Chapter 3 Time is Everything

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About time.


Early in the morning, two lovers are sleeping wrapped among each other.  There is no telling where one starts and ends, especially since they are both a golden color, their hair the same color.  The light peeks into their room and soon an errant ray of light falls across a face, causing one of them to awaken.

Sookie 1

As she wakes in Eric’s arms, Sookie thinks on how this is never going to get old.  Especially since half the time she gets to watch him as he wakes up with her, and other times as she wakens, she catches him watching her.

Sookie is glad now that Warlow came and got them, but at first, she had been heartbroken by the brutal truths he forced on her that day.  How Bill had lied to her and that the date he was going to take her on that night was not to her benefit.  How he was using her heart to fulfill his mission, benefiting from her innocence in the matters of the heart and the supernatural world.  Bill kept her without the knowledge to help her better understand her position.

All to do as a queen of the Supernatural world wanted. To make her dependent on the queen while giving her the benefit of Sookie’s telepathy without paying for it.  In any coin of any realm, including the heart.

Even worse was when Warlow told her that he was going to take her to her true mate, and that they were going to leave this planet until they get their heads on straight.  It had been hard for her to accept that she had to leave the last place that she knew her Gran alive, the only place she had ever felt safe.  However, since he really wasn’t giving her a choice, especially after he showed her that the land would belong to him if she doesn’t go with him per an ancient scroll, she begrudgingly went with him.

Alexander Skarsgard 155

Then when they appeared by Eric’s bedside, she had started to throw a fit.  A certifiable teenager fit.  Screaming, her hands in fists as she told him that there was no way she would ever be with a liar and cheater — someone who had no idea what monogamy is.  And so on for a good ten minutes Warlow had watched her, amused and then laughing as she went on.

She is ashamed of behavior from that time.  To reduce herself to throwing a fit, it was nothing like her real self.

It didn’t matter that Warlow had told them both that until Compton’s blood was out of her, there would be reactions she will have that would not be normal to who she really is.  Eric had growled when he learned that Compton had trained his blood to make her react in certain ways. No, that didn’t matter nor did the fact that Sookie had no control over her emotions for weeks and all of a sudden, the control she was getting back made her feel grief finally for her Gran.  It was in fact worse, with her guilt added on top when she realized how she reacted during the time would have had her Gran rolling in her grave.

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Though, at the same time, it wasn’t like Eric was any better. He was still in the stages of grief for Godric.  He didn’t know how to handle himself, nor take care of Sookie who was going through the same issues.  All those years of denying his emotions came back to take a toll on him.  Even if he hadn’t had his grief, he still would have been a mess since Sookie couldn’t help the rages that went through her.  Nor could he ever take her tears.  Those tore him up inside like glass shards.

No, neither of them were ready for the truths forced upon them by Warlow, then to have to deal with more truths that were way out of their control to handle.

The truth of what they are.  That there are no dead people walking around, nor that humans were anything but victims in all this.  That all the hatred between so-called species was for no reason, since they are all the same.  This on top of finding out that there are other gods, that everything they had been told has been a lie and a truth was too much for them to take all at the same time.

Both of them did not take any part of the resulting truths well, and unleashed their frustration upon the other.  There had been much screaming at each other and laying of blame for things that neither had any control over.  It took longer than it really should have for them to deal with the feeling of betrayal from others, to accept that the other one had no control, nor wanted it for each other.  To find out their preconceptions of each other were false.

Sookie is not a self-involved, whiny bitch.  Eric is not a jerk or asshole, nor is he unfeeling.

Then it took more time to have them dealing with the ramifications of the information that he gave them and the people who came to teach them. Of them meeting others who had been nothing but myths to them both, to find out that some of them are older than the war that their world could not remember.  And to have them defer to them even though their age, strength and knowledge is much greater than their own.

But they told them that they are the ones from their prophecy, the ones that they had been waiting for to correct everything that had gone wrong in that long ago war.  That they are now the High King and Queen.

All that information is given to them, one right after the other, and they have not managed to deal with the fact that they are supposed to be mates. Part of that is the so-called magic of mating that you hear about. You know; where your mate is supposed to fix everything, make it better overnight?  Yeah.  That is a lie.

There is no magic thing to make everything work all of a sudden, no matter how writers want to make it so.  It takes work. The other person might be the other half of your soul, the best person for you, but when they both had so much personal issues to deal with and it doesn’t fix itself.  It, as everything that involves love, requires work from both sides to make it work.

Though once you get to that place, it is as magical as any writer could ever imagine.  Just not the beginning.

Eric has his issues.  He had been taught to not allow his emotions through, that it was a weakness that would be exploited by others.  To survive, he will need to bury them as deep as possible.  A thousand years of suppressed emotion is never pretty to watch fall apart. Especially when he fights so hard to allow it to be shown.  It is so hard to allow his heart and feelings to be free as the last time he did it he had been hurt by others.

Neither was Sookie innocent of not helping the matters. In fact, she had been right in the middle with her own rampaging emotions. She had been betrayed, found out that the person she gave her innocence to had lied to her, and manipulated to hate Eric.  To add to that, watching him punish her friend through his memories had been hard to accept.  Even knowing that she shouldn’t be taking things out on Eric didn’t help.  Often she exploded with him reacting to her before they even could think rationally over why they were arguing.

Warlow had been some help in this, he took the time to explain Eric’s side to Sookie.  He had helped her understand the severity of what Lafayette had done, as well as the repercussions of Eric being lenient on him.  He also did the same with Eric, explaining in detail what Compton had done to her, isolating her and so forth.  In fact, he often comments to them both it was lucky that they had found each other so early or Sookie could have been a Renfield by now.

However, there had been a few bright points during the time.  They both wanted the other.  They felt attracted to each other, and it is what messed them up when they met.  Compton felt it from Sookie, and he went overboard in making sure she was disgusted with Eric. In fact, maybe if Bill Compton hadn’t flooded Sookie with so much blood, she may have acted on her emotions for Eric. A lot of the pain they ended up feeling by now would have been fixed.

If you are willing to play that game, then what if Eric had been more willing to show her his emotions, to open himself up to the possibility of love right away, instead of playing his games? What if Compton never gave her the gallons of blood, or that she denied him giving her more at any time? There were so many other maybes and ifs, that they could spend centuries listing them all.  But what would be the good in that?

That fact, that information, that realization, is what turns the point for them.  They could continue to either hate on each other or actually realize that what they want will be easier to achieve if they actually work together.

They had agreed to meet the following day to talk.  Not scream at each other. If they get to that point, they will allow the other to walk away and will meet up when they are both calmer.

It was easier without Warlow and his damn chair and popcorn, too.  That had been one of the things they had actually agreed upon first.

They talked and worked it all out.  Over many days and nights. And then they gave into the feelings they had been feeling for each other, that had been part of the problem since neither of them wanted to fuck just to fuck.  Not with the information that they will need to work together for eons.  It makes it more important to have more than a sexual desire for each other to last all that time. Even Eric had agreed to it.

Though he never let up on the innuendos.  He told her it was to remind her that he desires her at all time.  Sookie thinks it is the frat boy side of him needing an outlet.

Warlow had come back about that time, and that he was thrilled was to say the least.

He threw a party to celebrate.

Rolling her eyes at the memory, Sookie smiles as she feels parts of Eric waking before he does.  Now that they have fully mated — well, to say the sex is awesome is too little to describe the feelings and the sheer pleasure they can achieve now.

Having a partner with so much experience had at first been daunting, but that started to change when Eric told her that she is the first person he has ever loved in this way.  This is his first time to make love to someone, and he is grateful for his experience to make it better for her.  It’s also the first time he has ever wanted to make sure his partner is pleasured more than he himself.  Then he grins at her, while informing her that there is a lot to say for learning about sex together.  They have forever to experiment and he is more than willing to be guided by her in what she wants to learn.

Contrary to belief, there is more to learn over the years.  It is what helps make it interesting per his informative long years.

They also talk out their fears then and still continue to do.  They hate to do it, but one late night, Sookie told him that she fears that she will not be enough for him, that he will be bored after so long. The pain she had felt telling him that had worried Eric.  The fear of losing him, and his fear of losing her to these fears.

That had made them talk it out, especially after they started and found out how much it helped their mate feel better.  With them mated and bonded, there was not much that escaped them in feeling each other.  Their emotions become the other’s if they are not careful to not push them on each other.

It is harder than you think, especially when the pleasurable emotions are eagerly received by both of them, and in fact they are encouraged to share that side.  The negatives seem to find that path easy to follow also.

They still fight often, but it was hard when you feel everything the other feels.  However, that itself had been a theme of a fight: why they couldn’t keep their emotions to themselves and that the other is not even trying to block their emotions from leaking to the other.

Nevertheless, like Eric remarked to Warlow, they might fight like contenders, but they fuck like champions.  That had earned Eric a slap, but inside, it had been too hard to hide her amusement as she walks off.

Then came all the learning they did.  It had not been a school that anyone conventional would have called it. However, their teachers are not even close to being the same species as they are.  Even in their lightened teachings that they had from Warlow.  All of it is the best any could have desired.

Some of the teachers couldn’t speak out loud. They soon teach Eric that all creatures can be telepaths, but some are more inclined to it.  With his mate being one, how will it be fair that he doesn’t have the same abilities?  They may not be as strong as hers, but then she has used them longer than he has.

Some days would be spent it sitting in front of the creature in charge of their lessons that day, learning in their minds.  For the true masters of the ability, it would be as if they are in a classroom.

They learned how to use all of it, every bit of the mind, even the parts that had yet to be accessed by any of their kind.  It made them formidable, but not unbeatable.  They could recall information by either actual memory or by genetic memory.  They could store vast amounts of information in themselves.

In addition, they found that they could use each other’s memories also. To be bonded and mated as they are opened so many more options that most having access to this style of teaching would have been able to control.

Yes, they now often live in each other’s heads, being completely comfortable with it now.  More than either thought possible.   Yet, they also manage to be their own person as they show each other each and every day.

They have spent a long time learning, but now, Sookie expects that the time to learn will be coming to an end and they will be acting on the information that Warlow had been bringing them.

After she pleases her mate, of course.

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  1. galwidanatitud

    the fights must have been real amusing. i’d probably be seating right beside Warlow and munching on popcorn myself. better than any movie ever made.; hehehehehe

  2. geenakmom

    With two stubborn people thrown together I’m not surprised their fights were worthy of sitting with a bowl of popcorn and watching. Lol. I’m glad they worked out their differences and came together.
    Learning all they have from the others has got to be quite the experience. Can’t wait to see where their knowledge leads them.


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