  He turns his head slightly to the side as he watches her then sends a burst to Eric, relaxing when he gets the reassurance from his son.  Eric will take care of his daughter.  No matter what that asshole thinks, Warlow is willing to fight to be the one she considers her father in all the right ways.

Godric leans back, a wince from a couple of wounds still open bothering him. “What do we know about the Fae world then?”

He had dismissed Roman early on.  The ex-Guardian had tried to control access to Godric from others on the council, and he didn’t need that.  He had recalled Isabel with Eric’s blessing.  Pam had thrown another fit that she had not been tapped to assist her grandmaker.  She had been left open-mouthed when Godric had acidly told her that is the reason he didn’t want her.  No one needs another immature person in control.

Frowning, Eric comments, “The rumor I heard is that there is sun all the time.” It had been a so-called safeguard from them attacking them.  No one can find out why the Fae blood affected the Vampires from Earth so much.  When Claude had been on Baile, none of them had found him anymore appetizing than anyone else.

Others nod, ancients as well as others who had contact with the Fae over the years.  Warlow sighs, “That would have been nice to know.  I will search out worlds that have constant sun.  But how strong is the sun?” He has been so busy these centuries and ignored the Fae altogether after the slaughter from his awakening.  He had been almost driven mad by the attack, so much so that had killed his family for the most part.  At his hands.  ‘Fucking bitch-ass Maker of mine.  May she roast evermore in hell.’


Thinking of the dives she had originally done, Sookie finally comments, “It can’t be any stronger than our sun, but I would believe that it would be a little cooler.  To have a sun as hot as ours, it would be very uncomfortable to never have a surcease from it.  Also, how would one planet have constant sun?” She frowns as she tries to think of how to keep the world from roasting under a constant sun.

Warlow waves off that one, just happy she is participating.  The caution he feels from Eric is enough to tell him that Eric will be still watching her just as closely. “Sookie, with the knowledge that you are a goddess, as well as knowing there are planets that are as magical as the ones that operate by science only, you wonder this?” He grins at her, as she frowns, then a slight blush gives her thoughts away.

The group chuckles at her, then stop as she archly mentions, “Then that would make your search even easier wouldn’t it?” Her eyebrow is lifted, waiting for him to come back.  She is fully aware that Eric and he are worried about her.  And she will talk with the two of them later.  Right now, they need to get started on what is required to finish this.

Eric is watching all this, still secretly thrilled to learn his Sookie would live as long as he.  That had been wondering, unsure of how different their lifespans would be now.  Instead, he is blessed knowing that they will always be together.  Iteru had left a gem inside of his head in that last pat on his shoulder.  He knew more about True Soul Mates than anyone.  Ever.  Only if they give up, will they die.  And he will do all he can to make sure Sookie knows this and never has a reason to give up.

He also has no worries about the future, they will win this.  The alternatives are not worth thinking.  He will plan for everything, and then plan some more for what he could have missed.  But they are going to win this.

Right now Eric is trying to figure out what will give them that million to two chance.  He is going through possibilities, letting his mate control the meeting as he knows that she can, now that she is participating.

He only stops to send, ‘Sookie, make plans for those who want to fight to have training exercises to start. Since we know this will come to a battle of some sort, I want us to be as prepared for it as possible.’  When she agrees, he goes back to his planning. 

At the back of his mind, behind everything else going on, he wonders where Compton is. He has sent many people searching for the idiot.  He wants to have a talk with the Civil War Vet.  Too many things are stacking up in his ledger.

Later that evening, Warlow is popping from world to world, as his mind churning with the information he had received.  He is the son of a God?  One of the Originals from what he got in a dump from his father?  And so is Sookie?

What would this mean in the long run?  For all of them?  Will it affect them more now that they know?

He stops on a planet, dismissing it, getting ready to jump with his two guards.

He cocks his head to the side as he realized that it explained a lot.  The abilities of his son, and his daughter.  Well, daughter-in-law, but to his way of thinking, she is as much as his daughter since Eric and her had mated.  He winces as he admits to himself, he has always thought of her as his daughter as soon as he had found out about her home life.  She had needed a father figure, and he had decided that it will be him.  No matter if her actual biological father is a god.

He is one too.


His wrenches his thoughts back to his original track as he lands on yet another bust.  He notes this one is not a charred husk and notes it in a log he keeps on him for Jason.  Luckily the glamour he had put on him could be removed.  The boy has made something of his life now he has a purpose and actually likes his sister now. Imagine that!

One of his guards shifts in the heat and Warlow, taking pity on the man in those robes, jumps them again. His thoughts cycling back to their abilities. His actual jumping ability he is doing now, for example. He didn’t know until they tried with others of their race that the popping he, Eric and Sookie could so easily do is not normal.  Sure there are a few who can do more than themselves.  But to take as many jumps as they want across space and sometimes time as easily as they do?


It is why he is the one looking for Niall with two backup Assassins who could also jump. They may only be able to jump home from anywhere, but that is all that is needed right now. It is also why he was the one looking for Godric in the past. They had thought they just needed to wait for others to appear with abilities, never guessing that they were the unique ones.

As he lands on yet another desert planet, he notes it and then waits for a moment for his two guards to rest.  He looks around, figuring that whatever happens, it will be interesting to say the least.  But first they need to find the world the Fae are hiding in, and see what is the issue with them contacting him as they used to.

When the two indicate to him that they are ready, he gathers himself and searches out the next planet to jump to.  When he jumps to it, he freezes as many people suddenly ping on his head.  He immediately grabs the guards and they jump back to where Eric and Sookie are.

“Found them.”

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