Chapter 6 The Darkest Fairytale

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There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the High King had just spoken.


The meeting wraps up with the promise of the council to set their spies into where they suspect the Fae realm is to see if Godric can be found.  None of them wants the vampire so venerated by Eric and Sookie as well as Warlow to be held any longer than possible.

Eric is still incensed at the idea that Godric was taken from them and they had allowed it.  He had dealt with the pain of the loss of Godric already. However, there is a sense of hope that his beloved Maker is still around.  Still, his sense of honor and needing to take vengeance that had him sending two of his assassins to Earth to kill the last one who had killed his family should be a warning to any who dares to kill those he claims as his.

He could not go himself, and from what they were advised by those who could see hints of the future, there would have been much pain if Eric had not done what he had.  It had taken Sookie talking to him as well as Warlow to allow him finish off the lunatic who almost sent the world in a free fall into darkness.

However, it is always a stopgap motion as someone always wants to topple order and have it descend into darkness.  For some reason those that could do it do not understand that to cause that much trouble will kill them all.  Including the ones who incite it.

That is why Eric and Sookie have been prophesied to come in and take control. Not that either want to be these so mighty ones.  The sheer amount of people who will want to kill them when that tidbit is exposed that all the legends and so forth are wrong, yet in an odd way, right.

As Sookie herself had trouble accepting that all that she was told all her life is not the real truth, there are others that would have the same issues.  Then there are the fanatics who are attacking vampires because they are thought to be the undead. How will they take it that not only there are Vampires, Weres and all the other Supes, but that they are all really the same species.  Vampires are not dead, and humans are just the ones who sacrificed everything to save their planets, and only a lucky few to get to enjoy the abilities their ancestors did.

Shoot, there is so much information they have that the Earth would plunge into chaos unless they are careful.  Even then, there is just too much chance that the world will rebel; wars would descend upon the landscape.  Moreover, for humanity as it is, the Earth is their home, though their home world it is not.  They have no idea what else there is.  Only a few, the dreamers, the ones that think outside the so-called box, will be able to handle the truth.

And there was just not enough of them to counter the others.

Yes, they know this will cause many issues, but to continue down the current path is not helping.  Not with the knowledge that has been given to them.  Not with knowing how much pain is coming for the planet they had called home for so long if it keeps going the way it is.

Instead, the world needs to know that the fairy tales are true.  That will be the salvation of the Earth and the numerous populations that call it home.  Sadly, too many of them will be terrified when the news come out.  Instead of thrilled with the fairy tale, they will remember the nightmares that they had.

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Not knowing his entire world was about to be turned on its ear, Roman is sitting in his chair, trying to wrap his mind around the sheer amount of traitors there are in his house.  His own lover is one, or at least that is what he is being told by the team he had put together to clean house.  She wouldn’t be a traitor to him, would she?

“Yes, she would.”

Closing his eyes in a hope that there will be a miracle and the man he really doesn’t want to see isn’t in his office. Roman tries to calm himself down so he doesn’t lash out on the person who only told him of the threat in his own bed.

“It won’t help.  Wake up Roman.  Or else go to your final Death.  It is your choice.”

Leaning back in his seat, Roman opens his eyes to look upon Warlow.  “What do you want this time?” The hope is there that he can get him out of the office and Roman can come to grips with his life falling down around him.

Cam Gigandet 3

A wry smirk forms on Warlow’s face, “Why to let you know that Mommy and Daddy want to meet you.”  He has always felt Roman was a pompous ass, but he is the one who came up with the idea of Mainstreaming to allow the humans to accept the vampires.

Blinking, Roman asks, “Now?” His mind races with the possibilities of what will happen with the so-called Mommy and Daddy.

Lifting an eyebrow, Warlow asks, “Do you have a better time?  They can help with this issue.  But you need to be calm, since they don’t exactly travel alone.” He leans against the wall with his arms crossed; waiting to see how much the pompous ass will try to stall.

Puzzled, Roman leans forward, folding his arms on the desk in front of him, “And why do they want to come now?”  He needs to contain everything, and right now, he has nothing under his control.  Not the way he wants to deal with new issues.  Anything to do with Warlow is an issue.

“Because we are tired of waiting on you to clean your house when others are moving faster than you.” The voice is familiar, but the command evident in it is something he has never heard directed to him.  Ever.

Alexander Skarsgard 417

Roman growls as Northman strides into the office, a blonde woman on his arm, and two familiar cloaked individuals following him. Northman is dressed in a suit, with the small woman dressed as professionally as he is.



Rolling her eyes, Sookie asks Eric, “Is this the greeting we are going to get from everyone?” She caresses him in the bond, while keeping a running movie in their heads of all the times that greeting has been the result of them reappearing.  Sam and Jason had been identical to Roman’s response.

Eric cannot help but laugh at his beloved, as he pulls out a chair for her to seat herself into, graceful as always. “Lover, it will be as it will be.  Think of it this way, we can play a game and guess the reactions of the people. Warlow can keep track.” The laughter that trills through his head from his love has him grinning.

At the growl that comes from Roman, Eric looks over at him, his grin falling off his face as he orders him, “Sit down.”  The confident voice, the one that has the note of being in control of everything is evident again.

Then to Roman’s shock, he did exactly that.  No matter how he fights the order, it is as though it is a Maker’s command.  He swallows and demands, “How did you do that?” His maker has been long dead and the only one who ever commanded him like that is his Maker’s maker.

Warlow is leaning against the desk, having moved closer to be nearer Sookie as he tosses yet another ball-like object hand to hand, “I told you Mommy and Daddy were coming. What did you think I meant by that?” ‘Don’t trust him, which I know you know better than to, but truly his mind is a mess, you are destroying his plans by being here and being who you are.’ He warns the two in front of him, as well as their guards.

Roman just watches in shock as Eric and Warlow trade a glance.  Desperate for any type of help, he tries to talk to the female that smells sweeter than a normal human in front of him, “May I ask who you are?” Maybe she is here against her will, or glamoured into being here?

She smiles, then holding her hand out like a Southern Lady is taught, “Sookie, Sookie-“ Then she blinks.  “Warlow, Eric?  What is my last name now?” The innocent look on her face is nothing to the commentary she is running in their heads of what she is finding out sitting here.

Eric growls out, “Northman for now.” His eyes flash with a storm inside of them at the thought of his woman with his name. He knows they have alternate ones, and even the right one, but they will use his chosen name.

Warlow sighs. He knows what they are doing, so he acts like her question is a matter of life and death.  He actually answers it without a tease in it. “Normally it would not be a made-up last name.  But for now, we will use it until we get everything fixed.  Then you will have the choice of using any of the ones you have now.” He cannot hide the smirk that appears from their thoughts back to him.

He knew this was going to be fun when they suggested it, and had demanded to have a place in the charade.

Roman is trying to move, or at least get some understanding of what is going on.  However, Sookie takes pity on the Guardian. “Do you know why your position is titled Guardian?” She is sitting there, her hands folded demurring on her lap, her legs to the side on the chair.  She could be a poster child for a finishing school.

He just blinks at her in shock. “No.” What does his title have to do with anything?

Eric moves to stand behind his mate, his hands resting on her shoulder lightly. He follows with his mate’s course of action.  He knows she has a reason for it.  She always does. “It is because we have not named a leader for the vampires.  Until we do, you are the guardian for the position.  Once named, you will be the head counselor to the one who is either King, or whatever they want their title to be.” He looks like he is here for nothing more than a talk, but the hands on his beloved also allow their range to extend further, gathering all the information that they need, feeding it back to their guards for their next duty.


Smirking, Warlow reminds him, “Be nice to Mommy and Daddy.  They can kill you without even moving.” Magic is harder on Earth than on Baile, the name of their planet per the archives in the database.  Nevertheless, the two of them are powerful enough to manage it easily.  Alternatively, they can tell one of the hidden guards to do it.

Roman is quickly reaching the end of his rope, when Eric tells his two followers, “Go now.  I want all those idiots dead in the next fifteen minutes.”  The two silently bow with their fists over their hearts, then are gone.

Blinking in shock again, Roman roars out, “What the hell is going on?!?” He is the one in charge here, not Northman, no matter what or who he brings with him.  He is the Guardian!

Sighing, Warlow looks to Eric and informs him, “I told him, you heard me!” He does a slight nod in Roman’s direction at Sookie, knowing Roman is not paying attention to him, and tosses his so-called priceless object from hand to hand.

Rolling her eyes again at Warlow, she replies to him, “You said Mommy and Daddy.  You told him nothing.  If you are going to introduce us to the races like this, I will send someone else.” At the end, came the steel that she hides behind her southern mannerisms.  As she had told the council, you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

Plus she always wanted to be the good cop instead of the bad one.  This is her time to shine in that role.

Straightening up, Warlow gives her a mock bow as he then turns to Roman, “Roman, Guardian of the Race of the Vampires, meet your High King and Queen, Eric and Sookie Northman.”  Then he turns and sends to Sookie, ‘is that better?’ He is laughing as he sends it, knowing it will amuse her.

She cannot help the laugh. “For now.  Seriously Warlow, why the hell are you calling us Mommy and Daddy?” She turns her head to the side trying to figure that one out.  He has been mentioning it off and on when he meets with his informants.

Chuckling at him, Eric answers for him, “He thinks it is funny that we have a Maker’s command over every single Vampire in the universe.  So to some vampires, we are their Mother and Father.” He is watching the deaths of the traitors, the ones that would have caused even more trouble for them in the long run if not killed.  The only reaction he has is when Nora is killed.  Both Warlow and Sookie flood him with their love and respect.

Sookie quietly says to him, “Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister.” She remembers the talk they had about what Godric meant to him.  And how he would have treated Sookie herself if he had stayed longer.  Eric feels that Godric would have turned her if anything had happened.

He looks down at his other half and nods.  Taking a breath, he turns to tell Roman, “The sanguinista movement is dead as we speak, or dying.  I believe you saw how effective our two are when they took care of Russell.” It is said matter of fact, and he watches the now deposed Guardian.  He will only be used to assist Godric once they find him.

Roman is still just staring at them in shock as his mind goes over the ancient prophecies that his maker had told him long ago.  The ones before Lillith perverted them.  In them, it had mentioned that two would be called the High King and Queen, that they would be the ones to bring them into the light of day.

Eric then moves, looking around at the things in the office.  “You may not know but the so-called book of Lillith is a bunch of lies.  She perverted the true prophecies.  Though to be honest, she did predict what would happen if things were not fixed when Sookie and I were taken.  We spent time on the true home world of our race, and were taught the truth.” He is watching Roman’s responses now that the other threat has been eliminated.  Sookie needs to look at the others left to determine if they need to be killed or if they will fall in line.

While she is checking out the leftovers as per their plan, Sookie takes up the narrative, “We have a plan to reintroduce this plan to the world, but Warlow here found out something that has made all of us angry.  We have come to Earth to search for the one we wish to have as our Councilor for the Vampires.” The last is said hard, and both Eric and Sookie turn to glare at Roman.  They suspect he had something to do with the disappearance of Godric.

Roman swallows unnecessarily, before asking, “Who?” If they just killed even half of whom he suspected, he was up shit creek.

Eric turns and looks over his shoulder, casually remarking to him, “My maker, of course.”

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