Chapter 4 You Calm the Storm (NSFW)

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After she pleases her mate, of course. 


Eric 1

Waking up to his mate’s mouth on him, there is no possible better feeling than this.  Eric moans as he clenches his jaw to keep from being overwhelmed — not only by the physical pleasure he is feeling but also by the sense of her pleasure at feeling his.

Learning to keep some of the pleasure he is feeling out of the bond is hard. Eric wants to share everything with his little mate, the one he finally caught after so many hardships in getting them together. There had been not only the issues with outside interference but there had been his own in not wanting to take a chance in letting his walls down. The same ones that have allowed him to remain alive until now. At least until this woman sending him to Valhalla right now came along and shattered all his ideas and the things he had been taught. The one who had taught him how to realize that loving doesn’t make you weaker; it makes you stronger.

It makes you stronger to protect the other half of your soul.  It gives you purpose; it gives you every fucking reason to keep going on, even when your body and mind are ready to give up. The soul and heart of someone are enough to overpower the strongest opponents.  You just have to be willing to be hurt to find that strength.

Closing his eyes again, only managing to open them to look at the beautiful sight of his mate with her lips wrapped around his cock, taking it in as far as she can. He had only moved his hand to tenderly push her hair from her face so that he could see her clearer.

The magic she has in her lips, her tongue, shit, even her teeth is one that has him fighting cumming like he did as a teenager.  Faster actually.

But he fights it, knowing that it will be more enjoyable to both of them if he can make it last.  Though…his mate should be subjected to this pleasure he is feeling physically as well.  But when he thinks of moving the two of them, his hands are locked down where they are, as well as his body.

Woman giving head 1

Groaning, he tells her, “Wench.”

At least I gave you still the use of your hands, just not the ability to move your wrists.’ The sassy reply has his eyes rolling back in his head as she gives his cock a twist.  He has always loved her fire since he first met her.  Now he has millions of other reasons to love it now that they are together.

“Lover, just wait.” He warns her as his hips lift involuntarily. He is panting harder with the need to release some of the built-up tension.

He cannot help the small grin as her laughter inside his head causes a shiver run down his spine.  Gods, this ability of theirs to talk to each other is amazing when they have their mouths filled with all sorts of stuff. This is not the first, nor the last time they will use this ability to this use.  Often, he cannot tell what is mental and what is physical when they are too into what they are doing.  Especially when they make love.

He opens his eyes to look down and watch his Valkyrie, his Goddess, and his Queen.  This woman is more than anything he could have ever asked for. Moreover, he does give thanks to his Gods daily.  Especially now that they found that there is more than one God or Gods for sure.

Sookie took that information a little harder at first, as well as the knowledge they are all aliens.  He had helped her with that issue, sitting with her through countless hours as she tried to work out in her head how her God and his Gods and Goddesses could be all correct.  After talking to the others about it, she finally resolves her thoughts around the fact that it is all correct.  Though she teases him that her God would be the one above them all.

Sometimes, it takes awhile to learn to give in to your other half. By this time, Eric has learned this valuable lesson and he agrees with her.  Leading to a time that he remembers fondly with the two of them being naked.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  You only need the right set of encouragement!!

Soon Eric’s mind turns to calling upon those Gods and Goddesses to give him strength to survive his Mate’s attack on his body.  He doesn’t care if it is his, hers or the unicorns; he needs their help to stop from cumming so soon.

Looking down at her, he growls at her, “Sookie.” When she looks up, she growls back at him from the look in his eyes.  The one that tells her he is so close that she will soon have her taste of him that she craves.

Not that he doesn’t do the same often with her.  She remembers only last night that he had her begging for him to do something, anything to allow her to cum!

All too soon he feels that icy hot feeling at the base of his spine, his balls pulling up as much as they can from her ministrations on them, and he screams out in ecstasy from the sweet painfully drawn out pleasure of his orgasm.

Thankfully his mate releases him from his binding, because as he came his back is bowed almost in half from the pleasure shared between the two of them. However, when he came back to himself, he quickly has his mate on her back with his face quickly descending down her body for his turn to taste her.

All the while taking some pleasurable side trips to worship the bounty of her breasts, nuzzling her stomach and then taking the most torturous route to where he desires to be on her.

Paybacks are a bitch…though pleasurable to them both.

As he gets lower, his hands also make their way up to her beautiful breasts, knowing that playing with them ignites that ball of need that he feels is essential to any time with his mate this way.  Or well, any time now.

With a lick from her clit up through the second pair of lips that he enjoys on her is enough to find his little love is soaking from her work on him.  He can’t help the satisfied grin that forms knowing that this is all from her wanting his pleasure.

What man wouldn’t want to know his woman desires to give him pleasure so much that she not only gives it to him but is turned on by the act?  Too long has Eric had partners that did it to please him, but never liked it themselves.

Or liked it so much, that when he wanted to return the favor, not often but there has been times, and instead found himself working to give them pleasure. No, Eric works even harder to give his mate pleasure knowing that he is lucky to be granted a mate that loves to satisfy his own needs.

With that in mind, he works his mate over, using his tongue, fingers and even his fangs to drive his mate to not one, but three orgasms.  It may take longer than any male thought to cause their females so complete pleasure that they do the mythical squirting, but Eric has found with Sookie it will never be easy.


But it is more than welcome by them both that Eric works to give her that pleasure.  Nothing less will satisfy him that his lover, his other half, receive as much pleasure as he can give to her.

As he looks up at her body shining with the sweat from their lovemaking, he whispers to her mind, ‘I love you, Sookie.  Always and forever.  Thank you.’

Man licking up a womans body

The sheer amount of love she sends to him through their bond is enough to have him moving up her body, only teasing, tasting her breasts, knowing that they are becoming too sensitive, but unable to pass up something enjoyable to them both.

He is soon at her mouth, and sinks into her with his cock, as their mouths join as intimately as they are below.  Soon their tongues are caressing each other, his often mimicking the movement below as his hips slam into hers hard, then slowly withdrawing.

Her walls grip his every moment, caressing his cock and trying to keep him inside, then welcoming his thrust back inside her body.  Working for the moment, needing the magic of their joining to come over the two of them.

The room is nothing more than shadows on the wall from the dying light of two bodies in the most intimate, soul-touching movement that any two beings can know.  The only sounds are of their quiet moans, skin meeting, and of their kisses as they get more demanding as they both start towards that cliff that will shatter their control.

As that moment gets closer, a glow start forming around the two of them: a red glow around Sookie and blue around Eric, making where they meet a royal purple color.  They soon lose themselves in the pleasure, the love, the sheer fact that their souls are reaching out to each other, the colors merge until the room is glowing the color, bursting from their bodies as they both reach that percipience that they were aiming for.

Throwing his head back, Eric roars out the name of the only woman he has ever named during sex as his cock releases into his mate, as her body greedily accepts his gift to her.  At the same time, he can feel her soaking his balls from her own pleasure as her scream of Eric’s name.

After their moment has passed, Eric, holding his mate in his arms, rolls over having her lie on top of him.  he caresses her face as she looks down at him.  Smiling up at his little one, Eric tells her, “I love you.”

And the light of his life, his soul, the one who has taught him what love is, answers him, “I love you too.”

She lays her head down on his chest, and he holds her close with one arm as his other hand runs through her hair, enjoying this calm from the storm they had just weathered together.

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