Chapter 15 Tough Act to Follow


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Feeling brave, since everything is falling around his head, Bill asks, “Why is she not to be left alone, Eric?  You don’t trust her?”  The sneer is evident on his face.

Eric vamps to stand in front of Bill as he pushes Sookie behind him, one arm pulling her to his back as Thalia vamps to her side. “Bill, as you well know, because of your mistake in being late, Sookie was attacked by the Rattrays.  In retaliation for saving you, if I am not mistaken.  Godric has exercised his right as her Maker and taken care of them.  He is also demanding changes to be made, and this is one of them.  So if you have any complaints, you are welcome to share them with my Maker, since I, as Sherriff and as his own progeny as well as Sookie’s Mate, am legally compelled to follow his demands.” He is guarding his mate and the anger is evident in his voice.  The only thing is the slight frustration he has in not dealing with the idiot in front of him.

Swallowing, Bill tries not to back away, but Eric is too much for him, and he leans back from him.  “I apologize for any actions on my part that you feel are not following in vampire rights.”  He is backpedaling as fast as he can.  He cannot get banned from the Area!  It would be in Godric’s and Eric’s power and rights to do so.

Eric stares at him, then nods.  He turns to Sam and tells him, “I will see you later.” And with that, Eric grabs Sookie’s hand and they depart with Thalia openly smiling at the insults she got to see put upon the young vampire who doesn’t know his place.

The entire bar watches them, then looks at Bill.  They did catch Eric’s reference in Bill being responsible for part of Sookie’s pain and that he is also the cause of the actions being taken now. They are not sure what pain she was in, but there are rumors. The townspeople back firmly Eric and Godric, and have accepted them as one of them.  Bill is now considered an outsider no matter where his roots are from.

Bill clenches his jaw, knowing that this has just gotten worse, not knowing how bad it will be for him by the time this all ends.  It’s time for the other plans to be initiated. He has nothing left to lose.



While Eric, Sookie, Thalia and Leigh (though hidden of course) took care of what needed to be done at Merlotte’s, Godric was at the Stackhouse home, meeting with Alcide to make sure all the changes have been done to their specifications and that all the upgrades have been included.  And, he was waiting for the witch his father had suggested to appear.

Being there was a stretch for them all, but at this time, it is the best place to be.  Though Sookie will not be living here for long, right now it suits them to have her under house arrest so that Bill can use more ammunition to lure her to his side.  They want to stretch this out as long as possible since the hints they are getting are that once the Marks are fully formed, the prophecy will be upon them.


Godric is standing outside with Alcide when Adele comes out.  She makes her way to Godric. “What have you done to my house?” She stands there with her hands held in front of her, waiting.


After giving Alcide a nod, Godric turns to the older woman. “Sookie was attacked at Merlotte’s.  I cannot allow her to keep going on as she has.  Therefore some changes have been made.  Eric and I will be here for the foreseeable future.  Once the Marks are matured, we will be taking her with us to a new location so that she is no risk to her family and friends.  Because of this I decided that it would be preferable for my new child to spend time with those same friends and family, not knowing when she will be back.” He says this calmly, as matter of factly as he had told her Eric and he were mates to her granddaughter.

Adele stares at Godric, reading in between the lines of what the vampire is telling her.  She asks slowly, “Are the Marks appearing?” Hoping they have, it has been long awaited by all of them, but at the same time she has an idea of what will happen and will regret losing Sookie completely to her Mates and her destiny.

Godric just looks at her for a time, considering.  He will not admit anything out loud outside the house.  That information is just too risky.  Plus they need Bill to think he has more time.  Godric can scent that Bill has been by the property line a couple of times and until the witch appears, he will not be comfortable with admitting anything where others can hear.


Adele nods and looks off to the distance.  She turns to him and quietly tells him, “H was by earlier.  He had some news to tell me that I do not want to be passed on to anybody else.  Seems Lach found the end of my thread today.” She is completely non caring when she tells him, as though she is telling him the sun will rise tomorrow.

Godric jerks turning his body to hers.  “And you want nobody to know?”  He asks softly, trying to make sure he heard correctly.  Not like he could hear her incorrectly, but this is not something you want to take a chance on.


Adele sighs as she tells him, “No.  It is time, Godric.  I am old, and I miss Fintan very much.  Earl was my first love, and I will always love him.  But Fintan was my fated one.  The years since he has passed have been hard on me.  Sookie and Jason were my real reason to keep fighting and to not give up on life itself.  Not to say I won’t go without a fight, but I wanted to let you know, that I want this.  Do not try to heal me, nor to turn me.  I wish to go to Fintan.” She meets his eyes as she tells him, knowing that this may be the hardest thing she has ever asked him to do.

Godric swallows as he looks out into the night.  He tells her, “Sookie will be most upset, Adele.  Not to mention myself and the rest of the nest.” His voice is still the soft as it is when dealing with the nest, but you can hear the pain he knows that is coming with her death.

Adele nods, as she turns and stares out into the same night he is. “I left Jason and Sookie letters to be opened on my death, and all of you notes when my will is read.  I just needed you to know that the house will be Sookie’s.  I am asking if I should change that sooner.” She is fighting back tears.  She is tired, so tired of living without her soulmate, and wants nothing more than to join him in the Summerlands that Niall and Hades have promised her.  But she had a duty, one she carried out with all the love inside her for her two grandchildren and then the other grandchildren she had gained with the nest.

She has been in pain since Fintan died.  Niall had fought for him, had done everything he could to save him, but in the end, not even Death himself could stop it.  In fact, to have him stay here would have caused nothing but pain for him.  Lachesis had come to her and begged her to make the choice to continue for her family.  Telling her that it will make such a huge difference in their lives that it would shake the foundations of the very earth.

Sighing, Godric mentally adds this to his list he has started.  “I will make sure the letters are given out.  I will also ask around our group to find out.  Eric, Sookie and the rest will have no idea.”  Then he looks at her, “But, I must ask.  Why am I being told?”  Adele can see the pain in his eyes showing he too cared, and not just because of his mates.

Leading the ancient vampire to the porch, they sit on the porch swing that held Eric and Sookie all those years ago when Adele first met Godric.  “Because they will be upset, Sookie most of all.  I know how you are with her, and you are probably the only one who, now knowing my wishes, will enforce them.” In other words, when it happens, Sookie will be in such grief she will beg for anything to keep her on this earth.  Eric, loving her the way he does will try to save her, no matter what the effect is.  Godric would have been there helping, but knowing her wishes now, will instead have to use his Maker’s command on Eric to stop him, and take Sookie’s hate and grief on himself.

Godric just closes his eyes.  “My mates will be saddened greatly by this.  Do you know when?”

Shaking her head, she told him, “No.  I was only warned because Lach told H that it will be crucial to let you know ahead of time. Godric, I fear that this will greatly upset Sookie.”  Her eyes were pleading for him to understand why she is allowing this to happen, to not fight her on this.

Godric smiles faintly as he looks away, “Of course it will.  You are only one of three living human relatives.  The rest are Fae, but, besides N, none think of her as family.  Jason’s death is going to be hard on her, but none no harder than you.  You have been the mother to the nest.  I… Adele, we will all miss you greatly.  But I will ensure your wishes are followed through.” He concedes to her.  He all too well understood the pain of separation from your soul mate.  He suffered from it, not knowing.  But for all his suffering, he would never give up the chance to be with Sookie again.  Adele is just wanting the same consideration.  And considering to be with Fintan, she will have to pass through the Valley of Death.

Adele nods.  Then turns her head as some headlights turn into their driveway.  They stop, so Adele quietly asks, “Are we expecting visitors?”

Nodding Godric asks her, “Can you go inside?  I wish to make sure that it is the witch we have been expecting.  She will be most likely to be spending the night, as will Eric and I.  Though Eric and I will be more of a permanent guest for awhile.” He said the last wryly, knowing that both of them are welcome.

Adele laughs.  “As you know, I switched Sookie’s rooms a long time ago.  Goodness knows that all the hidden passages in the house were unknown until the remodels.  But then, there were rumors that the Stackhouses helped in the Underground Railroad.  And it is more believable now.” She sits up straighter with the reminder of her proud family’s history.

Godric smiles at the pride in the small woman’s voice.  He stands up and after helping her up, waits for her to enter then house before vamping to the cars side.


The woman inside is smiling as she tells him, “Good evening!  I’m Amelia and I was told to be here.  I was also told some other stuff and was wondering if I can just get to the wards tonight and do the other stuff later?” She has been preparing for this moment all her life.  Her mentor had found her with the help of Niall and they had both told her what is at stake.  Amelia had not paused a second before she had agreed to help.

Godric smiles slightly, then lifts his head as he feels his mates coming.  Amelia watches in fascination as she watches the ancient vampire’s smile grow as he is obviously waiting for someone that he cares for.

Eric is driving Sookie’s vehicle, holding her hand on the console.  He quietly tells her, “I think, lover, that we will need to get you another vehicle.  You will have more than one passenger, and it is not fair to poor Thalia to always have to run.” He says as though serious, but mirth is flowing through the Bond to her.

Sookie just raises an eyebrow.  She asks in her mind, “Leigh, can you please tell my mate that he can always get the vehicle since his doesn’t carry more than two also.” A small smirk plays on her face as she faces him and waits for his reaction.

Eric lifts his eyebrow as he hears the laughter from Leigh.  He too laughs as she relays the message, then tells him that she will not relay any others, they can learn to do it themselves. He raises her hand to his mouth and kisses it.

Laughing beside him, Sookie just says, “Another thing to learn.  Yippee kayeah!” She loved those movies, begged Jason to take her, then on the last one she had dragged the majority of the nest to go see.

Shaking his head, Eric suddenly straightens in his seat as he senses Godric.  He then sees the vehicle stopped outside the boundary and asks, “Sookie?” He also pulls up the console, in case he will need to protect her.

Wincing she tells him, “Our witch it seems.  And a very loud broadcaster also.” Her other hand raises to her fore head as another thought came blasting at her from the friendly witch.

Immediately, Eric pulls her to him, knowing she can use their voids to block others, specially the loud ones. He pulls up behind the car and lifts an eyebrow to Godric. Godric is looking concerned as he can feel the pain in the Bond from ihren kleinen Liebling (their little mate).


Leigh forms in the seat next to Sookie, making them all jump as she appears human in front of them for the first time.  “I suggest we get the witch inside as well as the rest of us.  Compton will be probably making his way here as soon as he can tonight.” She is scanning the darkness around them as she makes the suggestion, her manner making it plain she is uncomfortable in the wide open as they are.

Godric nods, waving Ameila in and leaping lightly to the back of Sookie’s vehicle.  They all pull up the back of the house and Godric is there to open the door for Leigh, who slides into her panther form to roam the land of her mistress.  Godric holds his hand out for Sookie who laughs since Eric is on the other side doing the same thing.  She sends them her love, but slides across to take Godric’s hand. “I just spent time with you, Eric!!” She is grinning at his pout.

Godric pulls her into his arms and kisses her.  When he allows her to come up for air, he tells her, “Unser kleiner Schatz (Our little darling).” His words are soft in her ear as he cuddles her, using her as a balm to his soul with all the information he is being given lately.

Sookie rests her head on his shoulder and doesn’t move when she feels him pick her up to take her in the house.  He murmurs to her softly, “My love, are you alright?” He is already worried about her, but feeling her pain and seeing her reactions are troubling her.  There is very little he will not do to show his love, his utter devotion to her.

She nods her head as she answers, “Just tired, but I will get used to the timing.  I don’t want to miss any of your time here.” She rests her head against him, enjoying this prolonged time together.

Godric looks down at his mate, his wife.  “Sookie, I am not going anywhere for awhile, and even if I do, I will be back as soon as possible.” He smiles down at her, a true smile, one that he only shares with her and Eric.

Sighing, Sookie tells him, “I know, but you still have to take care of Texas and your area.  There will be a time you will need to go back.  I am enjoying having you here.  I will admit, I am enjoying the fact that I will be around one or the both of you as much as possible.”

Kissing her head, Godric sits down in the armchair, Eric leaning on the side of it, wrapping a blanket around their mate.  The back door slams close and Leigh slinks through, laying down in front of the three of them, as Thalia blurs to behind the threesome.

Amelia breathes out a “Wow”.  But before she can say anything else, the rest of the nest arrives. Amelia’s eyes are huge as she watches Jason and Hoyt coming in landing punches on each other as Tara follows them telling them, “Y’all know if Gran catches you two horsing around, you two are going to get it!”

Behind those three comes Lafayette and Sam as they discuss something.

The whole group stops as they see the large panther lying at Godric’s and Sookie’s feet.  Hoyt clears his throat and asks Sookie, “Sis, is there something you wish to tell us?” He is slightly uneasy, but who wouldn’t be with a panther that large lying at the feet of your sister?

Eric laughs at his and the other’s faces.  “Sookie, has a guardian now.  Hades gave her Leigh last night.  Plus there have been other information that have arisen.  We wanted to have this time to talk since I am not sure when we will get another chance.” He becomes more serious as he finishes.  Already Sookie had been hurt by a failure to communicate.  Or rather, that somehow their communication lines were compromised, but that is what they are trying to fix with this meeting tonight so that they are all on the same page.

Adele has seated herself in the other armchair and has a tray of ice tea and glasses sitting on the table.  She tells them all, “Now, we have a lot to get done tonight.  So please, make yourself comfortable and settle down.” She watches them all with an expectant face, her hands folded neatly in her lap.

Thalia is smiling as she watches the nest follow Adele’s order and get comfortable.  Her eyes look over them, seeing the shifter, three witches and the two humans who make up this unusual nest.  But then, she is considered part of the nest along with Leigh, so it is a good thing that it is such a mix for a nest.

“So what is all going on?” Jason is very curious.  He can tell something more than what they have passed on to each other is going on.

Godric smiles as Leigh puts her head into her mistress’s lap and purrs lightly.  He starts the conversation. “Sookie was attacked two nights ago with the intent to get another vampire’s blood inside her.  At the same time, our nest was being attacked by someone framing Jason.  Eric worked to get Jason out of jail, and one of us will need to be with him at all times to help prove that Jason is not part of this crime wave.” He looks out over the nest, very much in control.  He is laying out what happened and what he expects to happen.

Eric took up the conversation by turning to the new witch.  “Can you make sure no can hear inside the house for the rest of the conversation?  After we discuss everything Godric and I will outline with Leigh what we will need you to do.”  He is interested in Amelia, since she came so highly recommended by both Niall and Hades.  There had been hints that she will be important to the nest as a whole.  He was a little leery since they already had Lafayette trained and practicing as a witch, and Tara had gotten some training as well.  What will this witch, who had not grown up around the rest be able to offer?

Amelia concentrates, not noticing Sookie’s wince as she burrows further into Godric’s shoulder, going through the spells in her head.  “Yes, I can do that.  Is the conversation going to remain in this room?” She is eager to prove her skills to the vampires in front of her.  But she does not forget that Sookie is also as important as the two obvious leaders.  Niall had made sure she knew how important all three are, and how important Sookie is to him in particular.

Noticing Sookie’s wince, Eric had turned to her and touched her, willing some of his strength into his little one.  He answers Amelia as he watches his mate, “For right now, that will be fine.” He is concentrating on his Mate, thinking if this witch is going to just hurt his lover, then he will deal with any fallout with her being removed from the nest.

Amelia watches the two male vampires as she works to get the room ready for the spell.  She is actually quite amazed at the devotion they pay the small female.  She knows that they are a fated mating, and that quite a bit hangs on their shoulders.  But she has never seen such devotion in two men for one woman.  There is no conflict in them over loving the same woman, it actually seems like if one was missing, the other two would reflect it.  She nods to herself as she realizes that she had made a good choice to come here, no matter what anyone had told her. She then turns her attention to the spell and casts it.

Closing her eyes, trying to bury her head into Godric’s neck, Sookie is trying not to yell at the innocent witch.  Amelia cannot help the fact that she thought loud.  Some people are naturally just loud to her.  But so far Amelia has not said one thing as she thinks another.  All in all she is just watching them, amazed by this group and hoping she will find her place in it.  Sookie picks up the hints that Niall was most particular about having Amelia being part of the nest.

Tara is watching Sookie, worried since she can tell her best friend is hurting.  To try to place the attention from her, she asks, “Where is Pam?”

Glancing up at the small woman, Eric grins.  “Pam passes her regards to you as always, Tara.  She is covering for us at Fangtasia.”  He had been shocked when his Child had been taken by the small black child.  He believes it is another mating, but both Tara and Pam are very quiet about their feelings for each other, but there is no doubt they care for each greatly.  Eric muses that Sookie may not lose Tara to time, however she will probably lose her to Pam.  Pam is a selfish bitch, it had been that Sookie is his mate to make it where Pam didn’t hate her.  His child can carry grudges for a very long time.


Lafayette watches Amelia, then when she sits back down, he holds his hand out to her, “Lafayette, but you can call me what you like, most of these hookers have their own names for me anyways.” He grins at her, while being puzzled by her inclusion in the nest, he had studied his whole life to be able to help his nest when needed.

Amelia laughs, her eyes dancing.  “Amelia.  Just please call me Amelia.” She knows she will need to work hard to earn her place in this nest that most of the members have been together most of their lives.  Even Sam, the newest had been around long enough to gain both Godric’s and Eric’s respect before he became a member.

Jason grins at her, then turns back to Eric.  “Now that the room is guarded, what all do you need to tell us.”  He also has been watching his sister with a watchful eye.  She is in pain and he is not sure why, but he is hoping that they will learn soon.

Godric kisses Sookie’s hair, holding her close the them, then tells them, “Eric, Sookie and I are all Bonding.  We are one step from it, and probably will complete it tonight.” His attention is on his mate, hoping that between Eric and him, they can block the witch enough.

Hoyt jerks up and asks, “I thought Hades and Niall had wanted to wait for that to happen.” He is concerned, remembering that conversation lasting late in the night when Sookie had turned 18.  Both vampires had wanted to Bond with her, as an extra layer of protection.  Hades and Niall had argued with them about it, with them winning grudgingly after hours of debate.


Leigh sighs, then stands and rears, instead of coming down, she blurs into her human form, dressed in a black cami and jeans.  She answers Hoyt, “That is because they hadn’t wanted the three to suffer from the Bonding sickness, knowing that they would have Bonded as soon as possible, and Godric couldn’t be here until now.  Even now they are unaware that the Three have been suffering from the Bonding sickness all this time.  They were also worried that it would speed up the mating process.” She watches Hoyt and the rest of the nest.

Lala asks, “And has it?  And also, who the fuck are you?” His voice was on edge, not liking how this new person had come in and is now so close.  Amelia had been known to the nest for the last year that she will come when the plan starts up, training up until the last minute.  So while the nest is uncomfortable with her, they had known of her.  This stranger seems to have the trust of the heads of the nest immediately.

Eric laughs as Godric shakes his head.  Adele just says, “Language!”  The rest of the nest either laughs or snickers at Lala.  They had all been yelled at, at some point in their lives for their language.

Godric took it upon him to tell Lafayette, “This is Leigh, she is Sookie’s guardian, as is Thalia behind me.  Thalia will be with Sookie at all times at night, Leigh–  Leigh is part of Sookie from now on.” He didn’t know how detailed Leigh wanted the group to know.

Sam shakes his head, “Are you a shifter?”  He has been quiet up until then, but his curiosity has been peaked by the diminutive woman who had such power radiating out from her.  Much too strong to be a were, but he could not think of what she could be other than a shifter.  Even then she is much more powerful than he is.

Leigh gracefully sits down at Sookie’s and Godric’s feet.  She answers Sam, “I am unique, a manifestation of a God’s wish and Sookie’s will.  I also contain parts of Eric and Godric in me, allowing me to be the best guardian for Sookie and ultimately for all three of them.  I can be anything and everything.” She smiles at the group, understanding why they are not as accepting of her.  It didn’t matter since she is here to stay.


Shaking her head, Tara remarks, “All that I heard from that is blah blah hocus pocus bullshit blah.  Can you put it in terms we can understand?”

Laughing, Leigh tells her, “You, I will enjoy getting along with.  But basically, Hades came up with the idea of guardians for his three children, especially with what happened with Godric and Sookie.  Godric, Eric and Sookie.  Godric was given his many years ago.  I was born from his wish, and sent for training from everything and everyone that he and Niall could come up with.  I trained hard knowing what I was meant to be and do.  I am, I guess you would say grafted into Sookie’s spirit.  Her will is what gives me the ability to be corporeal, and containing parts of Godric and Eric allow me to see a little more into the prophecy.  Being made from Hades’ wish, allows me to know what he thinks, and the rest allows me to put it together in a way that no one apart from us four can.” She shrugs like it is nothing, a part of her everyday life.  But who knows what her life was like before she came?

Hoyt is frowning as he asks, “What do you mean you can be anything and everything.”  He just can’t understand what she can mean by that, it could mean so many different things.

Looking up at the man seated in front of her, “Exactly what it means.  My natural form, is of the panther.  But this is another natural form as is being incorporeal.   But if Sookie is in danger, my form will change to what is best suited for her defense.  For instance, if Eric is there and our best defense is for him to be armed with a sword, I will be that sword.” She says it as though it as no big deal, while knowing how much of a big deal it is.

Jason just stares at her and finally says what everyone else is basically thinking, “Wow.”

Sookie laughs. “It isn’t hard folks.  She is my guardian and she will be here from now on.” She can tell the group is on two different lines about the issue.  Half of them are happy for the extra protection and if Godric and Eric are fine with it, then so are they.  The other half is resentful and worried for them, not liking how fast the new one has gained their trust.  It doesn’t bother her since they are looking out for them, but they cannot understand how connected Leigh is to all three of them.

Godric shakes his head in agreement and asks Amelia, “You know tomorrow we will need to go to Fangtasia.” He too is unsure of why Amelia had been so important to both Hades and Niall to include her into their nest, but he can see some pluses in it already.  Amelia is a witch.  It is her lifestyle and she has spent all this time preparing to help them.  She is known as a witch.  Lafayette is beyond doubt powerful, but he is their hidden ace in the hole.  In fact, they had been trying to hide his powers so no one will be aware of them, and Amelia will help make this more possible.  He nods to himself as he places her on the board in his head of allies.

Amelia nods. “You cannot hide the Bonding between you all.” She is bound to make sure they can trust her, so she makes no false promises.  She will tell them what she can do and what her limits are.

Eric nods.  “We need you to do something to make it seem as though Leigh is…Sookie’s pet?”  He turns his head to Godric. “How are we going to explain Leigh?” His eyebrow is raised as he turns the idea in his head.

A small smile on his face, Godric answers, “Just as that.  It actually wouldn’t be that bad of a gift to give one’s Bonded.  As long as Leigh doesn’t forget and shift into her human shape in front of others, we can get away with it.”  He says the last in a teasing tone of voice, directed at the woman below him.

Leigh nods with a grin at his teasing.  “Yes, that will work.  Thank you.  I had not wanted to be in this form, and being her pet, will allow me into places otherwise forbidden to me.” She wishes to hide as much as possible from future enemies, and thinking she is a pet will help immensely.

Amelia thinks and replies, “I can do this.  No problem.” She grins as she tosses the spells that can ‘accomplish’ this.  She likes Godric’s crafty mind, it will be fun to work with him.

Godric nods.  He is rubbing Sookie’s back, working on sending her calm.  He can feel the difference the bonding has made so far, it is much easier to feel both her and Eric.  It is almost a ripple effect; the closer he brings Eric, the closer Sookie is and vice versa.  Either way, he is looking forward to tonight.  Even though they cannot consummate the Bonding, he will feel better with them fully Bonded.

Leigh breaks into his musings, “And that is why it is needed to be done.  Something is coming, Godric.  Eric and Sookie will need the full effects of the bonding to make things right.” Her voice sounds upset, but confident that the two can take what is coming.

Frowning, Godric thinks to himself, “There is too many leaving secrets in my keeping today…”

Eric clears his throat to pull the attention of all to him. “The Bonding is to be finished tonight.  We will be downstairs, and I warn all not to come.  Last night I felt protective, I do not doubt tonight will be worse for both Godric and I.” He looks each of them in the eye, making sure they understand his warning to them all.

Jason shudders. “Believe me, man.  None of us want to be around.”

Hoyt smacks him in the back of the head. “Jason!  They are not going to be having sex.  Sookie needs to remain pure because of the plan.  Idiot.” He shakes his head as the rest of the nest laugh.

Sookie cannot contain her laughter. “Hoyt, in case you are unaware, there are other things that can be done-”

Adele exclaims, “Susanna!” Her face is disapproving and shocked.

The rest of the nest laughs at Sookie turning red, from forgetting her grandmother is in the room and hiding in her mate. Godric chuckles as he holds her, sharing an amused glance with Eric over the embarrassment in the Bond.  Both are reveling in the feeling, this Bond is something they have both been wanting for a long time.

Sam asks, “Seriously, what is going to be going on.  I suspect that little act in the bar earlier was put on for not only Compton’s benefit?” He leans forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees, hands clasped in front of him.

 Godric nods as he strokes Sookie’s hair.  He knows Eric will be wanting her close by soon, so he using every minute to show her his affection. Now that he can feel how much she loves it, he will be working to show it more. “The Bonding has to be announced.  Eric tonight will be sending notice, as am I, on it tonight.  No one can stop us, since I have decreed it, and my Maker’s rights supersede any others.  But Sookie is going to act like the adorable idiot human she has so far, and fight Eric on this tooth and nail.  And he will be, with my support, forcing her to take her place as his mate.  You can all imagine the fun to be had.” The grin on both Eric’s and Sookie’s face along with his own obvious amusement is enough to tell everyone that it will be a ball for the two of them.  But then, they love to tease each other, and this is nothing but a chance to one up each other.

Hoyt, along with the rest laugh. “This will be enjoyable, to say the least.  But how is this all going to work with the plan?” He is concerned, aware, as the rest of the nest, of the prophecy.  And, he is also aware of all the work each and every person in this nest has done to work towards the end.  Anything else, the nest will support the three of them completely.  They are all in for the long haul.

Sighing, Sookie answers, “Because we are in delay mode.  We are trying to draw out the players in this section of the game.  At any time Godric and Eric can announce their takeover for the thrones of Texas and Louisiana.   I also have a feeling Bill has more to do before we are through.  So we are delaying, trying to expose everyone before the Mating which will draw the rest of our enemies out of the woodwork.” She smiles at her other brother, acknowledging what she has heard from him silently.  He smiles back at him.  He has never had a problem with her telepathy.

Pulling Sookie closer to him, Eric relaxes slightly when she rest her head on his lap and his hands are able to run through her hair.  “Right now, I am worried about Jason.  This plan to have our attention split almost worked.  To this day, neither Godric nor I have any idea how I arrived so quickly to Sookie’s side.  Otherwise, if Godric had not been here, she would have been worse off, or with Bill’s blood in her.  Quite possibly dead even.” He can’t help that the words at the end are a growl basically.  He still sees red when he thinks of what Bill had done.

Sam shakes his head, trying to get the image of Sookie when he had run out of the bar out of his head. “We have the phones that were all jacked up also.  It sounds like we have some huge issues to overcome right now.” His eyes flash momentarily with the rage he still feels when he could have prevented it, but was halted by such a small but important thing.

Nodding Godric tells them, “Your new phones are in the kitchen.  Eric will explain more about them when he hands them out.  But for now, someone, or more is with Jason at all times.  Eric and I will be staying here unless I am called back to Texas to deal with anything, but then I will be back as soon as possible until the mating.  The Marks have appeared, and we have been told by both Hades and Niall that as soon as Sookie’s part of the Marks form, we will be drawn to each other and part two starts.” He smirks knowing what the three of them will be doing that day.  He then raises his head back up.

Looking at the group, he meets each of their eyes. “This is where we will move to our new location after we announce our takeover of the states.  Since at this time there will be no denying our rare mating, Eric and I will permanently contract for marriage, with Sookie included.  When this is accomplished, there will be one state where there were two.” He looks at his two mates, nothing but happy that this is close to being completed.

Eric looks up, “I do not have to warn any of you that this is not set in stone.  We have already found that the enemy is more than we had imagined and the plans are already changing.  At this time, Godric and I have been told the most important thing is our mating to Sookie.” He meets their eyes, conveying the importance of this information.

The rest of the nest is quiet as each absorbs what they are being told.  Godric turns to Amelia. “Right now, I want you to be here tonight, guarding the house.  Our Bonding tonight has to happen.  If it is like last night, Sookie will be out of it, and that will force us to be more protective over her than normal.  We basically will be out of it tonight.  Tomorrow I will induct you into the nest and we will announce the Bonding.”  He finally gave in to what he knew to be inevitable conclusion.  Amelia will be part of the nest.

Amelia nods, grinning.  She knew she still had to be accepted, that this had been no guaranteed thing that she will become part of this nest.  But Niall had told her that if Godric gave permission, the rest will accept it in time.

The three look to the rest of the group gathered.  “We want all of you here tonight, since we will not be able to help if you are attacked elsewhere.  Do not get in our way if something happens, I expect that even you, our nest will be thought of as an enemy. Thalia will be in charge during the night, Leigh during the day.”  Godric tells them, in his no-questions-will-be-asked-you-will-do-as-I-say voice.

The rest of the nest nods.  Godric stands up after shifting Sookie into his arms.  Eric stands beside him as Leigh shifts into her panther form.  “We will see you all tomorrow.  Be safe.”

With that they all leave the room.

Amelia sighs.  When she see the rest of the nest looking at her, she tells them, “Sorry, but they are just… intense.  I have never seen anything like it.”  It was the best way she could put into words how she felt.

Thalia’s voice rings out, “Nor will you.  Those three are completely original, and their destiny is also.”

Lafayette stretches out. “I don’t know about you f-people, but I’s be heading to bed.   It sounds like we need to stay here until tomorrow evening, and I am not going to finds out what two already possessive vampires will be like when they are fully Bonded.  Night.”

The rest agree and all head into bed, no idea of the plots and revenge that are being carried out that night.

Final count, 7,053 words.


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    I will admit there was some rapid blinking back of tears when Adele revealed her soon to arrive death to Godric- it was heartbreaking knowing how much Sookie loves Adele.
    Amelia is an interesting character and i can’t wait to see what happens.
    I love Leigh already, i love how she sasses and there’s a lot of humour there.
    I can’t wait for what comes next, whenever it may come.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and i wish you all the very best for the New Year.
    Best Wishes

    • kittyinaz

      I know I may get some hate mail about Adele. But the way I see it, she has been waiting a long time to get back to her love. And who wouldn’t?

      Amelia is going to be a fun character. She is a cousin of mine. I should have used another pic of hers since she is blonde now for an acting job….

      Leigh is going to be the catch all. She will be the one to help navigate our threesome through the troubled waters of prophecy. She is going to be Sookie’s bf too.

  2. Susan

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    Fantastic update –was so looking forward to this. Yup, torn about Adele “passing on”, but to know that she is with her fated one, her great true love, Fintan, has to be a soothing balm for the nest once they get over the shock and sadness of her death. If your Laffy is a medium like in TB, there could be the occasional “visit” from her.

    Leigh will be the lynchpin in all this –I can’t wait to see her grow as a character and how she will fully integrate into the next.

    Now for the enemies to appear –we know of Compton, the LA Queen of course –could there be Russell and the Queen of Oklahoma involved? Decastro? the Fellowship? Oh….the list is very long, indeed!!

    Great update! Hope your family and your wee new “fur baby” have a happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year –can’t wait to see what you have in store next!

    • kittyinaz

      Thanks for the compliment! As you already know, I started a thread on Facebook on this to talk to you guys about it. But warning you guys, I was waiting for hubby to ocme home to take care of Connor, and I am taking something.

      Leigh is going to be important. Very important to all three. She will give insights into the prophecy as needed.

      We already know Russell is part of this, he is on the character page. But will he be TB or SVM? Hmmmm. As for the rest, you guys will get hints in the chapter after the next for more of the players.

      We three, wish all of you a merry Christmas. Our furry baby is making himself known in the house. I don’t think any of the cats walk on the floor anymore. LMAO!!! And yes, both cats have smacked him. He backs away from Missy, (The smallest animal even with him in the house) and faces down Tucker and tries to get him to play. Tucker is one of the biggest animals in the house, (Mojo is being kept from him right now). It is fun, even though right now he might think his name is “No! Connor!”.

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    Interesting choice for Amelia.
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