Chapter 23 Fists Flying Up Through The Air

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First they have to deal with his wayward son.


Heading downstairs to his captive, Lucifer laughs as he sees the defeated vampire just hanging there letting the silver eat the skin off his bones.  He stops in front of him, slapping him to make sure is awake. “Next time you won’t be so eager to fuck an innocent woman for no reason.  Especially lying to her!” The last is growled, Lucifer’s hands clenching.  The look on his youthful face is disturbing to the vampire in front of him.

Bill Compton

Compton blinks, then raises his head, “Why does it matter so much to you why and who I fuck?” He has no idea who has him, nor why they have decided to hunt him the way they have.  He had asked, begged last night to know why, and now he is just giving up. Again.


Leaning against the wall as he tests the sharpness of the blade in his hand, Lucifer answers him, “Are not Fathers supposed to defend their daughters? I am only doing my duty.”  Finding the knife too sharp, he takes it and bangs it against the walls of the cell a couple of times.

Watching him, Compton talks a little faster, hoping to talk his way out of this. “I never lied to anyone who could be your daughter.  I treat women with the courtesy and respect that they deserve.  You must have me mistaken for another.”  His eyes are wide and pupils blown with his fear.

Snorting at the patheticness of the being in front of him, Lucifer wonders, “How did a worm like you ever survive this long?  Northman I had thought to be what you really are. However, thanks for correcting my oversight.  It would have been a travesty to equate him with the lowlife scum you are.” He then walks around the vampire hanging from the middle of the room in coated silver chains. This vampire is so weak next to Godric!  However, it is more satisfying to be doing this for his daughter.

Much more satisfying to be doing this for another.

Swallowing in fear, Compton tries again, “If you just tell me the name of your daughter, I will be able to tell you how I treated her.”  He is trying to think of who it could be, and his dead heart had dropped as his stomach seized on him with the mention of Northman.  But, maybe it was someone else?

With a smirk, the young man continues around the whimpering creature in chains and ends in front of him. “There is nothing you could do to redeem yourself.  But I will play your game. I wish to hear the excuses that you will come up with so I can tell you the truths as I know them.” He sits there, an evil grin marring the otherwise innocent look on his youthful face.

Compton grabs onto the hope and waits anxiously for the name. Then his hopes crash around him as the being tells him, “Sookie Stackhouse is the name you know her by.” His eyes grow wider than ever. If he could soil himself, he has no doubt that he would have voided in his fear.

Blinking in shock, the century old vampire tries to come up with something and the only thing he starts with is, “I love her!”

With a roll of his eyes, Lucifer wryly responds, “If that is your version of love, please never love a being again.  It will save them much misery.”

He shakes his head and then, looking in Compton’s dark as molasses eyes, asks, “Tell me, how is it you loved her but fed her so much of your blood to force her feelings for you?  How did love factor in that travesty of her Gran’s death and you taking her virginity on the night she buried the woman you had murdered to put her in that fragile state?”

He cocks his head to the side and taunts the vampire, “I honestly am waiting to hear from you, your excuses.  For each lie that you tell me is another day or week, or month of suffering.  I would make it years, but I would be here for decades. I already know it will be at least a couple of years with the way you cannot seem to stop lying to yourself, much less to me.” He shakes his head in disgust of the being in front of him.

Compton just stares at him. Then to his shock, the man before him starts telling him the lies he is telling himself in his head.

But then, Sookie had to get her telepathy from somewhere…why not her father?

The surrounding area shudders from the screams echoing from the earth.  It is as if Creation itself is crying.

Eric gives the signal, and the light of their worlds, a gentle, loving caress is replaced with the harshness of an artificial sun.  The vampires in their group flinch from lifetimes of being afraid of the sun, but soon find that the claims that living upon their worlds would help return them to where they are supposed to be.

Creatures of the light.

Also, Lucifer had relocated his chosen to a world that the sun may be brighter, but it retains enough of their home world’s sun type to not burn those who are so adapted.

Never had he thought that vampires would be returned and then allowed to stand in the sun of the world he had made.  Niall had only seen a world where no vampire can ever hurt them and gladly led his people to the seeming paradise.

Once the army gets its bearings, it explodes into the tactics drilled into them.  Where there was first an enormous grouping of people surrounding the two areas they had landed there was now an organized army.  Air support lets Warlow know that there are enemies in the water here for their water-based forces to take.  Within seconds, those waterways thrashed with life as their troops engage the others in the water.

In the sky, the forces there find nothing to fight them so they became support for the forces on the ground.  They also send off certain individuals to scout the area.

The rest of the forces spread out to make sure where they landed was secured.

All having been planned by Eric in preparation for what they found.

Within an hour, the triplets had been found, brought to Sookie and removed from the world.  There is a headquarters constructed thanks to those that control the earth that will take a nuclear hit and not harm the ones inside.  And the leaders are gathered in the tent, mapping out the last of the tactics now that they see the landscape that they will be fighting through.

Eric had figured most of this out through Warlow’s memories of his scouting, but nothing beats seeing it with their own eyes and seeing what the natives will do with them.

war battle fighting fantasy art artwork warriors drawings 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_57

The waterways have the nastiest fighting but their forces had been victorious with little loss. It seems the Water Fae are vicious.  The little bit remaining of the Earth Fae have been coming into camp and sitting down waiting for someone to come to take them prisoner.  They have also been telling of the ground screaming for the last day and are taken shaking from the planet to give them some relief from the pain they are in.

The Fire Fae have not been encountered and the Sky Fae are all gathered at the palace.  The forces with them have been slowly moving through the countryside enclosing the area.  There is no looting nor any rape.  It is very organized, with the ones captured sent behind them to be taken to another planet to wait upon the results of the war.  This way, there is no risk of any of them getting free and attacking their forces from the back.

This is because Sookie had set her foot down and explained that these are their people.  It is not their fault they had been duped by the Prince of Lies.  They truly believe that he is Niall.  Who, in their eyes, actually saved them. Then at some point later, Lucifer became him.

They are looking for Niall, trying to see if he is dead or if Lucifer had him imprisoned somewhere.  They are also wondering about the crying of the earth since they have heard it themselves.  Faint echoes, but enough to startle them the first time they heard it.  They can only imagine how painful it must be to the gentle Earth Fae who also felt the earth as though it is alive and sentient.


Godric is standing there, not able to fight, but thrilled to be allowed to be this far on the new world.  Looking over Eric’s plans, he shakes his head. “Eric, your mind works in odd ways.  I would never have thought of this battle strategy, let alone all the outcomes you have planned for.  I know they say the first plan of battle is never followed by the first clash, but you might be the exception.” He is just looking at all the possibilities Eric has planned for, amazed at his child.

Shaking his head, dismissing his maker’s compliment, Eric asks, “Is there anything anyone can see I missed?  For whatever I missed, he will probably use against us.” He is very aware that he has been overconfident in the past and that this is not the time to be so.  He has so many depending on him.

Sookie stands by Eric, telling him, “If it happens, we are also prepared for it.  Eric, worrying is not going to make it all work out perfectly.  I need you to be my Viking warrior right now.” She looks up into his face, trusting him to have done it all.  He is the premier warrior and it shows in how much more respect he has gained since he has taken control.

With a smile, he reaches over and, cupping his hand around the back of her head, brings her in to kiss her. After a second, they open their eyes to each other as Eric rests his forehead against hers. “My love, I will always be your Viking warrior.  But at the same time, as leader of these forces, it is my job to try to save as many of the lives out there as I can.” With a last kiss to her forehead, he turns back to the maps looking them over.

But as he looks up at his commanders, he can see that there are no new ideas that they have and he sighs.  “Alright.  We march in the hour.” And he sends up another prayer to his Gods and the Creator as well as his grandfather that he has done all he can to save as many lives as possible.

Grinning as he heals the vampire before him, Lucifer asks, “Do you regret treating my daughter the way you did?” This has been entertaining. He has never felt this freedom when he has tortured others in the past.  The only thing he can think is that he is doing it for another.

When the vampire moans, Lucifer pats him on the cheek. “You would think you could be stronger.  I so wanted to give my new son-in-law a chance with you.  Maybe the two of us could work together in a type of what do they call it?  Oh yeah. A bonding time.  I hear he is exceptionally gifted in torture.  Certainly for any he cares about.” He brightens at that.  His Daughter, his precious Gabriel is going to be well taken care of between her mate and father.  They will make sure nothing like this happens again to her.

Compton is still lost in his pain.  His mind needs a few minutes, one longer than the previous for each time Lucifer saves him at the last minute to realize that his physical body is new.  He is losing his mind from the torture.

Seeing the vampire is in no shape to give him any enjoyment, he kicks him in the side as he spits on him. “Bah.  This time I need to go upstairs and see if everything is still fine.  Sometimes I feel like I have to guide each of their footsteps to achieve what I want.  Ah well, it will give you time to think before I come back to start again.”  He waves nonchalantly as he walks out, “Bye for now!”

When he walked above, he is shocked at the madness overtaking his palace.  He finally claps his hands and everyone settles. “What the hell is going on?” He puts his hands on his hips, glad he had remembered to clean the blood off as he walked upstairs.

One of his smarter ones bows before him, “Sire, the kingdom is under attack.” He waits for his Lord to tell him to rise.

Growing angry, he demands, “By whom?” Who would attack him?  He took care of that upstart Breandon or Brandon or whatever the hell his name was awhile ago.

The same being, Preston, cowers on the floor as he answers him, “By monsters, sire.” His head is on the ground, hoping that he will not be killed for not finding him sooner.

With a grow, Lucifer walks over to the window and looks out.  And he stands there amazed of what stands before him.  Then he grins.

Seems his daughter and son-in-law have come calling.  And brought their allies.

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