Chapter 5 Six Feet in the Ground



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They nod, then move up the ladder. Eric moves to Sookie’s side of the bed, and listens for the hatch to close. Once it does, he nuzzles into his mate, and lets his body slide into its death. Tonight will come with its own issues, but never again will he wake to not feeling his mate’s emotions, and that is enough to grant him pleasure as he relaxes into his day death.




Bill is panting. The pain he had endured for the last couple of hours was enough to keep him up, and he had almost passed out for the day when the pain stopped, but then the realization that he could not feel Sookie was enough to make him grit his teeth. Even now he is still fighting the bleeds as he tries to think of what he could do to protect his asset, his blood…

He had been in contact with the Queen of the Fae – since he had so much of his blood in Sookie, they had spoken with him, and had talked him into reluctantly agreeing to ‘allow’ Sookie to go into the Fae Realm. So, he had ‘allowed’ Sookie to be taken since he wanted her out of the way while he consolidated his power.

He could have made her stay with him, but it fit with the plans he had already made to get rid of Sophie Anne. He needed to make sure that he could do whatever he needed to do without worrying about her finding out anything. Sookie somehow always seemed to show up at the wrong times for him. Too many times she had been too close to finding out things that she shouldn’t even have had an inkling about in the first place.

He had come across the Fae Queen when he had gone for his walk in the Realm. The two of them had discussed the part-Fae, and with the knowledge that if he lets her go, she may be there for a short period of time, but that they would, one way or the other, make sure she comes back home. They would also ensure that two things will come from the time she spends in the Realm.

First is that she would never trust any Fae again so that her grandfather and Great Grandfather would never be able to take her to Fairy properly. She would be too scared to go with them because of the last interaction with the Fae. They planned to expose themselves, and then make her think that she had freed herself from them. They also had her Grandfather Earl and would push her into fleeing with him, knowing that he would die when he returned to the human Realm. They had deemed him too old to serve them in the way they needed, and the pain of him dying in her arms would be enough to make her regret her time with them even more.

Second, all this would make her even more paranoid, and Bill would be able to show her that even though she left, he was here waiting for her. He would show her that he saved everything, and that only he had been waiting on her. He would present himself as being the only one who searched for her, the only one who had suffered when she was gone from the earth. She would be lonely, scared, and upset, and the only thing that would remain of a time before all the losses would be him. She would be ripe for his picking, and once he had her under his control again, he would ‘bless’ her with children. Fairy Children…so that he would have a handy blood supply in the Human Realm, and he would send them back to Fae to breed or do the same as he planned for the mother.

The plan was perfect, except for a slight problem.

One of his steps had failed – another company had overbid the house after he had glamoured Jason to sell it. He had done that to make her feel lonely, to make her feel that no one cared that she was gone. He was going to make her think he was the only one to call on her, to worry about her. He was going to make her think that they had all given up on her, and that he was the only alternative unless she wished to either live a life of loneliness, or go back to the Fae. He knew her fear of being all alone in the end, and he was going to use that to his advantage.

However, Eric Fucking Northman had done much more than he had. Bill had been shocked that the Viking had not only bought her house, but forced himself to be able to be there for Sookie when she returned, too. Then Bill couldn’t believe his luck when the people he had watching the Viking told him that Eric had been the one to tear her house up. He had been gleeful, thinking about how he could use the fact that the Viking Sheriff had torn her house down to the ground. He stopped worrying since he knew how much his Southern Belle loved that house, and Eric had handed him the perfect way to make her run to Bill.

He then turned his thoughts and actions to what he needed to do. He needed the time while she was gone to consolidate his hold over the state, and he had used Eric to do it by sending him out like his lackey. He had hoped to make sure Eric couldn’t find Sookie, especially after Mab had told him Eric had tried to reach Niall. So he tried to keep the vampire active and unable to do anything more to damage his chances.

Who would have thought that the vampire would know the fucking Fairy that all of the Fae answered to? The High Prince was not one to mess with. Luckily, the Queen did her part and chased Sookie back to the Human Realm. When she had returned, she had been heartsick. He had felt that, and his grin upon feeling it was gleeful, and feeling her continued upset had him sliding back into his dayrest with ease. He had woken that night, fed, and had dressed to show off his increase in stature to her.

Then when he had come to her, ready to make her feel safe, once again the Northman had appeared. Bill was not stupid; he had felt Sookie’s body, mind, and soul yearn for the Viking during the times when they met. He had not been sure of what had happened when they met, but Lorena had cheerfully informed him that it was all over when he had chased the Fellowship of the Sun members who had attacked in Dallas. She had watched Eric get his blood into her, and afterwards, she had taken delight in telling him that the Southern Belle was lost to the Viking.  Bill had used his blood to make her believe otherwise, telling her things that would have spelt doom for them if she had put it together, but he needed her to be hypocritical of the Sheriff to foster the idea that she was going to be harmed by him. He had been smug as hell as it worked.

Then the damn Northman had come here and told her how he was the one who had never given up on her. Bill’s fangs had almost came down when Eric’s little message to her had made Sookie not accept his suit, but thankfully he called upon his training and managed to control himself. Even when he had saved her from the human police, there had been no thankfulness, only a look on her face that told him that he was not welcome. There was no way or reason for her to know that he had carefully glamoured the town to let him know when she came back. Well, all except for Lafayette – that man couldn’t be glamoured. Bill suspected Eric to be involved.

It doesn’t matter, he thought to himself. He can tell her how Eric had Lafayette sell the blood even after she had freed Lafayette by going to Dallas. And one friend out of how many who had given up on her? Why would she think positively? He had carefully encouraged her paranoia to the point that she should be nothing but a teenager throwing fits. He is not sure why she is not acting like the idiot anymore. She should not have a wit in her head… and her body should be craving fresh blood, since he had been working to get her addicted to his blood.

The pull to rest is getting harder to resist so he whips out his phone, sends a text, then gives in. He doesn’t want to bleed anymore, and he will only have a very short period of time to clean up tomorrow before his Fairy will be demanding to see him. He grins to himself as he imagines her fiery self, and how much he will enjoy training that out of her.

As he gives into the pull, he has an evil grin on his face as he contemplates finally getting Sookie back under his heel. He has missed her blood, and while she sucked in bed, she was still a warm pussy who allowed him to do as he wanted. Or… she will after he finds out what happened and fixes the situation.


Eric woke, his body instantly alert as he searches for any threats to himself or his mate. He could feel that Sookie was still in the same place as she had been when he had answered the pull to rest. Thankfully he can wake earlier than most vampires, even ones older than his own advanced age. This ability is something he will allow his mate to know. This way they can speak to each other and be together when he first awakens…as well as other things. He grins, turning to look at his little mate beside him, checking her to make sure she is still fine, and not needing anything.

His eyes trace over her body and her face, both so much the same as they were when she first walked into his bar in the white dress. He had frozen watching her. Something about this human had called to him, had pulled him to notice her. He had been angry that Bill had so causally exposed her for something other than human in his bar. He had warned the others off her, hissing at them… How could Billy Boy even think that he was the one who protected the human? How did the Queen think that Billy Boy could even keep a woman like that?

In the end, he couldn’t. It had been falling apart for a long time, and Bill is lucky that whoever her family is in Fae hasn’t come and taken him to task. What he did was to potentially cause a war on this world for the desecration of her blood.

Eric sighs as he watches his mate. He could have been in the same place as Compton, but he wanted to make sure she wasn’t hurt anymore. He wanted her safe. Plus it sounds like whoever her grandfather is, he knew this very well. Eric had run the same chance, but the alternative was in no way something he would accept.

He is pleased to find her still beside him, her body comfortable next to his. And even though she is asleep, he smiles as he feels the emotions within her. She is dreaming, and she is calm and comfortable. He gazes over her face, memorizing every part of her that he can see, amazed by the simple trust they both shared by resting next to each other. It is the little things he is coming to need, knowing this his fiery little Fae treasures the little things in life as well.

Then Eric hears a sound above them. He carefully extracts himself from her body and puts his pillow in his place, then goes over to a particular spot in the wall. He hits the brick in the right place to expose the bank of monitors and the state of the art computer area. He sits down then calls up the house system. Before he sees what is going on, he makes sure Sookie is ok, and smiles as she snuggles back into his pillow, and he can see she is smelling his scent. He then frowns, swearing to himself to keep her safe. Even if he has to take back up something he had thought he would never be again, he will do anything to keep her safe.

Billy Boy had given him this idea after they had noticed someone here in the house had added their own cameras. It had not taken long under Pam’s skilled hands to find out who had ordered them installed. How Billy Boy thought he would get away with it, Eric has no idea. After taking down the cameras, Eric had installed newer ones, and had the whole house wired for the kind of state of the art system that is usually used in the Presidents house. It just happens that Eric owns the company. He had made sure he could protect his little mate from anything and everything. He had put her on the same priority as his own homes, and trusted the only person he felt deserved it with both their ultimate security.

After the computer loads the views from the cameras, Eric sees what is going on and he snarls. He looks up and sees the light indicating that the Cubby is safe. He hits another button that disables anyone being able to even find the Cubby’s entrance. With Sookie in here, he will not take a chance. Nothing is more important than she is to him. These strangers attacking her home will die a messy death for upsetting his mate.

He watches as the men turn her house inside out and wonders why the spell is not working. Then he remembers that the spell will turn away supernaturals but perhaps not humans, or at least that is the only idea he can think of to explain the travesty happening only feet away from the entrance to the Cubby. He quickly pulls up his email and sends Pam a note to get her witch to be here at sundown. He makes sure that the time stamp is set for a couple of hours later, and when he does so, he blinks rapidly.

The time in the corner of the tray on his computer doesn’t change. He quickly types into a browser the site, and verifies that it really is 10am. He has only been down for an hour. This makes no sense to him as he feels nothing like he should be feeling from being awake this early.

He checks his body, and doesn’t feel the bleeds or any other issues. He feels like he normally does when he wakes early. The sun is out, and his body knows exactly where it is in the sky. That is the final proof he needs, his own body cannot be fooled. It’s but one of the many things Godric had taught him.

So swallowing quickly, he looks back at the monitors and watches the men as they destroy things. He is angry, but he knows he should have planned for this last night. He knew Bill would retaliate, but he had not thought he would sink so low as to have humans invade her home. How in the world would he justify this to Sookie?

He condemns himself, vowing to make this right for his tiny Fae, and in the back of his head, he is hearing a voice telling him that he needs to be what he really is. He shakes his head, but unlike before, this time he has the time to make this right. There is no revenge, but the need to protect what is his.

To try to get his mind off what he thinks is just the need to show Sookie that he is much more than she has even imagined, Eric listens to the conversation, and soon hears two idiots talking. He focuses the cameras on them as he searches to see where his security team is.

They are watching the others as the darker one tells another man, “I’m not so sure she may even be here. Her bed isn’t disturbed.” He is outfitted in King Bills’ security clothing, not even hiding what he is from anyone watching.

The other shakes his head. “The King wants to know if she is alive. He had told me to tell her that we are taking her for her own protection from whoever took her before, and that we’re making sure she is safe since her home doesn’t belong to her anymore.” He snickers at the end, and the two glance at each other, then go back to watching their people try to find a clue as to the whereabouts of their prey.

The darker guy shakes his head. “I thought she’s a telepath.” He doesn’t like this, it feels so wrong. He knows that vampires are down for the day, and that no one will come if she calls for help. Bill has made sure that she would have nowhere to run. However, he doesn’t like how exposed they are. But he is not the boss, and it won’t be on his head when they don’t come back with her.

The other one chuckles. “Our Master has glamoured us to not think about what he really wants. He has done this before, Hank.” He chuckles again, being one of the humans who has kept watch over Bill’s house and this telepath. He didn’t think she was any good since she never caught them. No matter what Bill said, there is no way she couldn’t hear something.

Hank laughs. He still looks around guiltily – something is just bothering him about all this. “Think he’ll share her like he does with the donors?” He had seen pics of the telepath, and he has to admit, he could go a few rounds with her as he does with the rest of the donors.

Eric snarls upon hearing that question. He turns to look at the logs, then chuckles. The King may have pull here in Bon Temps, but the private agency Eric keeps on the side for some of his clients is coming. They are all Supes, and they will take care of the issue up top. Especially knowing Brandon, since he will be on that team. Taking the opportunity for what it is, Eric controls his anger so that he won’t disturb Sookie. He reviews the recordings, anger rippling through him as he sees how they quietly crept through the house when they first broke in, obviously trying to sneak their way into being able to kidnap Sookie.

He will find out what happened to the spells. There is no way that these men didn’t have malicious intent – there is no way they should have been able to come into the house.

Soon his attention is pulled to the duo that has given much away without their knowledge. A young woman bows to the man in front of her, and when he waives his hand at her, she tells him, “My mistress wishes to let you know there is not much time before the spells are back in place. She is still chanting, and she says the spells are fighting her.” She is petite, and her dark hair makes her look more otherworldly than should be on Bill’s paycheck.

The leader curses. “Fuck! What good is she if she can’t keep the spells from coming back? As it was, we had to be glamoured to not have any doubt that we are doing this for her own good. We even had to leave the weapons back.” He growls out the last part, his hand going to his side where his gun normally is. It is part of the reason he didn’t care if they tore the house apart. The bitch should have been here.

Eric sits there thinking, and he finally concedes that the little witch must have done one hell of a job if the spells are still fighting to come back.   He watches as the men get rougher, but before they could leave, he smirks as his team moves in and the men are apprehended. He knew that Brandon would be aware of where he is resting and would make sure that this issue was contained. In fact, he is surprised that neither Haldor nor any of the others are around…though he has shut down his side of everything. They could be close…


The leader of the team shakes his head at the idiocy…then he speaks into his wrist cuff. “Apprehended the idiots. And look, its King Bill’s human guards. How shocking.” The tone is flat, indicating a high snark content. He looks around, knowing he will hear from his brothers and sisters when they find this one out. This time, there are no excuses.

Downstairs, Eric grins at the man he is watching. Then he hits a button, fits a mic to his face, and casually comments, “Now, Brandon… why wouldn’t you think that Bill’s guards are such upstanding citizens?” He waits, knowing his secret – all his secrets – are safe with this man.

The man turns to the camera and lifts an eyebrow. “Farfar, why am I not shocked to hear you answering me?” He stares up at the camera he had placed there, and waits for his answer. As he watches, he is also aware of the people being rounded up for questioning.

Eric’s grin gets larger. “Because you know your Farfar is like that.” He chuckles, enjoying needling the man upstairs.

The man on the other side just snorts. “Farfar, jag har mina män håller en häxa utanför. Hon kommer inte att vara länge. Vad vill du att jag ska göra?” (Grandfather, I have my men holding a witch outside. She won’t last long. What do you wish for me to do?) The man raises one of his dark eyebrows.

Shaking his head, “Of all my children, why do you have to be the most opposite?” Eric mournfully comments, but his grin belies his pride in the man before him.

The man can’t help but grin back. “According to mother, I am the most like you in every other way.” The smile matches the one downstairs, and the two men show how much alike they truly are in that instant.

Unable to hide the pride he has in his descendent, Eric answers him. “Mitt barnbarn, tar män ut och knacka häxan ut. Jag behöver dem att försvinna. Jag kommer att lägga min kompis för att hjälpa mig att förhöra dem. Jag behöver också en rengöring besättning att fixa huset, samt permanenta vakter. Bill vill spela grov, kommer han inte hitta min partner eller jag så lätt som han tror.” (My grandson, take the men out, and knock the witch out. I need them to disappear. I will be bringing my mate to help me interrogate them. I also need a cleaning crew to fix the house, as well as permanent guards. Bill wishes to play rough, he will not find my mate or me as easily as he thinks.) He pulls up the crest that is known throughout the world, and considers the ramifications of sending it out.

Brandon looks up in the camera, the same eyes in his head that his many-times-over grandfather has. He lifts an eyebrow, and then grins. “No problem. I will stay here and we will talk some more, Farfar.” He loves teasing him, but at the same time, he is not leaving the house, nor will the guards outside be leaving either. He expects that Haldor will be here shortly, too.

Chuckling, Eric hits the button to turn off the microphone. He watches as Brandon quickly has the team take out the refuse, and then start cleaning up as he waits for night to approach. He is proud of his many-times-over descendant, and is proud to invite him into the family. Yes, Brandon deserves to be part of his family.

With that done, Eric glances over his shoulder at his mate. After checking on both her and the bond, he turns back to his computer. Before his beloved wakes, he will take care of some things. He sits there for a moment, his mind busily sifting through everything that could happen if he sends out the crest.


Once he comes to a decision, he activates it.  He will decide later if he will take back what is his, but he is tired of this idiot Compton who thinks that he has no power.  Once the message is sent out to those few who know what it means, Eric grins as he plans to let Billy Boy know how just little power he truly has.

It is time Bill learns the lesson that Sophie Anne forgot.

Final count:  4,245 words.



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