Chapter 17 I’ll Be On My Way


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Song I listened to for this chapter: Too Close by Alex Clare.


Adele sighs.  “The three depend on each other in ways no normal mortal beings can ever understand.  If you had been here that night when they all met her, you would understand better.  Eric was up on the porch, protecting her and soothing her.  Godric was the one who met with me and was the first line of defense for her and Eric.  He had no question in his ability to protect them, giving them time to get away to join them at a later time.”

It was just that simple to her.  That first meeting with the two vampires who would be her little girl’s world determined their dynamics and have continued to this very day.

Before she can say anything else, Eric is storming back through the house in a black and blonde blur and they can hear the door upstairs slam.

Niall comes inside, his face serious for one of the few times they could recall.  He looks at Amelia, “Come Witch.  I need to do what I can to help Sookie and then I need to talk to some people.”

Amelia looks back at the nest, but they were not looking at her, they were all looking at where Eric had disappeared to.  Only then does Amelia realize Thalia is no longer in the room. She sighs and follows Niall outside.



The night desert sky is overshadowed by the lights of the city behind him.  Over the rocky sands and cacti, the crying calls of coyotes sing, that haunting sound ringing out through the night.  The Vampire standing on the balcony smiles as he hears the sound of the wanderers of the great desert below him.  He enjoys the desert, only the fittest survive in the harsh reality.  He chooses to live in this environment to remind himself not to get soft in these times. His brown eyes trace a shooting star going past his head.


He sighs as he turns his back on the desert, heading inside to his throne room.

Duty as always.

The doors open as he strides towards them, never hesitating.  The crowd parts in front of him as he makes his way to his throne, seating himself once he is there.  Looking out at the crowd, he waives the current chattel that have been chosen to service him for this session.  She is beautiful –as all of them are– but he does not pay any attention to her as she kneels in front of him in her provocative clothing and releases his cock from its restrictive confines.  As she lowers her head to the head of his cock, he nods for the court to begin, resting his head on his hand that is propped on the arm of the chair.


A couple of hours later, his eyes light up as his favorite vampire enters the room. The dark headed vampire bows to him, staying until he hear the King tell the rest of the court to leave.  However, when the cow in front of him starts to leave, he tells her, “You are not done.” Her head bows to him as she lowers herself to continue, hoping that she will please him tonight.

His brown eyes look into the hazel eyes of his agent.  “Have you found out anything else for me?” His eyebrow quirks, a faint smile on his face.

The young man bows again in front of his King and hands him a folder.


 The King takes it from him and sighs as he finally sees the young woman who has everyone up in arms.  His finger traces the side of her face as he muses, “She is beautiful.  Not like this whore in front of me, but as a true woman should be.”  He sighs as he looks through the rest of the file.  Seeing something that catches his interest, he looks up at the man before him. “Truly?” He is shocked.  Pleasantly, but nonetheless shocked.

The young man smiles, knowing what is amazing to his King.  “Yes.  I have smelled it myself.  For some reason she remains innocent.” His smile is cocky, knowing that this information will please his King greatly.

The brown-eyed vampire on the throne laughs.  “Oh, I will enjoy this.  Once the Gaul and his freak of nature Viking are finally dead, I will take her as my Queen.  And she will not remain pure by anyone’s imagination.  I am shocked that the Viking has not removed that pesky little status.” He is grinning, his cock getting harder as he flips back to the pictures.  Yes, he will enjoy removing that status from her as she cries out his name under him.

The dark-headed young man answers the unspoken question, “It is said that his Maker has ordered this, though there are now rumors saying that due to her…feistiness, he has order that they both Bond with him.  It seems he is getting tired of letting her do whatever she likes.” He shakes at his head at Godric allowing this woman the freedom she currently enjoys.

The King shifts slightly and uses a hand to press the woman currently blowing him down further on his cock. He snarls at her, “Bitch, do it properly, or we will have another lesson on how I like to be serviced.” He doesn’t care that she is chocking, he holds her down until she swallows around his cock, then releases her.

The man below shakes his head. “These humans now a days, they can’t do much properly can they?” As he clasps his hands in front of him.

Sighing, the young man on the throne tells him, “No.  But no matter.  I will train up this whore and the others in the stable. They are easily replaced when they don’t please me, and at least their blood sustains me, even if they aren’t worth doing anything else.  I can’t tell you how many I have drained this week alone.”

He shakes his head, commenting, “I will not want my Queen on her knees.  She will be seated next to me as the treasure she is, and all will worship her, jealous that she is mine.  In private?  I will train her and when I am done, I will turn her.” He smirks as he makes his plans.  Knowing the hype around her, the King knows he will have control of the country, if not the world, with her by his side.  For isn’t that what the prophecy says?

The man on the floor grins.  “If you don’t mind, my master, I would like to return to my office.”  The look on his face tells his King that he will be enjoying some company when he returns.

The man nods but reminds him, “Any new information is to be brought to me.  Please place this file on my desk.” He turns his attention back to the whore in front of him. “I guess I will be training you, yet again.”

The young man nods and makes his way out of the room, grinning as he hears the cow begin her lessons on how to service the King; the smell of her tears enhancing the room.


At the same time, halfway across the States, another vampire king is receiving a file from his second.  He smiles at her and thanks her as he takes the file to his study.  Sitting behind his stately desk, he reads through it. Slowly he looks up from the file, folding his hands underneath his head and thinks.  He has two ways he can go about this.  But he can only see one outcome that was truly positive for him and his.  The other way can only end in tragedy.


His lover enters the room and collapses on the couch in front of his desk.  “Seriously, all these people have no taste!” His dark hair flops in his forehead as he leans back his head dramatically.

The vampire looks at his young lover and child with a smile.  “My Child, I think it is time for you to have your own kingdom.” He has chosen what to do, and with that has adverted tragedy.

The young man sits straight up, flooded with apprehension.  “My own kingdom?  Are you??” His hand delicately rests against his non-beating heart as he thinks that this is it…

The older man shakes his head.  “Times are changing.  I believe I will have to announce my backing behind one group soon.  I wish to bring to the table a large alliance.  I have been trying to get Illinois to fall in, but they are being unreasonable.  What do you say to a quick takeover?  And then we can finally marry, as an alliance.” He smiles as he leans back.  Yes, this will be the better option.  He will support the ones he has gotten hints are going to be the Fated Ones.  There are bigger things coming than normal vampire politics and if one has to mainstream to live, well, one does what is needed to be done.  This is survival.

The young man on the couch claps his hands in eagerness.  “This will be most fun!  When will we start?” He has no illusions;  while he will be named King, it will his lover who will rule both states.  But he will not have to worry about his lover marrying another.  That alone will be worth anything he needs to do.


The King looks at his lover, “It has already began.  By the end of the night, you shall be King.”  His grin matches his lover as they look at each other.  Yes, this is right, this is best.


A woman sits in front of her mirror, gazing upon her appearance.  She has changed it many a time, from being a red head to brunette to the current blonde, all to disguise herself and allow her to blend in with the times.  Luckily, from all she has witnessed, she will be free to be herself soon.  The shadowed life of hers will be a thing of the past.

The others had forgotten about her.  They had been wrapped up in the problems of their own, and had mourned her when they thought her dead.  Instead she had spent the time doing her own fair share for the Fated Trio.

She smiles as she remembers all she had done to get the last member ready for his future.  He is the key to everything.  Without him, the trio would have failed before they got even close to the point they are now.

She brushes her hair one last time before gliding up and out to the balcony, resting her toned arms on the railing.  Even now, she knows the vampires are trying to get themselves in position for something they truly have no idea about.  While they are a current threat, she has spent the last thousand years trying to find the true threat to the world.  The threat that the three will save the realms from.


Sighing, she stares up at the moon as she remembers the time she has spent here.  It was only with the help of the Fates that it has been possible, but her body is in constant pain, which will not stop until the Mating.  She has pushed the limits to the farthest that anyone could and still be within them.

Leaning on the balcony she wonders where the other is.  She knows that they are gathering their forces, for there is no way for them not to know how close everything is coming to a head.  For this reason, she has spent the last hundred years working, trying to gather forces that will be ready for them to lead.


She closes her eyes as she remembers her beautiful realm, the place where she rules.  She had to leave her son behind to rule; the only person who knew she is still alive.  He is somewhat anxious to rejoin her and for him to meet his older brother.  She will be happy to meet her son that she had to give up all those years ago so that he could become who he needed to be.


Her white owl comes flying to her and she smiles at her chosen avatar.  Unlike the other ones, she has given him the ability to be himself.  Though both of her brothers have given theirs free reign, she truly is a passenger when she becomes one, her chosen allows her to control them.  This gives them the ability to use everything to their benefit.

Her owl rubs his head on her then shudders, settling his feathers.  He quirks his head to the side and stares at her, until she meets his eyes and he shows her the recent happenings in a small Louisiana town.  She sighs as she watches the vampires try their petty ways to gain control of something they have no way of containing.  She also laughs at the banter between Eric and Sookie as they try to make everyone believe that she hates him.

After seeing the newest update, she sends her appreciation to her avatar.  She tells him, “Soon, I can be moving around, not worrying who may see me.  There are too many players on the field that need to be found.  For now though, we will keep our plans as they are.”

The owl nods, softly hooting at her. He does an awkward jump to her wrist and closes his eyes as his mistress takes him inside their home, knowing he will be able to rest for at least the day.

Final count, 2,302 words.


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  1. theladykt

    Sneak hidden POVs. Hmm so it seems Russell will be on the good side. Guessing the Evil POV was Creepy Felipe and Tricky Vicky from Nevada. Cant wait for more

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