Chapter 23 Our Love and It’s Fragile


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Godric tried to talk reason with her, “My wife,-“ He has to make her understand, that a little time of waiting is nothing in keeping her alive.

Getting off the bed, Sookie ignores Godric as she walks into the bathroom and slams the door.

Looking at his other Mate Godric tries to reason with him, “Eric.  We cannot risk it again with her.”

Looking at the door and feeling the anguish from Sookie in the Bond before she mutes it, Eric tells him. “My Maker, My Brudder.  This time you are wrong.  If we do not do it again, then when will it be safe?  By denying her, you are telling her she is not worth it.  No.  I will not hurt my mate in this way.  If you wish to continue in this, you will do it on your own.”  And with that, Eric vamps out of the room, grabbing the clothes for the photo shoot and joins Sookie in the bathroom.

Godric stares at the door.  Why does no one understand?

‘Maybe if no one is understanding, you may need to reevaluate your stand.’ Leigh’s voice is soft, but firm.

And with that, Godric is left alone in a room that had only been filled with the sounds of their pleasure minutes previously.  Left alone to relive the memories just restored to him, to relive the pain of Sookie being torn from him in a moment.


The ride to Fangtasia has been quiet. Eric holds Sookie’s hand, resting his head on her when she sighs and leans against him. He can feel the turmoil in the bond, her fighting with herself on being mad at Godric and something in her making her feel bad for doing so.  He doesn’t like the conflict in his little mate, and is not feeling happy that his Maker is the one who has her upset.

Godric sits on the other side of the limo and watches them.  The flashback continues to play in his mind, particularly the pain when she had her mortal body ripped from her, leaving nothing but her spark and soul.  Along with that was the pain he had felt when she had been taken from him.  It came to the same conclusion: he couldn’t lose her again.  And if it took her being mad and not talking to him, then so be it.  Nothing is worth her dying again.  Nothing.  Not even the shared pleasure of them being together.

Feeling Sookie’s feelings coming back to the pain of being rejected, Eric closes his eyes.  He knows how Godric is thinking, and he has been aware of how much the loss of her had torn him apart, but he cannot agree.  Leigh has already told and shown that she can separate them.  As long as Eric had known his Maker, he has always felt that pain in him, and had learned not to ask about it; Godric would only become frustrated since he didn’t have the answer.  It had only been relieved when they had found Sookie that night, and it wasn’t until some of Godric’s memories had resurfaced that they realized the pain he had lived with all this time was from Sookie being taken from him.

He may have learned not to ask about that time but Eric had wondered about it. One time, Hades had mentioned Sookie by her past name, causing Godric to fly into a rage. Later, Eric had spoken to Hades about it, having found that Niall also was unable to speak of her.  Hades had told him that Godric had been told that Sookie remembers nothing of their past.  No one had explained really why Niall had been upset, but the pain in his eyes had been enough to tell Eric that there is a real reason Niall didn’t like talking about that time.

His mind continues jumping around and he remembers very clearly a night that Sookie relayed to him that she has felt like she cannot please the two of them.  Both have had woman in the past, Godric to ease the loneliness inside of him, Eric because he locked his heart away.  He has always felt Godric’s pain, and seeing him like that, but unable to remember who the person was, well, Eric just saw no reason to let himself feel the same way. And even though the two of them have been with her in every way except for what would take her virginity from her, she still feels inadequate.

He had explained that their past liaisons, were just that.  They had both been lost, and with feeding, often came sex.  Neither had cared about sex unless it had been with each other, however, they still felt there was more to it.  But then came the call in a dark night and the rush for them both to answer it.

There, at the end of a empty country road, they found a blonde little girl that captured his heart in one look.  And he will never give her up.

He abandoned his practice of fucking and feeding –needing to be dedicated to her in the only way he understood at the time– and had glamoured his feeds into thinking they had more, to keep his image intact, but had no engagement beyond his feedings.  And then, as Sookie became old enough to understand, he had sat her down and explained what he was doing.  He let her stay in the room and watch, never wanting her to doubt him.  She had learned what a glamoured thought felt like that and even worked with Eric to make it more streamless.  Never before had a vampire been able to work on a glamour the way he and Sookie had, she was literally inside the mind telling him what felt right or wrong.  She ended up taking pride when there was no sign of a glamour on Eric’s feedings and that had ended the jealousy.

The memories of those nights are ones he actually is fond of.  He and Sookie had reached a new level of comfort with each other.  Though, as soon as Eric could, he had no problem drinking from his mate only.  With the age he is, it was no handicap to give in to her. The two of them have enjoyed his supposed ‘fangbangers’ and often he would take ones who slighted Sookie in their minds, then glamouring them to sit there and watch as he pleasured his mate in front of them.

With these memories and others in his mind, Eric looks down at her, kisses her head, and then looks at their other mate.  Godric is sitting on the seat with his head leaning on his hand as he watches the two of them.  Nothing Eric nor Leigh has told Godric has gotten it through his head that nothing will happen.  During it all, Sookie has just ignored him and, Eric suspects, that she has shut down the Bond to him, too.

If this didn’t get fixed soon, he has no qualms in calling Hades or even Niall in to talk some sense into Godric.  This is not the time to have any division in their ranks.  They all need to be on the same page or their enemies will descend upon them with no hesitation.  That was the reason for all these years of planning, to be able to make sure they can predict the reactions of others if they did something.


The limo pulls up to the entrance way of the club and Eric is quickly out of the car, holding his hand to Sookie to assist her out.  She huffs, then puts her hand in his.

As she gets out of the car, the black dress she has on, with the sweetheart neckline, shows off her curves.  There is no jewelry… yet.  Both Eric and Godric had talked earlier about the gifts they will be giving her.  It was before the events earlier, but Eric does not plan to stop his plans.

The fangbangers and tourists in the line outside Fangtasia are thrilled with the treat they are getting. They blink as a black haired beauty of a vampire appears beside Eric. Their eyes are glued to him as they all take in the change from his normal black leather jacket with the black tank and dark jeans.  Tonight, Eric is dressed in a white collared shirt, open for a couple buttons, and black suit. All the woman, and quite a few of the men, are thinking how the suit only enhances the beauty of the vampire.

The change in clothing is from Eric’s desire to make the impression on the humans that now that he has taken a mate, he is going to be more… reputable.  He even considered building a new club with an upscale look when they had decided that they needed to show their relationship, to make it more esteemed, though not this early.  When he had suggested it out loud to Sookie and Pam, Pam had given a pleading look –she hates the clothes she has to wear for Fangtasia– but his plans had moved forward when he could feel the pleasure Sookie had from the thought.  It had taken months of planning before the first shovel ever was dug into the new site.  Nothing had gotten more thought from him, except for his mates.

Noticing the crowd, Eric puts his hand on Sookie’s back and escorts her past the vermin in the line and through the doors.  He is making a statement.  Sookie is who matters, not them.  She matters more to him than his maker at this time.  At least until he pulls his head out of his ass.

Pam falls in beside him as he makes their way into the club. “Master, the basement has been readied for you use.”  At his nod, she stops and watches the three head there.  Something happened earlier and since then she has felt Eric’s pain.  From what she can see, both Eric and Sookie are in pain, and it seems to be Godric’s fault. Falling in behind the group, Pam watches them as they head towards the first part of the entertainment of the night.

As they walk towards the basement, Amelia joins them.  She will be there as an excuse for Leigh’s presence.  Eric is wanting the photos to reflect the panther.  He had joked that it will show his strength. The remarks from Leigh about that had only made him laugh.

With a nasty look at Eric and Godric, Sookie moved just a little faster than them down the stairs.  Eric smirks as he realizes it is another ploy on her end.  Her disgust for him is being plain, but he wonders how she will play off her anger with Godric.

Walking behind his mates, Godric watches them.  He can see their love for each other plain, but to any outsider, it looks as normal, that Sookie is disgusted with Eric for his highhandedness.  But, what is shocking, is that she is not pulling her punches with him either. She is not walking next to him as she normally does, or using him to hide from Eric.  She does not care what it says to others, she is not paying him any attention. It is her way of punishing him for his actions earlier that night.

Sookie stomps down the stairs, her eyes blazing as she takes in the photographer and how the basement is set up as a photo shoot.  She stops and turns on Eric. “You think this will make others think differently of you?  That I would think any different of you?”

Her eyes are blazing as though she is really angry, and Eric jumps at the chance to interact with her – anything was better than the ride here and the feelings she had then.

Smirking, Eric puts his hand at the small of her back and uses his strength to propel her down the rest of the way. “Min Alskade, I have already told you that I am planning to redo the club.  Or even better, to build a new one to show the difference in my status now.  But if you prefer Fangtasia?” His eyebrow lifts in a sardonic way, as though hoping she will contest him.

Pam is the one who jumps in, “Master, the breather-“ At Eric’s sudden glare at her, Pam drops her eyes in submission as she continues, “I mean your Mate, my Mistress, is just trying to say that while you are still here in this club, it won’t make any difference on your intentions.”  There is no way in hell that she wants to stay in this shit hole any longer.  It has done what it was meant to do, it has made this area accept them easier and given the vampires a way to get their feeds, but Pam no longer wants to be here; she won’t let Sookie ruin this chance, even though she knows that Sookie would personally rather have a different club.


Chuckling, Eric escorts Sookie over to the area set up for the first shoot.  This would be of the official ‘Bonding’ picture, the one that will announce his coming mating to the blonde bombshell.  The one that will go out in all the newspapers.

He seats himself in the chair, and only lifts his eyebrow at Sookie as she sighs when she gets into place behind him.  He lazily comments, “I would like one with just the two of us, then if Amelia can call forth the familiar, I wish to have one with her lying at our feet.” He can feel the amusement of his Bonded and mate as she hides her enjoyment of this ‘scene’ in a huff of aggravation to the rest of the onlookers.

In his head, he hears Leigh, ‘Oh, you are just getting way too much amusement out of this aren’t you?’

Not being able to help the laugh, Eric settles in his seat and takes Sookie’s hand to rest on his shoulder as they get ready to pose for the couple of shots the photographer will take. He is serious as these are being taken, secretly looking forward to the changes and the fun he will be having with Sookie.  He knows she will come up with ways to throw fits that will make him enjoy their spats as normal.

Not seeing a reaction from Sookie or Godric from Leigh’s comment, he tries sending to Leigh only, ‘Are the others able to hear us?”

A sigh whispers through him, ‘No.  I take it you want to talk about Godric’s reaction?’ She also is trying to understand where he is coming from.  Nothing she has received from him explains his reaction.

Yes.  It’s hurting Sookie.’

Leigh’s voice is softer as she questions, ‘And you.  Eric, there is nothing wrong with your pain.  Godric is not only denying Sookie, he is denying you.  It is all born of a deep fear of losing her.  He cannot see that this will drive a wedge in their relationship.  She will turn to you, and all the work he has put in, will be gone.’ That is the least that can happen.  She is frightened because this twist this has put into the future of them all is not good.  She needs to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Eric lazily calls out, “Now Amelia.”  He watches as the group helping the photographer jumps when Leigh’s slinky form comes out of the shadows.  She lies down in front of them both and Eric nods to the vampire taking the photos to continue.  They had a lot of shots to do before they head back up top for the rest of the night and the ceremony they have to bear through.

I don’t want Godric to have to start all over.  We need the three of us as close as possible before the Mating occurs.  We have enough enemies. We don’t need him to make another!  Much less our own Sookie!  Leigh we need to fix this, and soon.”  Eric’s voice is pleading, while his face remains blank as the light is shooting around them.

The photographer nods to him and Eric stands up to escort Sookie to the changing area he has arranged for them.  He laughs when she realizes that he will be in the room with her while she changes, but there is a screen she can retreat behind to actually change.  Not that will matter to either of them.  They often talk when dressing when they are together.  In fact, Godric and Pam have been known to separate the two so they can dress in a timely matter.  But the act needs to be performed,  there is no guarantee of bugs not spying on them.

Soon outside the room, you can hear Sookie actually reduced to screeching at Eric, “Oh hell no!  There is no way you will be in the same room as I when I am changing!” The amusement in the Bond evident to Eric is in no way evident in any other way as the crowd listens to the human yelling at the vampire.

The group outside chuckles as they can tell Eric is telling her something, but none of them can tell what.  Then they hear, “I’m wearing what?” All of them are grinning at the exchange, wanting to spread the rumors that the vampire’s mate is a fiery one to handle.


Godric is leaning against the wall, his eyes hooded as he realizes that Sookie has blocked everything but the fact that she is alive from him.  Eric’s Bond is only open because he is forcing it to stay open, but he can feel Eric pulling away from him too.  He is not happy about this, but the memories in his mind are warring with the normally stoic vampire and he is, for one of the first times in his life, not sure what to do. This soon has him thinking and ignoring the outside world in a way he would have never condoned from either Sookie or Eric –in fact, he would have corrected them on the slip up–  but it is a sign on how troubled his mind is that he isn’t aware of how much he has tuned out.

In the shadows, Leigh is also watching Godric.  She can tell from the bond she has with all three, that this is really hurting him.  But it is his own fault.  She understands not wanting to lose Sookie, but he isn’t realizing that all he is doing is driving away the two people who need him, want him, love him.

She cannot understand his reaction, it is so foreign to everything she knew of him.

Her attention is soon pulled to Sookie stomping her way out of the room, Eric following in a grey suit with the same white shirt still under it, chuckling the entire time at her.

The dress Sookie is wearing is a pale lavender with gold stitching across the top.  It is a dress worthy of a princess.  But the reason Sookie is supposedly upset, is that the neckline plunges to a v below her breasts.  The dress covers as much as one of her bikinis does, but the Sookie she is playing at would never wear anything like this. And right now, that image of a virginal woman is what they needed to portray, in hopes of pulling some of their foes out in the spotlight.

Godric wishes he could disappear where he is standing.  That dress is making him hard, and he can tell Eric is the same way, however, Eric is free, in a way he is not, to express his arousal and attraction for Sookie.  That dress is luckily one of a set that she will be changing out of.  And, since Eric cannot do anything right now, they will be able to use that one again.  That is if Eric allows it to leave here and not  be given away, as he is prone to do so often with Sookie’s outfits.

Eric is and always will be a clothes horse.  He has dressed himself and Sookie many times in private.  In fact her taste in clothes matches Eric’s and it has been a real chore for her to hide it.  But in compromise to Adele’s sense of propriety, Sookie is often dressed in clothing that is a compromise.  And, anything that she has worn and neither Eric nor her see a reason to keep, is donated to causes.

While Godric is thinking of that dress, and how he wishes he could worship her in it, Eric is escorting her to another set, with the same instructions, that there be some with just the two of them, and some with Leigh also.

True Blood (cast)

Sookie grits her teeth when they have her sitting on a rock with Eric sprawled out between her legs.

He smugly tells her, “This is just the one of many times I will be here, min alskade.” Caressing her leg under the dress, Eric just laughs as she jerks from his touch.

Unable to take his righteous attitude, Sookie turns her head away from him.  But she is brought short by the photographer coming over and repositioning her.  He is smirking as puts her in a pose that Eric had requested. He had thought of only the money when he agreed to do this shoot, but now he is enjoying the fighting between the two, and how much money he will be getting for the pictures he will be selling of the two of them fighting.  He already knows many who will be interested in proof of the stupidity of Eric’s human mate fighting the bond.


The same pattern continued, with Eric and Sookie changing outfits, taking photographs, and changing again.  He finally ends the session with her in a red dress and he in his signature black leather jacket.  As they relax from the latest shots, he tells her, taking her hand, “Red is my favorite color on you, min Alskade.” Kissing it he can’t help the smirk or his fangs from coming down yet again tonight; he has been able to get his way with her many times on the set, with no one to the wiser of their true feelings.  Nor can he resist his eyes worshipping her body in that sinful color and dress.


Godric cannot help the fangy smirk from himself.  Red is a color Sookie looks sinful in, as well as black.  The short almost nude but playful dress she had posed in for some swamp scenes had been purely sin.  But this last one is one that is pure Sookie.  It is fun and flirty as well showing her body to be totally sin.  Any vampire worth his fangs or any human male will be lusting after her in this outfit.  And that was the plan.

The shot right before this one, is one that had Sookie flaming angry to the photographer.  In reality, Eric and she used the shot to kiss a couple of times, with plenty of shots of her fighting him.  The official one is a good one, where it catches their real feelings, but with the shots around it, and the slap she had delivered after it, had the group smirking and shaking their heads at the stubbornness of the human mate of Eric.

Glaring up at him, then glaring at Godric, she walks deliberately over and stands by the stairs, ignoring both her Mates.   She is beyond pissed at Godric, there is no faking it.  He doesn’t want to be with her in the most affectionate way they can be?  Then fine, he will get a touch of what it means to be dismissed, to be not thought of as important enough to be paid attention to.

Eric is watching both of them, and he is seeing what Leigh predicted.  Tonight will be different from what they expected, since Sookie really is angry with Godric.  But no help for it now.  They need to get this done with and will deal with the fallout on the way home.

As Pam and Eric move past Sookie, he tells her, “Godric will bring you up when it is time, Min Alskade.”  He uses his speed to kiss her lightly on her lips and grins as he vamps up the stairs as her hand meets nothing but air.

Sookie just glares at him as he winks at her at the top of the stairs and exits to his adoring fans.


Once in the bar, Eric moves to his throne, smiling at Sookie’s throne next to his.  It was simple, something from his own time, a throne his own mother would sit in.  Nothing better for his love than the seat of a queen.

He stalks through the bar, never pausing as the crowd melts away from his presence, and sits in his own throne.  His Maker had one like his next to Sookie’s, his own request.  He wants it to look as though he is here to support his oldest, and his mate.  The pair that he had gifted of being his Bondeds.  For one as ancient as him Bonding, to anyone, is a rare honor.  They are telling the world that they treasure the ones above all others.

Watching the crowd, Eric is looking for a few critical players that they knew are spies for other territories.  As he does this, Pam brings him his laptop. He smirks as he accepts it from her and looks through the walk through done by Bobby.

This is his last night here at Fangtasia.  He had hinted and speculated about building a new bar, one that would reflect his new status– in more ways than one–  but he had never mentioned, to any but Pam, that he has already built the new place.  He is just putting the final touches on it.  Fangtasia will be run by Longshadow, with Pam and him making frequent visits to make sure the club stays up to its current level.  It would be too easy to make this into nothing more than a fuck and feed club. And neither care for something like that to be associated with them.  But the money that Fangtasia brings in is crucial to both Longshadow and Pam for their financial success.  The new bar, as Eric had already told Pam, is Sookie’s and his.  And secretly Godric’s.  Eric’s time of supporting her has ended.  But he will not leave this cash cow for Pam without his support.

Nodding his head to the final photos, he tells Pam, “Have it ready for me tomorrow.” And he grins, knowing how much Sookie will enjoy his present to her.

She nods, then asks “Du kommer att tillkännage det i kväll?” (You are going to announce it tonight?)

He smiles. “Sookie behöver lite uppmuntran.” (Sookie will need some encouragement.) Only his eyes show the pain he knows she is in, and how humiliating he knows she will be feeling at being forced to her knees in front of him.  He and Godric had explained it, and she has told them that she understands, but how she will really feel at that time will not be easy for his prideful mate.

“Och du har lovat att inte lämna mig i den här skiten hål?” (And you have promised to not leave me in this shit hole?)  The tone is slightly hopeful, but the feelings Eric is getting from their Bond show that she is almost begging.

Eric looks over to her and tells her softly, “Min dotter, jag skulle aldrig lämna dig här. Du ska veta att en del av anledningen till att jag har gjort detta är att se till att du har en plats du kan vara stolt över också.” (My daughter, I would never leave you here.  You should know that part of the reason I have done this is to make sure you have a place you can work at and be proud of your job also.)  His eyes are conveying meaning, and he slightly smiles when he see her agreement.

Looking back at the crowd, he tells her, “Nu, dotter, jag tror det är dags att få detta igång. Ju förr vi får detta gjort, kommer förr var det bättre.” (Now, daughter, I think it is time to get this started.  The sooner we get this done, the sooner everyone will be better off.)

Then he leans back in his chair and waits for the show to begin. He sends steady love and encouragement to his little mate, doing all he can to help her in this time, since he is not sure if Godric will provide the support she will need.

Leigh tells Godric in a clipped voice, ‘It is time’ and then she shuts him off. She is mad at him, but is turning over what is going on in her mind and has already requested Niall and Hades to come to her when they are back in the limo.  This cannot last any longer than possible.

Godric looks up from the shadows where he is at, looking at his wife’s back.  He tries to reach her mentally and is shocked when he bounces off her shields.  He had no idea she could block him.  He wonders if Eric is having the same problems.  But then, he already knows she is blocking his part of the Bond, something he didn’t know she could do.

He shouldn’t be that surprised.  The moment he had laid eyes on hers, he had lost his tie to Eric.  It had taken awhile for them to be used to not trading thoughts after a thousand of years of doing so.  He wonders in the back of his mind at how they lost a tie that had seemed to be fated to be reconnected.  To now to be thrust back into the solitude of his mind is somehow harder to take this time.

Sighing, he moves out of the shadows and comes to her side to escort her to Eric.  “It is time, mein Schatz (my darling).” He looks down to her with his affection for her in his eyes.

Sookie looks back at him, ignoring the look in his eyes, and snidely remarks, “Oh, now I am good enough to touch.” The Bond opens enough to swirl her pain and anger around him and then is gone, leaving behind an vast ache inside him to be connected back with her.

Godric’s eyes open wide in shock of her pain and the pain of her shutting the Bond again, but before he says anything, Sookie starts walking up the stairs.  “We don’t want to make his Royalness wait anymore, do we?” She brusquely throws back at him.

Vamping to her side, Godric reaches out to her, but she purposely moves to the side away from him. The pain from her rejecting him thusly makes him stop for a second. Not even the forced separation when Galiena had been taken from him initially was as painful as his mate intentionally refusing him.  Only his strength he had built over the years allows him to remain on his feet.  But, again, before he can do more than just react, it is time for their little show.

Behind them all is a strangely quiet Thalia who is watching them all so she can report to her Lord this disturbing turn of events.

Eric had caught the words and the pain behind each of the remarks.  His heart is hurting for his mates, but he realizes that he cannot do anything; Godric caused this, he needs to fix it.  Until then, they need to try to pull out their enemies and Eric and Leigh will be working OT to make sure that this division does not become permanent.

Not moving from his place, he watches as Godric brings to him their Sookie.  The anger she is feeling is showing not only to Eric, as she angrily glares at him, but also in the way she is holding herself from Godric.  Eric is worried for a second, but lets it go, knowing that as angry as Sookie is, she will make this work to their plan.  The corners of his lips edge up as he awaits the show coming his way.  He sends her his love and confidence that she will handle this appropriately. To do anything else would be a travesty to the love he holds for this little woman in front of him.

Sookie is forced to stop right before Eric.  Eric stares down at her, the music dropping off and the whole club riveted to the scene before them.  They had heard rumors that Godric had forced a Bonding between the three of them, but it seems there is more to this than just a Bonding Ceremony, as rare as those are.

Sookie stares up at Eric, defiance in her body language.  Godric inwardly winces but orders her, “Kneel to your future Mate, min dotter.” This is not supposed to go this way!   Why is she forcing his hand?

Flicking her glare at him then back up to Eric, Sookie is not giving an inch. Her pride and anger will not allow it.  But behind the emotions is the cool collected mind that Eric and Godric had spent years encouraging.  And that mind is humming with her, suggesting how to turn this to their benefit.

The crowd around them starts murmuring their shock.  This Future Child is not only Godric’s Child but will be his Child’s Mate?  No wonder Godric had left her here with Eric guarding her.  Who better than her future mate?

Eric’s eyebrow quirks as his mate, his Bonded, defies not only him, but Godric. He didn’t want this for her, but waits to see what happens.  She will do him and Godric proud, he couldn’t believe otherwise of her.

Godric frowns as he realizes, she is not doing what they had planned.  Is her anger that great?  Before he can think on it, he realizes that he must force her.  Vamping behind her as he commands her, “I said, kneel before your future Mate.” Then as he forces her down to her knees, he finishes the sentence, “My Bonded.”

He then looks up at Eric, and his face is softer, “Min Son, do your accept your Bonded, your mate?” He is using words that transcend time, ones that alert the vampires that this is not a farce, but that Sookie is really Eric’s Mate as well as the Potential Child of Godric.  This combination tells them that she has quite the potential to be powerful.  No wonder Godric has secured her for both of them by Bonding the two of them to him.

Eric nods, not moving.  Then obviously looking her over, he says, “Min Far, I thank you for bringing our Bonded, my future Mate to me.   Truly the Gods are favorable over me in gifting me my True Mate.”  He extends his hand, “My Mate, please rise and be seated in your place beside me.” And he says the words he has wanted to say before she even kneeled to him.

Sookie glares at him standing, but before she could go anywhere, Godric tightens his grip on her arms, warning her to behave.  She shrugs out of his hands and angrily walks to her chair and sits in it.

Eric smirks. “Oh my Mate, I will have the pleasure of training you once you turn.  I will allow you your tantrums now, knowing how ashamed you will be once you are turned.”  And in that phrase he has set up for Sookie to be obstinate towards him, as a way to apologize for the fact she had to kneel to him.  He takes her hand, and raises it his lips for a kiss.

When she looks away, he asks her, “Well, do you like your chair?” He is smirking, waiting for her next outburst.  He had given her free reign and looks forward to her taking every advantage of it.

Sookie is sending him love, but she is truly angry with Godric. He has no idea how much he is hurting her, and she is aware that some of it has to with him rejecting her.  Either way, she will not be forgiving him until he apologizes to her, and does so in a way that makes up for what he is putting her through.

She finally says, “Its fine.” And she sends to him, ‘Eric, it is lovely.  It looks like the one you sent me yesterday when you were showing me memories of your mother.  Thank you!

Shaking his head, he asks her, “Why are you not happy, Min Alskade?” But inside he sends her his appreciation of her gratitude and for remembering where the throne had come from.  She may only use it a couple of times, but it is well worth the money spent with the emotions he is getting from her.

She turns and just stares at him, as she clarifies to him why she is upset. “You make me kneel to you, and when I wouldn’t Godric forces me to.  Now I have to sit up here and listen to all the nasty comments from your fangbangers.  I am nothing but a blood bag to you and have always been.  But that’s right, you gave me permission to have my tantrums.  Well, just count this as one of them.” With that she turns her head from him.

Eric laughs, not hiding it. When he stops, he is still grinning as he kisses her hand again, not relinquishing it as she is trying to pull away.  He tells her, “Oh, my lover, eternity just got less boring.  But, will you try to be nice if I give you my Bonding gift to you?” It has been a wish of his for this moment, to gift her with this plan, this club he has spent much time in building for her.

Sookie turns and lifts an eyebrow to him as she repeats, “Bonding Gift?”

Nodding, he leans closer to her. “Actually two of them.  But one of them is a gift from Godric also, as our Bonded.”  He stands, and pulling her up with him, he pulls her close to him as he nods to the witch.

As she comes closer, Eric tells his area, “As normal when one Bonds with his or her Child or their future Mate, Godric and I have gifted Sookie.  Our gift to her is of a familiar, one that will be always with her, guarding her even when she is unhappily away from us.” He nods to the witch, his face showing none of the trepidation he is feeling of this not working as planned.

Amelia takes a deep breath and starts chanting in Latin a spell Hades had given to her for this purpose.  It will call his aspect enough to give credence to the spell.


As Amelia chants, then finishes, Leigh appears below Sookie.  Making Sookie lean away from the panther at her feet, as a normal human would.

The vampires here are impressed.  Godric and Eric had spared no expense.  Familiars, especially ones like the one before them, are rare.  Very powerful, but rare.  For them to have given her one, reminds them all that she really is Eric’s Mate.

Bill is in a corner of the room, seething as he sees a huge obstacle in being with Sookie.  That Familiar.

Eric laughs when Sookie curls into him, and waives forward her new familiar.  “Her name is Leigh, and she will always be with you, even during the daytime.  You will never be alone for the rest of your life.” He says the last softer, letting their enemies to sense a weakness.  All part of the plan. Sookie is their literal weakness, but no one would anticipate the rain of destruction if one tried to act on that. Sometimes it is good to have a god for a father in law.

Sookie jerks away, “You mean you have a guard on me at all times?” The hatred for the idea is clear in her voice as well as the clear indication that she felt they were not only having a guard but a jailor.

Godric doesn’t even have to act, the closing of the Bond and her attitude along with everything else makes him snap, “Yes.  And Thalia will remain your guard during the nights.”

Sookie looked at him in shock, then her face turns blank.  “Yes, Master.  Whatever you say, Master.”  Her voice gave the impression of her sarcasm, but her demeanor said otherwise.

Growling, Godric spits out to Eric, “Since you gave permission to act this way, you will teach her when she becomes my child the respect I will have.  Or both of you will suffer.”

Eric bows his head as he yanks Sookie to his side, “Yes Master.  Thank you, Master.”  Eric’s voice shows his love and devotion to his maker, unlike Sookie’s.

But the message had been clear.  Godric is letting Sookie behave this way, but once she becomes a vampire, she will held accountable, and Eric will as her mate.  His chest rumbles with his held in growls, since he is still being blocked from Sookie, he turns around and sits back in his chair.

Eric lifts his head as his Maker sits back down, glancing down at Sookie.  Again, he wonders if she is blocking Godric.  He can feel her pain and anger, but underneath it all is her love for both of them.  He again reminds himself that they need to solve this, not him.

He looks down at Sookie, and smirking, tells her, “Lover, my gift as my now Bonded Mate is what you have asked for.  I have built you a new club, one that will showcase your beauty in an elegant environment. I gift you our new bar, Skärseld.”  With his announcement a slideshow of the new bar begins on the far wall.


The crowd is still.

Eric smirks again. “Fangtasia will remain as is, but Friday will see the Grand Opening of Skärseld, an upscale bar/lounge, with rooftop dining.”  He then turns to his Master, “And as my gift to you, my Master, there is a Skärseld being opened in Dallas when you wish it.”

Godric nods his head, interested despite his agony.  He hopes that Sookie will like the new venture, since it will work for them as meeting places for their future.

The crowd starts talking about it, as Eric seats himself beside Sookie, and leans towards her, telling her softly about the new club.  It is visible to the people below, that she is interested in spite of herself.

Smiling at his Mate, Eric tells her how the club is going to have restrictions, and that everyone inside of it will not be allowed to dress as they do here in Fangtasia.  He tells her softly, “I know you hate the fangbangers, lover, but this will cut down on them, and show that I am above such things now that I have my Mate and Bonded beside me.”

Sookie naws on her lower lip, looking as though she is undecided.  But before she can react positively, Pam interrupts Eric. “Master, the Area’s vampires are ready to swear their allegiance to their new Mistress.”

For the rest of the night, Eric couldn’t talk to her, though they conversed in their minds readily. It helped with the boredom as one by one, the vampires swear their loyalty to Eric and his Bondeds.

The last one in the line is Bill.  Sookie looks for the first time, animated. ”Bill! I am glad you came.  My grandmother would like to ask you if you would speak with her Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting.  If so, she will call you with the particulars tomorrow night.” She looks eager to part with him the information from her Grandmother.

Bill smiles graciously as he bows to her, “Sookeh.  I would gladly entertain your Grandmother’s questions.  Please tell her that I graciously await her call.” He hides the feeling of glee.  This maybe his way to get into the Stackhouse’s home.

Eric is watching the idiot in front of him and shakes his head.  He growls out, “Since you have not sworn to me yet, I will allow your loyalty to be sworn to my bondeds at the same time.” His eyes are dark as he stares down at the young Vampire in front of him, daring him to refute him at the same time.

Bill’s lips lift in disgust, but he says the words, knowing that he has too to remain in the area and to continue his task that brought him here.  There is no denying Godric’s and Eric’s scent on her, but he is glad to see that she still smells sweet, virginal.

Leigh sits up from her place at Sookie’s feet and yawns in Bill’s face.  Her head could easily swallow his, and Familiars are powerful enough, if given the blood of elder Vampires.  And as Godric and Eric’s gifts, there is no question that they contributed enough to make her powerful enough to defend against most, if not all vampires.

Bill backed away in a rush, not hearing the laughter from around him.  All he could see was those powerful jaws.  After he hastily makes his bows to the three on the dais, he leaves, with the intent of learning how to get rid of the familiar.

Final count, 7,665 words.


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