Chapter 2 In The Eye of the Storm


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Eric shakes his head as he leans forward, his hands clasped in front of him as he stares at her. “Sookie, my Master is being lenient with you. If you were my Potential Child, you would be at my side at all times. While I don’t agree with his treatment of you, I will follow his directives given to me in regards to you. Or would you rather me tell him how you are really acting?” In reality, if it had not been for the prophecy, Eric and Sookie would either be in Texas or Godric would be here in Louisiana, together at each other’s side. The separation between them all as mates is painful, but with Sookie’s life dependent on them pulling this off, they give her their blood and wait for the day that they can finally exchange blood and mate.

Knowing how badly Eric really wants her by his side at all time, Sookie slouches slightly, then looks up at Eric beseechingly, “I will be there soon. Please don’t tell Godric.”

Eric smiles, knowing that this makes their mate laugh, but he just tells her, “Be there soon. Now, I smell a vampire that has not been to check in. Where is he?” This is said harsher, but Eric is not happy that any vampire cannot follow procedure and check in with his Sheriff. Even worse, this vampire instead comes to his mate’s work?

Time for him to get to work.



Eric stares across the booth at his Mate, waiting for her to get up and show him the vampire who starts the game.  He sends her his love, and waits for her.

His eyes also move across the bar, making note of where everyone is again.  He is not aware of this, it is an automatic move, a sign that though the world says that it has supposedly grown beyond the need for warriors like him, the warriors know that the world will always hold dangers that they need to be on guard for.

Meeting his stare, Sookie is not backing down, not like she would even if it wasn’t so important now. She knows how much her mates love her feistiness.  Bringing her mind back to the part she needs to play now, she gives a little huff when his eyes move from her and stands up, walking over to Bill’s table without looking back to see if he is following.  He is, and always will.

Following behind Sookie, his eyes on her behind, Eric smirks a little at her display.  Sookie hasn’t been this childish since she was much younger.  He will enjoy teasing her about this later.  Knowing what part he wants to play now, Eric stares openly at her figure, his eyes lingering on that pert ass of hers.  Yes, he will so enjoy teasing her later.  He feels the amusement from those in his nest as they catch on.

Bill clenches his jaw as he watches the Sheriff of Area Five stalk past Sookie and slide into the seat across from him.  This is not how he planned to meet him, but it had been anticipated since it is known that Eric keeps an eye on his future sibling.

Settling himself in the booth, Eric raises his eyes to Sookie’s, quirking an eyebrow.  When she glares at him, he dismisses her with, “Go do whatever it is you do in this shithole.  I will talk to you before I leave.”  As she huffs again and leaves, he smiles, letting anyone watching know how much he loves getting under her skin.  Of course, unknown to most this is actually normal for the two of them.

Then the bulk of his attention slides back to the vampire in front of him. He leans back in the seat, his body showing how much he is aware that Bill is not a threat to him physically.  Eric tells him quite clearly, “You did not check in with me.  All vampires need to check in with the Sheriff of any Area.  You, as one of the Queen’s favorites, would know this ruling, William.” The sneer is evident in his voice as he names Bill as a favorite of the Queen.

Bill grimaces and his mind flies to find an acceptable excuse. “Yes, you’re right, Eric.  But I just arrived in Bon Temps and gained entry to my ancestral home.  Since I had a time limit on when to get the paperwork, I had no time to pack anything.  I figured it was too late to make it out to Fangtasia tonight so I stopped off here since it was the only place open.” As he talks, his eyes slide slightly to the side.

Eric just lifts an eyebrow, letting Bill know he is not accepting it. “That’s quite the story, Compton.”  Then he leans closer resting his elbows on the table as he tells him, “Now the truth.” He clasps his hands in front of him as though waiting for a good excuse.

Glaring back at Eric, he spits back at him, “That is the truth.”

Bill is squirming a little, not anticipating that Eric would be this serious about his job.  He had heard that he was hard, but any time he had seen Eric in the Queen’s palace he had seemed so easy going.  He is hoping that Eric doesn’t remember their first meeting.

Tsking, Eric shakes his head. “Now, now Bill.  This is not the way you want to start our relationship is it?  Lies are such a dirty way of starting any relationship, at least that is what Pam tells me from Dear Abby.  I can call over Sookie to check if you like?”  Eric’s eyes are gleaming, showing his enjoyment of taunting Bill.

Closing his eyes for a second to gather his control, Bill asks, “Now Eric, why on earth would you think that I would be lying?  You can check with the Queen’s guards as to when I left New Orleans and you can check with Selah Pumphrey, who was the human in charge of my home, as to when I retrieved the keys from her.  I had to ascertain that there was a light tight place for my rest before I could give thought to checking in.”

Smirking, Eric tells Bill.  “I am sure I would get the information to back up your story, since it would not take much to glamour the humans to give the answer you wanted me to hear.  But what makes this questionable, Compton, is why would you come to this bar, that is known to have my Maker’s Potential Child as a worker.  Also, I can ask her family if you were sat here or if you came in and happened to sit in Sookie’s area.”  Eric leans closer, “For you see, I take my Maker’s command seriously, unlike others.  He wishes me to watch over his Child, I do so.  I also make sure if I am not here, that she is well guarded as one of Godric’s Child should be.  Don’t let me find that you are here for her in any way, Compton.” He is staring with his eyes intent on this possible threat to his mate.

Glaring back at Eric, Bill asks, “Are you saying that one cannot just acquaint themselves with the folk in their hometown?”

Shaking his head as he settles back in his relaxed pose, Eric sighs. “Play your games, Compton.  We both know that everyone knows who Sookie is, especially in our world.  You will find that Godric is not one to let something of his go, much less one he cares for.”

Bill smirks and snidely comments, “That’s right.  Godric hasn’t released you has he?”

Before he can do or say anything else, his breath is cut short as Eric’s hand has closed around his throat.  Eric drags him across the table to his face and growls at him, fangs down, “No, he is not a bitch like your Maker to make me want to be released.  Now be respectful of mine and Sookie’s Master.  I would have no problem in paying the fine to rid the planet of you.”  Eric tosses Bill back in his seat and straightens his jacket.  His fangs withdrawal as he calmly states, “You will check in tomorrow night.  I will hand you your schedule, personally.  Don’t be late.”

Eric gets up, giving Bill a look over and just as he gets ready to leave, he turns and tells him, “Sookie is Godric’s. “ ‘and MINE!’  Eric thinks to himself.

Bill can’t help himself and comments, “Can’t stand any competition, Eric?”

Throwing his head back as he laughs, Eric tells him, “There may be worth to you yet, Compton, as a jester to my retinue, maybe?”  He continues to laugh as he repeats to himself, “Competition…”

Bill growls as Eric walks to Sookie.  He watches as he takes Sookie’s arm and drags her to somewhere in the back.  Eric may make his job easier if he keeps treating her like that.

Eric pulls Sookie into Sam’s office, that he had soundproofed years ago, as he closes and locks the door.  Then he turns and pulls her to him, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss.  His arms wrap themselves around Sookie, pulling her into him, as her hands reach up into his hair. Sookie loves to mess up his hair.  He always tries to look so impeccable all the time.

Shortly though, she forgets about anything but her mate. Sookie groans as Eric rubs up against her, making her long for the day they can finally mate.  But until then, the three of them satisfy themselves in other ways.

Before the two can go any farther, Eric’s phone goes off with Godric’s ringtone on it.  Eric growls, but quickly answers the phone, pulling Sookie with him into the armchair. “Yes, Master?”

“Eric, how many times?” Sookie laughs lightly, hearing Godric’s response to him.  This comment has been made over the years that she has been with them, and she never tires of it.

Grinning, Eric tickles his mate, in his arms, as he quips back, “It will take at least one more time, Godric.” He is relaxed, enjoying the time with his mates, anticipating when they can be together again.

In his office, in Dallas, Godric laughs as he feels both of their amusement as well as hearing Sookie’s laughter.  “I take it this evening’s meeting has gone well?” Unlike his child, Godric does his business in an office setting.  He prefers it since he often has to do work that in reality should be the job of his King.  But by now, Godric is used to it.  Plus he owns a couple clubs that he can use if he wishes to, along with multiple other businesses.

Sookie and Eric grin at each other as Eric answers, “Yes.  I think tomorrow I will have Compton pick up Sookie and bring her to Fangtasia for her monthly time.”  His grin gets bigger as he can think of all the fun that could be had with that.

Feeling Sookie’s disgust, Godric is quick to ask, “Is there something wrong, lilla kompis?” He, of all of them, has been the most concerned over Sookie’s feelings during this plan.  Their mate tries to be tough, but it hides an interior that is sensitive.  And he would not want her to be any different.

Shaking her head, she had left her shields open to make sure no one could overhear them, she shivers at what she has heard.  It’s times like this she hates her telepathy.

Feeling the same disgust Godric is feeling, Eric holds her tighter, rubbing her arms as he asks, “Min älskare?”

Sookie swallows as she can feel them both pushing their love and concern to her, “The Ratray’s just came in.  He wasted no time in glamouring them to drain him.” She hides her face in Eric’s neck, letting his scent help her calm down.

Eric growls, “Well, this time I can at least catch them and take care of them.”  He has been itching for a chance to take down the suspected drainers.  While he has smelled them using V, he hasn’t been able to catch them at it.

Godric though is frowning as he leans back in his chair.  “Why would he do that, Eric?” It just doesn’t make sense…

Agreeing with Godric, Sookie comments, “From what I hear, no vampire wants to be drained, so what is the plan?” She cannot get the specifics on the glamour if she did not catch them thinking about it.  Most of the time she can only hear the end part of the glamour, or the beginning.  And if she is not there to catch it, all she can tell is that if the glamour has been laid on the person.  Or unless, like Eric and Godric made part of the glamour for Sookie to know what it is.  They do this for their nest so that Sookie can always check if anyone has been glamoured.

Eric is holding the phone in one hand, his other arm around his mate, as he thinks. Leaning his head on hers, he finally asks, “Do we know who told?”  The plans and alternatives are flying through his vampire brain.

The disgust Sookie suddenly feels runs through their bond as she tells them, “Hadley.”

The hiss from both of the vampires is simultaneous.  Hadley had been taken care of with the rest of the Stackhouses, but one day she ran away, no reason.  They had started to look for her, but Adele had told them if they couldn’t find her in a day, then let her go.  She wanted to be lost.

Luckily, per Adele, no one knew who their benefactors were unless they were part of the immediate nest.  And even then, it took awhile for Jason to be included in the immediate nest.  Lafayette and Tara were made aware long before he was.

Neither vampire could forgive Hadley for running away and causing the suffering of her mother looking for her as well as the rest of the Stackhouses.  It went against the grain for the two vampires to forgive anything that causes their mate pain, and her knowing her aunt’s thoughts were of her daughter even at the end was pain for her.  Even with Adele’s wish, they had tried to look for her on and off.  Pam had called it the ‘Where in the World is Hadley’ game.

Thinking on the last clues they had have, and putting together some other information, Eric mentions, “I heard the Queen has a new pet, that she wasn’t sharing or was allowing anyone not part of her immediate nest to even share. The inner circle was pouting to our person on the inside. Our spy though has mentioned that the rumor is off her unusual taste.”

Godric sighs, “That would be in place with what Hadley would taste of with her background.  But the question is, is Bill here to find others of the same flavor, or do they know of Sookie’s ability?” This is one of the worries they have had since she was young and why it had been a priority to get her telepathy under her control from the beginning.

Feeling Eric’s arms tighten around her, Sookie sadly replies, “Probably both from what you both have told me in the past.  She knew me when my shields were so bad, and you know we weren’t so secretive of me in the family.” In fact her mother had made certain of that with her attitude.

In his office in Dallas, Godric looks out on the skyline, thinking.  “Let Bill’s plan succeed.  Eric, you, Jason, and the rest, be ready to rescue Sookie if there is a chance he will take her or hurt her.  Otherwise, the information gathered by his reaction to her ‘coming to his rescue’ will far outweigh the pleasure of capturing some low life drainers.  Plus aren’t you and Lafayette working on that, Eric?”

Nuzzling into his Mate’s hair, Eric agrees.  “Yes, but Godric, I don’t feel easy letting her do this.” He has always advocated for their mate to live her life the way she wants, but only Godric is aware of how much it hurts him to do so.  But her independence and love of life reminds him of his own, and he knows how he would have felt if someone had restricted him.  But there are times, like now, he lets some of that trepidation though.

Sending reassurance to Eric, Sookie tells him, “You’ll be there if anything happens.  Godric is right, and you know it, Eric.” This is a rare twist, Godric advocating her to do something dangerous, while Eric is the one wary of it.

Sending reassurance to his mate, Godric tells him, “Just be close.  And Sookie, when you get home, tell Adele.  I don’t think Eric should be too much around the house, unless there is a good reason.  We don’t know what his vampire talents are or much else about him.  I will get to work finding out information on him, while you two take care of tonight.  Make sure someone takes her home.  I will have a witch friend of mine come visit you in a day or so, Sookie.  We need to strengthen the wards, and another witch helping will not hurt.  Now, you two get yelling, and remember, I love you both.”  With that Godric hangs up, and stands up.  He looks out across Dallas, knowing that this is the just beginning.

He sighs, and decides that he will go to his mates.  He can say it is because of Sookie’s attitude problem towards Eric.  It will allow them all some much needed time together, and he will have Sookie take more of his blood to strengthen the bond they share.  Neither he nor Eric will be complaining when they can finally mate their eager lilla kompis.  Plus he needs some time away from the Fellowship.  Their raids and accusations are getting worse.  He needs to tell Eric not to have Sookie come here unless under duress, she is well known to them and will do anything to take her.

Godric’s head bows as he sends both his mates his love, then he calls out in a normal tone of voice to the only other vampire that knows what is going on, “Isabel.”

When he hears her enter, he tells her, “I am going to visit Eric.  Please take care of business here until I return.”

Isabel nods her head, “It will be done.  And please give my regards to your children?” She smiles, hoping that she will get to see Sookie soon, she misses the young girl.

Godric nods and turns his attention back to the view in front of him, but in reality, he is monitoring his bonds with his mates.  Since he cannot be with them physically, he will send any support needed.

Eric and Sookie steal a kiss from each other and Eric holds her close to him.  He softly tells her, “Please be careful min älskade, I really will tear apart Compton if anything happens.”  That would be a promise.  After a very long torture session…

Sookie rubs her head on his chest, knowing that times like this are to be treasured.  She sighs softly, then tells Eric, “Come on, Eric.  We need to get to the yelling and such, then find out what Compton is here for.” Her reluctance to do this is clear in the bond, but so is the resolution that it is needed.

With one last inhale of her scent, Eric stands them up and backs away.  Opening the office door a couple inches, he crocks an eyebrow, waiting for her to start.  Then he sends her his mischievousness, using a game that they have played often in the past, usually to drive Pam or Godric up the wall.  It never works with Adele though…

Sookie hides the giggle that is trying to escape, knowing that he will pay for this later. “ERIC!! I said NO!” She gives him in imprudent grin, knowing that the ball is in his court.

Eric waggles his eyebrows and gives her the point, he will be the one giving substance in this fight.  “Sookie, I was not making empty threats.  I will call Godric and tell him how reluctant you are to coming to Fangtasia.” He is hiding how much he doesn’t want her to do this, but he will take the point if it makes her feel better.

Sookie purses her lips as she retorts, “And I will tell Godric that the reason behind the meetings at Fangtasia is senseless since you are here anyways!”  She raises an eyebrow at him, using one of her points in why this may not work when they had planned this part.  Even though it got voted out, she is going to use what she can.

His head shaking at her taking the easy road with an old argument, Eric answers, “You will be there tomorrow.  I cannot let the vampires of my Area think that just because you are Godric’s is reason enough for you to skip your visits.  They do not know the reason for them, they just know I decreed it, and Godric agreed.  This is final.  If you are not there, then Godric will be notified.” With that he sends her a burst of his love as he is turning around, and moves through the open door.  He starts moving through the passageway back to the front. Showtime.

Sookie trails behind him, arguing still, “Eric!  I have plans tomorrow night!  I said I will be there later and I will be.  Just don’t call Godric…” The last is in a pleading note.

Eric turns around and as she bumps into him, he holds her there, as he looks over her.  “No more, Sookie.  I have decided and that is the end of it.  While Godric is not here, I am in charge of you.  You will obey me.  Now get back to work, so your boss won’t fire you.” Then he looks at her leering, “Unless you want to accept my offer?” Oh how he knows she’d rather work with him instead of here.

Sookie jerks herself out of his arms and glares at him.  ‘Not fair to use an argument that he knows I rather work with him!’

He laughs at her look and then leans down to her ear, “You remind me of an angry kitten, lilla syster. (Little sister)  Be there tomorrow.”  He kisses her cheek, “Until then, min kattunge.” (My kitten).  He then vamps out of the establishment hiding his chuckles.

Sookie huffs, trying to keep the laughter from the names he had called her silent, and turns to find the whole bar staring at her.  “What?”

Jason just shakes his head and tells her, “You are the only one that dares to argue with a 1,000-year-old vampire.  Just go as he says and get it over, sis.  There is not much you can do.” He tries to keep up the pretense that everyone knows she should just give up and be with Eric.  He smiles in his head, ‘If everyone really knew she is with not only Eric, but Godric, this town will blow it’s collective mind!

Bill is watching the whole scene with barely concealed glee.  Eric seems to be doing everything to annoy Sookie.  ‘He does not know how to treat her, maybe Hadley is right and a ‘southern gentleman’ is exactly what she will respond to.’  With that he decides to continue with the test tonight to see if she really is a telepath.

After all, this is just the beginning, and if she tastes anything like Hadley, there is some recompense in having to be here in the backwater town.  It should not be that hard to get her.

Final count, 4,034 words.

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  1. Susan

    I really like this story and look forward to more 🙂

    • kittyinaz

      Thank you!! I have some more chapters written out, I just need to finish moving some more over. At least you guys know there are more chapters waiting in the wings!

  2. Elizabeth Sarah

    Excellent chapter and I can’t wait for more. I love how they all interact and the roles they play with each other.

    • kittyinaz

      This will become even more evident as the chapters go on. There will be flashbacks and such that help explain this complex nest. And their Relationship?? In my mind I have it as a give and take. they all give to each other and take what the others offer with the love they offer it with.

      I really love this story and how it is turning out. It has definently captured my interest, and you the fans of this world, are really welcoming me to it!!!

      Thanks for the review!!

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    • kittyinaz

      LMAO!!! Your not as bad as me!! I am still getting used to this site and only recently found out that there were comments not answered!!

      I believe I have her at 25. I would need to go back to my Beta and find out, it’s in her notes, I told her and I think promply forgot it. And there is a reason for them not mating, the Marks need to completely appear for that to happen. It will also start the prophecy and they are working to get alot done before then, but have no idea when the Marks are going to come, not even the Fates know that answer.

      I don’t blame you, I rather read on this than Fanfiction and in fact often leave stories in the middle if I find out they are somewhere else. I love this site so much! Thanks for following me over. And I will get better on the replying now that I know more about the site!

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