Epilogue – In Defense of Our Dreams

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It took years to settle everything from the battle.  All the wounds, all the plans that had been in place that they had to dismantle, along with teaching a whole world that the person they loved had been dead for a couple thousand years.

It had been hard, backbreaking work every step, but none complained.  They were just all happy it was all over.

During that time, things came to light that had some shaking their heads at fate.

Ironically, Sookie’s mother was a descendant of Niall, so Sookie is related to the triplets as Warlow had originally thought.  She had just waved her hand when told. Family right now didn’t mean the same thing as it had in the past.

Eric had watched his mate carefully, along with the rest of their friends and family.  The High Queen had been withdrawn, but with Eric keeping a close eye on her, the rest of them tried not to worry, though they all did their part in making sure she is aware that they are there for her.

It is as Warlow had explained one evening: no one should have to kill their father.  Sookie was in a sort of Hell within their Heaven they were experiencing. They need to give her time to sort it all out and for no one to tell her what she should feel since they are not in her shoes.  Sookie is very well aware that her father had to be stopped.

Thankfully, no one had thought to celebrate the win once it had been found out that Lucifer was their beloved Queen’s father and that she had won the war for them. No one had wanted to celebrate a victory that caused so much pain.

Instead, they all bent their wills to helping the two worlds most affected by Lucifer to recover. There was much that had to be done and among the Fae, much mourning as well as work to make sure they could survive. So many had died trying to save a man who no longer was alive.  There is a lot of undercurrent of hate rising for Lucifer, for his deceptions were many.

For while Lucifer had healed the physical damage, there was death and the emotional damage left behind.  The newly united Fae race took to the challenge. They had worked with the fairies, pouring out the benefits of their home world and allowing them to move into the cities that Baile had unearthed for them.  Being on the home worlds helped many of them, especially the females with their birth complications.  The planet Lucifer had brought them to had some critically needed elements in short supply and by the time that he died, all those elements had been exhausted.

The births of the newly integrated Fae race had done much to invigorate any souls that had started to lag.  These children were so healthy, so full of life, that anyone who saw them couldn’t help but be stimulated.

By this time, Sookie had begun to emerge from her depression.  Eric had been there every step of the way, supporting her but allowing her to grieve.  He understood the loss of a parent. He had lost in his life those he felt to be his mortal parents, then Godric later. So he was there for her in a way none had been for him.

Jason had been the shocker.  Whenever Sookie had seemed to be in the worst of her depression, he would arrive wherever she was and start talking over some of the things he has been finding either in space or in the Database with Jarvis.  He refused to allow her to wallow in her feelings but he never forced her to do anything more than listen to him go on and on.

He also found reasons for her to get interested in things.  Even if it was just to prove him wrong.

With Jason’s interference and Eric giving her the space to heal, while being there in every step, they had done what had needed to be done. The birth of the children is another thing that shook the last of it off her.  The shock of one of the first vampire couples that had settled on Baile having natural children made her sit up and start getting involved in life again.  Why are they able to have children?

This question drove her back to Diving, bringing an overjoyed Jarvis and George to her.  And they had started to work on the mystery.

When the official signing of the new treaty between all the worlds was ready, Sookie stood proudly by Eric’s side waiting for the moment they can see the new Empire form and hand over their roles to the next ones.  Both were shocked at the new wording that they had not been aware of and were named the High King and Queen of the new Empire.  And though they had protested it, argued against it, and done everything not to continue, it was all in vain.  Especially when Iteru had come and told them this is their role.  They can rule over the new Alliance or take their places as the Gods of it.  Either way, the work is the same, only if they will be worshiped as gods or as people trying to do the right thing is the difference.

They agreed to the positions, knowing their jobs are to bring this race and their allies to the next stage.  Neither wanted to be worshiped as gods.  They made mistakes, and this way they had less impact.  The humans would take to worshipping them too easily.

They had been pleased that though it was named an Empire, the positions on the Council of Advisors was voted upon.  There were a few that were named to be permanent, but there was a ratio of them to the voted, never equaling a third of the standing body.  To be named a permanent Advisor was a hard criteria to fall into, but they had done that on purpose to make sure there was no chance of it being too easy.

Of course, Eric and Sookie were to be the deciding force on much of it and they were honored as well as determined to not let the power go to their heads.  Luckily, those that had been close friends of theirs and on the original Advisors were all qualified to be granted the permanent positions.  Each planet will have a number of Advisors it can elect to take their places, contingent upon the species on that planet.  No less than two are selected from the world.

Some, like Shadoe and Godric, were to be semi-permanent holders of the seats, others will pass onto the heavens over the long years.  This allowed it to be a semi-moving group of people, with Eric and Sookie having the right to expel any troublemakers from their midst.  To create a check system, they had instigated a separate set of unknown people selected at random from the planets, who are not part of the governments, to listen to any appeals.

Godric had finally healed during the time that it took to reconstruct the Empire.  He had been one of the front-runners of working to heal the fairy and introducing them back to the Fae Home Worlds.  It was he who maintained that they keep their version of the name since they were used to the name and to strip it from them wouldn’t be right.

He had also left to be able to get over the last of the torture.  Once he had healed from the physical part of it, the psychological aspect hit him.  He had nothing to distract himself with at first as well as finally sleeping for the first time in two thousand years had caused him to need to leave.

In fact, it is he that gave the first signs of what is going on for Sookie, Jarvis and George to pinpoint their research on what is going on with the Vampires.

It had been a study on the effects of sleeping for the first time for the vampires as their bodies became adjusted to the worlds they had been meant for.  It seems the vampires had been the most sensitive to their planets and the ones to change the most on their exile to Earth.

The change of their bodies to becoming more “alive” resulted in an overhaul of the preformed idea that they were the living dead.  It seems magic plays more of a part of Vampires than they ever imagined.  They were never to be the walking dead. Instead, they were another part of the plan.

Dark Fae is what Sookie and her divers found their name to originally be.  Light Fae are the so-called alive types.  Dark Fae were the most magical of the two.  The witches and so forth found themselves changing on the planet, and new kinds that had been thought to be made up in stories came to be.  Warlocks, Wizards, and the rest are now as regular as any other kind of the Fae Race.

Magic was lower on Earth, and so the things that made everyone think they were dead never took place often enough for them to notice.  Their bodies were alive, and hearts beat.  But since they are basically living magic, their bodies had shut down on Earth. They had been so governed by the need to survive that it is found that they had barely survived as a race.  The fact that they had prospered is only a testament to their stubbornness.

It was what caused the Ennui that the ancients had to battle, their bodies growing tired of the fight to survive, basically starving to death without the added nutrients needed to keep them going any longer.

However, certain things came to light.

Nightmares.  Not the creatures, but the dreams.  Vampires were thrilled to have sleep and dreams but had forgotten the other side of the coin.  And some of them had lived far bloodier and violent lives than others.

Sookie had theorized that not having nightmares as a deterrent caused the vampires to become bloodier and bloodier.  As the time passed, it became the norm for them. With no consequences for them to face other than being caught, they had become more ruthless.

Now, they are paying for it.  For those like Godric, who sincerely repented what he had done, it is a miserable time for them.  Eventually, it balances out in dreams.  But it took awhile and a lot out of their Dark Fae until then.

The information that Lucifer had broken the universe into alternate realities made them realize that he had been truly powerful, along with Eric telling them that had been the purpose of the God.  He had to be the one to make the other realities possible.  And it initiated hope that they could break into those realities and see for themselves what could have been, as well as helping them all find the truth.

It will take time, but that is something they all had in abundance now.  The realization that Earth is nothing more than a world they had been thrown onto had made the human race reevaluate themselves and they found themselves wanting. They had done what was seemingly impossible and continued to teach themselves and their children that anything is possible and that being different is not a bad thing to be.

All in all, just to have so much for them to find, as well as the exploration available,  caused a new age to truly begin as Lucifer had told his daughter.

And the adventures to be had been enough to make it a golden one.

Final count: 1,987

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