Chapter 22 Staring at the Only Love


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Eric has Sookie pulled up tight to him, as he snarls at the man in front of him.

“Mr. Compton has a point, mein sohn.  Sookie should not have been by herself.”  Godric lands in front of the group then looks at Bill, “However, you should know that you shouldn’t be speaking to a Bonded human without her Bonded in attendance, Mr. Compton.  But for now, we will call it even.  Thank you for escorting my Child on her errand.”  His voice had a definitive finality to it.

Godric pulls Sookie from Eric and taking her in his arms, he tells Eric, “Wir werden auf Sie warten zu Hause, mein Sohn. Sie nicht zu lange dauern.“ (We will be waiting on you at home, my son.  Don’t take too long.)  With that he takes off with her in his arms.

Eric just growls at Bill, telling him, “Be at Fangtasia tomorrow night.  There should be a message from Pam to that effect.  I will be looking forward to your attendance.”

And with that Eric is gone.

Bill smiles and moves to his own residence, whistling as he goes…



The following morning is busy at the Stackhouse homestead.  Last night they had continued with their plan and felt that Bill had taken the bait.  Godric and Eric had spent most of the rest of the evening making life hard for Andy in thanks for his own difficulties in letting Jason out of jail.  His new life will be much more difficult until he learns some sense – to which Sookie had commented that he couldn’t if his life depended on it.

By the time Jason had finally realized what had happened he had been safely home. The nest had gathered to support him and to let him know that they were there for him.  The way he broke down made Eric and Godric happy they had brought him down to the rooms below; Bill didn’t deserve to have any acknowledgment of the pain he had brought upon the youngest Stackhouse.

Eric was extremely mad and frustrated, feeling helpless in his ability to help anyone with the grief of the nest, specifically Jason. He had finally left the homestead for a while to get out some of his anger.  He also took care of some area business at the same time.  From what Pam had reported to Sookie, those transgressors will never doubt that Eric has gone soft taking a mate. Ever.

Godric had whisked Sookie away after Leigh had told him that she was losing control.  He had comforted her and held her as she sobbed in his arms.  When Eric had returned before dawn, he had crawled into their bed and held her while Godric made the arrangements for the coming nights, making sure all their plans for Andy were carried out.  He not only hurt a nest mate with his unreasoning hatred, but now their mate is hurting.

Tonight will be significant.  Eric had already apologized for what was to come, and so has Godric for allowing it.  Sookie will have to kneel to them both.  It will be only for a couple of seconds, as brief as they can make it.  But it will be more fuel for the fire they were trying to build. They needed Bill to grab everything they can feed him in hopes of luring him to make a mistake and give them the rest of the conspirators hiding behind the Civil War veteran.  They can feel time becoming almost a physical presence with the need to hurry before the Mating.


Eric had already acted towards the new goal that he had decided last night; there were deliveries from Bobby, clothing for the night, as well as flowers.  He had told Godric, who agreed to the romancing of their mate.  They had already started to make plans towards this, even Godric was feeling a little giddy at the idea.

Adele was the one who had suggested after the scene last night that the gifts be used as gifts for their Bonded.  For them to be what they really are, courting gifts.  She had even jested that maybe Bill will try to figure out a way to reciprocate.  She had also given Sookie the next reason to seek him out, using the cover of her DOD meetings.  Sookie is to invite him to talk to the town about his memories of the War.

Right at this moment, Jason is in his room, with Lafayette keeping him company.  No one will know when his anger will come, but until then, they will not leave Sookie alone with him.  While they don’t think he will blame her, they were not willing to take the chance.  Neither Eric nor Godric will allow a physical attack on their mate to pass, even if it is from her grieving brother.

Godric is especially worried, knowing that the two Stackhouses are fated to lose their grandmother and his suspicion that it will be to this killer.  He has stepped up his efforts to catch the killer, but he knew as well as anyone that if the fates have seen something, it will come to pass.  He is upset that he didn’t get the chance to examine the scene, by the time he was able to get to it, too many scents have been placed over the killer.  He also mentioned it to Sookie, in case it happens when he can get there first.

Adele is sitting in her chair, knitting.  She is thinking hard, trying to make sure everything is in order just in case.  She knows that she is also at risk, Godric had spoken with her privately about his suspicion that the murderer will be after her at some point.  She is not worried, as she had told Godric, she is ready to meet her soul mate in the Summerlands.  But she has no idea how to prepare her grandchildren.  She knows they will take it hard, as well as the rest of the nest, but that is the way life is.  Death is part of being human.

Sookie is sleeping down below, she is slowly but surely adjusting to vampire hours. Adele knows that she will be taken care of.  Neither of her mates will let her go through it alone.  Plus she will have Leigh, Hades, and Niall to help.


Niall.  She suspects that Eric is putting together too much.  She is shocked that Godric has never suspected a thing, but back then, when he and Sookie were first mated, her abilities would not be a shock.  Now, he is not around enough to even have an inkling of an idea. But the night before, when Niall had slipped, it was in front of the wrong person.  Eric has always had a more open mind than most, and had already suspected something.  And whatever Niall has said to him hadn’t helped.  For a mastermind of so many successful plans and plots, he never seems to do as well with those he cares for.

Adele has her own issues with how it had all happened.  She and Fintan had confronted Niall at the time, but as Fintan had reluctantly concluded, it was done.  Nor was she surprised when the two of them had found out the additional information about Niall and Sookie.  Sookie will have a lot to deal with when it all comes out.  She just hopes that Sookie will accept Niall when it is all done with.  It will break his heart to be rejected by her.  And to be fair, he has been there for her at all the times she would have needed him.

But there are very excellent reasons why everything has been hidden.  If people knew, it would change the game and make Sookie a larger target than she is already.  To prevent that, Hades and Niall had worked very hard to make sure that it was all hidden until after she was more protected.  Even going to the point of Hades not telling his son, in this life or the past.

Then there is Jason.  She has no idea how he is going to take all of this.  Jason has a temper, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the meeting tonight at Fangtasia had already been announced to the vampire population of not only Area 5, but Godric’s Area 9 too, they would all be here, supporting him.  And his temper would be placated by either Godric or Eric allowing him to vent on them, boxing or wrestling.

Eric would be the ideal person to deal with Jason, he has already established the relationship with him that may be able to open Jason up enough to let go of some of the rage.  Instead, Bobby will be here to keep him company and try to help.  There is just no way to get around it.  Tonight is just too important to call it off.

The rest of the nest is to be here or at Merlotte’s, except for the ones needed at Fangtasia.  Adele will be happier when there is an excuse for Leigh’s presence at Sookie’s side.  It will leave her less vulnerable.  If there is the source of the retaliation with her at all times, it will make people pause, too many humans are cocky that they could kill vampires and think they can get around them.

However, the best solution will be the Marks solidifying.  Both Eric and Godric have been on edge since the Bonding.  Only under a direct question from her had Godric admitting that neither he nor Eric have been active with Sookie since the Bonds had finished.  The need to be with her had increased to the point that they are uncertain that they can keep their heads and not wait until the Mating as they planned.

Adele figures the best way to help that along is to have Niall or Hades tell them better.  Or maybe Leigh.  She can help the three of them, but the abstaining is wearing on the three and is going nowhere positive. The sharing that they do during that time is more than the physical, though those two vampires need that release.  And the three need the blood exchanges.   Now that they don’t have to worry about Bonding by accident?  It will be better for them all.

She sighs, it will all happen as it needs to happen.  Tonight is crucial to their plan.  Sookie will need to reign in her temper, but her mates and Leigh will all help with that.


Sookie woke to the feeling of her mate’s mouths on her.  She moans out, “If you think this time you are not going to follow through, I’ll stake you both myself.” As she arches into their mouths, the feeling of them finally touching her this way since their marathon at Fangtasia is magnificent.  Neither Eric nor she have abstained this long, especially when Godric is here.

Eric chuckles as he kisses down her neck, ‘Lover, we both know you won’t do that to either of us.  You crave us too much.’ He licks her collar bone, knowing it drives her crazy, especially with his fangs out to play.

Godric’s mouth moves down her body, smirking when she opens her body up for him to continue.  “Mein geliebte gefahrtin.  One would think you are begging.” Teasing her with his mouth as he greedily accepts her offering, his purr increasing with his enjoyment of his mate.


One would think?  Godric, I am more than begging at this point.  If you don’t finish, I will make you both regret it!’ As Sookie is talking to him, she arches her back to a bow on a low groan as he licks her from her clit all the way back. At this movement, both vampires nip at her, Godric at her clit, Eric at her breasts.

Eric chuckles as his own mouth becomes busy at her nipples.  He is using his fangs to lightly sink in, allowing him to suckle her, bringing pleasure to both of them. They had found that while she didn’t enjoy them biting harshly, if they drag their fangs enough to draw blood, it enhanced the pleasure they all felt at the action.  And it was one that Eric seemed to especially to like…

Godric and Eric had spoken when they had woken earlier.  They were both needing her.  Leigh had sighed at their conversation and told them both, ‘And you don’t think she doesn’t need you two?  Up until the Bond, you both would need her so much and she you.  Now you have stopped.  Worried about something, that if it is gone, what would it matter really, the traps are set.  You are Mated.  You know this.  She knows this.  Eric has announced his Mating to her and he is making sure there is no question of it tonight.  He is taking out a full page in the newspaper to make sure it is not missed!  If you look like you are about to go too far, I will say something.  Will that help?’ She knew it was part of the plan, one that to keep Bill hoping that he might just have a chance, if he could figure out a way to Bond her.  None of them think that he nor anyone else in his corner have given up.

The two of them looked at each other and after a minute they agree.  Waiting until they couldn’t wait anymore and began this seduction to waken her.

Sookie is trying to undulate under then, but they both have hold of her, pinning her to the bed, allowing their  ministrations to her body to continue unhindered, and when she lets a sound of protest out of her mouth, they both smirk looking up at her. Eric leans forward to her ear. “Tell us what you want, lover.  We are yours to do with as you will.” He then proceeds to attack one of his personal favorites, the skin right beside her ear.  The squirming from there always causes a smile, especially when he does it at vampire speed and no one catches him at it.

Panting Sookie is staring at him.  Tell them what she wants?  How can they even ask her that when she is wanting all of them, all the time? Or at this time when all she can think of is their hands on her, their mouths, anything at all.  It has been too long.

Godric starts chuckling again. “Eric, I think we have rendered her speechless.” He gives her a solid lick from end to clit, his intense blue green eyes on her own brown ones, as he teases his love.

Shaking his head, Eric tells her, “Now Lover, you were just threatening us with a staking if we didn’t please you.  We are at your mercy, willing to do what you want us to do, to please you as well as we can.  Yet you have no instructions for us?” With that he licks her ear, kisses down her jaw and throat, before returning to one of his favorite places, her breasts.  She really has perfect breasts.

I really am going to stake you two for this!’

Lifting his head from his teasing of her, Godric just laughs.  “Well, my love, your choice.  Do you want my cock or do you want Eric’s.  From there, we will take it, since you have no imagination.”  His smirk is huge.

But, beneath the surface, Godric is worried; he is hoping this will help her get through the night.  The multiple clothing changes for the pictures. The dragging her through the crowd, making her kneel to her Mates.  Eric and he had talked through most of it.  Godric had volunteered to escort her to Eric.  It would make a more powerful statement.  Sookie cannot fight him, she has voluntarily given in to him, acknowledged he is her master, but she will be resentful towards Eric, showing her unwillingness to be his mate.  Even with her outward animosity, he knows, she will not humiliate her Master.

Neither want this for her, but they have to give fodder to the fire of her hating Eric.  Those that know about Mating, will just shake their heads at the hopelessness of her defiance.  The others will act as though they understood.

Eric will make her kneel at his feet, then he will have her rise and seat her beside him in a throne he has added to next to his.  And there she will be shown off.  Godric has had a throne here, too. While he understands the meaning of it he hates it, but resigns himself to it. It is a precursor to when he really will have to have a throne.  But when they do, the arrangement will be different.  His will be slightly bigger, slightly in front of his mates.  And they will be on either side of him.  He wants that couple of seconds to be able to defend them.  He is, as always, the first line of defense for the two people he loves more than himself in this world.

Sookie’s whole world is going to change tonight.  And when Amelia ‘gifts’ her with Leigh, it will show how seriously Eric takes this mating.  He is not allowing anything to chance with her personal safety.  He will also make everyone who owes him fealty to bow at her feet.

They both know this is just a precursor.  Though the Area 9 vampires are here, Godric will be expected to announce his Bonding of his Child in his area.  Godric is already working on making it a reality.  Though his will be a gentler way.  But, again, that is just expected of him.  All know of how his actual Child and his Potential Child adore him, and he them.

His mind is brought back to the now when he gasps as Sookie’s hot mouth envelopes his cock. He looks down to see that they had flipped Sookie and now Eric between her legs, giving him a leering grin as he sees his face. ‘Master, we thought this would be the best way to have you come back to us.’ Eric turns back to what he was doing, his mirth at Godric’s face bubbling away with all the other emotions in their Bond.

As Sookie’s throat takes him down and swallows, his hands rest on her head, as his body jerks. ‘But what of Eric?’ This was not what he had planned…

In the room, all you can hear is the pleasure they are each receiving.  The purrs and growls were intermixed as they all work towards the pleasure they can each feel themselves being on the cusp of that cliff of ecstasy.  All three were intent on their movements, Sookie enjoying the taste of her mate, alternating taking him in her throat with treating his cock like an ice cream cone.

Eric is tasting his mate, believing he is in his personal version of Valhalla. He is writing his name on her clit with his tongue, the spaces between the names being used to make sure he got to the juices she has flowing out.  He stares up at her, while with his other hand he is rubbing himself.  He knows that Godric intended to either take him as Sookie sucks him off, or the other way.  But this way their lover is satisfied.  He can feel through the Bond their pleasure and has no problems in believing that it will push him over the edge at the same time.

He smirks as he can feel all of their pleasure spike as he turns and bites Sookie’s thigh.  His eyes roll back in his head as he feels the mutual orgasm being shared with his mates.  He was beyond correct that it wouldn’t matter that he wasn’t being physically stimulated as his mates as he feels his hips jerking as he cums and soon all thought is lost in the haze of pleasure.

Godric roars out as he cums down Sookie’s throat, feeling his mate’s orgasms at the same time.  Oh how he cannot wait until he can be inside her properly.  He will need to tell Eric that they need to work on getting their little mate ready.  Then all thought is gone from his head as their pleasure reaches new heights as the three seem to fall into their bond and the pleasure it is giving them from the intense physical and emotional release they are getting.

All were lost in the feelings in the Bond, when all of a sudden a yell breaks through their thoughts.  Eric quickly withdraws his fangs and the next second throws Godric away from her as he puts his bleeding wrist at her mouth. “Drink, lover.  You can do it, Sookie.  Just drink.”  The terror from his mind at first is overwhelming until Godric forces calm into him as he tries to understand what happened.

You three were locked in a mutual orgasm.  Luckily you had me watching, when I realized you all were lost in the pleasure, I yelled in your minds.  I figured if nothing else, the pain from Sookie would break the connection.  Eric needs to calm down, he drank no more than normal.’ Leigh’s voice comes into his mind.

Hearing this, Eric does calm down. In addition, Sookie is drinking from him.  He runs his hand through her hair as he closes his eyes in relief. ‘Sorry.  I realized we lost time and I was still drinking from her femoral artery…’

Godric puts his hand on Eric’s shoulder.  “It’s fine.  I would probably have done the same thing.  Now, we know that we need to be careful.  I could have just as easily choked her.”  He leans down to clean her up and seal her wound, and as usual when her blood hits his tongue, a tingle spreads through his body.

But at that moment, something new happens to Godric with the taste of his mate, the first taste since their bonding that would change everything.  Godric flashes back to that day, the day that changed his life, the one that has been blocked in his head all this time.


Godric bursts into their home, desperately looking for his wife. 

He had been hunting with the rest of the men, during a training exercise with the young of the tribe, stalking an elk to bring back to the tribe. He had put his hand on the shoulder of the youth he had been mentoring to signal for him to take the lunge, when instead he had felt this searing pain in his chest, as if he was being torn apart.  He had fallen to his knees; that hand, which had been given in signal, now the only thing keeping him upright. Somehow through the pain he realizes it has to do with Galiena.  He stumbles to his feet. Her name stumbles from his lips. And he runs. The rest of the men follow him, the elk forgotten.

Looking through the hut, Godric is panicking.  He can feel a shadow of her pain and fear.  Godric pauses, not able to help himself, as the trepidation grabs hold. 

His love, his wife, the woman of his very dreams, is missing.

He leaves the hut and asks the crowd gathering outside, “Galiena?” Hoping against hope that she is somewhere with someone. 


The group looks at each other and shake their heads.  Godric clenches his jaw, but before anyone can do anything, Hades appears in front of him. “Son.”

Looking into his father’s eyes, he tells him, “Vater, meine Galiena ist verschwunden. Ich fühle sie in mir, verletzt und verängstigt. Was ist geschehen?“  (My father, my Galiena is missing.  I feel her inside of me, hurt and scared.  What is going on?) Hoping against everything that his father can tell where she is.  Godric’s pain is harsh, making his breathing heavy as a result, but he is fighting through it, needing to be there for his beloved.

Hades swallows against the pain in his son’s eyesGodric, Niall ist gerade auf der Suche nach ihr. Ich fühlte deinen Schmerz und bin hier zu dir zurückgekommen. Ich wollte sichergehen, dass Galiena nicht verletzt wurde. Stattdessen fand ich nichts. Aber auf der Suche rief ich Niall. Ich fand einen Geruch, eine Präsenz in der Luft, die sehr nach seinem Volk schrie. Niall erschien, und er bestätigte es. Galiena wurde entführt. Niall sucht nach ihr, wie ich es tat, bis ich dich gespürt habe.“ (Godric, Niall is searching for her as we speak.  I felt your pain and appeared back here before you.  I wanted to make sure Galiena was not hurt.  Instead I found nothing, but upon searching, I called Niall.  I had found a scent, a presence in the very air that screamed of his people.  Niall appeared, and he confirmed it.  Galiena is taken.  Niall is searching for her, as I was until I felt you here.) These are words he never wanted to tell his son, and he is hoping that Niall is getting results, but knows that the time difference in the Realms may make all the difference.  And not in a good way.

Upon hearing his father’s words, Godric falls to his knees, not caring that the tribe is here watching this interaction between father and son. His soul is in pain, it is feeling as though half of it is gone.  He wants his Galiena back!

Hades places his hand on his shoulder in commiseration.  He looks to the tribe and announces, “Galiena wurde entführt. Ich betraue euch damit, auf Godric acht zu geben, während Lord Niall und ich nach ihr suchen. Sie wurde von den Elfen des Himmel-Reiches entführt. Ich werde zurückkehren, sobald ich mehr weiß …“ (Galiena has been taken.  I charge you with watching over Godric as I and Lord Niall search for her.  She was taken by the people of the sky realm.  I will return once I know more…) He orders his tribe, his son’s tribe, so that Godric can deal with the pain, and none will challenge him.

The tribe acknowledges their patron God and kneel before him.  Looking over the tribe, Hades nods.  He looks to his son, then disappears.

Godric is still kneeling, wrapped up in the pain of separation – for not only are they separated by distance, but by Realms, too. 

His soul is actually tearing with the separation. 

That night, and the rest of the time until the return of Hades, Godric’s tribe took care of him.  They had all been witness to the great love of Galiena and Godric.  They had been inseparable as children, and the older they got, the more the two of them were obviously a true love pairing.  No one had been surprised when Hades had appeared on Godric’s celebration of becoming a man, entreating Galiena’s parents to join their daughter with his son.  There had not been any hesitation in their joining.  The actual ceremony being presided by Hades, the two gifting the other with the rare stone of the Gods, given to each of them, Galiena’s by Niall and Godric’s by Hades.  Hades had presented the Goblet from the ceremony to Galiena and the dagger to Godric.  Telling both that they will serve them well into the future and that anytime they use the dagger to spill their blood in the Goblet, it will tie their souls together even more.  Not even Hades knew the prophetic meaning in his words.

Godric was unable to move, the pain searing through his body.  He fought it though, wanting to be able if he is needed by his love.  He will fight, do anything to have her back by his side.

Finally, months later, Niall and Hades appear before him.  Hades knelt by his son as he struggled to rise before them.  Godric finally asks, “Galiena?” as he looks them in the eyes, feeling a failure for not being able to rise before them.  What if this is the time Galiena needed him?

Hades closes his eyes, not wanting to say the harmful words to his son, knowing what it means, to him, to his son and daughter.  Niall instead is the one who answers him, “Mab hat sie entführt. Ich arbeite daran, sie zurück zu bekommen. Aber … wie du weißt, läuft die Zeit dort anders. Ich ging zu deinem Vater, um ihn zu bitten, dich mit in sein Reich zu nehmen. Wenn ich sie zurückbekomme, und ich schwöre dir, ich werde sie zurückbekommen, können wir euch beide wieder vereinen. Aber wenn du hier bleibst, Godric, wirst du sterben, bevor ich überhaupt meine Streitkräfte zusammenrufen kann.(Mab has taken her.  I am working to get her back.  But… as you know, time moves differently there.  I came to your father to ask him to take you to his Realm.  When I get her back, and I swear to you, I will get her back, we can reunite the two of you.  But if you stay here, Godric, you will die before I can even gather my forces.) His ice blue eyes reflect his true distress.  He is unable to tell Godric the rest of it, that he suspects it was a blow to him because of who Galiena is to him. A rebellion of him allowing her to be with the son of Death.

Godric shakes his head.  “Wenn ich mit Vater mitgehe, werden wir nicht zusammen sein können; nicht in der Lage sein, meine Galiena die Kinder zu geben, die sie sich wünscht. Dies wurde uns vorausgesagt, und der Grund warum Vater uns nicht schon früher mitgenommen hat. Wie viel Zeit kann wirklich vergehen?(If I go with father, we will not be able to be together.  Not able to give my Galiena the children she wishes for. This has been foretold, and the reason Father has not taken us before now.  How much time can really pass?) He doesn’t want to take this away from her.  After all that is happening to her, this may break her if she isn’t yet.  He never wanted to be the cause of any pain.  And that is what these two are asking from him.


A tear falls from Niall’s eye as he tells this son of his heart, “Godric, es sind buchstäblich fünf Minuten vergangen, seit ich dieses Reich verlassen habe. Meine Leute fanden Mab‘s Komplott innerhalb von Minuten. Einige ihrer Berater kamen sofort zu mir als sie herausfanden, was passiert war. Aber hier sind  Monate vergangen. Willst du das Risiko, so lange zu leben, wie ich brauche, um meine Truppen zusammenzurufen und sie anzugreifen, wirklich eingehen?” (Godric, it has been literally five minutes since I left this realm. My people found Mab’s plot in minutes, some of her advisors coming to me the second they found out what was going on. But it has been months here. Do you really want to take the chance you living for as long as it takes for me to call up my troops and attack her?) He understands what is at risk. He is in pain to have to ask this of Godric, but Godric not being alive when he brings back Galiena may kill her. 

Godric shakes his head.  All this time, they had spent, loving each other, working to this point.  Their hut is built, Godric has provided for the long winter, and they have been waiting for her to quicken.  And now, because of one of Niall’s people, they are now doomed to never have children.

Looking down at his son, Hades himself grieves with him, knowing how much the couple wanted children.  And how Godric, even with the ability to request from Hades anything he wished, instead worked to become a man on his own, his merits inked on him permanently.  How he fought and won the chieftainship instead of it being awarded because of his parentage.  Godric had earned every mark on his body, and also earned the right to be proud of providing for his wife.  And now, the goal that both had worked towards, to being able to have children of their own, is now being taken from them.

Raising his head, Godric softly asks, “Und was ist, wenn du es nicht schaffst, sie zurück zu bringen?” (And what if you can’t get her back?) He asks the fear that has been haunting him all this time.

A sharp inhale comes from Niall and Hades.  They look at each other, then Hades advises his son, “Das werden wir. Wir wollen nur sicherstellen, dass du in der Lage bist, sie bei ihrer Rückkehr zu empfangen. Wirst du mit mir kommen, mein Sohn?” (We will. We just want to make sure you are able to greet her on her return. Will you come with me, son?)

Thinking on it, he asks Niall, “Und es gibt keinen Weg, an deiner Seite für meine Frau zu kämpfen?” (And there is no way I can join at your side and fight for my wife?) His eyes burrowing into Niall’s ice blue ones.

Shaking his head, Niall tells him, “Du könntest dort nicht überleben. Da du keine Verbindung zu meinem Reich hast, kannst du dort nichts essen oder trinken. Du kannst in Hades‘ Reich überleben, da du sein Sohn bist. Galiena kann dort zu überleben, da sie mein eigen Blut ist. Aber im Moment wärst du zu schwach, wenn es Zeit wäre zu kämpfen. Und wenn du erst einmal in Hades‘ Reich bist, kannst du meines nicht mehr betreten. Himmel und Erde passen nicht zusammen, wie du sehr gut weißt.” (You couldn’t survive there.  You can’t eat nor drink anything, with you having no ties to my Realm.  You can survive Hades’ Realm since you are his son.  Galiena can survive there, being of my blood.  But right now, you would be too weak to fight when the time comes.  And once you are in Hades’s Realm, you cannot enter mine.  Earth and Sky do not mix as you well know.) He never will tell Godric it is because of Niall himself that allows Galiena to survive.  She can survive Hades Realm because Hades was the one to join them.  Neither Hades nor Niall thought anything of him joining them, thinking it wouldn’t matter since they both planned on Galiena and Godric to be part of the Realm of Earth.

Godric hangs his head, beaten.  He cannot wait here, to keep their chances of having the one thing Galiena has asked of him, because he will not survive.  He cannot fight for her, not able to be in Niall’s Realm of the Sky.  He cannot do anything, but go with his father and wait.  Wait for someone to do his job, to save his love.  He finally nods his assent.

Hades and Niall share a look, both of them acknowledging the pain he is going through, and Niall clasps his hand on Godric, then leaves to fight for Galiena. 

Sending his spirit out to explain what has happened to their Chief, Hades takes Godric to his Realm, to the place he had prepared for the two of them.  He also collected their items, Galiena’s necklace having already been recovered and given to Niall as proof of Mab’s duplicity.

And there, within hours of him being installed into Hades’ Realm, decades in our world, Godric screamed so loud, it startled the souls in the realm, all of them shuddering with the pain he is feeling and broadcasting.  Hades rushed to his son’s side, trying to figure out what happened. 

That was the moment Mab had stripped Galiena of her body.  Godric had felt every bit of the pain. But no one knew why Godric was in so much pain.  Hades checked with all of them, as fast as he could, not wanting his son to be in any more pain than he was right now, and found them all to be mystified.

After finding Godric wracked with pain, and bowed from the intensity, Hades had to make a decision on what to do.  And painfully, he made the decision to give Godric the body he should have had all this time.  Unknown to anyone, Galiena suffered along with her beloved and felt the change with him, her own soul screaming out silently as his mortal life was torn from him to give him the ability to wait for her.

Godric’s rage at the feelings of helplessness and inadequacy were only building.  His mate is hurting.  Unbelievably so, and he is here, not helping her. No instead she is getting worse…

As Godric’s rage grew, Niall and Hades decided to allow him back on earth, after the Fates had told them that they think it would help him.  As a precaution, Hades removed the memories of Galiena, to have them reassert themselves once he is around her again. 

Unknown to either of his mates of the revelation that Godric had of her being taken from him, Sookie takes her mouth from Eric’s wrist, sighing. “So it will be harder for me to get you guys do anything like this again.” She isn’t worried, since she knows that Leigh would stop then like she did just now from hurting her.

Eyes sparking as he is living with the pain of the past, and the reminder of what he and Eric would have gone through at least, Godric  harshly tells her, “We could have easily killed you for a couple seconds of pleasure!” His jaw is clenched, the pain of her being ripped from her soul, the pain of his mortal body being torn from him, fresh in his mind.

Leigh sighs in their minds. ‘Hello! This just means I need to pay attention when you three are together.  Giving each other that kind of pleasure is because you are mates that are Bonded.  And your earlier thoughts, Godric is probably correct.  Because when those Marks complete, you can see how much more intense this will be.  And why you will end up turning her.’ She didn’t see the flashback, none of them did.  So they are not understanding why Godric is reacting like this, nor why he is feeling so much rage and pain right now.

Godric shakes his head. “But how can we knowingly take this risk-“ Trying to calm himself down enough to make them understand why it is too risky.

“Godric, don’t finish that sentence.  There is no way I don’t want to do that again.  And if you think you are keeping your hands off of me until we mate, well Eric and I can please each other.”  Sookie is sitting up in the bed glaring at him.

Godric tried to talk reason with her, “My wife,-“ He has to make her understand, that a little time of waiting is nothing in keeping her alive.

Getting off the bed, Sookie ignores Godric as she walks into the bathroom and slams the door.

Looking at his other Mate Godric tries to reason with him. “Eric.  We cannot risk it again with her.”

Looking at the door and feeling the anguish from Sookie in the Bond before she mutes it, Eric tells him. “My Maker, My Brudder.  This time you are wrong.  If we do not do it again, then when will it be safe?  By denying her, you are telling her she is not worth it.  No.  I will not hurt my mate in this way.  If you wish to continue in this, you will do it on your own.”  And with that, Eric vamps out of the room, grabbing the clothes for the photo shoot and joins Sookie in the bathroom.

Godric stares at the door.  Why does no one understand?

Maybe if no one is understanding, you may need to reevaluate your stand.’ Leigh’s voice is soft, but firm.

And with that, Godric is left alone in a room that had only been filled with the sounds of their pleasure minutes previously.  Left alone to relive the memories just restored to him, to relive the pain of Sookie being torn from him in a moment.

Final count, 6,747 words.


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