Chapter 20 We Keep Shining


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She walks towards the crowd, and Sam, who had been talking to Bud, sees her and runs to her, holding her in his arms as she breaks down.  She tells him, “Call Grams.  Nobody should go to the house until they are up.”

Sam nods as his eyes catch Hoyt’s.  No, no one will be going home until the vampires are up.  No one wants Sookie to hear any of this accidently, before they tell Eric and Godric.  They are the ones who will be best in handling this. And her.

Sam just holds Tara, soothing her as she cries into his shirt, hoping that this will end for them soon.

Of course, when you have a vampire wanting revenge, it won’t end soon.



The day passed for the trio in their bedroom peacefully.  Giving them all some well needed rest, even if two of them didn’t realize the changes that will take place now that they are bonded to their love.

Curled on the bed, Sookie had spent the day sleeping with her Mates, only waking when she felt whiskers on her leg, the only exposed section that didn’t have one of the vampires covering her with their bodies.  They had always been close, but there is literally no way to tell when one starts and the other ends.  She still didn’t want to wake up, but once she started to rouse, Leigh tells her, ‘Sookie, you need to wake up.  I hate to be the one to wake you with this, but something has happened.’

With that Sookie wakes up, her eyes springing open.

She turns her head to look on either side of her, seeing that Eric and Godric are still out for the day, her face showing her shock as she can feel them inside her, like a buzzing noise.  And they feel… warmer to her.


Leigh is watching with her green eyes taking in the changes that she can find so far. ‘Yes, you will always feel that no matter how far you are apart.  But, Sookie, we need you to get your shields under control.  Once Godric is awake, you will be hitting the ground running.’ Her mental voice shows her worries. She knows that these last few days have been hard on her charge, but she is hoping she will be right that the Bonding is what she and they needed to be a step ahead of their opposition.  But she cannot figure out what is causing the issues that made the Bonding such a necessity for them to do it now.  They are all too close for something to happen.

Checking her shields Sookie notices not only the ease of putting them up but the their strength is more than she ever imagined.  She just stares at Leigh in wonder.  ‘They are up.  This is the first time they have been this strong and so easy for me to raise.  What is going on?’ There had to be something happening since she knows Leigh just wouldn’t wake her unless it was important; not after the last few days and the ones coming.  It didn’t take a genius to tell that there is something  coming that made their Bonding so needed.  But then, she can see good things coming from this, and gains a smirk as she glances at her mates.

Leigh shifts into her human form and smiles at Sookie.  “I had hoped this would happen.  Remember how you mentioned your head hurt?  I think it was the new connection to me and your mates that made your shields so weak, you were being bombarded with all these connections and your shields couldn’t get enough time to learn to form around them.  You can’t shield from us, and you shouldn’t want to.  You will be able to dampen the Bond, but never shut it off.”  Settling at the foot of the bed, she watches the three of them.

“As you put it, you needed the time to reset.  The rest you had for the last two days, and especially last night has done this for you.  Now we need to make sure that you are ready.  Sookie, you need to center yourself.  From now on, things are going to move more quickly, and you can’t hide like you have been doing since your attack.”  She levels a look at Sookie, letting her know that she knew and even understood some.  It cannot be easy to get over an attack that was close to ending your life.  Leigh knew that Sookie really needed the time to wrap her mind around it.  Anyone would.

Sookie looks away, ashamed. She had been hiding, trying to get her mind around the fact that someone would try to basically bring her close to death to have her.  It made this plan so much more realistic to her.  While Godric and Eric never hid anything from her about their world, she had been still sheltered.  But that night had made it apparent to her they are playing for keeps.

But before she can do anything else, Godric is awake and pulling her into his arms. “Liebling (darling), what is the matter?” Their Bond was open and he was sending her reassurance and love.

Leigh sighs. “Of course, you would be awake this early, Godric.”  She is not surprised at all;  Godric had always woken early, and with the Bond he should be able to wake earlier. But then, maybe he can help with keeping Sookie calm when she finds out about Jason.  Or at least help keep her and Eric calm.

But what happens next surprises them all, Eric sits up, alert and aware of Sookie’s emotional state.  He is turning towards her to make sure his mate is alright, sending love and reassurance to her as he knows Godric is doing the same.

Leigh’s mouth hangs open as she stutters… “How… What is going on?” She knew they would be waking up earlier, but this… this she kinda expected from Godric, not Eric! Eric is not supposed to be up this early.  What is going on?!

Both Eric and Godric laugh at her expression until they turn their attention to Sookie, who is staring at her phone she had grabbed in shock. She was registering nothing to their new Bond as much as pure shock.

Both move even closer to her, as Godric takes her head and gently turns it up to him to stare into her eyes, searching them and the Bond for answers. All the while sending her his love and now his worry, trying to bring her out of her shock, not wanting it to take root too quickly.  He knows Eric will leave her to him as he inspects the phone and see if there are any clues on it.

Eric, as expected by Godric, takes the phone out of her hand and then too stares at it in shock.   “Godric, it is one in the afternoon.” His eyes lift up as he searches out that sense inside every vampire that tells them the location of the sun and it verifies for him the location.  But shockingly enough, he is not feeling the need to die, nor any indication of the bleeds.

Godric lifts an eyebrow to Sookie to make sure this is why she is in shock.  But when she shakes her head, he is puzzled.  Normally this is something that would have shocked her in the past, but what could send her in shock instead?

“Jason, is in jail again.”

Those simple words are enough to send both of them into motion.

Eric growls out, as he jumps out of bed, not caring he is naked as he storms over to the desk and signs into the computer to find out what is going on, leaning as he reads through his emails to find out who would dare to mess with his nest, and what his lawyer and dayman have done to solve it.

On the other hand, Godric pulls Sookie closer to him as he grabs his own phone he had put on the charger before resting for the day.  When he is here, Bobby worked for him in addition to Eric, and he knows it.  Part of the reason he is training Jason is to make sure that always one person will be available to the three of them.

He skims through his emails, noting that he has more from his area and the state in general.  His eyebrow quirks as he and Eric read the report from Bobby at the same time.

They both growl out, “Fucking Andy!”

Sookie can’t help it, she and Leigh look at each other then laugh.  Sookie asks Leigh, “I thought we can send to each other and that would be the effect of the Bonding, not that it would make us say the same thing.  And Godric doesn’t normally cuss.  Not in English…” She is grinning.

Leigh gets up and starts pacing, knowing that there is something coming, and hoping against hope that this is not it.  She has no idea how to solve this one.

Shaking his head at his wife as he nuzzles her to calm his rage, Godric tells Eric, “Cataliades is there, but I think that this detective Andy Bellefleur will need to be taken aside.”  Eric is lowly growling and nods to acknowledge his words as he is working to find out what and where everyone is.  Neither are understanding why nothing has been done.  Yes, it is early, but this should have still been cleared up before they expected Sookie awake.  They had both left explicit instructions that she should rest and any issues are to be solved beforehand.

Sookie feels everyone’s emotions and blurts out. “He hates Jason.”

Everyone in the room stops and Godric asks, “Why?”

Looking at Eric, she says softly, “Because he is jealous, but he really hates him because once Eric got him straightened out, Jason and Dawn got together. Andy has loved Dawn from afar, but never said anything.  Now he will be after Jason to be avenging Dawn, never thinking that Jason is innocent.”  Her eyes show the sadness she felt for the detective, and she had heard his thoughts on it often.  He had sworn if there was any sign that Jason hurt Dawn, Andy will bring down the full force of the law to deal with him.  But he had honor and did nothing as long as Dawn was happy.  Just thought of all the ways he will use the law to bring down Jason.

His eyes narrowing, Eric picks up his phone to call but before he does that, Godric is there with his hand on his. “No, Eric.  Let’s not tell anyone of us being awake.  Have Sookie call and talk to Bobby or even better Kenya.  Bobby would already be there, no doubt about that. He cares about Jason personally, not to mention he would have wanted to make sure Sookie was not bothered when the two of us specified that.  You know he does all he can for her, and thinks of her not as his mistress, but as a daughter.  No, in this case,  Sookie can be our in between person, and if need be, you can send her your thoughts.” He is staring into Eric’s blue eyes, his own acknowledging the anger he felt in the younger man.  Finally Eric drops his eyes and nods to Godric.

Leigh just laughs. “Getting used to that, are you Godric?” Her eyes are twinkling with the mischievousness her panther kin can be know for.

He turns and gives her the slight smile he is known for.  “Yes, I am, Leigh.  And thank you for telling us of it, since when Sookie did it the first time, I wasn’t too surprised. You aren’t too surprised though, are you?  Any asset as that would be used by Eric and I for the purpose of keeping our plans secret and to guard our love.   But for now, will this work, Eric?  Sookie?” He is making sure that there would be no problems with his mates.  He has a feeling that now starts the need for them to try to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

They both nod.  Sookie takes a deep breathe, but before she does anything else, Eric asks her, “Lover?” He can feel the hesitation in her, the worry.  She should not be hiding anything, and he will like this Bond for not allowing her to do that.  Before they had an idea, but now they will know for sure.  He doesn’t know why she never tells them, never have they taken anything she has said and disregarded it.

Looking at him, she tells them, “It won’t be pretty.  And I suspect that there will be a lot of slandering and such.  Andy hates all of us since we are always behind Jason.  So… Eric you need to behave.” She waits for the reaction she knows he will have with her comment.

Godric can’t help the laughter coming out of him at Sookie’s words and Eric’s silent, ’Me?’ that came to them in a very affronted voice.

However Eric asks out loud, “What about Godric?” Why is he being picked on?  He had seen Godric throw some big fits over the years and he has no doubt that Sookie would be a valid reason to the ancient vampire.

“What about him?” Her voice is genuinely confused as her emotions.

Godric is still laughing as Eric tells her, “You don’t think he gets upset?  Why are you picking on me about this?” The last part came out with a hint of a whine in it.  He would never allow it to show to others, but he never holds back with his Mates on his true feelings.  Leigh just feels as though she is as she really is, a part of Sookie.


Sighing, Sookie walks over to Eric and putting her hands on his face, which he immediately covers and purrs lightly enjoying the physical touch. “Because you take protecting my name as seriously as protecting everything else.  Godric will keep his temper because he is the one who is suggesting this and knows how important it is to keep his silence.  Eric, it is not a bad thing that I am ‘picking’ on you about this, it just shows how well I know you.  And if you are honest about it, you know I am right.”  She looks into his eyes and tries to send her love to him.  When she sees his eyes soften and his hands tighten on her, she knows he understands.

She goes and sits in his lap when he grumbles under his breath.  Godric shakes his head and tells Eric mentally, ‘Eric, you know she is right.  If she didn’t say anything, you might have said something out loud in anger.  We can’t let anyone know of this advantage.  Even if it is for today only.’ He got Eric’s agreement and tries not to laugh when he sees him cuddle her on his lap.

Leigh speaks up, “I think this will become even more evident.  Sookie is a creature of the sky.  This may be her addition to the Bond.”  She is still shocked with Eric’s wake time, but she was told that they would rise earlier.  And their Mating will change this even more.

Eric frowns, “The telepathy is not her addition?” He is worried about how much are the going to share and if all of it will be happy like this one.  He never wants his lover to be in pain or harm because of him.

Shaking her head, she tells them, “It is more of a gift because of your Mating and Bonding.  One way or the other you were going to get it.” That she knew since she was told of the early rising and that the three way telepathy would come first.  She just wasn’t expecting this.  She was slightly alarmed and wanted to study the prophecies in the Britlingen libraries.


Godric is nodding his head as he can think of more positives that can happen.  “Then there will be other additions, I take it?”  He inquires, hoping for more information.  Knowledge is power after all.

Nodding, Leigh answers him, “Yes.  I won’t know what they are until they come about, but I can tell you when they happen.  There are a lot of different things going on with you three that will be happening in the next short while.  But for now, let’s concentrate on getting Jason free.  I have a bad feeling about this.” And that will give her time to maybe even get the scrolls sent to her.  She needs to make sure she is on top of everything.  They are all depending on her interpretations.

Sookie nods and when both of her mates nod to her that they are ready, she dials the Jailhouse. She settles back in Eric’s embrace, enjoying the safety she feels there.


At the police station, everything for the first time today is quiet.  When the phone rings, Kenya takes a deep breath and answers the phone, “Bon Temps Sherriff’s office, how may I help you?”


“Hey, Kenya!  This is Sookie.  What the heck is going on?”

Kenya smiles at hearing Sookie’s voice, then frowns as she hears the question.  She looks around the area then says quietly, “Sook, Hun, you need to get your fancy lawyer down here ASAP.  Andy is on a tear about Jason killing Dawn and Maudette.  Bud and everyone else knows Jason couldn’t have done it, but Andy is not listening.  Jason is in shock right now, so Bud allowed him to be taken in, so that Andy couldn’t try for resisting arrest.”  She gets it all out in a rush before Andy could surprise her.  Bud will defend her, but she is keeping an eye out for Andy anyways, they didn’t need Andy to be any more upset than he is.

Sookie’s eyes widen as she hears Kenya.  She looks at her mates and Leigh, trying to think of what to say since they didn’t expect Kenya to be this open or to imply that there was no one there helping Jason get out.

Sensing her confusion on what to say, Eric sends to her, ‘Lover, Cataliades should already be there with Bobby.’ He needs the information also so that he can find out what he needs to do.

Nodding, she relays the information, “Kenya, Jason’s lawyer and Eric’s dayman should already be there.” She can feel Eric’s hands on her back, slightly rubbing, trying to keep her calm.  She can also feel Godric sending her calm and his assurance.

Back at the station, Kenya’s eyes widen as she tells her, “I haven’t seen them.  Hold for a sec as I check with Bud.  Andy may have gotten to them and is keeping them held up.” She puts her on hold for Bud’s office and rushes in there to find out where the two people who could get Jason out are.  Plus, with her on hold for Bud’s office, Andy can’t pick it up.

Sookie waits patiently on hold for answers.  A movement caught her eye and she looks to the bed, seeing Leigh taking her normal form.  Finally the phone is picked up and her attention is back on the call.


Sookie cannot help but smile at Bud’s voice. “I’m still here, Bud.” She relaxes since she knows Bud will help her out.  Eric and Godric have helped him plenty of times before and he is not as biased as Andy is.

Looking up at Kenya, Bud shakes his head, “Neither the lawyer nor the dayman has been here.  I will look for them, I suspect that Andy has had something to do with them being missin’.”  He pauses then says, “You know that Jason is innocent right?  The boy is shaken up, badly.  I think someone should be waiting for him at the house and keep him under wrap.  He is liable to go off halfcocked if he finds even the rumor of someone being guilty.”  He didn’t want to have to arrest Jason for any reason.  He had been right proud when they boy had corrected himself and got on the straight and narrow path.

Listening to the older man on the phone, Sookie sighs. “Yeah, Bud, we know he is innocent and how he is.  We will keep him here.  Can you keep me updated on what is going on?  I know that Mr. Cataliades and Bobby wouldn’t waste a second on getting Jason free from there.” Both Eric and Godric agree with her, knowing that both of the men adore Sookie and would not want her upset, especially once Godric and Eric have issued an order like they did.  Neither did that unless there is a reason.

Bud nods to himself, then still staring at Kenya, he confirms, “No problem, Sookie.  If your vampires hear anything, let me know?”  He knows they would if they can.  Both are careful in making sure Sookie is safe.

“If I can, I will.”

Kenya and Bud trade glances as they agree and get off the phone.  They can hear Sookie worrying, and if she is, as soon as nightfall comes, there will be some upset vampires here to find out what is going on.

Bud tells Kenya, “Try to track down Andy.  I have no doubt he is behind those two being missing right now.  Only he would be fool enough to think that he can hide behind the law from vampires set on revenge.”

Kenya nods and heads out to hunt down the detective, hoping to save him from a very painful lesson.


Eric wraps his arms around Sookie.  “You heard Bud, he will find them and they will get Jason out of jail.” He is purring, trying to keep her calm.  She is upset and he is worried since she has been in pain and not having her chance to calm down.  He doesn’t want her snapping.

Cuddling closer to her blonde vampire, Sookie sighs. “Eric, why now?  Why now is the murderer starting to kill?  Don’t you think it is odd that it would happen after we announce the bonding in public?” She is voicing the thoughts in her head, it has been bothering her as she thought when she was put on hold.  And no matter what way she turns it, it just doesn’t make sense!

Godric frowns and moves closer to her and looks into her eyes, his mind turning over the possibilities, and he is not liking the outcomes he is getting either.  “You think this is all connected, the murders and you being bonded to us?” He is hoping she is wrong, but his mind is not seeing any alternatives that are feasible.

Eric’s arms are still around her as Sookie tries to reason out the thoughts in her head. “The first murder put Jason in the spotlight and blamed him.  It also was too well planned to time with my attack. You guys threw that plan out, while allowing them to achieve no gains.  In fact, if what we think is true, we took out some of the players and tortured Bill who we think is working for some of the players. Then nothing happens, no retaliation for us acting against Bill, nor us foiling the plan.  No actions  until we announce the Bonding publically.  A normal person would of have reasoned that if we care about Jason enough, him being in jail may have delayed you guys from getting to me. That we would make sure that he will be under multiple eyes, especially the night he was released!” Her thoughts are tumbling in her head and more is making sense why she is feeling uneasy about this as she voices her mind.

Eric nods. His nose is nestled in her hair as he muses, “It almost feels as though someone is throwing a fit.  And it supports your earlier idea that multiple people are behind what is going on. Since this seems very childish to the original plan, which was well thought out and planned down to the minute.  In fact it was Godric who first foiled it by being there so fast, then me.  To the point we had to out me being your mate since there is no other way I would have reacted to you being hurt like I did otherwise.  So we gave away a major point, but no one reacted to it.  It was the bonding of you to both me and Godric that compelled this, and I am thinking it is me that really prompted it.  I am the new factor.  Godric Bonding you to him would not have stirred too much up, but your mate Bonding to you?  That closes some of the easy options people thought they had.”

Yes, Sookie had a point and one he thinks is very valid.  They will need to more careful with their planning.  The Mating is too close to risk her, but, at the same time, it is too close for them to take the time they wish to flush out as many opponents as possible.

Standing there watching the two of them with a small smile on his face, Godric is thrilled with the two of them and how far they have both come.  But his mind is racing with the implications and the worries that someone will try to take them away from him. “So this reinforces our decision to wait.  We need to find out all the faces behind the enemies.  And we need to find this murderer before he is to come after someone else in the nest.”  His eyes are bleak, but Godric is getting in the frame of mind to do anything to protect the two in front of him.  Especially Sookie.  He cannot lose her again!

Everyone’s head jerks towards Godric, “Someone else in the nest?” They repeat.

Chuckling at the stereo effect, he answers, “It is a little eerie to hear you all answer in stereo.  But yes.  I have a feeling that this is to get Sookie separated from us, and the best way, is to kill members of the nest.  Dawn was almost a member, by the simple act of her dating Jason.  She never would have been, but no one needs to know that.  This was an attack on all of us, not just Jason.  Dawn’s death will affect all of us because it affects Jason.”  Godric’s eyes get darker as he realizes more and more how exposed Sookie is.  He doesn’t allow it in the Bonds, but deep down that familiar anger and fear is surfacing, the one from the period of time that she was gone from him.

Eric growls as he holds Sookie closer, “They will not get a member of this nest.”  He may not know what Godric is thinking –though he can feel the slight muting effect– but he knows that he is worried about Sookie.  His maker can go to a bad spot if he keeps thinking in this manner; Eric needs to do what he can to make Godric realize Sookie is here and they are able to keep her safe.  Safer since they sleep less and Sookie keeps their hours now.

With the information he has in his keeping, Godric worries that the end game is nothing less than Adele’s murder.  Other than her brother or one of them, that is the death that will hit her the hardest.  However, keeping in mind his promise not to say anything, he just tells Eric, “We will need to keep up our defenses.  And we need to move forward in pulling more of the faces out in the open.” And ensure nothing happens to Sookie.  She must make it their Mating, since he is getting the idea that once it is completed the three of them will be harder to kill.

And with that, the foursome spend the rest of the time before nightfall planning.

Final count, 4,764 words.


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