Chapter 24 Screaming Like Demons

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Seems his daughter and son-in-law have come calling.  And brought their allies.


Standing on top of the last hill before their target, Eric and Sookie stand side by side looking out at the palace across the way, waiting for the final battle to start.

Eric is wearing leather pants, with a leather vest that looked like Hawkeye’s in Avengers to protect against some attacks while giving him the freedom he needs to swing his sword.  Since both types of leather are gifts from the Dragons and formed from their skin, it would turn most weapons from harming him.  He has his broadsword strapped across his back, and the rest of his body has weapons in unlikely places.  His wrist guards are made from a metal stronger than any other to be found on the worlds.  These are the only symbols of the High King on the field.

Sookie is also dressed in the same type of leathers.  Hers cover more and she has a cape given to her by the Assassins.  They are the ones that trained his mate on how to fight, as well as Warlow and he on other points.  They had deemed her a Master of her craft and the robes are a sign of that.

Months ago, Eric and Warlow had attacked her to assure themselves she knows what she is doing.  Needless to say, Eric no longer worries about his little mate in a battle.  She has more surprises in her little body than either of them had suspected.

After the information came of her being the daughter of an Original, who had in fact tampered with her DNA to make her an Original herself…Well, she has only become more lethal.  That cloak may seem like it would be a risk in a battle, but none can grab it.  It is as smoke to them.

But it helps to conceal her, and can help her fade out to others senses if she so desires it.  To be trained by the Clan of Assassins is an honor that no outsider could comprehend.  But Eric had been there, trained by them and had been shown what made them unique to all others in the Universe.

He will never tell another soul. Ever.

The two of them stand there, the rest of the army waiting for their signal to take the palace. They have all been warned of not starting before the signal and, knowing who is in the palace, they are content to wait.

The waterways up to the Palace are now under the control of the Water Knights and Horses.  They stare at the last battalion of Water Fae, waiting to take out the last of them.  Behind them are those that have an affinity for water.  A lot of them are ice-based since they had found that the Water Fae are weak against ice.  It is as though they never faced or even encountered it.

The rest of the army is watching the Sky and finally the Fire Fae as they stand ready to defend their leader against the attacking forces.

The entire battlefield looks as if it is frozen in time, only slight sounds from breathing and the moving chain mail and weapons reveal the beings are alive.


Warlow is pacing behind his forces, ignoring Godric, who chuckles at him.  “Shut up, Godric.  You are not supposed to be here!” He growls out, as he watches his son and daughter across from him.

When the sound of movement starts, he snaps out, “I know you will protect him!  But seriously!  Who brings someone who was tortured by the sick son of a bitch we are attacking to the battlefield?  Oh yeah.  ME!” He shakes his head in disgust.  How does he allow himself to be talked into these things?

Shadoe snickers, “Calm down, young one. Godric is safe, and as soon as battle commences he will be even safer.  More secure than the rest of you, including their majesties.  Godric has earned the love and respect of many here and they will give their lives to make sure he is not taken again.  However, you cannot deny he has reason to want to be here when the tormentor who injured him so gravely is being brought to justice.” His tail is curled over his front paws as he watches the Father pacing with agitation.

Growling, Warlow looks out on the field. “I know.  I just want to know why he is waiting?  And what the hell is Eric thinking?” He had been against this route since Eric had mentioned it.  But does his son listen to him?  No.

Shadoe and Godric step to his side, both trying to soothe the worried parent. “That Sookie deserves to know her real father.  However, you know as well as I that he only has one chance at this.” Shadoe feels for the FaePire as he calls himself. He had not been happy either about the risk and he is one of the few that are in the know about their bond.

Shaking his head, Warlow sighs.  “Godric?” He had been so sure that he will at least back him up. He knows Godric loves Eric as his own.

He looks out of the side of his eyes to the father of his Child, “I assure you I have no issues with this solution.  No matter what, this ends tonight.” He is sure of his Child and his mate.

A young man walks out of the palace and looking up at his daughter, Lucifer grins.  ‘Come to play with Daddy, young one?’

Eric and Sookie just stare down at the Godling.  Neither are shocked by either his youthful appearance nor by the fact that he can send to their minds.


He just laughs in delight at their lack of a reaction and is suddenly in front of them.  He looks at Eric, and nods his head to him, then turns to his Daughter. “My little one.  How I have looked over the Cosmos for you.”  The look in his eyes reveals his fondness of the young woman in front of him. He is so proud of her as he takes in the cloak denoting a Mastery in the Clan.

When she stares at him, not answering, he smiles.  Then asks her seriously, “Does he treat you right?” He cocks his head to the side, willing to end the universe itself if the man at her side didn’t treat her right.

When she blinks in shock of the question, Lucifer’s smile grows into a grin. He explains softly to her, “Every father wants to know if his daughter is being treated as she deserves.  I ask for nothing else.” He ignores the growls from the man beside Gabriel as well as others who surround her.  He is only interested in the child he has searched everywhere, every time since that fateful day he had been freed from his bonds in the impossible planet.

Puzzled at his actions, Sookie reaches through the bond to Eric for help and support. Why is he acting like this, asking her these questions?  Feeling his mate’s emotions, Eric slides his body between Father and Daughter.

That one series of actions tells Lucifer all he needs to know and he grins.  “Excellent.” He gives them both his blessing, a ray of light leaving him, splitting and landing upon the two.

Everyone is alarmed, but when Eric nods his head in respect to the father of his mate, they relax.

Clapping his hands, Lucifer takes a step back then looks to Eric, “What are the terms?” Time to get this show on the road so that he can show the two in front of him the wonders they have yet to find out in this universe.  He is slightly giddy to get started,

Staring at the Godling, slightly in shock of how much he fluctuates between being a responsible adult and blessing his lover and his mating to the childlike being now in front of him, Eric answers him, “Battle between us two.  The winner agrees to treat the loser’s forces generously.” And he waits to see if the terms are agreed upon.

He waits for more and, when Eric says nothing else, Lucifer cocks an eyebrow. “No more?  No promises to treat Gabriel well?  Are you really that cocky?” He is amused with the vampire before him.

Eric smirks but answers him. “She is your daughter.  If you do not treat her well, you will find out she is not all sugar and spice and everything nice.  I trust my mate, and only worry for my forces as any good commander is.” He lifts his eyebrow, waiting to see if Lucifer will add any other terms to his.

Lucifer just starts laughing.  “Do you truly understand who I am?  Why I chose this planet to keep my chosen ones safe?  Do you realize that the only reason you made it this far is so that I can talk to my daughter in person?” He just shakes his head in disbelief.  He is a God.  The first one!!!! How can this upstart think to defeat him?

As the words fall on Sookie and Eric’s ears, at the same time, their minds echo, ‘Lie!” Not questioning the source, but they have no idea which of the statements is the lie.  So they both keep their guard up and watch the being in front of them.

Seeing neither of them backing down, Lucifer shakes his head at them.  “I made this planet, this solar system with my Creators blessing.  So, are you really prepared to fight me on a planet made by me? Then there is the whole issue that you are not a God much less an Original.  The only one who could stand next to me is Gabriel, and since she is my daughter, I would refuse to fight her.” He waits to see if Gabriel’s mate will step down.  He really doesn’t want to hurt him.

Chuckles are heard around the area at his excuse.  Sookie rolls her eyes, talking under her breath about egotistical males.  She turns to Eric, drawing down his head as they stare at each other. The looks between two of them are heavy with conversation, but neither one needing to utter a word. Their bond is enough to let the other know their feelings. With a nod, Eric kisses her forehead and then turns to face Lucifer.

Wishing he could hold his daughter for the first time, Lucifer just stares at her with longing in his gaze.  Taking a deep breath, he nods then heads to a distance from Eric, then waves his hand making a dome encase them.

The showdown is about to start, a God confident of his abilities and a young Viking vampire who is also a God in his own right.  Both unsheathe their swords, one showing his flashy side by holding out his hand as the sword appears, the other pulling it out of its sheath on his back.

It is time.

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