Chapter 14 You Mean the World To Me


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Niall shakes his head. “No, I have plans that are still shaping up.  I have a meeting later tonight that may give us a huge advantage.  I may need to call you to cover for me.”

Hades sighs.  “I can’t wait for this to be all over with.  It will be a relief to come out from the shadows finally.”

Niall nods as he answers, “Yes, but then there will be no restrictions.”

Looking down to where the room holding the three that are waiting for him, Hades comments, “That is what they will bring, balance.”  With that he disappears to their room.

Niall watches them then says to himself, “Hopefully they will accept their place before it is too late.”  He runs his hand through his hair and glancing in a mirror to make sure everything is in place, evaporates to his own meeting.



The joining had taken place shortly after Niall had left.  The conversation Sookie had with Leigh before the joining had been private between the two of them and no one else.  But, whatever had been said, along with Godric’s and Eric’s endorsement, had changed Sookie’s mind and she had allowed the joining.  As soon as it was finished, she had passed out.

Eric and Godric had decided to stay up past dawn to be with Sookie when she wakes after Hades had joined Leigh to Sookie.  The pain that they had felt washing through the small bond they had, had been bad, but afterwards, when Leigh appeared, and wrapped her very large panther body around her mistress and purred along with her mates to help calm her, they could feel the pain lessening in her.

Before leaving, Hades had told them both, that Sookie will be well in a couple of hours.  They were also told, since Hades was being called back to the Underworld, to tell Sookie that he is sorry, but that she will always be able to communicate with Leigh.  With a fond glance to his children, Hades had faded out, obviously upset at whatever had called him away from them.

A couple of hours after sunrise, Sookie rouses.  She looks up and sees both of her beloved vampires bleeding along with a very large black panther lying in bed with her.  She wryly tells Leigh, “I hope you don’t think you can always sleep like this.” She sits up with the help of her mates, grinning at her new friend.


All three are shocked when Leigh answers, “Not always, but it will help when the two of them are not around you since they are also now a part of me.  Between the three of us, we will be able to keep the Bonding sickness from being a reality for you.”

Sitting straight up, Eric exclaims, “Bonding Sickness?  We are not fully bonded, this is one of the reasons Godric and I never wanted to do it before we are all Mated.” He unconsciously pulls Sookie closer, wanting to guard her from all pain that he can.

Looking at him with her green eyes, Leigh tells him, “It does not matter with the three of you.  It would be better that you all be bonded before the mating to be truthful.  But no matter what, you all suffer from it, Eric and Sookie less since they are with each other a lot.  But haven’t you all noticed the only times you feel well are when you are together?” Her voice is sly in their heads, suggesting she already knows the answers, but that she wants them to admit it.

Sookie looks sheepish as she admits, “It is true.  I can tell when Godric has been gone too long since I feel more temperamental.  Usually I notice that around the same time that Eric is around me more also.” She snuggles back into Eric’s arms, accepting the time with him.  But Godric reaches out and pulls her to him, kissing Eric on the mouth while he transfers their mate into his arms.

“I am going to break you of the habit of using our mate as your thinking spot.”  The smile he gives Eric is sly as he kisses seine Liebste (his beloved).

At first shaking her head at the two vampires fighting over the slight blonde in Godric’s arms, she then agrees with Eric. Leigh tells them, “It is the Bonding Sickness.  Even though you have kept her a technical virgin, you all share all of yourselves with each other anytime you are together.  I suspect it has gotten worse lately in fact.  That is the Mating and Bonding instincts in all of you.  They take this as you are already Mated due to the feelings you share.  There is nothing to do but to actually complete the Bond.  In fact, it will be needed as the closer you all three become to being actually physically Mated.  I know why you have kept Sookie a virgin, and your plan is well thought out.  With the release you give the three of you through other sexual acts, you have really kept everything more balanced than you will ever understand.” The look she gave all three of them tells them of her wonder that they had managed to keep everything so balanced with the need that they would have felt to claim her.

Godric and Eric claim each other all the time when they are having sex.  This, along with Sookie being with them in any way she can, either singularly or as a trio, balances out their need to claim her.  Soon though, the Mating instincts that are starting to surge in the two vampires will make it hard for them not to claim her.  But waiting until they are all Mated is the best way to do this, with all that is going to happen at that Mating.


Eric used his towel to wipe another blood drip as he stood and paced.  He frowns,  “I can explain Bonding Sookie to me, saying that I had demanded it and Godric had agreed.  But what about Godric’s excuse?”

Sookie tries not to laugh at her mate.  His hands are actually clenching with the need to have her in his grasp.  Godric is never going to break the habit in him completely, and to be truthful, she never wants Eric to not want her to be with him.  Whether he is using her to calm his body to think better, or just being with her.

Watching his child and mate, Godric laughs.  “There is nothing to explain.  Bonding is not only meant for mates.  I have told people that I will never give up Sookie.  I can just decide that I want both of us Bonded with Sookie.  It will cover all our bases.  As my Child, she can never be released nor be far from me.  This works in making you, as my other Child and her Mate, not able to leave her side if she is Bonded to you and therefore you can never leave my side for any reason.  It is a win-win scenario for me and for all of us.  The Queen will never be able to override my Maker’s rights to either of you, but with Sookie Bonded to me, she will have no choice but to accede.”  He never mentions what they all know, that Compton has given them the right to take the state whenever they wish to.

Leigh buts in, “In addition, your Bond will not react as others, but no one will know that.  You will not be able to part from each other long, but it will be longer than most people will think you can be, before the onset of the Bonding sickness.  Like I said, you are already subjected to the sickness.  Why not make it work for you?  And the closer you Bond to Sookie, the closer the two of you Bond with me.  As in I will work seamlessly with both of you to guard my charge.”  Then her head cocks to the side as she muses, “But in reality you are all my charges.  If something happens with one of you, it will hurt my charge.” Her large eyes blink as she thinks through the implications of what she has said.


Shaking his head as he chuckles, Godric tells her. “For now Leigh, guard our Heart and we will work on the rest.  Hades had commented that I already had my guardian and that Eric will be getting his.  But you are the first of the three that will be present.” He nuzzles the neck of his mate as he watches the other pacing, a smile on his face.

Laying her head on Sookie’s lap, Leigh purrs as she tells them, “And I will often lead the other two.  Because you two had decided to be here, I am more than Hades even dreamed.  I will be helping you three more than either Niall or Hades imagined.  Or in ways they have no idea about.  I am yours.  I am overjoyed to be Sookie’s guardian, but I am all three yours.  The first thing you three need to learn is to communicate this way, by you being here the parts of you that I replicated to be a more effective guardian to her, allow us to speak like this. It was never meant to be with anyone but Sookie.  But the full Bond will help.  From what I understand you try to keep a low level right?  So make another exchange tonight.”  She closes her eyes as Sookie starts to rub her ears.  Godric and Eric smile as they feel the delight Sookie is taking in having Leigh.

Eric looks at the panther, then after thinking, tells Sookie, “You are being punished.  You will be ‘forced’ into the exchange and tonight we will deal with Merlotte’s and Bill.”  He grins. “I think I will send Alcide to your place today and have him install window shields.  Your house is about to become vampire safe completely in everyone’s view.” The three are happy, they can openly do what they want, and no one but the nest will know.

Sookie grins at him, then frowns, “What about Gran?” She knows that Gran might now be happy about the changes or how she will have to act in front of others.  But it is Gran’s beloved house that is going to ‘renovated’.  It doesn’t matter that it has been all this time, but now everyone will know.

Rubbing his hand up and down his beloved’s arm, Godric tells her, “I will explain.  Sookie, are you sure you wish to do this.  It will involve your public humiliation most probably.  Eric will need to take you to task.  And with you ‘fighting’ his attachment to you, it will be hard on us all to take it easy.  I will do what I can, by being there and pulling Eric up short.  That is if Eric agrees, since you acting that way and him not being able to fully punish you, will be seen as him being somewhat weak.” He is watching her and the Bond they have. He is concerned because she has complained just this night of everything happening too fast.  She is everything to him and he can’t lose her due to her mind not being able to handle all of this.

Before Eric can open his mouth, Leigh tells them, “No, it won’t.  You will be your mysterious self, but still spoiling your newest child.  Godric, there is little anyone will think of you.  Technically, as Sookie’s Maker and Eric’s Maker, you control them both.  Especially since you never released Eric.  You can even order Eric to Bond to you along with Sookie.  If you do that, no one will question Eric.  It will be as though your own affection will be affecting him, plus the Mating Bond itself will allow him to be easy on her.  There is no risk to yourselves or your reputation by going this route.  Sookie can do whatever she needs to appear as though she is fighting against it all and nothing will happen but the vampires thinking she is a fool for fighting it.  They will understand it because she is a human, but will just shake their heads at her.  Do not worry, this plan is sounding quite secure.  Have your witch appear with you when you announce the Bonding and Mating.  She will make me appear as a safety thing.  No one will think that I am anything but a were guard.”

Laughing, Sookie pets the head in her lap. “I think we will get along quite well, Leigh.  I was worried that you would be a slave to me.” Her voice is soft as she admits her only objection to having Leigh joined to her.

Leigh looks up and gazes at Sookie in adoration, “Mistress, you are beloved by not only me, but also my maker and the rest of the Gods.  You are not only the Heart of this trio; you will be the heart of many.  It is a deep honor for me to be joined with you in this way.  I will be your best friend, your companion until the universe stops.  These two will be your mates and already are your other halves and nothing save one of you having the True Death will separate the three of you, ever.  But unfortunately we all know for the rest of your friends and family, that unless they are a God or otherwise an immortal, you will lose them.  I am the one who will keep you from losing hope.  Your Mates can probably explain it better, but never think I did not want this.  I worked very hard to take my place at your side.”  She rubs her head on her Mistress.

In reaction to the pain coming through the Bond from their little one,  Eric moves to the bed, nuzzling his mate.  “Unfortunately, she is right, Sookie.  You have known that Tara will live for longer than normal with the power in her and Godric’s blood binding the nest, but sooner or later she will die, as will the rest of your family, with the exception of Niall.” This is something they have prepared her for her entire life.  It is a sad point of being vampire as your loved ones pass from this world.  But Sookie is unique that she can visit them, but neither vampire has ever hidden the truth nor the pain from their mate.

Tears pool in Sookie’s eyes at the reminder of her friends and family dying.  “I know, and you all have prepared me for this.  Even Hades with his promise of letting me see them when I wish, though I know that it is unkind to do that to them in the Underworld.  I will deal with it as comes.  But for now, you two need to Bond with me, and then we will sleep until it is time for the acting to begin.”  Then she frowns, “Eric, won’t the Bonding normally pull me towards you?” There was nothing but glee in the Bond.

A sly grin steals across his face as well as Godric’s. “Yes, love.  Nice of you to think that.  You know Bill will use that quite often in his arguments with you, right?”

She is grinning, “Oh, yesssss.  This will be quite enjoyable.  So you will be enforcing most of the normals right?”

Godric shakes his head at Eric’s answering grin.  “I think it is safe to say that, little one.  I may take part of this myself.  Since I am known to have relations with my Child, then there will be little reason not show that part.  No one will question it.”

His own happiness is evident in the Bond.  He loved his wife and Mate.  He has learned over the years from Eric on how to be more affectionate and he is remembering more of his life with Sookie when they were human.  But he hadn’t wanted to be affectionate only to leave. He didn’t think that would be fair to either of them.  Now he can start showering seinen geliebten Schatz (his beloved darling) with the affection she has been deserving.  He wryly grins as he realizes that Eric will be doing the same.  He hopes Sookie is ready for this.

Leigh yawns, “I think I will be quite entertained by all this.  Now get to the second part of the Bond.  But, I suggest you do this by offering Sookie a cup of both of your bloods, then drinking at the same time from her wrists.  The Bonding will work, and it will be less of a need of the three of you to satisfy your lust.  In fact, to think of it, since you are formally Bonding, it may knock Sookie out this close to our joining.” She settles down at the end of the bed and watches them.


Sighing, Eric got up and got the goblet from the safe along with the knife Godric had been given from his Father.  It was made from an alloy that he had seen only recently being made into jewelry, however this is more.  The deep silver looking stone was not made to be used as anything but ceremonial, but Godric had found that it had been useful in the past defending himself from others.  It is one of three items that he had carried since those early times when he had been raging against the world for the loss of his mate.  The other items are in a safe home, one being a necklace and the other a ring.  According to Hades, these are the last physical reminders of Sookie’s and Godric’s marriage, both gifted to them by him. The goblet was returned recently, and is much more fragile.

Eric hands the dagger and goblet to Godric.  He knew that Godric would want to use these because of the past in these two items.  And he totally agrees.  These two pieces mean so much to them, and he is honored they are including him in those memories.

Godric quietly tells Leigh and more importantly Sookie, “When we were joined in our first marriage, it was by blood as was normal for rites taking place in front of my father. Needless to say, our marriage was done and officiated by Hades, himself. These two items are from that ceremony.  Luckily my father had taken the goblet with our blessing.  Even better was that while I had thought this dagger to be made of stone, I still have no idea what it made of, but it stood the test of time and has saved my life many times.  These two, along with two other items, are all that survive from our marriage.”

Pausing as a look of pain crosses his face, he explains to her, “According to father, I had rampaged across the realm once I returned to earth and destroyed any reminder of you.  He had kept the items safe until after I met Eric.  Then I found the items one at a time with me when I woke with the compulsion to keep them safe.  The goblet was given to me when I was reacquainted with father just recently.  He told Eric and I about it and since then, Eric has kept both of them close by in case we ever needed them.”

He looks up and meets Sookie’s eyes as he tells her, “I know it is not the set we keep for the nest, but I agree with Eric that it means more to me, us, if we use these to bond the three of us.”  His eyes are pleading with her to agree and understand.

Sookie leans over and kisses Godric gently.  “Yes, my love.  These are much more fitting.”


Godric, looking into her eyes, slides the blade from its sheath and slices it across his wrist.  Eric is quick with the goblet to catch the blood as it drips down.  Soon the wound closes, and in mind with what Leigh had suggested, Eric takes Godric’s wrist and licks it clean.

At this action, understanding exactly what Eric is doing, Godric turns his lightly glowing eyes to him as he exchanges the blade for the goblet.  Eric is also looking at the two of them as he slashes the blade down, never flinching.  As his wounds closes, Godric leans over and also licks it.  Eric’s head falls back as he feels his bond with his Maker, his Mate open wider.

Godric and he share a look and then look at Sookie.  She widens her eyes as she sees both of her mate’s eyes glowing.    They both move closer and offer her the goblet.  She takes it and whirls it gently, before raising it to her lips.  As her mouth opens to drink their blood, both drop fang and strike at her neck.  The blood from all three hitting at the same moment in each of their mouths.

Both men moan as they feel her, both of their hands reach up to help her finish their blood.  As soon as she finishes, the two pull away, licking her neck until the wounds close from their blood. As she starts to fall, Eric catches her as Godric pulls the goblet away.  Neither are worried, they can feel her much clearer in the Bond, and she is not in any pain.

Closing his eyes in a ritual as old as he, he prays for his father’s blessing; the goblet and knife glows briefly then stops, both being as clean as when they started the ritual. Godric nods once and putting the blade in its sheath, he vamps across the room and places them into the safe.  He knows Eric will make sure they are with them tomorrow when they complete the Bonding process.

Eric on the other hand, lifts the blankets once Leigh jumps lazily off.  He settles Sookie against him and once Godric gets in on the other side, Leigh jumps back on the bed, lying across the bottom.

Chuckling Eric tells her, “You have no intention of not sleeping in the bed.”

Leigh lazily opens her eyes and tells him, “Never.  While she is my charge, because of what the three of you share and are, it feels better to be close to you.  No fear, I will as they say, ‘get lost’ when you get amorous with your mate.  But otherwise, I will be close.  If we could get away with it, I rather be in this form than my human one.  Everyone underestimates a cat.”

Godric chuckles.  “My dear, you are not a cat.  But for now, let us all rest and let me think on this tonight; tomorrow will be busy.” His mind starts working on options.  He smiles as he thinks on how people would react to Eric and him giving her a ‘cat’ such as Leigh.

In agreement of his request to rest, the three cuddle around Sookie, and the two vampires let the day take them, neither noticing that it was not as demanding as normal.  Leigh closes her eyes, her senses wide open as she cat naps.


The following night was busy at Merlotte’s.  A lot of the town was in, wanting to get the latest drama in either Stackhouse’s life. No one really believes that Jason killed Maudette.  They all know how Eric came in one night and dragged that boy out by his ear.  After that, Jason had seemed to settle down and is now walking out with Dawn.  Everyone is actually waiting for the day Dawn comes in showing off a ring.

The other drama, Sookie, is twofold.  They want to see how she is handling her brother’s stay in the county jail.  Also, they want to know what was going on with the vampires she has around.  Their votes are all on Eric and Godric.  Both vampires are sweet on Sookie, and she would be better off with the two that have known her, her entire life.  Even when she had that problem.

The newcomer, they didn’t like how he acted superior to them, to Eric.  It didn’t take much in the brains department to know both Eric and Godric are something big in their world.  So not being respectful to your higher ups is a sure sign of a person’s personality.

At the bar, prepping another beer, Sam shakes his head at the tenth remark he has heard from Arlene about how some people can disappear whenever they like.  Sookie has never taken a day off besides her scheduled ones.  And everyone here is well aware that some of them are spent as part of her duty to Godric.  Arlene is one he will be watching, she is pretty weak-willed and would be someone the FOTS would love to get their hands on.

Suddenly the crowd quiets as Compton makes his way inside.  Sam resists the need to growl at the vampire who they knew was responsible for the pain Sookie was in.  But according to Eric and Godric, they were acting as though they didn’t know what he is doing.  So he plays along, planning to tell Godric about this visit.  He suddenly smiles as he can think of all the ways that Eric can use it to punish the loner.

Bill glances around the room, and not seeing Sookie, goes towards her shifter boss.  He had not smelled her scent around the Stackhouse residence nor anywhere else in town.  This was his last hope of accidently coming across her.  He cannot stand out too much, and willfully trying to contact Sookie against Eric’s orders would make him stand out.  But just happening across her, here or at Fangtasia could not be punishable by Eric.

Sitting carefully on a stool, Bill asks Sam, “May I have a True Blood?” He is good at not showing his discomfort, but he vows yet again to get revenge.

Hiding a laugh, knowing why is he needs the synthetic, and it had nothing to do with mainstreaming or impressing Sookie, Sam grabs one from the cooler, and heats it.  He leans against the counter in the back watching the vampire as he waits for it to finish.  As soon as the microwave beeps, he takes out the True Blood, and after shaking it, places it on a coaster in front of him.  Not a sound in the room except those made by him, the entire bar watching him and Bill.

The townspeople don’t like Bill.  No matter that he is from here, no matter that he is supposedly restoring the old Compton home, they don’t like him.  To their mind, he in encroaching on Eric’s and Godric’s woman and he is not welcome.

Sam cleans the bar and slowly, the bar returns to its previous levels, but with everyone watching the vampire at the bar. Their dislike apparent in their stares and what they are saying about him.

Bill slouches slightly, not used to feeling so many disapproving eyes on him.  He has had it in the past, but not from descendants of his neighbors, in one of the areas he always figured he would be accepted.  And it didn’t help that he can hear each and every conversation in the bar and they are all about how Eric and Godric are so much better than he is.

Before long though, everyone’s attention is brought to the door as they here Sookie’s voice as she is demanding to be let go.  Before long, Eric and Sookie enter the Bar, with Thalia following with a small smile on her face.

Eric has her hand clasped in his, dragging her to the bar and pulling her in front of him, with both of his hands resting lightly on her shoulders. “Now, min älskade, tell Sam what Godric has demanded of you.”  His glee is evident and Sam knows that this must be something he wants since he is having a ball making her do whatever it is.

Sookie growls, her eyes promising death to anyone who laughs.  Unfortunately, or more importantly, Eric didn’t care.  He laughs and nuzzles her neck, “Calm my little one.  Once you do as Godric has tasked you with, I will take you home and we will discuss your nights to come.” His smirk shows that while Sookie may not care for this conversation, Eric is looking forward to it with a glee not often seen on the Viking.

Her hands fist as she turns her head away from him, clenching her jaw.

Sam tries to help, asking, “Should we go to the office, Cher?” All the while inside, he is working hard to not laugh.  He knows his own mirth will be hard on her to keep her act up, so he is trying.  Failing, but trying.

Eric holds her shoulders more firmly, hiding the fact he is rubbing her shoulders as he works to help her.  He sends her calm and determination as he tells Sam, “No, I want no mistakes or misunderstandings.  Godric has ordered her to do this, and I for one, am happy he has done so.  Now Sookie,” And he shakes her a little, “Tell.” The last is said flatly, telling them all he is done letting her throw her little fit.

Huffing, Sookie tells Sam, and evidently the rest of Bon Temps, “Godric has ordered me to quit here.  Because of the other night, I am not to work here, and he is not leaving unless needed to for his duties.” She is fisting her hands tightly and is obviously doing this under duress.

Eric’s smile widens as he tells her, “The rest Sookie.”  He wants to finish this.  He is enjoying Compton’s reactions as his little fairy tells him the exact opposite that Compton would want to hear.  He can almost hear all of Compton’s plans falling around him.

Rolling her eyes, Sookie tells Sam, “I am also to be Bonded to my Master and…Eric.”  The last is spit out in disgust.

Without knowing what he was doing, Bill jumps up saying, “No!”

Eric turns to Bill with one eyebrow raised. “And who are you to deny my Maker his wishes?” Oh yes, he is enjoying this, and per the feelings he is getting from Sookie, she is enjoying watching the vampire fall apart.

Bill’s jaw sets and he asks, “Is Sookie in agreement with this?” She can’t!  How can he talk to her and get her to come with him if she is to be bonded?!

Staring at the upstart in front of him, “Godric has demanded it of both of us.  I, for one, relish in being closer to my Maker and my Mate.” The double meanings from that make it hard for Sookie not to laugh along with Eric.  She pushes her amusement towards him.

Bill’s eyes widen at the implication that Eric is saying. “Your Maker is making you Bond with him?” To Bill there would be no worse hell than he can think of than be shackled to Lorena for the rest of his life.

Eric chuckles, “And with my Mate.  He wishes her to understand more of our customs.  She was defiant last night, and he had decided that he wishes to her to Bond with me to understand the Mating better.  She cannot question the pull once she feels it from me.   He also decided that he is enjoying being with his progeny, so he has in addition requested that we both Bond with him.  Since he has never released me, nor do I wish him to, this will make us closer as Maker and Child.” Eric can’t hide his glee in it.  But then no one could understand unless they knew that all three are Mates.  But until then, Eric has been noted for his uncommon attachment to his Maker.  Not even his own Child surpasses Godric in Eric’s loyalty.

Bill’s mind frantically working to find a way to keep Sookie from completing the Bonding, since once it is done, Eric and Godric will know where she is, at all times, will be able to know what she feels along with the fact that once she is turned, by anyone, be unable to be anywhere but their sides for the rest of eternity.  “What about Pam?”  After saying that, if he could pale, he would have.  Stupid!

Eric growls, “What about my Child?” His eyes promising retribution if anything happens to his Pam.

Bill quickly says, “Is she to be bonded also?”

Eric’s hands pull Sookie closer to him as he tells Bill, “It really is none of your business, Compton.  The only reason you are to know the information that you do is because Godric has ordered Sookie to announce it to everyone since she tried to be defiant after you had left.  She agreed to it, didn’t you, Min lilla kattunge?” His arms have wrapped around her shoulders, protectively.  But when he questions her, he tips his head to her, a smile playing on his lips, his eyes dancing merrily.

Sookie defiantly refuses to look into his eyes as she says, “Yes, I agreed to it all, you big tree-sized jerk.”

Kissing her head, Eric looks over to Bill. “See? Nothing wrong.”

He looks up to Sam, asking, “Now is there anything else this shit hole needs from Sookie, or is she free to go?” There is no question in his words or his posture that there will not be nothing needed.  He is obvious in how he wants Sookie away from this job he had protested from the start in her having.

Sam swallows, knowing this is all an act, but it’s pretty fucking believable from where he is standing.  “That will be all.  I will let her know when her final check is here.”

Eric shakes his head. “All calls will be to me or my dayman.  Whenever it is ready, call Bobby and he will pick it up for her.  She is not to be left alone again.” A look is given Compton’s way to indicate he is the reason.

Feeling brave, since everything is falling around his head, Bill asks, “Why is she not to be left alone, Eric?  You don’t trust her?”  The sneer is evident on his face.

Eric vamps to stand in front of Bill as he pushes Sookie behind him, one arm pulling her to his back as Thalia vamps to her side. “Bill, as you well know, because of your mistake in being late, Sookie was attacked by the Rattrays.  In retaliation for saving you, if I am not mistaken.  Godric has exercised his right as her Maker and taken care of them.  He is also demanding changes to be made, and this is one of them.  So if you have any complaints, you are welcome to share them with my Maker, since I, as Sherriff and as his own progeny as well as Sookie’s Mate, am legally compelled to follow his demands.” He is guarding his mate and the anger is evident in his voice.  The only thing is the slight frustration he has in not dealing with the idiot in front of him.

Swallowing, Bill tries not to back away, but Eric is too much for him, and he leans back from him.  “I apologize for any actions on my part that you feel are not following in vampire rights.”  He is backpedaling as fast as he can.  He cannot get banned from the Area!  It would be in Godric’s and Eric’s power and rights to do so.

Eric stares at him, then nods.  He turns to Sam and tells him, “I will see you later.” And with that, Eric grabs Sookie’s hand and they depart with Thalia openly smiling at the insults she got to see put upon the young vampire who doesn’t know his place.

The entire bar watches them, then looks at Bill.  They did catch Eric’s reference in Bill being responsible for part of Sookie’s pain and that he is also the cause of the actions being taken now. They are not sure what pain she was in, but there are rumors. The townspeople back firmly Eric and Godric, and have accepted them as one of them.  Bill is now considered an outsider no matter where his roots are from.

Bill clenches his jaw, knowing that this has just gotten worse, not knowing how bad it will be for him by the time this all ends.  It’s time for the other plans to be initiated. He has nothing left to lose.

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  1. My Universe

    Wonderful update and I love the new theme on your site. I really like Leigh and that they are doing the bonding now. Hope Jason/Gran make it out of the ‘Bill f***ery’ okay.

    • kittyinaz

      Thanks! I’m glad you like the new theme. I worked to make sure it is easier to read, and I wanted to put my own stamp on it. I’m especially glad you like my new character! As for Gran and Jason, well the next update will explain more.

  2. Loftin

    Thanks for the update. I’m enjoying Leigh, she will be a great companion for the three of them. I love how idiotic billy is. And the approving attitudes of the Bon temps natives are so refreshing. Billy is liable to be strung up and beaten…again if he’s not careful. But this time by the good folks of his home town. Lol! I love it. I’m so glad they are completing the bonding. Can’t wait.

    • kittyinaz

      LOL. I wanted this to be realistic, and having Adele being so loved by the people of the town and then having to be used to Eric and Godric for all this time, well you see. I figured that the real reason for the towns attitude is who really likes knowing that they have NO privacy? It wasn’t Sookie’s fault but still.

  3. Gemma C

    Wow, i love it, seriously.
    I love Leigh, she’s going to be a lot of fun to read, she’s wise and funny and a companion that Sookie won’t lose which is a great constant.
    I love how Eric and Sookie set up Bill and i can’t wait to see what Bill tries to do next, probably involve Sophie-Anne.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next, Please don’t split it up!!
    Best Wishes

    • kittyinaz

      Thanks for letting me what you think. Like I said, I debated it, but I just couldn’t decide the split.

      Leigh is a fun character and I am enjoying the crap out of her. She is going to be pretty important to all three.

  4. erin1705

    Awesome chapter! Bill just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into the giant hole he’s already in. I love it!!

  5. duckbutt60

    Wish you had also posted a picture with one of Bill’s “my shit don’t stink” faces –the lip curled like he’s smelled something awful 🙂

    loving it –I know we’re getting closer to the Mating and I can’t wait for all the lemony goodness you’ll give us.

    And Leigh –what an addition! Great OC!

    • kittyinaz

      Man, why didn’t I think of it?? I just really don’t like his character so don’t willingly go look for pics unless they are off his humiliation. Haven’t found those as easily as I want…

      Thanks for the compliment for Leigh. I love her and look forward to you guys meeting her!

  6. isismama

    I’m interested to see how Andre will switch sides without Sopie Ann giving him the final death. The whole scheme is such a clusterfuck that I almost feel sorry for Bill…almost.

  7. Lisa Kisner

    I really liked this chapter and I am glad that they are going ahead with the bonding. I have a bad feeling about what Bill’s next plan is, I think it will involve Gran and not in a good way. I only hope that that she doesn’t suffer and that Godric and Eric get to beat and torture the hell out of Bill if he causes Gran harm. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • kittyinaz

      Wow, how did I NOT respond to this. But I caught it as I was going through to post chapters to AO3.

      Bill’s next plan is in the chapter that is with the Beta. And yeah I know you and the rest of my stalkers will be hitting this and probably will be telling me before she can when it is up! =D

  8. theladykt

    That first image is wicked.

    Uh oh for Hades being called away. That is ominous. Wonder which one Andre has the phone number of? Hades or Niall? At least thats who I think it could be.

    Leigh brings up some interesting points. Hope they listen. Skanky anne will never conceed; she’ll have to have final death.

    Their plans sound solid. Leigh is very analytical. Wow love the artifacts and their history. Dont know many that would underestimate a panther.

    Arlene is such a twit. Love sam’s and the towns seemingly protective nature/thoughts. I’d be hard pressed to keep a straight face with the acting. Scumbill is such a moron. But wonder what the threat there at the end means???

  9. mic

    Damn, those Bon Temps folks take no prisoners. I was just waiting for Maxine Fortenberry to jump up and yell “off with his head!” Watch your back Billy boy. Those folks are gunnin’ for you!

    Liking the Leigh character. She seems to be their ‘voice of reason.’ I wonder who will is Godric’s guardian and who will be Eric’s? Oh! Oh! I know, how about….. Crap lost my train of thought. Oh, well on to the next. Like I said after the Prologue, ‘I am hooked.’

  10. Leigh Warner

    I love how loyal the townsfolk are. I think these fights with Sookie and Eric are awesome.

  11. gwynwyvar

    Yay for the bonding.
    Grrrr for dufus Bill. Hmm a desperate man putting plans in action. I don’t like the sound of that!

  12. kleannhouse

    the bonding is good in my eyes too, Love Leigh, i thought for sure she would presented tonight too, but maybe she is a bonding present. Bill is a sleaze, lets see who he calls upon shall we. KY

  13. americanandroid01

    I love this chapter so much and even got a little teary eye’d when they were talking about her family and friends dying but Godric, Eric, and Leigh always being there. It was such a sweet chapter!
    I have a question though. I don’t understand why they want Sookie to act like she doesn’t want to be mated with Eric. Maybe I missed something. I keep wondering this as I read through the story.

  14. gwynwyvar

    Just noticed my comment from last time.
    Pretty much the same reaction. ‘Nothing left to lose’ a desperate vampire backed into a corner… Not good!

  15. Kristie Yamber

    hello do you mean this to be Lafayette not Tara? “You have known that Tara will live for longer than normal with the power in her and Godric’s blood binding the nest, but sooner or later she will die, as will the rest of your family, with the exception of Niall.” in the next chapter you mention Tara will possibly be turned by Pam and Lala is being trained as a witch? just curious KY


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