In the End



One night a pull to their very souls, calls out Eric and Godric to their future.  And that one moment, that one action, sets forth a change to the entire world. E/S/G.

Banner Courtesy of Mavrosal.  She does AWESOME work as seen above and her stories I recommend!!

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Chapter List

Prologue – Cinderella Syndrome
Chapter One – Winter Was Not My Season
Chapter Two – In The Eye of the Storm
Chapter Three – Could See Crystal Clear
Chapter Four – Whisper of a Summer Breeze
Chapter Five – All I Wanted, Comes With a Price
Chapter Six – What I Didn’t Deserve
Chapter Seven – Every Tear a Waterfall
Chapter Eight – Another Day, Another Sunrise
Chapter Nine – Failed Attempts to Fly
Chapter Ten – Harder to Find What Is Right
Chapter Eleven – When Caught in the Undertow
Chapter Twelve – Slow Me Dow n
Chapter Thirteen – Just Take That Streetcar
Chapter Fourteen – You Mean the World To Me
Chapter Fifteen – Tough Act to Follow
Chapter Sixteen – Made to Taste Your Kiss
Chapter Seventeen – I’ll Be On My Way
Chapter Eighteen – Honey Here Comes a Lullaby
Chapter Nineteen – Laid Out on the Floor
Chapter Twenty – We Keep Shining
Chapter Twenty-One – Someone Look Like You
Chapter Twenty-Two – Staring at the only Love
Chapter Twenty-Three – Our Love and It’s Fragile
Chapter Twenty-Four – Just Want to Keep This Dream
Chapter Twenty-Five – Cuz the Wounds Never Heal
Chapter Twenty-Six – We Only Get One Life
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Person I Am Today
Chapter Twenty-Eight – A Little Wiser Now


  1. mavrosal

    Hey! Finally got the banner done for you, check it out here: (it’s the first one LOL)
    Hope you like it, just click on it and it’ll expand, then you can save it on your computer.

    • kittyinaz

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! Now I will be going over to get and add EVERYWHERE!!!!

      Awesome job!!

    • Spirit Danielle

      I am such a fan of your work you are so awesome, such a gifted writer!!!

  2. Spirit Danielle

    At some point you have got to finish this love its too good not to finish!!!

    • Kittyinaz

      I have it on my next writing time. So it will be finished soon! A couple of months soon….

  3. Shalonda

    I read this once before…..loved it then too! Lol Hope you continue with this masterpiece you have created

  4. princess0katya

    I absolutely LOVE this story…Please, please, please say you are going to finish it. 🙂

  5. Nicole

    Thank you for writing and sharing. Great story.

  6. Shayna

    Oh it’s killing me not knowing what happens! I read the whole thing today– I’ve been looking for a true blood gic this good for weeks and finally I find what that is so incredible I have to read it in one sitting and… come to the world’s biggest cliffhanger in a story that hasn’t been updated in months! Please help this addict get her fix???

    • Shayna

      Oops. *fic, not gic

      • Kittyinaz

        LMAO!!!! Well my poor addicted soul, there is a chapter that I am trying to get to, to edit before I disappear to finish my original. When I come back, I will be finishing this first. The end is near my friend!

  7. SongsAboutRain

    I definitely binge-read this story too, and I am absolutely in love with it! I am so glad to hear you’ll be finishing the story, I desperately want to know what happens next!

  8. andrewpine

    Are you close to finishing this so i can start reading the completed story?



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