Chapter 1 Winter Was Not My Season


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He answers Adele, “My name is Godric. That is my Eric up there with Sookie. Let us go inside and arm each other with the information we have. The first priority is protecting that innocent heart up there. Everything else will fall behind. She is the most important person in Eric’s and I’s world from now on.” He turns and stares into her eyes, his bluish green ones glowing with his powers, “Nothing will hurt her again. Nothing can happen to her and we will do everything to protect her.”

Adele nods, in total agreement with him. She heads inside and as she walks inside, she tells them, “Godric and Eric, please come inside.” She hears them enter behind her, as she heads towards the kitchen. It will be a long night and she will need as much coffee as possible to answer as much as she can. She has a feeling that both her and Sookie’s life will be quite different now.


Eric sits on his throne enthralling the vermin, his face unreadable, and no sign of the thoughts screaming through his head. He is dressed as normal in an all black suit, with a silvery grey buttoned halfway up shirt.   While the fangbangers are crawling up the dais towards him, he only moves to kick them off if they touch him, his mind elsewhere.  He is remembering the meeting of his mate, of his and Godric’s mate.  And he remembers the relief when Godric talked to him and they realized that they both are Sookie’s mate, but Godric will be her Maker.  They only have to wait until the mark shows and then they can relax somewhat, Sookie will be harder to kill then.

Before he could remember the conversation exactly, his phone buzzes in his hand and he nonchalantly reads the message. It comes from a unlisted number, and the message it brings him is beyond worth.  It Begins.

Two words, two simple words, and that is all it takes for Eric’s eyes to flash in glee. No one but his nest could tell any change in him, but to Eric, a vampire of action, it is a call to war. He calls Pam to him as he stares out over the floor in front of him, checking on who is here and who is not.

Pam arrives behind him and he passes the phone with the message on it to her.  He hears her hiss and feels her excitement.  He smirks knowing that he will be having fun soon.

He tells her, “Få allt klart.” (Get everything ready)

Pam nods and moves away. She is anxious for the fun to begin as her Maker is, but she is also worried for her favorite breather, her Maker’s and Grandmaker’s Mate.  This is only one phase, an actually minor one for what they know is coming.  But hopefully, this will get them set up for the rest of the phases, and if they come out strong on this one, they will have a great chance of winning the endgame.  And that alone, with her sister as a breather, that makes this risky. All of them will need to be on the ball.  But she smirks, knowing that she has been promised to be one of the tormenters of whoever shall try to hurt their nest.

Eric continues to sit there, his eyes flashing.  He cannot do more than he has, more than everything to plan. Godric, Niall and Sookie have gone over every bit of the plan so many times to find any problems.  But he feels the need to move, to protect what is his, but for everything to work, he needs to have the fool fall into the plan.  Yet, at the same time, his training as a warrior king reminds him that no plan survives the first engagement.

Eric and Godric, along with Sookie, Adele, Niall, and Pam have spent the last twenty years planning for this moment.  Eric had filed everything claiming Sookie as his, years ago, but the paperwork since then has been mysteriously lost.  Godric, as her future maker, doesn’t need to claim her the way Eric has to; his claim remains, protecting her from others claiming the fae princess.

Thankfully they all have had warning of what will happen and have planned around this.  No time in the last twenty years has been wasted.

Eric reviews the plans in his head, making sure for the billionth time that nothing is missing.  The next move is a risk, but one they have all agreed they need to do.  There cannot be any question that Eric is not who he has been in the past, that he is ready to take charge.  That is crucial to all of this.

Just as Pam comes to tell him everything is ready, his phone buzzes again. The message is from Sookie, to both him and Godric, as protocol demands, and while the message is expected, he still swears in his native language as he reads it.  Vampire here at Merlott’s.

Eric stands up, tossing his phone at Pam, catching it as she tosses it back to him as he moves out of the bar.  Showtime.

Sookie takes a deep breath.  She had held out hope that it wouldn’t come to this.  She is just relieved that they now knew who told, the biggest mystery for them.  The only one missing from her life since Eric and Godric came into it openly.  She quickly texts Godric and Eric, they need all ends covered.

She watches as the dark headed vampire makes his way to her section.  She glances over at Tara and Sam, both encouraging her with their thoughts, knowing that the vampire would notice anything else. Sookie nods and years of training keeps her face blank, as she makes her way to him.  She smiles her crazy smile, as Pam calls it, as she asks breathlessly, “Hi, wh-what can I get you tonight?”

She just has to stall a few minutes, she can feel Eric on his way to her.  He is sending assurance and love the whole way.  Godric is muted but she can feel the same thing from him. Unfortunately, Godric needs to remain in Texas for now.  If anything goes wrong, they will escape to his nest.

Sookie’s mind goes over some of the precautions that they have had to explain. They needed to have a way to explain Eric’s smell on her, so he had shown up in the bar over the years, after they allowed the information, that his maker has a pull towards her, out.  Godric does feel a pull, in addition to their mating bond, the reason for it had been found over the last twenty years.  Thankfully due to his work in the Great Revelation, she is protected and Eric is explained.

Godric’s pull is never explained in detail, except as the way a Child is found for the vampires. Still, it is respected throughout the Supe and human world.  The other reason for a pull, is that it is so rare that while there are rules that were given to the leaders of the human world, it is not something well-publicized.  A certain Gaul vampire is responsible for that.

A Potential Child is now protected, since it has been revealed that the connection between a vampire and his Child, even a potential one, is a deep one.  Once recognized, it can cause a rage unseen before, if anything happens to that Child. Nobody wants a repeat after one instance in downtown Atlanta because of harm to a Potential Child.  None of the nest had nothing to do with that one, but they had helped leak the news out.  Anything to protect a Potential Child.

Nevertheless, the mark, associated with the time for the change, has to appear before the Child can be changed.  Until then, once the Potential Child has been found, the Maker is the one in charge of the Child, no matter the age.  In the case of one like Sookie, found before the minimal age, Godric shared the raising of Sookie with her legal Guardian.  And, in Sookie’s case, if anything had happened to her Guardian, Godric would have been her next Guardian, it being proved that a Maker will act more for the Potential Child’s welfare than anyone else.  In fact, Godric had been considered kind by leaving his Child with her Grandmother rather than taking her into his nest to be raised once the connection had come to light.

Godric publically announced that Sookie is one of the Chosen, right after the ruling had passed about the Potential Children.  Sookie and Godric’s relationship, being one of the first announced, and with her odd circumstances, were publicized often at first.  The AVL loved the two of them, although they kept to Godric’s wish that Sookie’s picture not be made public, nor the information about where she lived.  Neither Sookie nor Godric hid their place, but they never made news either after the first part.  It became one of those things that everyone knew about and was brought up often in the debates between Nan Flanagan and Reverend Newlin, but no one came looking for Sookie anymore.  Bon Temps citizens had no problem keeping the secret, not wanting strangers in town.

To explain why Eric is by Sookie so much, it was made know that, by Godric’s wish and command, Eric, being the Sheriff of the Area that she was born into, was tasked with the protection of his Second Child.  This had at first been debated, but as Godric pointed out, he was minutes away from his Children if needed.  Sookie wanted to spend what time she could with her family and friends before she was turned.  Godric was willing, but only because of the circumstance.  He would trust no one other than his Child to protect the other.

In reality, while Godric does feel the pull of a Maker to Sookie, both he and Eric are Mates to her.  She will be his Child, but not his daughter, no, no more than Eric is his son.  The three of them, along with the rest of the nest, keeps this a secret, since a Tri-Mating is so rare that it would make more news than their situation already does.  Plus, the trouble that news will bring; it will start a war as everyone will scramble for the three of them, or more specifically, Sookie.

The news Niall had brought to the three of them had shocked them all.  Niall revealed that Godric is the son of Death aka Hades and his wife, Sookie, had been the daughter of Niall’s grandson in Godric’s human life.  But Queen Mab of the Fae, Sookie’s great, great, grandmother, had interfered, not wanting their House associated with Hades’, had stolen Sookie, taken her to Mab’s pocket universe, and Fate had to step in to right what was happening.  Death himself changed his son to a vampire, taking the newborn to his realm to train.

All this had been forgotten by Godric until the night Eric and he had found Sookie.  The revelations of that night had rocked everyone, but it explained so much.  Like why Godric was so powerful, along with Eric.

Sookie’s arrival into the times was due to Niall and Hades himself.  Niall had waged war against the Queen of the Fairies for centuries to retrieve his Great Granddaughter.  When he finally won, he had stared in complete shock as Mab laughed, she had made Sookie into nothing more than her Light and soul.   Mab had thought she had won, even as she had been defeated.  In rage over what had happened to his beloved Great Granddaughter, her son killed her.

Hades had appeared to Niall and told him that there was a way to save Sookie. While Niall had been fighting for Sookie, the same grandson, banned from the war by his father and grieving for his granddaughter who had been the only survivor of his earlier family, had taken to traveling to the mortal realm. That grandson had fallen in love with a mortal again, and together they had children.  The line that passed from him has flourished in the current times, and being part Fae as well as related by blood to Niall, they can have Sookie’s soul be reborn.

No one had expected what happened later, the pain of family betraying her nor the telepathy, but luckily Eric and Godric had felt her pain and had come to her.  The telepathy was new to both bloodlines and to Sookie specifically.  Death thought it had to do with the time spent in just her Light-form and in his realm as they waited for the time for her.

Sookie’s life changed dramatically to her, but to an outsider, the only change was that her bedroom was in a new house.  She moved in with her Gran and this remarkable woman raised her, and later her brother, when their parents died.  Soon the rumors of her being crazy died away, being blamed on outside circumstances if ever thought about at all.

Sookie herself though, she had an amazing life.  She was raised with Godric and Eric both being there to help train her and to give her the love she craved.  Pam was there to support and love her also, the two becoming as close as sisters. She was also taught about the Supe world; the laws, the traditions, and how to operate in that world.  Sookie is very aware of both the status she has because of Godric claiming her as his Child, and what status she will have with both her telepathy, her being Niall’s great granddaughter, and being the mate to Eric and Godric.

Once she was old enough, they told her outright who they both were to her.  To Eric’s surprise, she bluntly told them it was about time, she had been waiting for the two of them to acknowledge her. Godric had just laughed, Sookie, though she was his wife and Mate from his human years, was not the same.  But the part of her, her essential soul, is the same and this caused Godric to fall in love with his mate all over again.

Eric, however has loved her since they had met.  Knowing that she will never betray him, made him drop his walls around his heart, and allowed that great heart, kept hidden in the vampire, free to love another.  With Godric’s assistance, he learned that he is even more powerful, having someone to protect.

Due to their close bond as mates, as she grew older, Sookie had many of the benefits thought only to be with Bonded couples.  She knew their feelings as they knew hers.  As time had progressed, they found that when Eric or Godric were around, her shields held better.  They had worked with this until the distance between them became nothing.  It is understood that when they do Mate, it will become easier, as well as there will be additional talents to them all.  As it stands, all mated couples have hidden themselves away.

This simple home life of love from all around her is all Sookie needs to be stable and to gain much needed self esteem.

Eric took care of LaFayette’s and Tara’s mothers, after finding out that they were the only ones to defend Sookie to the town.  They ended up, growing up with Jason and Sookie, meaning they were also are under Eric’s protection, and lived a basically carefree life.  LaFayette’s witch ability came to the fore and Eric had managed to get him training for the ability from a well known witch, stating that the earlier he started, the less it will overpower him.  Tara was encouraged to learn along with Sookie about the Supe world, everyone acknowledging the girls loved each other as sisters, and this would allow Sookie to have another person to talk to, besides her mates or Pam.

Eric and Godric call their family group, their nest. This is a belief encouraged by all of them. A nest is important to a vampire; after their Makers/ Children, a nest is the second most trusted thing by a vampire.  And this nest is of family, more than others, therefore they are all more trusting of each other.

All these thoughts run through Sookie’s brain as she looks at the vampire in front of her, this vampire that could possibly harm her nest.  This makes her resolute that he will do nothing to her nest.  No one will harm her nest or mates…

Bill looks over the telepath in front of him, as he answers her, “Do you have any of that synthetic bottled blood?”

He is hoping that her cousin is right and she cannot read the minds of vampires or all this will be for nothing.  He has given up his lifestyle, his pleasure, for the Queen. And any pleasure to be had from the blonde waitress is questionable at best.  She is a virgin and he hates to break in virgins.

Bill would have never agreed to this plan if it hadn’t been for the assurances that no one will suspect a thing, and Godric is unusually giving towards this Child.  Frankly, he spoils her, but Bill, nor anyone else, would go willingly against the vampire nicknamed Death, unless they had a surefire way to protect themselves.  No matter how kind and how much he spoils Sookie, Godric is not one to make angry, much less face to face. A couple of countries and seas might give enough time for a vampire to try to hide.

Proof, Bill thought, of how much Godric gives in to this Potential Child, is that Sookie is allowed to work in this god forsaken bar. No other vampire would allow their Child to work in this bar, owned by a shifter no less. Nor would they allow the Child to remain in their birthplace, while they resided elsewhere.  From all accounts Sookie has no idea how lenient her Maker is.

Bill has been carefully trained to be as close to the Southern Gentleman as her cousin had told them that Sookie dreamed about.  The Queen had assassinated his last living relative to give him a believable reason to be in Area Five.  He had just made his way into town, making sure that his arrival was too late to report to Eric in person.  His excuse was that he was mainstreaming and wanting to get a drink. Bill needs every chance he can get, to try and steal Sookie from her Maker.

He answers the blonde idiot girl’s questions, all the while inhaling the pure scent of her.  Eric’s scent is overlaid over her own delectable scent, as well as Godric’s, but both are faint. ‘Excellent, I can just say I didn’t smell them.’

Bill smiles at her as she leaves to get a bottle of True Blood for him.  This should be easy to make her fall for him, as naïve as she is, he thinks.  Once she has, Godric will have no choice but to accede to her wishes to remain with him, as Godric acquiesces to all her wishes.  Why would this one be any different?

As he begins to feel as though this will be easier than he thought, his thoughts are blown away when the door to the bar slams shut behind a Viking vampire.

Sookie grins and hugs Eric as he arrives. He is a normal occurrence here in the bar, Godric also shows up to check on her and how Sam is treating her.  In reality, they are trying to make the residents of Bon Temp use to vampires, making it  possible for her to come back if she wishes.

Eric acts as though he puts up with her as he always does, indulging his Maker’s instructions to be nice to his future sibling.  Inside, he is grinning at his mate.  He sends her his love and adoration as well as a promise that he will spend some time with her.  They will need to arrange as much time in private, since their plan is starting, Eric will need to be more careful.  No one can see that he actually cares for her.  They need to think he is just obeying his Maker.

Sookie looks up at him, her affections open to him.  “Good Evening, Eric!  Is this a visit, or did Godric need something?”  She is returning the same feelings to him, hating that Eric will have to act all cold to her in public, until this is all over.  She will miss the glances and soft touches.

Eric glances over to the shifter; Sam was a partial associate in their plans.  Godric had made the designation, feeling as though he will keep an eye on Sookie. This way, if the vampire tries anything here in the bar, not only does most of their nest and friends frequent here, Sam is known as a shifter to the Supe world.  They are hoping that will deter any incidents from happening at the bar.

Sam nods to him, “Good evening, Eric.” He glances over to the other vampire then to Sookie, knowing that Eric will get the message.

Eric smirks acknowledging the message, “Evening, Sam.  How’s business?”  If it was not for Sookie texting him, he had received texts from Sam, Tara, Jason and Hoyt.  He says nothing about it, but makes note of the loyalty they all showed.

Sookie picks up on the outside meaning of the question and laughs as she tells Eric, “You know I will not work at Fangtasia, Eric.  As I told Godric, the drive is too long back and forth, and I won’t leave Grams by herself.”  She gives a scathing look over to Jason.

Jason holds up his hands as though saying he is innocent as he comments to her, “Sooks, I try to stop by, but I work!”  He knocks Hoyt in the back of the head since he could not reach Rene.

Eric shakes his head, knowing that he needs to remind Jason to make sure he stays away for awhile.  It had taken awhile for both Godric and he to trust Jason.  But Jason, understanding that the two of them are going nowhere, that they are the reason that his Grams is not as stressed about money, and his sister is happier, is enough to trust him.  As time went by, the nest has learned that Jason had basically been brainwashed by their mother that Sookie was evil.  Jason couldn’t understand how his sister was evil, she is always so kind to him, but surely his momma wouldn’t lie to him?  The shock of reality had rocked him to his core.  He now, along with Hoyt, are two of her protectors.

Sookie is shaking her head at Jason, turning her attention back to Eric. “So did Godric need something?”

Eric takes her arm and ushers her to an empty table and after seating her, he lounges in the seat across her.  He looks her over then tells her, “Godric sends his love and his normal reminder to you, not to work too hard.  And if you need anything let me know, and I will see to it.  The reason I am here is that you have not come by Fangtasia like you are supposed to.  Do I need to remind you of your agreement to stay here?”  His look is definitely leering, wanting to give the impression that he wants in her pants.  Of course, in reality, he really does, but they want to give the impression that to Sookie, Eric is a brother, while Eric wants nothing to do with her but sexually.

And here is the beginning of the plan.  Sookie has guards, Were guards at all times, but this is not unusual, not with a Potential Child to a Vampire of Godric’s stature.  She also has guards that no Vampire will be able to scent out.  That is because of what she is, along as to whom all claims her.  None of them want their Sookie hurt.  That is a no brainer for all of them. But they need to let this vampire know that Sookie has some restrictions on her that she ‘doesn’t like’ and is extremely sexually naïve to Eric.  It was all nonsense since Sookie loves Fangtasia and actually has helped both Eric and Pam out whenever she comes by, not to mention how much the three desire each other.

Sookie sighs and looking away from Eric, comments, “I will, Eric.  I have until the end of the month to come.” Looking nothing but a petulant child pushing her boundaries.

Eric shakes his head as he leans forward, his hands clasped in front of him as he stares at her. “Sookie, my Master is being lenient with you.  If you were my Potential Child, you would be at my side at all times.  While I don’t agree with his treatment of you, I will follow his directives given to me in regards to you.  Or would you rather me tell him how you are really acting?” In reality, if it had not been for the prophecy, Eric and Sookie would either be in Texas or Godric would be here in Louisiana, together at each other’s side.   The separation between them all as mates is painful, but with Sookie’s life dependent on them pulling this off, they give her their blood and wait for the day that they can finally exchange blood and mate.

Knowing how badly Eric really wants her by his side at all time, Sookie slouches slightly, then looks up at Eric beseechingly, “I will be there soon.  Please don’t tell Godric.”

Eric smiles, knowing that this makes their mate laugh, but he just tells her, “Be there soon. Now, I smell a vampire that has not been to check in.  Where is he?”  This is said harsher, but Eric is not happy that any vampire cannot follow procedure and check in with his Sheriff.  Even worse, this vampire instead comes to his mate’s work?

Time for him to get to work.

Final count, 4,459 words.

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  1. Megan aka USrockerchick

    Interesting chapter with the back story and all. I can see you’re setting us up for a wild ride! Only one main issue…. It seemed like you repeated stuff a lot. Especially when writing about the potential child or mate stuff. Otherwise, great chapter and I’ll make sure to keep my arms and legs in the vehicle at all times on this ride!:-)

    • kittyinaz

      Thanks for the information. You know I am coming out of a long term hiatus, so I appreciate the heads up. LOL… It will be a wild ride. I can’t wait to write it!!! =o)

      • Kittyinaz

        Fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

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    I’m working on a banner, but may need a few more chapters from you to inspire me some more *grin*

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      Thanks for the input and compliments. And yes much less nerve grating than the one from the show. Much Much less I am hoping. And I was planning on letting you know once I got a few more chapters up, I was not counting the prologue as one since that was mostly set up. As is Chapter 1. I will be posting another chapter after I get some more moved over for my beta to post for the other stories. The current one I am updating was done back when I was new to writing, and it is taking alot of editing just to fix the verb tenses. Once I get more posted, I will hop over to my reward story. This one is just pouring out of my fingers to write, so much easier!

      Also I rec’d you, forgot to warn you. But then, from you I am finding alot of other writers on here I enjoy. Thank you!!!

      Thanks again!!!
      Wendy =o)

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      I love them also. So I wanted to get them on it. In a few chapters it will be heavy into Eric/Sookie and Godric, but you will understand. They all have their places!

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