Chapter 11 When Caught in the Undertow


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Growling, Godric turns back to the two. He debates out loud, knowing his father is listening. “What to do with you two. Do I torture them now, to gain the pleasure of revenge against those that harmed my Mate, or to send you to final judgment at my father’s hands?” His eyes glow with his father’s input on which he would prefer, but he and his father know that no matter what, Death will receive them one way or the other.

Chuckling, Eric muses, “That is a dilemma, my Master. But I know how your father feels about Sookie, and we do want to spend some time with our little one did we not?” His eye glow slightly with the thought of pleasuring his little love and making that headache go away.

Godric nods his head, then looks down at the two at his feet. “While this will be quick on our end, the torture and pain you will suffer will soothe my soul for awhile. My Mate is right. Time spent with the two of them is much more valuable than you two. Tell my Father hello from his sons and daughter.” And with this, Godric broke the necks of the two drainers, ending their story here on earth.


In the Underworld, the clouds and mist obscure the Citadel of Death, deafening the cries of his ravens as they take wing as a black crowd around the grey stones of the citadel.  The citadel itself defiantly sits on a cliff overlooking the valley of the shadow of death, the waters that form the rivers of death flowing down the cliffs to separate into their respective rivers, all getting their birth from Hades’ own oasis.


As two ravens descend upon the throne room, carrying two souls that are being delivered specifically to the God of Death for judgment from his son, Hades rubs his hands in glee for these particular two souls.  They will find out what it means to offend the Gods.


He has tried to keep an eye on his son and his mates in the world above, but lately there has been so much going on that he has just lost track of time.  Imagine his shock when he felt his son take on his aspect of the Angel of Death. Godric never likes taking on his aspect as his son, it reminds of him of the pain that he had carried for millennia when Sookie was taken from him. And whenever he assumes the mantel of the Angel of Death, Hades is always notified.

Hades’ only son is Godric. He had been craving life itself only after a few eons of taking on his duties.  Hades had looked upon the earth and been amazed by the life on it since he had helped form the planet and realm, only having heard in passing what is happening from the beings that worshipped him.  Since the beginning, his duties as the Lord over the Underworld had consumed him, but, as he watched the Earth, he heard some of his worshipper’s requests of him and one woman had attracted his attention with her wishes for permission to have an offspring.

After watching, and deciding that he wished for a son, he visited the woman and upon her willingness to bear his son, he granted her Godric.  When Godric was born, he had appeared and formally acknowledged him as his son, and laid his hand upon him to bestow his aspect to him, marking him on his shoulder.  Since then he had watched carefully over his son, making sure that he was well, being as active in his life as he could, being a God banned from being physically in the earthly realm.

Godric had grown and achieved more than even Hades had hoped, with the deeds of his life; deeds that are permanently inked on his body. Hades had been there, reigning over the ceremony, when he had achieved chieftainship over the tribe.  He had also been there when Godric took his wife, his soul mate, being the one who joined the two of them and blessed their union.

For a time after the ceremony, Hades had been pulled away by problems in the Underworld, however, before he had left, he had given his son a way to call him if he needed him.  Hades had been waiting for a couple more years, to allow his son and new daughter time to have children before bringing them to him to help rule the Underworld, neither to age beyond a certain point.

Unfortunately, this time was when Godric’s wife and true soul mate was taken from him.  Godric had fallen into grief, and only later was barely able to call his father.  By then, it was too late, and after talking to the Fairy, the one who claimed to be the great grandfather of his new daughter, it had been determined to bring Godric to the Underworld.

Only after this had been accomplished had the two of them become aware of the prophecy that contained Godric’s and Sookie’s fate.  Hades had been in a rage that he had been kept uninformed of anything that had to do with his son.  Godric had been inconsolable during this time and only Hades’ will itself had kept him from giving up.  His son became what they called a vampire.

But in reality, Godric is more than a vampire.  He has, at this time, some of the weaknesses of them, and he shares with them a lot of their magic, but he is the son of Death, and he is truly what they call the Angel of Death.  Vampires in reality are poor shadows of Godric.  They are Hades servants on Earth, but he has never called them into his service, therefore leaving few to know their true purpose. Godric has yet to come into his full powers, nor has any of his bloodline.  To become all that they can be, it will take Godric being reunited with his soul mate.a-spark

But Sookie’s soul had gone vast changes between the time that Mab had taken her and her rebirth as this incarnation.  And while it will never change that Godric and she are soul mates, Eric is needed to be in the equation to balance them both out.  Eric was always meant to be, but neither the Fates nor everyone else could figure out how the son of the Angel of Death will also be his mate.


But once Godric had felt the call to make Eric his Child on that long forgotten field, all the pieces started to fall into place.  The only thing that has been called into question is why neither Godric nor Eric had been Marked if Godric had been called to make him.  Now the Gods know that it was because Sookie needed to be there.  Godric and Eric have always thought that the Marks will somehow let them know when to turn Sookie, but in reality it will happen the night they Mate.

That night the three of them will all transform in the ground.  Hades’ ground, as the Earth is his element.   At the time they enter their sleep, Hades will pull them all into the Underworld and watch over their transformations.  And then the Prophecy will be upon them.

Hades grins as he taps his fingers on his throne.  He will be free upon the realm of the earth for the first time since the realms were brought into being.  All the Gods will be free to roam the Earth, and humankind will be brought to answer for the wounds they have caused on the Earth itself.

He chuckles.   The crowd of souls below him stir uneasily as they watch him. They are the few, the ones who have served him well upon their tenure on the Earth and their reward was to be in his presence.  To not be dipped in one of the Rivers, to not have to walk the valley as lost souls, instead they retain who they were and join in on occasion for the punishment of the few souls who were unlucky to be judged by him personally.

Hades muses that humankind has amazed him with all the names that they have given him and the others.  Even Godric is mentioned by the Egyptians in their pantheon of Gods.  He is what they attributed the aspect of Anubis to, with his ability to be able to judge a soul.  This being the aspect of Hades that he gave to Godric when he was born, but only part of what his son will be capable of.

His attention was pulled from his thoughts by his son.  Feeling the questions of his son, he sends his reassurance that he will take care of the two humans on their way to him and will get the answers that the three need.  He also sends his love to all three of them, wishing the time he can appear to them in person, instead as the ghostly being they have been shown in the past, was close at hand.

The two ravens drop their burdens in front of the throne and wing to perch on either side of Hades, to watch the proceedings with interest.

Denise and Mack Rattray find themselves in a great hall with a crowd of people backing away from them.  They feel a gaze upon them and they turn to find a man sitting on a throne on a dais in front of them.

The man has dark hair, hazel eyes, and a wiry build.  His hair is short, and he is wearing a light colored suit. His posture on the Throne was one of leisure and as though he finds the two beings in front of him to be of some interest to him.  He stands out from everyone else in the throne room; in fact he  would stand out in any place having an otherworldly aspect around him, that reminds them of something they had just experienced.

The man smirks at the two in front of them, leaning on one arm as he rests his head on the tips of his fingers, as he asks them, “So what is your story going to be?”  His voice is full but has a gravelly aspect to it.

Denise, being the smarter of the two, asks him, “I am sorry, I have no idea what you are askin’ much less where I am.”  The man in front of her demanded respect.  Not something she is used to giving anyone.

The man’s smirk gets larger.  He tells them, “You are where you belong.  Now tell me why I should be nice to you.” He sits back in his chair, awaiting their excuses.

Mack jumps at the guy, as he spits out, “Fuckhead, we don’t need to tell you anything.” His face is snarling, rebelling against the authority inherent in the being.

The man chuckles as he waves his hand.  The two souls are grabbed before Mack can make any headway and forced to the foot of the dais to kneel at the man’s feet. The Enforcers were dressed in suits, looking like nothing more than the secret service, however their grips were as stone on the two souls.

Struggling against their grips, Denise exclaims, “What is going on?”

The man sighs. He had hoped that the two would somewhat entertain his court, but as usual, they failed his simple expectations.  “My son sent you to me.  What you need to be figuring out is how you are going to please me.  Right now you have a lot to atone for, and I am not feeling very lenient at this time with anyone who attacks my family.”

Mack jerks in the arms of the two Enforcers holding him down, things adding up in his head.  “Wait, you be telling me you are the Devil?”  His eyes widen, this man in front of him reminds him nothing of the Devil, which in his mind looks a lot like the Lord of Darkness.

Crossing his leg over his other, Hades looks down at the two.  “I prefer the name my daughter calls me, Hades.  You Christians have made my life worse since you have decided that I am evil.  I truly have no idea why you think that.”

A velvety rich voice calls out to him, “It is because of the idea of someone judging them.  They somehow think it is evil.”


Hades looks up and smiles at the man coming towards him. “Niall.  Welcome to the Underworld.  I take it you are here because of these two also?”

Niall walks up the middle, the souls making room for him.  He is dressed all in black with his ice blue eyes sparkling up at his friend.  He does a mock bow in front of him as he says, “Of course it is.  I cannot let anyone who hurts my great granddaughter go unpunished, now can I?” His eyes flash as he mentions Sookie.

Denise and Mack are caught in between the two of them and just stare.  Denise can’t help but comment, “What is it with the suits?”

Niall throws his head back in laughter. He cannot help but be delighted by the two in front of him.  “You are here being judged, which by the way is not going well in your favor, and you want to know what it is with the suits?”

Hades is grinning.  “I see why you interact with them so much.” He actually is looking forward to this.  Niall is… unique in his punishments.

Niall grins up at Hades, telling him, “Shhh.  We don’t need to be telling any secrets yet.”  He claps his hands in front of him and asks, “So what are we going to do with these two.” He rubs his hands together gleefully as he examines the two in front of him.

Hades settles in his chair.  “Godric sent them here.  Eric had asked a question of him, and he asked me for a favor to be able to indulge Eric.” His eyes gleam for a second but is quickly gone.

Laughing, Niall starts to pace with his hands behind him as he asks with a smirk, “Let me guess.  With Eric asking, I don’t want to be checking in with them anytime soon. Not unless I want to be embarrassing Sookie.  Of course that has a thrill all its own to see what she will try to do to me this time.”

Both Hades and Niall grin at each over Sookie’s imagination at trying to harm her ancestor.  She has, over time, thrown a variety of objects at him over his taunts.

Mack and Denise are just shocked.  Denise finally snaps, “Wait, first you say you are the devil, so does that mean that quiet vamp was your son?  And what about that bitch?” She is remembering her threats to Sookie and wonders if there is a way to escape from wherever this place is.  That motherfucker deserves to be tortured for putting her in this mad asylum in the first place.

The throne room darkens as both Niall and Hades glower at the two souls in front of them.  Hades growls out, “Be careful you little bitch on what you call my daughter!”

Neither of the beings are very tolerant of anyone talking about Sookie in any negative manner.  They have over the millennia that they had to war upon Mab to get Sookie back, become close in their wish to save Sookie from any further pain.  She and Godric have suffered enough.

Niall stalks in front of the two scared souls, his eyes glowing as he too growls out, “I would watch what you are saying right about now.  This is not a good time to make either of us mad.” His jaw is set as he stares at them.

Everyone in the throne room have backed away from the two, making it clear that they are on their own. If the two beings in front of them decide the destroy their souls, they don’t want the power back lashing and wiping them out.

Mack finally realizes that all is not as it seems as he tells Denise, “Shut the fuck up.  This is not the time to be mouthing off to these people.”

Niall has by this time moved and is standing on the dais with Hades.  He throws an amused glance at Hades. “Now he gets it.”  He puts his hands in his pockets and leans against the wall behind the throne under the two ravens who perched there.

Laughing, Hades tells them, “Yes, Mack and Denise.  This is not the time to be mouthing off to us.  What you are going to do is tell us what Godric wants to know.  One way or the other.  And we know what you did to Sookie, so you better make it good.  Because the hell I am envisioning for you will not be one you have imagined in your worst nightmares.  I know, because I am the one that sent them…”

Denise and Mack stare up at the two men in front of them as both of their eyes start glowing as they eagerly await the beginning of the torture of the two in front of them.  The rest of Hade’s court rustles as they too anticipate the pain of the ones that have hurt their Princess.

Hades then leans forward.  “Now then.  Why don’t we start with flaying?”

Niall’s grin stretches as he agrees with his longtime friend.  “Then we can see how far they can stretch as we salt their bodies.  I’ve always wondered if their muscles and tendons would become jerky…”

By this time, there is nothing to be overheard as the screaming began… The two ravens eagerly peering down at the sites below them.  They always love to hear the screaming.  It often led to treats for the two of them.


Sookie is in Eric’s arms as they make their way down the stairs to the lair below.  Sookie rests her head under Eric’s and he takes a second to lightly kiss her head.  He can feel her contentment as he smiles at the love that is also flowing through her.

Moving after Godric as they enter the room, Eric takes a second to look at his mate in his arms.  He was truly shocked all those years ago when all it took was a single look in the brown eyes of the woman in his arms to have him wrapped around her finger.  His love for Godric was unusual and had been remarked upon on how close the two are.  But Sookie… Sookie was a new experience to him at the time.  He truly loves her with every fiber of his being.  And at the same time, he loves Godric just as much.  When this happened, he had prayed to his gods that night that there was a solution.

When Godric had admitted to Eric that he too felt the pull of a Mate towards his little one, Eric was for a second jealous.  Then relieved.  He was jealous that he has to share the love of the woman who completes him, but relieved that his prayers were answered and he didn’t have to make a choice between the two of them.  Eric is greedy; he didn’t want to let either of them go.

The more information that was found after that, like Sookie being Godric’s mate in the past when he was human, well as human as he could be, then finding out that Godric’s father and Maker, Hades the God of the Dead himself had joined them together as husband and wife.  At first, Eric felt left out.  How can Sookie ever be his if she is Godric’s, that the gods themselves had decreed their joining?

Luckily for him, Niall and Hades had appeared to him one night when the issue was weighing on him more heavily.  Both of them were their ghostly selves that they always been, but they had taken the time that night and talked with him.  They explained that while Mab had Sookie’s soul for all those years  —then her soul being transferred to Hades for safe keeping until they could have her reincarnated— had changed Sookie.  She needed more than Godric.  Godric is affectionate, but not to the level that Sookie is going to need.  She will need to be constantly assured of their love, to be made aware that they love her for whom she is, not what she is.  And Eric will be instrumental in this.  He will be the one giving the love, the affection she needs, and he will be the one to teach Godric how to love her again, and how to love his mates.

Godric had spent the years on Earth as a vampire getting his revenge for it taking away his other half.  But at the same time, he had no idea why he was doing this.  Godric’s soul had changed during that time.  While he had always been vengeful to those that deserved it, this had caused him to be darker, more ruthless.  Eric had changed that.  Eric had called him back to himself enough to be able to first turn him, then to love Eric.  But his love had been rough, but Eric could handle it, even relish it.  It took those long years for them both to learn to be gentler, but at the same time, it hardened both of them to be able to do what needed to be done without losing their control.

So while Sookie is essential to both vampires’ souls, Eric is essential to the emotions of the three.  His heart, like Sookie’s, has always been large.  That is why he is so cold to everyone, because once you are in his heart; he loves with all he is.  Only three have received this unconditional love from him; Godric, Sookie and his child Pam.

The fact that Niall and Hades had spent the time to explain this to him, to help him resolve the conflicts in his very being, had made him feel as though both men were father figures to him.  Eric accepted this without conflict.  Godric is his mate, his love who happens to be his maker and his brother.  But never has he been his father.  That never fit him.  But these two beings, they feel as though they were his fathers. And in reality, they had been more of a father to him than his own father.  Though this was no fault of Ulfrick, he had been as close as he could be to Eric.  But at the time of Eric’s birth, fathers were expected to only teach their sons how to fight.

Feeling some odd emotions from Eric, Sookie looks up at him, sees his eyes locked on her own, but lost in memory.  She smiles as he gently deposits her on the bed, as Godric comes up on her other side to help her undress.  She can feel the moment when Eric returns to the here and now as his lust rises as the more of her skin is exposed.

Sookie loves the attention she receives from her mates, and it has only gotten better as the years go by.  Eric always loves her and shows it to her in many different ways.  Godric has taken his time to get to the same level as Eric to actually showing her signs of affection.  But he has always loved her; she knows this down to her very bones.

As he carefully sheds her shirt from her body as he kisses the back of her neck, Godric moans, “I know I had you just a short time ago, but…” He presses his erection into her, trying to remember that he and Eric cannot take her just yet.

Leaning back into him as Eric is removing her pants and panties, Sookie sighs. “I know.” She bares her neck to him, giving into the emotions and pure unadulterated need that they are emoting to each other and submitting to Godric completely. On the other hand, her hands are busy yanking Eric’s shirt up.

Eric finishes undressing her, then moving to kiss her, he groans. “I need you both.” His fangs are already down as he kisses her throat on the other side from where Godric is.  Her total submission to them both is driving him nuts, his instincts demanding him to sink his fangs into her. He only pauses long enough to shed his shirt then goes back to her throat, licking the spot he is desiring to drink his personal ambrosia from.

Something catches Godric’s eye and he pulls away from both of them, telling them, “Wait.”  Wanting to make sure what he seeing is on all three of them, he quickly sheds his shirt.  Then stops as what he is seeing registers as pure shock.

They both pause and look up at him, both surprised.  Godric however is looking at Sookie’s chest then at Eric’s.  His eye widen as he says, “The Marks.  They are forming…”

Sookie is confused, “I thought they had been for awhile?”

Eric leans up and sees the same as Godric.  “Look, Sookie.” He nods to Godric’s chest and then to her own.  He is floored, his shock overriding everything else.


She looks at the two of them and then down at her own chest and gasps.  She can see them.  “But I thought…”


Godric kisses her and settles near the headboard, with Eric settling near them, and Sookie resting between the two.  He reaches out and traces the circle on Sookie’s chest that has in it parts of Eric’s Mark.  And in both Marks he can see ravens.  That correspond with the raven Mark he has.


Sookie traces Odin’s horns on Eric that have the Ravens inside it.  “I thought they would all have parts of each of us in it.” Her voice is soft and awed.  The moment that they had been waiting all these years has come.  But at the same time she is confused.  While she is desiring both of her mates, it is not the overwhelming feeling that she had been warned of.

Suddenly Godric feels the warning from his father, and grabs a blanket to cover the three of them right before Niall and Hades appear before them.

Sookie smiles at the two men, who both have meant so much in her life.  “Good evening!” She knows Niall will try to annoy her, but at the same time she truly loves him in her life.


Niall has changed into a leather jacket over his black shirt and jeans.


Hades is in a powder blue shirt tucked into jeans.  He has appeared in their chair across the bed, as has Niall in the other chair.

Niall’s eyebrow is raised as he asks, “Did I interrupt anything?  If so, please continue.” His voice is teasing, knowing it will bug his great granddaughter.

Eric laughs, as does Godric when their mate reacts as normal and throws a pillow at Niall. “When will you grow up?” She grumps at him.

“Never.  It’s boring.”  Niall comments as the pillow flies through him. He looks down as it looks as though it is resting inside of him.  He looks up and grins as he adjusts his image around the pillow.

Shaking his head at the two of them, Hades comments, “Life is never boring.  Not anymore.” He feels better after the session below.  It always relaxes him when he gets to torture the ones who deserve it.

Godric looks up at his father, ignoring his mate and her tongue sticking out at Niall. “I take it you retrieved the information from the two drainers.”  At those words, everyone sobers up.

Sighing, Hades settles back and crosses his legs at his ankles as he tells him, “It is much as you already suspected.  The Fellowship is buying and selling V to fund their crusade against vampires.  More importantly it is Steve Newlin doing this.  Thankfully his father is still in control of the church.  If something ever happens to the man, you will need to be on your guard, Godric.  Theodore is frightened of you specifically.” A small smile of accomplishment crosses his face.

Smirking, Godric asks his father, “And this has nothing to do with the nightmares you have sent him over the years.”

Looking innocent, Hades raises an eyebrow as though asking, ‘who me?’

Eric is running his hand up and down Sookie’s side as he asks, “So why not scare the son the same way?” He smiles as he feels her stretch under his hands into his side.

Huffing in annoyance, Hades turns his head. “I have.  Steve happens to be one of those that acts against his fears.  I stopped sending them when I realized all I was doing was building his hatred of Godric.”  His disgust is plain in his voice.  What good is it to send nightmares warning of something if that person only ignores them?

Niall leans forward, his face suddenly intent as he informs Sookie. “Sookie, you need to be particularly careful.  Steve knows you mean a lot to Godric.  He knows Eric means a lot also, but he is also aware that Eric can and will defend himself. Because of this, it has made Steve’s hatred of Godric worse to the point he wishes to eradicate Godric’s line since it would not be easy.  But to do so in front of Godric, to make him watch as both Godric’s children are forced to meet the sun together in front of him before dying. This is his dream, and to make it happen he knows he would just have to capture you knowing that they would both do anything for you.”  He pauses. “The man has no idea what he would be unleashing upon this Earth if he ever seriously harms you.”  His eyes flash, promising his own retribution if harm becomes her.  He had fought a lengthy war with his own to get her back the first time.  To bring that to the Earthly realm in retaliation of her pain would be nothing.

Acknowledging Niall’s comments, Eric asks them the next thing on all their minds, “What is going on with our Marks?”  He believes that these two would know if anyone.  And they need answers.

With that question, Niall grins. “It’s begun hasn’t it?”  His voice becomes playful again.

Sookie groans.  “Why can’t my own Great grandfather be more like Hades?  He is being an adult while Niall is like a frat boy.”  She is glad that Eric has distracted Niall, she always hates when he is reminded of the first time she died.  The look in his eyes reflects that moment, the horror of finding her as nothing more than a Spark and her soul. However, she will never admit it.  Plus, their bickering has been going on for years, it would be tragic to have anything to interfere with it now.

Hades and the rest erupt into laughter as Niall acts offended.  Hades tells her, “That man has been like that for centuries.  Getting him to change would be… well it may actually be catastrophic.  Nobody would know what to do.” His eyes laugh as he watches Sookie sigh as though she is put upon with Niall’s antics.

Acting even more offended, Niall tells Sookie, “Believe me, darling, if I am ever serious, you know that shit is about to hit the fan, as you would say.  But enough about me.  You’re Marks…” His eyebrow goes up as he stares at the three.

Hades leans forward also. “I’m guessing Sookie can see them now.”

Godric nods, and tells them, “Sookie’s Mark has parts of me and Eric in it.  Eric has parts of me, and I have neither.”

Hades nods, thinking.  “When you get the markings of the other two, it will be complete.  But you will not need me to tell you this.  I recommend you three not being too far apart from each other until the Mating is completed.  Nobody but the three Fates knows when it will happen and I am not even so sure that they know.  But when it does, it will be almost painful in your urgency to get to each other.  All I can tell you is, don’t worry about what happens.” He will be the one to take care of them, and nothing will interfere with their turning.

Eric cocks his head to the side.  “I am taking it won’t be a normal Mating.” The look in both of the men’s eyes hint to him the information.

Nodding his head in agreement, Niall answers Eric’s question.  “No.  But none of you need to worry about the Mating itself.  I can tell you, that Sookie’s mark will be a circle.  It will be the last to show on you two as hers is the first one to be complete.  But as Hades said, you won’t need to know that when it appears. You will feel it and have no doubt.”

Godric nods his head.  “So it is starting.”

Both Hades and Niall glow brighter as Hades answers, “Yes my son, it is starting.  The times coming are going to be challenging, but you will have more on your side once you are Mated.  Just keep with your plans until then, but if it happens before then, then we will all deal with it afterwards.  You three are our top priority.”

Niall then teases the three of them, “Since you three won’t go back to what you were doing beforehand, I guess I will be going.  I have my own plans to make sure are proceeding as I wish.”  He stands up, and his eyes soften as he looks at the true daughter of his heart, “Sookie, I will be here for you.  I have always been, and will always be.”

Her eyes bright with tears as she feels his love, “Niall, I know.  I love you.  Now go!” Her voice becomes stern as she orders him away.

Niall laughs at her as he fades away.  He has much to do to ready the world for his daughter.  For she is his heir, as Godric is Hades’.

Hades looks fondly at the three on the bed.  “As Niall said, you three are very important.  But even more, you are important to me.  Call upon me if you need me, you know I will answer to all three of you if you ever need me.”  With that he disappears.

Final count, 5,805 words.


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