Chapter 10 Harder to Find What is Right


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Eric takes Sookie’s face and turns it to him as he lowers his mouth to her ear, “I am eagerly awaiting our time for tonight. Unfortunately, we have to go downstairs to see what you can get out of the drainers as per our agreement.” He kisses the skin below her ear, then drops his hands, one capturing her hand to pull her behind him.

“Eric!! Let go of me!” Sookie yells, as though she is exasperated with his handling of her.

When she glances back at Godric for help, he tells her, “Remember, I fully approve of my Children being mated to each other. Makes life easier for me. Plus this amuses me. I may have been too lenient with you, my Child.” He chuckles as he and Thalia follow Eric and Sookie to the basement.

Her cries for help are drowned out as the three vampires take her down for the torture of the Rattrays and then completely silenced once the door closes on Sookie’s fate.



Once Sookie is in the basement with the door shut, Eric pulls her into his arms for a kiss. His mouth slants over hers, her mouth opening for his immediately. The two of them moan as Eric pulls her closer, their bodies melding into one as their tongues duel for dominancy. Sookie’s hands cradle his head in hers as Eric moves one of his from her lower back up to her head to hold her tighter, not allowing his lover to move away.

Godric moves behind Sookie, waiting for his turn. His arm reaching around and cradles Eric’s head as he shows their mate his need for her as he crushes her between the two of them.  He kisses her neck and shoulders, while rubbing his hardened cock into her as Eric does the same from the front.  His other hand pushing it’s way between their bodies to cup her breast, to pull on the already hardened nipple.

The two of them are turned on heavily and everything inside of them had screamed for their mate as they had received confirmation of the plans made against her. They couldn’t even slake their needs with each other since they were saying Eric is Sookie’s mate. While Makers and Children often are sexual —and there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Eric and Godric have been sexual with each other, and will continue with Sookie— they didn’t want Bill using it against them. They are trying to maintain Sookie’s innocence in his eyes. They want him to try to use their sexuality against them, telling her that this will be her fate if she does not go with him.  The more nonsense they can give Bill to try to use against them, the better it is.  This way there will be little truth that Sookie will not be prepared for.

Eric backs Sookie, and therefore their Maker, into the wall, only releasing her mouth to nibble down her throat as Godric pulls her head so that he can take over the kiss. Eric is barely retaining his mind from stripping her here and now and to take his mate. ’Fan, jag undrar om Märkena växer? Vårt behov för varje andra är att få vara smärtsamma, eller är det för Godric är här med oss? Mina älskare ….’ (Damn, I wonder if the Marks are growing? Our need for each other is getting to be painful, or is it because Godric is here with us? My lovers….)

Godric growls as he feels both of his mates’ lust rise. He too wonders if the Marks are influencing them also. With barely there restraint, he relents on his kiss, his mouth hovering over her lips, his eyes closed to help him gain control as he mutters to them both, “Mina älskare måste vi vänta på detta tills förhöret är klar. Då vi kommer tillbaka till vårt rum och skiffer vår lust i varandra så ofta vi behöver till gryningen kommer.” (My lovers, we need to hold off on this until the interrogation is done. Then we will return to our room and slate our lust in each other as often as we need until dawn comes.)

With those words, Sookie and Eric allow more space between the two of them. Eric helping Godric to restore their mates clothing to its place.  The three of them, breathing heavily, look at each other with Sookie resting against Godric as Eric lowers his forehead to hers. Godric holds them both, his own forehead resting on Sookie’s shoulder, allowing them all to feel each other. He finally tells them, “We will need to talk later.”

With a nod, Eric kisses Sookie one last time then heads down into the basement. They have some information to gather.

None of them look at Thalia, she just smiles at what she had just seen.  With any luck, this will mean her Lord will be soon on this plane and they can commence with what needs to be done.  Until then, displays like the one that had just happened will be looked forward to.  She follows the three to see the two humans who dared to hurt her charge.  Hopefully Godric and Eric will allow her some time in torturing her since she missed out on Compton.

Down below in the Basement, Denise and Mack are shaking as they watch the four make their way to them. Sookie they knew, and they had watched her bargain with the tall vampire they have been itching for a way to capture and drain for awhile. Unfortunately, or fortunately for them, something always seemed to happen and they never got their chance.

Before leaving them for her Masters and Mistress’ revenge, Pam had removed their blindfolds once Compton had been blindfolded. She had wanted her Master’s artwork to be appreciated by others before being removed, even though the water had smudged the paint, the overall effect is still there for the breathers to enjoy.

Pam had hummed contently to herself as she had cleaned up, making sure that nothing that Eric had used earlier had any vampire blood on it.  No need for them to get any to heal before they wanted them too.  She was also imagining in getting one of the pictures enlarged to hang in her room here.  She will enjoy the reminder of how Compton was brought low.  She is hoping it will be just one in a long line.

 When they had been freed from the blindfolds, both of them had been sickened by what they witnessed. And this had been on one of their own!!  It had brought home how brutal the vampires are really.  All that shit that the lady vampire had said on TV was one big fucking lie.

Of the four making their way to them now, it is the quiet one beside them that gives them the willies. They had heard his calm comments during the time Compton had been tortured and also before when Sookie had been down here arguing against the blonde one to not harm Compton.

His intense look at them have them wondering what he has against them and why he had been so fierce in guarding Sookie last night. They didn’t give much belief in the whole Potential Child shit when the vampers had come out of the coffin. It sounded like a way for the vampers to gain fuck buddies is all.

The fourth vampire is new to them, but Mack smiles at her, thinking, ‘Tha’s right lit’le lady.  You and Sookie can just ride me to wherever you like.  Specially with that ass and those plump lips going up and down my cock.’

Sookie shudders with his thoughts and both Godric and Eric send her their love, knowing it is probably something one of the two cretins in front of them thought.  Godric’s hand caresses her back before moving to Eric’s side as they come up to the humans.

The four stop in front of the two drainers. Eric is quietly growling, his fangs down as he remembers how much pain these two humans have caused to their mate. He cannot help himself and moves slightly in front of his mate, having an arm drop back to hold her behind him.

Godric is feeling the same, and lets loose of his aura, the one that not only holds the backing of his 2,000 years, but also that which made him so powerful, even as a newborn. That which made him gain the nickname Angel of Death.


His skin, always paler than a normal vampire, becomes almost white as the aspect of the Angel of Death falls on his shoulders, making the tattoos showing even more visible on him. The time spent since they found Sookie had not only been spent training and loving her, it had also led to his own regained memories of his past. He is the son of Death and in front of him are two humans that harmed his mate.

Mack and Denise cower before Godric. Their minds not being able to comprehend the instincts from their ancestors telling them that this is a being to either fear and beg for mercy, or to worship as more as they will ever be.

Seeing them and knowing that Godric will cause them more terror this way, Eric tells Godric, “Take care of them, min kompis. I will only help when necessary.” Eric vamps away to grab a chair they had down here for Sookie. It is a red wingback chair, more suited for sitting in front of a fire, or for reading a book in.  This chair is however reinforced so that Sookie can be seated in case she is needed to be here for torture sessions because of her telepathy, but it has silver in the back and even has some stakes and chains in different areas easily assessable in case something tries to attack her as she sits here. Eric leads his lady to the chair and seats her in it, then stands beside her, guarding her.

Thalia is on the other side of the chair, standing slightly sideways so she can check behind them and make sure nothing enters the basement without her being aware of it.  However, she doesn’t want to miss a minute of her Lord’s son taking on his aspect as the Angel of Death, Son of Death. She has waited centuries to see this and is honored to be one of the few that have been blessed with it.

Godric stares down at the two humans below him. He is working to keep his mind and not allowing the aspect to take over completely. For now at least, once they get the information they are looking for, nothing will stop him from rending his revenge from their very bones. No one hurts what is his. Ever. His hands flex as he battles to keep himself aware, he is unaware of his shoulders flexing also, as though there is something there moving with his own movements.

Shaking his head at the two drainers, Eric remarks to Sookie, “They truly have no idea who you are or who they angered when they hurt you, do they?” His head is slightly cocked to the side, as though he is examining a mouse’s reaction to the cat hunting it.

A small smile on her face as she leans her head into his side, “None. Godric, you will need to tone it down just a bit. Even their minds are starting to break.” She wishes she could purr as Eric runs his hands through her hair as she rests against him.  She has always enjoyed the feeling of the two of them doing this and it never fails that when she leans against one this way they always run their hands through it.  It also helps with the pain she is feeling from the fear screaming from the two humans in front of her.  She can lose some of it in Eric.

Godric is on the knife’s edge between being himself or being the Angel of Death.  He nods his head in acknowledgement of what Eric said, but feeling his father’s approval of his anger, he tells them with a smirk, “It doesn’t matter now.  Either way we can get the information we need. Father has agreed.”  The look in his eyes as he stares at the two cowering before him makes them both drop their eyes.

Eric starts chuckling as he tells the two Rattrays in front of him as he keeps both himself and his mates calm with running his hand through Sookie’s hair, its not only calming, but something about it feels good to all three.  He projects the effect to Godric and sees his Maker’s eyes fall as he is hit with that combination. His voice is full of the humor he is seeing in this situation as he tells them, “Oh, now you have done it. You attacked not only Godric’s future child, but our future mate and even more importantly, the Devil himself’s daughter-in-law. He likes her. A lot.”  His grin is pure evil as he stares down at the two shits below him.

Denise starts babbling, “The Devil’s daughter-in-law? What type of fucked up shit are you trying to tell us. There is no devil.” She is shaking in her collar and chains as she tries to make sense of the nightmare she has somehow found herself in.

Godric starts walking around the two, taking in more than just their outward appearance as he speaks.  With what Eric is sending is enough to help him with the knife’s edge he is walking.  His father actually would love him to take his aspect more, but he understands and sends his son support as well. “Well, you would be correct. He is actually Death, himself. But as he rules the Underworld where your soul goes and is the one is charge of punishing your soul, your Christian beliefs call him Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil. And he does love my mates, especially Sookie, and because of the harm you have done to her, you have gained his personal regard. Not something most people wish for.” Godric is listening to what their very souls are telling him.

This is not something Godric allows very often. This aspect of who he is can gauge the very souls of a being in front of him and is able to judge them. But to do so, he would actually experience the things that leave marks on a soul. This can be painful if done to ones like the two in front of him. He doesn’t want that pain tonight since Eric has linked them all together trying to help, but they have found in the past, if they are this close, any pain they feel flows through them all.  For instance, they both can feel Sookie’s pain from the Rattrays basically screaming in her head.  Eric, by projecting the feeling he has from doing what he is doing is also drawing the pain from Sookie and sharing it between all of them.

The side affect from this is if Godric takes on the judging of the two souls without getting Eric to separate them, they will feel the agonies that he does from the souls in front of him.  Not something he is willing to subject his mates to, much less himself.  So this time he is using the ability to kind of leaf through their souls and see if he can gain any answers from that.  It is something that he has only tried to do since Sookie was reborn.  When his father had trained him before, he had mentioned that it may be possible.  Godric has worked hard since then trying to do it.

However, this same ability has allowed him to understand what Sookie has gone through in her life. While not actually experiencing the events, she is bombarded by their thoughts her entire life. And as he and Eric are feeling now, she does suffer pain because of the ability.  He feels more of a connection to his mate because of these abilities they have.

It makes him wonder about Eric. Godric has the ability to see and judge the souls, Sookie to read the minds of those around her. His father had told him that Eric has his own power. And what makes him wonder even more what Eric will have? It is the fact that once they are Mated, they will gain aspects of each other, per Niall.

Sookie shifts in her chair, trying to get closer to Eric and his void as she reads the thoughts of Denise and Mack. They are frightened so badly their thoughts are often just screams of terror. Glancing at Godric, she can see the otherworldly look to him. She knows how frightening it can be. But once you meet Godric’s father, this is nothing. And as Eric has teased her and told the two in front of them, Hades loves her. In fact, she is to call him Hades, after he learned she loved Hercules as a child. It is one of his names, and one he does not mind using with her. However, after he appeared to watched Hercules with her when it came out from Disney, he told her he loved the voice of Hades, but hated the portrayal.  And no matter how much she begged, he never caught his head on fire for her. Not once.

Godric pulls his eyes from the two, growling. He has seen what they have done to those of his kind, the pain they caused his mate while experiencing their pleasure in the pain they had given her and her screams of pain. But it did not give him what he needs. He asks them flatly, “Who is your buyer in Dallas?”

Mack is stupefied with his fear of the man in front of him and cannot answer. His mind is just one long scream as he looks into the glowing eyes of the man in front of him.

However, Denise’s eyes widen, and then glance at Sookie, ‘I always knew that bitch could read minds. Just never thought she had any brains to go with it. But too many clues were dropped; she answered things that she should not have known when she was a kid. Shit I bet she is reading me right now.  Bitch, once I get out of this, and I always do, I will cut you and watch you bleed…’

Sighing, Sookie shook her head, muttering, “I hope that more people have forgotten that. But it really doesn’t matter since the cat is out of the bag anyways.” She leans more into Eric, and Eric stops his petting to press her lightly to him in comfort, before going back to running his hands through her hair.  Now he makes sure he runs his fingertips in an almost constant massage on her scalp.  He and Godric know that when it is painful to her, their physical touch helps mute the voices.  It doesn’t help as much down here when all she is listening is to the two people in front of them, but any bit helps.

Looking down at his mate, Eric asks, “What did the whore think?” His voice is soft to his mate, reassuring as his touch is.

Taking a deep breath, Sookie tells them, “She just put together all the things she remembered from my childhood. I told you before that is one bad thing about a small town, every odd thing is repeated and my inability to hide my telepathy and the mistakes I made were just gossip fodder for them.”  She closes her eyes and just accepts the love and comfort she is receiving from both.  At times like these, she wonders how much closer they will be once they are mated.

Godric smirks, and answers in a heavily accented voice, “But it will not matter, meine Liebe (my love) . Soon will be the time that we will leave this town and its bigotry behind.”  He looks down at the human before him. “But back to the matter at hand, who buys the V from you in Dallas? The V you were going to get from Compton.”  He needs to know so he can prepare if it is the person they think is behind it all.

Sookie sees the face, but no name. “Godric, I can see the face, but they never were given a name.” Then she hesitates.

Godric turns to her, and ask gently, “Liebling (darling)?” He knows how hard and frustrating it is for her to seemingly to know everything, but then is brought up short by the minds of the people she is looking at.

She looks into his eyes, “I know the face, but I cannot remember who it is.”  She frowns as she tries to remember the circumstances that she had first viewed the face, but it could have been anything.  It may have been nothing to do with her, instead being something her mates are involved with and she had been sitting on Eric’s lap as he worked.

Growling, Godric turns back to the two. He debates out loud, knowing his father is listening. “What to do with you two. Do I torture them now, to gain the pleasure of revenge against those that harmed my Mate, or to send you to final judgment at my father’s hands?” His eyes glow with his father’s input on which he would prefer, but he and his father know that no matter what, Death will receive them one way or the other.

Chuckling, Eric muses, “That is a dilemma, my Master. But I know how your father feels about Sookie, and we do want to spend some time with our little one did we not?”  His eye glow slightly with the thought of pleasuring his little love and making that headache go away.

Godric nods his head, then looks down at the two at his feet. “While this will be quick on our end, the torture and pain you will suffer will soothe my soul for awhile. My Mate is right. Time spent with the two of them is much more valuable than you two. Tell my Father hello from his sons and daughter.” And with this, Godric broke the necks of the two drainers, ending their story here on earth.

Final count, 3,821 words.


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