Chapter 8 I Will Be King



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He stands up and, after putting her on the ground, he cups her face as he tells her, “And I will enjoy learning whatever you wish to impart to me, beloved. But the most important thing is something I am enjoying feeling from you. That you love me.” He says the last softly, reverently, to her. It is what will make all the rest of this worth it in the end – her love.


The room turns silent as their mouths meet to impart a kiss that shows all the dedication and love Eric has for his little fae, as well as Sookie’s love and affection for her Viking vampire.   The kiss is full of passion, enough to have them both aching, but at the same time, it is perfect.   This meeting of their tongues as Eric explores her mouth as he has only done once before is indeed perfection, and his memory has made him ache for another chance.

This chance is finally theirs, and during this moment in time that is only between the two of them, they celebrate the love that neither had expected but that both had desired.

Hope is a very powerful thing.  As powerful as love…


When the sun sets, Eric rises up out of the cubby with his Mate in his arms. She wants to get dressed in her room but had grabbed a dress from his closet in the cubby in case Bill arrives faster than they expect. He is set and ready for this day. Both of them are looking forward to Bill and his posturing; in fact, both are hoping that he will arrive as soon as he possibly can rather than stopping to check his emails or phone.

It will be even better if they can see just how pathetic he is when he hears the news. They even have bets on how he will react: Sookie is betting he will try to convince her that Eric is lying, and Eric thinks he will simply deny it all.

Brandon has the doors open, and bows to both of his lieges. “Good evening, Your Majesties.” His eyes have the same look in them as Eric’s – pure anticipation. He has been looking forward to this night for a long time, but no more so than for the last few years. He hates what Eric has endured just for his spoiled sister-to-be.

Sookie raises an eyebrow at him and then looks at Eric. What the heck is he saying? Her…royalty? Well yes, she is, but she ain’t a majesty yet.

He chuckles at her look. “It’s your title now. I told you what we are doing amounts to marriage in the Supe world. Our Bond being a Soul Bond and a Fae Bond, we will be closer than any others who are Bonded. Plus with all the benefits that we will have, well, it is good that we will be hard to kill.” And he can’t wait to rub it into Bill’s face. His Queen!


Brandon lifts an eyebrow at them. Eric smirks then says, “Apparently my love and her race are different from us when we Bond. It seems I get her strengths and she gets mine. Like, not being allergic to lemons or iron…” He trails off, waiting for the indication that Brandon gets what he is trying to hint. His Children are all very smart.

When his eyes widen, Eric knows Brandon understands what he isn’t saying. With this Bonding benefit, it will be much harder to give the true death to either of them. Brandon knows that Eric will not give up Sookie without trying to Turn her. Unfortunately, if that does not work, then Frey will be King of their line. There is no doubt that, for better or for worse, Eric and Sookie are now one.

Before he can bring up what their next actions will be, there is a pounding on the door. Both Brandon and Eric growl while Sookie glares at the door. There is no doubt who the visitor is.


Sookie sighs. She had wanted to change but, looking down at the white dress she has on, she shrugs. It will do. She chuckles; when she had picked it out, she had shown it to Eric with an eyebrow raised.

He had grinned. “I liked that dress, and I never had a chance to replace it before. That was one of the times you drove me nuts, negotiating with me about your skills.” He had sauntered up and by the time he had finished speaking, he was looking down at his little Fae. She had looked up at him grinning, but it had quickly turned into another make-out session.

Kissing a Thousand Year Old Viking Vampire isn’t a casual event… Nope. Each and every time it is an experience that she would never give up. She would, in fact, be forced to cause bodily harm to anyone he tried to kiss now that he is hers.

Eric looks down at his love now and his nostrils flare when they catch her scent, and he gives her a sultry look. He ignores the pest at the door for something much more important – the aroma of his aroused Mate. When she licks her lips, he can’t help but be cocky as he bends down and asks huskily, “Are we remembering something, my love, or daydreaming?”

She looks up at him and he pulls her close, and when she flushes, he chuckles even harder. He kisses her head then rubs his scent on her, not that he hasn’t already made sure that his scent is both on her and in her from his blood. His eyes glow with the thought that she has more of his blood in her right now than any other. And it will never fade, not with two more exchanges to make it permanent.

Unfortunately, the real world intrudes on them when Eric’s phone beeps. He glances at it and grins. “Show time.” He looks down at his Sookie, and when she grins back at him he drops a kiss on her lips, lamenting that he couldn’t spend more time on that delicious mouth.

With that, he heads to the door as he instructs Brandon, “Tell Haldor I expect him here in the next few minutes.” He has opened the Bonds, and he is aware of how sneaky his Son is being. They need to learn that he is not as lost as they may think he is.

Brandon’s gaping look has Sookie laughing. This is what Bill Compton sees when Eric opens the door to him. The woman who he had expected to be in his home waiting on him to rise had been nowhere to be found, nor had his team. He glances quickly into the interior of her home and it doesn’t look as if anyone had touched it, and he still couldn’t smell anything.


The realization that he couldn’t smell anything more than, say, a human could makes him pause. It had made him wary when he first noticed it at the boundary of her property line, but his determination to find out what had happened today made him keep walking toward the house.

He remembered that the Witch had said there were wards in place last night that would bar entry to anyone who intended to harm Sookie. The wards had to be pretty impressive to cover all her land, and he is not sure when they were put in place, but they had to have been set up before the pain had hit him. The Witch had interrupted a feeding to inform him about it.

Being a procurer for the Queen had its benefits, however, and one was learning how to get past wards by making sure his intention would not disrupt the magic. For instance, to his way of thinking he has no intention at all of harming Sookie.  She may be harmed emotionally by him not allowing to be in her home, but the wards take his intention. And he is careful not to think of any other repercussions that could happen. As long as he is not actively thinking of it, he can get past the magic. Every spell has its hangs ups. Though he has to give this one credit – it is difficult to train your mind to not think of everything, especially for a vampire brain.

Bill also needs to find out where Eric is since he could not find him last night. He does not need the Viking around to mess up his plans. The man has an answer for everything, and very often it’s not one he wishes the Viking to have. Knowing that the Viking has been pining for Sookie makes it crucial that she be under his control by the time the Viking shows up – which makes it imperative that he get his blood into her since he can’t feel her anymore.

So when he knocks and Eric opens the door as Sookie is laughing at a stranger in her home, he draws himself up. But there is no way he can match Eric’s height, and he hates the instinct that tries to do so each and every time. He is tall, but even now not many are the same height as Eric. For him to be as old as he is, how the hell is he that tall? Were they not shorter back then?

Bill draws his authority around him and lifts an eyebrow to Eric. “Are you not supposed to be in that rat infested bar of yours?” He is determined to make this go his way, never knowing that by the time he rose this evening, everything had already been settled. And he is not going to get his way.

Eric cannot help but chuckle at the spoiled vampire. “Oh, Billy boy. I take it you have not checked your emails this evening.” He is so looking forward to the moment that any plans the other has in his head collapse. Now that Eric has assumed his throne, he will not hesitate to remove the head of the annoying vampire who he should have killed back when he made Pam. He would enjoy removing at least a limb. It would make him feel better about what Sookie had gone through last night because of the pompous ass in front of him.

Not knowing how close he is to pissing off Eric, and equally unaware of the fact that his whole world is about to be in upheaval, Bill lowers his head a fraction as he glowers at Eric. “I do not see what that has to do with you being here where you shouldn’t be.”

Moving slowly, Bill is creeping up to the point where he will be able to see if he can enter the house. He is tired of Eric mocking him ever since he became King. It’s not like the older vampire could rule, or else he would have done so by now. Bill wants to be able to take Sookie, and then he order his men to kill the Viking…after he takes care of his Witch issue.

Thinking of his options since Eric is here, he decides that he will not leave anything to chance. The man before him has been underestimated before, and because of that Bill has had the unpleasant duty of dealing with the vampire. Sure, he had helped with consolidating Bill’s power, but having him buried in concrete would have been better – much better than him disrupting his plans that night. He had almost been late for his meeting with the Queen, and a great deal had been riding on that meeting.

He has been slowly moving his foot forward, but when his foot bumps up against the barrier, he can’t hide his shock. The Viking has given back Sookie her home? Why? And why has Sookie allowed him inside the home? None of this makes sense! Sookie should be hating Eric!! He bought her house!!

Eric’s grin only gets bigger. He had known what Bill was trying to do, and throwing him off his game is worth it all. The rest of this will be icing on the cake. Not that he would admit it to Sookie, but he is pretty sure they are both right. Which is good – he is going to like both their rewards for winning anyway. There were no losers in their bet about William Compton’s reaction.

Bill is trying to get a handle on what is going on so he can manipulate the situation to his advantage. He can feel the vibration of his phone in his pocket, but he ignores it. It has been going off nonstop since he left, but no one had been waiting when he rose. If it were that important, someone would have been there.

Eric cannot help the smirk. “Do you need to answer that, Bill?” He knows very well who is probably calling him. Actually, at this point he wouldn’t be surprised if a multitude of people weren’t trying to reach the Puppet King. Too many knew exactly how he felt about Eric.

A growl slips from Bill at Eric’s words, and he turns his eyes towards his prize. “Sookie. What have you done? Why is this…beast inside your home? As his King, if he made you promise to allow him into the home, I could order it otherwise.” He doesn’t know why he cannot feel her, but surely the amount of blood he has given to her, that he verified last night was still in her, would be too great for Sookie to still be alive if it had been burned out somehow. Therefore there should be no reason why he could not act as normal.

Sookie looks at Bill and, thinking of everything that Eric had told her, she blinks at him. “I’m not sure I understand. You can order him?” She is gleeful, elated that he can’t read her anymore, and knows Eric will understand what she’s doing. She wishes to see how deep of a hole he will dig for himself, how much she can ask about what the difference is now from before. She wants to catch him lying to her.

Thinking his plans are working, Bill condescendingly advises her, “I am his King. If I order it, he will have to do anything I wish as I am his superior. Otherwise it would be considered treason.” ‘That’s right darling, listen to what I am saying.’ He hides his smirk, his mind full of plans. He cannot wait until he can dispense with these lies.

Frowning as if she is trying to make sense of what he is saying, Sookie asks, “So because you are his superior, he has to do what you say?” When Bill nods, she asks, “No back talk, no denying it. What if I said I was his? What if that was part of the deal?” She blinks at him. She is putting to use all those times she remembered being her formerly pathetic self with her Granddaddies.

Bill growls at the idea of her being claimed as Eric’s, and answers her, “As his superior, I can take you from him.” He smiles at her, pleased that the one thing he has been worried about is the one thing he can do to Eric.

She shakes her head, still displaying that vapid look on her face as she tries to argue. “Bill, that doesn’t make sense. I am not a piece of property to be demanded by you and taken. I’m human. Eric’s stronger than you. Just because you are a King doesn’t mean anything.” At that moment she would give anything to bet Eric that Bill will give the old excuse of ‘Vampire Business’ and that he would say it as if she were a five year old child, too. How could she have ever thought that Bill was the better man?

Eric trades a look with Brandon and they both have their laughter hidden inside their eyes so that it gives nothing away. All the while as his Sookie argues with Bill, Bill’s phone keeps going off. Eric knows that it is somebody trying to tell him about his reclaiming his throne. His own phone has remained silent. He suspects that Griffon has changed his number and is having the original number answered in the castle.

He needs to make sure Brandon gets Sookie one of the phones used by the family. The more he thinks about it, the more he believes Brandon would make a great assistant for her. He can communicate with her silently, and there would be fewer issues that way. And Brandon knows his little Mate, too. He decides to think on that more later.

He can imagine the panic that overtook the Authority when they realized exactly who they had denied help with the elimination of Russell, and that they were getting their verification by the fact that his Children were taking all his calls. His progeny will ensure no one bothers him, and will only pass through the calls they deem important enough for him to answer.

Then Eric’s face actually shows his glee when he realizes the rising levels of panic in Bill’s own house as they too find out that Eric, the Sheriff their King hates, is one of the most powerful Monarchs in the world, and is the Head of his own Line. Oh yes. This will be more than worth the last year of dealing with the Puppet King.

Eric is powerful enough to have one of the most coveted gifts of a Monarch: the ability to call back a member of his Line. The fact that he also has two Children who possess the same trait proves Eric’s skill in choosing his Children well. It is exceptional that neither of his Children are true monarchs yet they still have the power to do it.  One is his Heir, and the other is his Steward.   Having that sort of talent in a Line tells the strength of the family. Only one other has that type of capability, and they are one of the oldest in the lands.

No, when Bill finds out, they will quickly learn what type of King the Puppet really is, and Eric is thinking they will find him greatly lacking. There is much more to being King than simply killing the previous monarch. That is New World thinking and one he will be happy to leave behind him.

As he listens to the vibration of the phone, Eric cannot help but smirk at the fun to come.  And his Mate!  She is making sure that Bill understands she is no longer dumb. Not that his Sookie had ever been dumb, but Bill had drowned her in his blood to make her not realize that the lessons she was learning would also apply to him. That thought is enough to spark a white-hot surge of anger. He can feel his Sons’ concern for him followed by a sense of calmness and the assurance of a comeuppance toward the object of his anger.

Turning his eyes to the idiot in front of him, Eric wants to shake his head. Bill has not realized that his lines are not working on her as they normally would. He is giving her everything she needs to allow her to fight him on the rules. Not that it matters – the Patriarch of her Line has given her permission to be with her Mate, and has taught her what she needs to do. Eric has already taken care of what she needs to know when dealing with Bill. Also, as a Brigant she now ranks up there with Eric in his reclaimed position.

No, he is not Bill, and he trusts his Mate to take care of herself, and him, too, if it came down to it. He only wishes to give her everything she might ever need to be able to continue. Bill is so far out of his league, he has no idea.

Then Eric feels one of his Sons getting closer, and cannot help but grin. The party is really about to start. Haldor is not a hothead, but he has a short temper that can go off with very little provocation on certain subjects. There aren’t many people who can deal with him when he is angry, so most go out of their way to not bother him.

Sookie watches Bill as she volleys with him, but she is careful never to move from her position. She wants to make sure that Bill cannot touch her, and knowing the idiot as she does, he will try to grab her when he first hears the news that all this has been in vain. The last thing she wants is another white dress destroyed by a vampire.

But she sees Eric’s grin,and suspects that, whoever this Haldor is, she will be meeting one of Eric’s Children soon. And, since they are in some way his actual Children, she starts getting a little nervous. Pam already doesn’t like her. Why would his other progeny be any different? She will be taking Eric’s focus off them.

Bill ignores Eric, choosing instead to work on Sookie, who, if she can be convinced, will end the problem of Eric. Once Eric is outside, Bill can have him arrested and ended for denying his Liege something he wishes. The Viking is not the one in control now. He can find another stooge to deal with the Witches.

Stepping up his game, Bill explains to her, “It is how our world works. It is vampire business. Just trust me when I say he cannot deny me. Tell me you wish this, and I will take care of him.” He stands up taller and exudes the temperament that has worked the best on her so far, and holds out his hand.

Sookie cannot help laughing. That look on his face has always made her think he was on the toilet trying to take a shit. But, she has never said a word; a lady never does. “Just like you could never deny him when he was your superior? How stupid do you think I am?” The amusement rolling through her is enough to make Eric’s grin grow even wider.

Then a voice behind Bill makes him jump to the side so that he can take in the new threat while keeping an eye on Eric. He wishes he had taken the time to grab a squad of men to bring with him. This whole thing would have been over much sooner. Though, he had expected to find his missing men here…

“Evidently, My Liege, very stupid. He never even detected me.”


The voice matches the man it came from – he is very much his father’s son, just a little huskier than Eric. He is also obviously much more dangerous than the Veteran. As he leans against the porch posts with his arms crossed, Bill can feel the newcomer’s age, and is not able to stop a growl from escaping at the sight of him.

Sookie moves enough to see the new arrival, and the first thing that she notices are his blue eyes. She smiles when she sees her Eric reflected in them. Then she takes in the rest of him. Like Eric, he was Turned when he was very fit, but he has no one feature that stands out more than another, allowing him to blend into crowds better than Eric ever could. All in all, he is a good looking man. But who wouldn’t be with Eric’s genes?

The man looks into the house and, upon seeing Sookie, bows slightly to his new Queen. “Your Majesty, words cannot express how happy I am to make your acquaintance. And may I relay the wish of my Brothers to meet you as soon as you are comfortable in doing so?” He has a small smile playing on his lips. This woman has already been proving how perfect she is for his Fader.

Bill is sputtering in rage at the audacity of this vampire in not recognizing him. Protocol demands the acknowledgment of a ruler before those of lower rank. Only their own lieges or Makers are greeted before royalty. Everyone knows that the Northman has only one Child.

Ignoring the idiot who is close to being ended, Sookie laughs. “Oh you are a true son are you not?” She cannot help but be enchanted by this first meeting with a direct descendant of Eric’s. Brendan was one, of course, but he has been here and is a recent relative. She can feel that the man in front of her has been a part of Eric’s life longer than most.

Then comes the most dramatic change over the vampire’s face as he grins at her, and there is no mistaking the connection between him and Eric. Not to those who know Eric, anyway. The same boyish grin is mirrored by his Fader, and is a look that Sookie has experienced only yesterday.

Haldor chuckles as he straightens up. “Haldor at your service. I see my future Brother by your side. He will serve you well. I have had Griffon contact the household to ensure that one of the more promising trainees is ready to come serve you, Your Majesty.” He turns to business. He is aware of what taking a Mate means in their world, and the first priority is to protect her…especially since she is the reason Eric is taking on his Kingdom again.

Bill is unable to keep quiet. “Why do you keep calling her that,” he bursts out. Why call her what she cannot be? He will never take her on as consort; he will keep her as his concubine in the best of situations.

Looking dismissively at the Civil War Veteran, Haldor lifts an eyebrow. “Surely your King has told you who she is. I have had phone calls since the sun set about this very matter.” He, too, can hear the phone vibrating in the pocket of the man in front of him. He also knows who the idiot is, but he is enjoying the chance to needle the vampire. He deserves it for everything he has put his Fader through, and he is likely the reason for Fader’s anger.

Bill growls, “I AM the King. No one has told me anything.” He is trying to be in charge, but Sookie can’t help snorting – he sounds like a teenager being reamed by a parent.


Unable to allow them to have all the fun, Eric joins the conversation. “Well, if you would answer your phone, you may actually know what is going on. Seriously Bill, how do you manage to rule the state if you cannot take a hint when your phone has been ringing nonstop since you arrived here,” Eric lazily asks, thoroughly enjoying himself. Leaning against the door jamb with his arms folded, it may look as if he is the picture of ease, but in reality he is making sure that there is no way his Mate could be harmed.

Haldor nods his head to his Fader, but watches the so-called King answer his phone that had just started buzzing yet again. “Yes?” His irritated voice promises great retribution to whomever is daring to interrupt him.

Bill goes stock-still and his eyes involuntarily glance up at Eric as he frowns. “I’m sorry, Chancellor, I have been tending to some business since I rose.” Here his politician’s tone comes out while he stands up straighter, and Eric chuckles. Once a soldier, always a soldier, and Bill has never been anything other than someone else’s lackey.

“No, sir. I am normally very conscientious about checking things, but I had an urgent matter to tend to when I rose this evening. I am not sure what the issue is.”

Sookie can’t help but snicker at that comment, and she sees Brandon’s lips twitch. Then she heard him as he calls to her in his mind.  ‘Sookie?’  It was like a knock with the force of his sending.

She turns her head slightly to let him know she heard him.

I expect the fallout is about to happen. I can take Bill very easily, but try to not get within his reach. I am your Guardian until the person Haldor was speaking about is able to come.’ His mind voice is exactly as his normal, deep baritone. He has no idea what else Eric will ask him to do, but he will suggest that he help her get used to her new life. As a telepath, it will be helpful for her to be able to hear him.

She frowns but, before she can think of a way to tell him otherwise, he tells her, ‘Please, Sookie. Eric has been in love with you for a long time. To lose you now would destroy him. He is willing to take his place, and is doing everything for you. Let us guard you and show you our love for our Fader. From what I have seen, they will fall in love with you just as Fader has.’ He knows this woman well. She was going to say she didn’t need a Guardian, and he figures he will nip this in the bud fast.

She just sighs, nodding slightly. She sees Eric turn to look at her with an eyebrow raised, and she shakes her head to him. He turns his head slightly, and that is enough to tell her this is not over…not that she expects otherwise. But feeling the love coming through their fledging Bond allows her to know it is because of that love that Eric is concerned. She is quickly learning that he wants to know as soon as possible about anything that causes her any discomfort.

She hears Brandon laugh inside her head, and she cannot help the smile on her face. She then goes back to paying attention to Bill and his one-sided conversation. Though she is able to hear the other side, she doesn’t want to give it away.

Haldor smirks as he hears the Chancellor remind Bill that he is still in his probationary period, and that now is not the time to think he can get away with breaking the lines of communication they had established. Then he hears the other vampire ask Bill, “Is Eric there?” It is enough to let a chuckle escape from his mouth. He is enjoying the chance to watch the imbecile fuck up even more.

Bill’s eyes widen then harden as he answers, “Actually he is standing in front of me, Chancellor.” Why would the Chancellor of the AVL want to speak to his Sheriff? Well, his soon to be dead Sheriff, but still?

The man growls at the disrespect that he had not liked hearing from the baby vamp back before finding out who Eric really is. Now it is a death wish, and one that Roman will want to distance himself from as quickly as possible. “I would suggest you respect him. We just found out his real name, and Bill, don’t make an enemy of him. It would the worst idea you have ever had. Now, ask if he will take my call, please. Politely.” He emphasizes the word ‘politely’ enough for even Sookie to easily hear.

Eric cannot help but smirk as he unfolds his body so that he can take the phone out of Bill’s hand. He has angled himself closer to Sookie to make sure he is near enough to help in case she needs him. This is something he has always done, and will always do. She is finally his, and there is no way in Valhalla or Hell that he will he allow her to get hurt. The way he has turned has not escaped Haldor’s attention, and his Son sends his amusement.

Taking the phone, he stares at Bill as he answers, “Yes, Chancellor?” He is cocky, but he has every right to be. He is a virile male who is one of the most powerful Kings on the planet, and he has his Mate with him. One of his Children is before him, and he will leave soon to be with the rest.

The Chancellor swallows as he greets the King. “Eric, I received the information when I rose. Of course there are no issues with your requests, and I would be more than happy to assist you and your family with anything you would like. We never wish for there to be any problems or concerns that would upset the Cap of the North.” He is groveling, but he well knows that he had denied the man he is talking to assistance when he should have taken the time to help him defeat the Mad King.

Eric smirks as Bill looks confused and angry. “I am glad to hear it. You have received my resignation from the post I held here?” He clarifies for the King in front of him. He wants to make sure there are no problems with him leaving. Bill won’t have a say either way, but it is more fun this way.

“Yes. And as we have asked before, if there is anything we can do, we would be happy to comply with your requests.” Roman is nervous, something he is not used to anymore, but he will do anything to make this vampire happy.

Taking advantage of having the Chancellor of the AVL, one of the most powerful vampires in the New World, on the line, Eric looks down at his hand as he tells him, “My youngest at this time wishes to stay here in the States. I am unsure of the direction of the current monarchy. There have been personal issues between me and mine with the current King.” So that there is no question about what he means, he looks directly into Bill’s eyes.

He hears the Chancellor gulp. “I will be happy to ensure the safety of your Child. It would be a great honor. If need be, I will send my own guards to keep her safe.”

Eric softly growls, “No. I will be sending my own to ensure her safety. This will not be an issue, correct?” He does not trust the idiot who had denied him help when he was taking care of one of their own problems.

“No, of course not!” The assurance is heartfelt as well as relieved. He will be making sure Pamela would be safe, but knowing that Eric’s own men will be guarding her as well…it makes him feel better.

Eric nods. “In that case, Roman, I will be giving Bill his phone back. My Mate and I have some things to take care of before we leave the States. Once I am home, I look forward to hearing from you the exact reasons why I was denied help when I asked for it.” When the man begins to stutter, Eric just hands the phone to Bill. He is done with this place. He has his Mate and Children to care for, but he is done.

Haldor lifts an eyebrow at Eric. He can sense his Fader’s emotions, but he is waiting for a signal. The days of acting on their own are over, and he for one is rejoicing.

Eric tells him clearly, “Make sure someone is on their way here. As I said, I do not trust the current head of this state.  If it comes to it, I will return to fix things…if I must.” And the tone of his voice is enough to warn all that if he has to come back, he will be coming back to do whatever is needed to take control of the situation. He is done playing the nice guy.

While he is giving Haldor his order, Eric is also still watching Bill. He sees the instant that Bill realizes who he really is and cannot help but watch when the faint color in Bill’s face drains away as he sputters, “Mäninorr? Chancellor, surely you are mistaken. This is the Northman. He has been in the States longer than I have been a vampire!” He is trying to make things right. How could the Chancellor fall for this trick?

Bill stammers with the answer he receives, then tries again. “I know the Old World is different, but surely he is just a member of the family. There is no way he is the same man. Why would he subject himself to that kind of humiliation?” There is no way they are the same person!

Hearing this Puppet denying Fader his name, Haldor growls as a car pulls in behind him, and snaps his fingers when the doors open.

Soon there is a group of men dressed in black surrounding the porch, and all are ready to take out the Little King who is insulting their true King. There is nothing to reveal who is what; they are all deadly. Their very demeanor shows that they have no problem ending the vampire in front of them.

Bill jerks when he hears the sound of many guns cocking, and the Chancellor informs him, “I am done. If Eric takes you out, he will be welcome to it. We would have an alliance with the most powerful family on the planet. I think you had better choose your way very carefully.  Good day, King Mäninorr.”

With that he hangs up, gladly washing his hands of Nan’s prodigy. If the Viking does rid the world of Bill Compton, he does not think anyone would really mourn. He then turns his attention to making sure that there are no issues in anything Eric has requested. He also sends a team to kill Russell for the Viking…maybe that will get them in his good graces.

 Final count:  6,367 words.



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