Chapter 9 Time Bombs Ticking

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Looking around at their surroundings, Shadoe comments dryly, “It seems that the current race of humans, as they call themselves, are not very observant are they?”


Sookie laughs as they walk side by side through the park.  Shadoe has reduced his glow as well his size down some, but even then, the Kitsune was still a dog-sized fox with horns.  And not one person has even done a double take.

Remembering what they are discussing, he sighs as they continue their walk. Shadoe goes back to their conversation, “I am concerned with the answers we are lacking.  All this time we held ourselves apart, thinking we did not fall with the Fae, did not lose anything when everything happened in the War.” He shakes his head since he is one of those that felt that way, only now to be questioning everything.

Frowning, Sookie tells him, “I don’t think we lost as much as we thought.  The way you worded that statement reminds me of some of the early passages of the Bible.  How we were kicked out of Eden, the Angels fall and so on.  Maybe it was all viewed through a mind clouded by the reality or even in a different generation from the original times?” She is thinking over some of Jason’s comments also on how all this seemed so familiar to him and that he seemed to remember reading it somewhere.  The Bible stories would be something he had not been interested in, ever.  So it is would be a vague memory now.

His mind turning over the idea, Shadoe stops, looking up at his companion. He thoughtfully admitted, “It could happen, or as you know, some of the Fae came earlier, and the rumor was that they had lost their powers. Maybe one of them saw it and told others until one wrote it down.  For you are right, when you put it that way, this Bible of yours seems to be telling the past of your people.”  He had read the Bible as well as the other primary documents of the human race one day when everyone else was asleep.  That day seems to be bearing multiple fruits. And to think he did it because he was bored.

Using her ability to make sure there are none listening to them, as they walk as she has been for the entire time of their so-called escape from the compound, Sookie continues. “Eric is worried that if we don’t find out what happened, it is going to repeat itself soon.  Not only is this world scared, I am scared about the other planets, Shadoe.”  Seeing him confused, she explains, “ The Vampires coming out made them start asking what if the other tales are real here.  If the nightmares are true, as well as the wonders.  It just needs a match to set it all off. Then Eric’s worry, as well as our questions, are scaring the other planets.  That all they have believed is false also.  That no one knows the truth.” She trails off, as she gets what Eric is thinking now.  She sends him a thought, ‘I see.  If it happened then and no one knows how or even why, it can happen again and we would never know.’

A sense of pride comes from him then his agreement. ‘I knew you would think of it on your own.  You just need to think in a wider scope than before.  We have more than each other on our shoulders to keep safe now.’

Unknowing of the two talking back and forth, Shadow ponders the thought as they continue their nightly walk.  This is the first time out of the compound that Eric had readied for them.  But both of them wanted to take a look at the current city hosting the newly declared High King and Queen of the Vampires. Or at least that is what they think.  Eric’s announcement had used their correct titles.  High King and Queen.  Not of what, just that.

Like always, the words were twisted to mean what they wanted them to say.  No matter. Depending on what happens, the truth will be out sooner or later.

After a nudge from Eric to get back to work, Sookie tells Shadoe slowly as she thinks it out. “The issue that bugs both of us, and I am thinking buggin’ y’all too, is that there is no sign of this war that made everyone leave.  And I do mean everyone.  Y’all left also!” Jason has been scouring the planets for the war, using Techno world’s capabilities and the satellites still in orbit to scan the worlds.

Nodding his majestic head, Shadoe answers her, “Yes, milady.  No matter how we search, or even your own dives into the databases, nothing has unearthed any reasons why we left the worlds.  It was like one day everyone was removed from the planets and put upon either Earth or their own home worlds. However, the sheer numbers of all that was on the planets at the time!  Your people, at that time, had spread out in all three worlds, in the same numbers that you entertain on your planet, times three! There is no way all of those people were sent to Earth. Some had to have died or been sent elsewhere.”

She shuddered at his memory of the now empty worlds, as well as the things Jason had pointed out to her from the information he got from the database of structures and the satellite views corresponding with them.  Remembering the horror she felt at the signs of how much they had been filled with people, Sookie answers, “That is why Eric wants answers.  He needs to know what happened.  He is thinking something is happening now and it might be a repeat of what happened then.  The hostilities between the so-called different species are escalating and he swears that there is no real reason behind them.  No one is actually stealing the resources of another, no matter what they claim.  It just seems like the hate is building on its own.”  It may have been their step back or even the lessons they learned while gone from here, but it seems like the hatred levels have exponentially grown.

For it to be moving that fast without a physical reason, like 9/11, it had to be something maneuvering the hatred, fanning the flames.  When they had left it had been a slow incline to the same ending, but instead of being decades in the making, it is months, if not weeks away from that level.

As they come into view of their home again, she shakes her head, “I know humans and really all of the races have bigots who do nothing but try to escalate things, but he is right. This is building so fast it is unreal when he presents the facts that way.”  She blinks, her eyes widening slightly in disbelief.  “It is hard to see why they hate each other the ways they do.  Even the supernatural races hate each other.” It is like the Earth is a festering wound that is about to burst.

Shadoe nods as he thinks back to his own experience.  He had been on the Home World.  Or rather, Baile as their ancestors had named it.  He had been walking along talking with a friend who was laughing at him and his wry comments on what he thinks can be done with magic, the next second he is on his home world.  At the time, he had memories of a war and so forth, but now, he can’t remember the details.

It was Roman who mentioned that it seemed like a glamour more than anything.  The memories looked to have been implanted and done so well that there was nothing hinting it until now. There are not that many vampires that can do that.  In fact, Compton had been one who could do it that well.

Eric had been interested but had not said anything.  It made Sookie ask him later if he was any good.  Before they had their lessons.  She has no doubt that he is better than anyone now doing it.  It is amazing once you can read your victims mind how much better you can make the glamour.

“Lover, if I could have glamoured you, you would never know the difference to this day.”  His cockiness and smirking had earned him a hard glare and no sex for the rest of the day.

A new record for the two.

Unfortunately, they have decided to call in Compton to see if he can undo the glamour on Shadoe so they might get some answers, as he is the only one they can determine is still alive and was on the planets when the event happened.

This is the reason Sookie is walking around with Shadoe at this time.  She didn’t want to see the idiot until the last minute.  Eric had chuckled, but waived her out of the compound, knowing she is as safe there as anywhere with Shadoe by her side.  That Kitsune is a powerful being that Eric wouldn’t want to go against either.

Her own guard are hidden as normal. The royal guard are not what you would normally picture. No, they are the Assassin’s Guild.  Who better to guard the Royal Couple than the ones trained to kill? This is what they had been trained to be and spent the time since the disappearance training for.  They are a group of beings from all across the universes, hidden in their garments, each unique to the type of Assassin, species, and builds they are.

However, a random thought is inserted into Sookie’s mind, and she sighs as she heads back to the building that they call home now. “Showtime.”  The idiot she used to think she was in love with is here.  And Eric is waiting on her.

Shadoe ears prick forward as he picks up the pace. As they cross the arch signifying that they are in the royal compound, he shimmers into his normal self, little lightning bolts playing over his body.  The light flickers are an outward sign of his eagerness to see the one who could have messed everything up if he had continued. Yes, Shadoe is looking forward to seeing the imbecile.

Alexander Skarsgard 103

In his office, Eric is just sitting in his chair staring at Compton.  He had hated the vampire for having his Sookie, now he is enjoying the fact that the idiot is nervous as he sits in front of him.  He had talked at first, but Eric had just sat there watching him as he slowly died off talking.

Now he was trying not to fidget.  A vampire…fidgeting as though he is human! It is enough to make Eric want to laugh, but instead he just watches the idiot, leaning back in his seat.

Sure, he could do paperwork, but this is much more entertaining. Barely better than watching paint dry, but then, to Eric, paint drying can be more entertaining than paperwork.


When he can feel his mate coming closer, he fights the smirk as he thinks on what is coming until he can’t think of a reason why he should fight it.  Noticing it makes Compton even more nervous, he scoots back in time for Sookie to enter the room with a normal-sized Shadoe at her side. Eric’s eyes are immediately to his Mate, as though there are no others in the room.

Compton turns and starts to stand as he was taught by his mother, however, his eyes get bigger as he sees the huge fox-like creature with the glowing patches of blue fur with horns on his head walking beside Sookie.  He freezes for a second before going to grab Sookie to pull her away from the threat she had walked in with so nonchalantly.

He didn’t even get more than a step towards him before their guards materialize around him, with their swords drawn and at his neck.  Again, the idiot acts shocked when he questions, “Sookeh?” The hated pronouncing of her name along with the thought of him being able to save her with all the other beings in the room only solidifies his new name.  Idiot.

Rolling her eyes, she continues on her route and smiles at Eric as she stops right in front of him.  Eric returns her smile as he turns in his chair so that she can seat herself comfortably on his lap, “Did you and Shadoe enjoy your walk?” At the same time he asking her this out loud, they are chuckling in the bond and in their minds at the idiot’s reaction.

Maybe we should hire him as the court jester?’ Eric asks with a raised eyebrow.  He only internally laughs at the glare she gives him.

Only if I can murder him each time he murders my name.’ She rolls her eyes at his reaction to her words.

I think that could be arranged if you like?’  All the while, Eric is thinking of ways she could kill Bill.

Her smile grows larger as she realizes that Eric is holding back from doing as he wishes, and kisses him.  ‘I will reward you later.

When she releases him, she answers Eric’s question aloud, “Yes.  We had a lot we discussed.  I may need to do another dive when we get another chance.” The last is said watching him, since Eric doesn’t like the dives.

He cannot help but worry with her body so lifeless while what makes her what she is is in the computer, which is wrapped around the core of the planet, if not the entire thing. Eric stares at her, concerned, “Training others or for knowledge?”

Compton is standing there with the guards still standing there with their swords drawn.  Nevertheless, he is interested in what they are saying.  Sookie diving?  For knowledge?  What? He manages not to roll his eyes, but just barely.  Sookie couldn’t operate a cell phone.  Why would she be diving for information?  And why do they call it diving?

Settling into his lap and enjoying his arms as they wrap around her loosely, Sookie answers Eric. “There are still so many questions.  I am actually trying to pinpoint when everyone left.  It is one of the things Shadoe and I were talking about.  There were just so many of them, Eric.” The last is said so softly, that without their above-normal hearing, none could have made it out.

Knowing the pain she is feeling, Eric leans forward and rests his head against hers.  “I know.  We will solve this, Sookie.  I have the feeling that this is coming to a head, so one way or the other, it will be solved.” He pulls back just enough for her to see his eyes and see the honesty  in them.

Right now Compton is more curious than ever, but all he can do is watch as woman he tried to claim only leans into her bonded, the man he has hated with a passion that no one could know.  Not wanting to watch anymore, he clears his throat.  He will make plans once he is gone to extract Sookie from Eric.  She loves him still, and he will rescue her from the depraved Viking.

Hearing his thoughts, the two share a look, and then Eric waives his hand to allow the guards to relax. “If he gets up without my permission, you have the right to do as you wish.”

He looks at his mate, and once she is settled and ready, he turns his attention to the idiot, “Bill Compton, it has been a while.”

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