Chapter 28: A Little Wiser Now


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Godric goes over and kisses her. He looks down at her and then murmurs into her ear something. When she grins, he looks over at Eric. “Come on. Tonight we woo our little one. Send what you need out, and also send notice that Bill has disobeyed both of our orders. Let’s shake the tree and see what is going to fall out.”

Eric’s face soon smirks, and he honestly tells Godric, “It is truly a great thing for you to return, Master. The fun has just begun…”


Godric sends to Eric that their gifts are here, and Eric’s eyes light up as he heads over to the wall.

Still in bed, Sookie gives Godric a sideways look as she asks, “Gifts?  Didn’t you guys give me stuff yesterday?”

Godric chuckles as he kneels on the bed beside her.


Sookie looks up and is again blown away by the man in front of her.  There would be no way if someone looked at him now that they would think he was too young of a man for her.  Godric is in black jeans, sitting so low on his hips that his treasure trail is shown completely with him not having a shirt, nor the fact that he frequently goes commando as does Eric.  Basically, his body is on display for her to view.  His tats, black on his pale skin, and she can’t help but fall in love with him all over, as her hand reaches out to traces the Chieftain collar on his collar.

He cannot help the smirk that breaks on his face as he feels his mate’s awe, lust, and love, as well as her soft touch.  Always love.  And he will never do a single thing to harm it now that he knows what it feels not only to lose her but Eric.

But his intention worked, he had wanted to get her attention from Eric.  Who for once is dressed – Eric often walks around naked, and had gotten Sookie in the habit with all the times they had been together.  As he had stated more than once around Godric, he and Godric know her body probably better than she does, so why hide it?

If it hadn’t been for his talk with Jason, Eric would probably be more undressed than Godric.  And certainly, more than Sookie is right now.  She was only wearing a shirt of Eric’s that hung off her shoulder.  She often steals their shirts if they ever think that someone may come in.  The nest knows of their sleeping habits, but Sookie told them once that even the thought of Jason walking in on her is enough to make her feel nauseated.  So since Jason is below with them, Sookie had snagged Eric’s shirt to sleep in.  She liked his better because they are always huge on her. She loves the feeling of being surrounded by his scent, as well as how easy it will be for her mates to remove them if needed.


Seeing his mate sitting up in bed, her shoulder bare as the blankets are pooled around her waist, Eric is soon crawling up the bed, their gifts having been deposited on the bedside, except for a necklace in his hands. He had picked out the piece and gotten it to gift it to her, as Godric will be gifting her the others.  And they will continue this, for a long time.  Their little mate deserves this, and they have failed her in the past by not giving her this evidence of their adoration before.  But they are fixing their mistake now.  Their little mate will be covered with jewels, the finest silks, have their rooms perfumed with the most exquisite flowers.

Even if she protests, she knows better how Mates work.  Her grandmother had tried to teach her, but it took Eric, Pam, and Godric teaching her Vampire traditions to straighten her out.

Sadly, her mind reading had not helped when Adele had taught her things, since she was reading about the times that Adele had grown up in, not taking the lessons in the meaning. It had only been refined and reinforced by Adele’s older friends who had their own thoughts at the tea times they had done when she was younger to teach her manners.

Thankfully, she had asked Pam how to accept a gift from Eric when it was a way of being a ‘kept’ woman.  The outrage from everyone had corrected the mistake, with Adele herself telling her young Granddaughter that there was a difference between the two, no matter who thought what.

To Eric and Godric, Sookie deserves all this and more.  And they are going to take this time to show her their love.  That it has a side effect of showing up Bill, well, that is just the cherry on top.  And what a pleasurable cherry it will be as they can finally do as their instincts and needs tell them to treat their little one.

Sookie is still looking at Godric, as he leans forward to kiss his little mate, unbuttoning Eric’s black silk shirt from her, pushing it off her shoulders as Eric reaches around her and puts his gift to her on her neck, kissing on the back where he joined it.  It looks as good as he imagined it would on her.  Later he will buy her one that she can wear all the time, this time, he wanted her to wear it as they take her out.

Softly sighing from the pleasure she is getting from his lips alone, Sookie leans her head back on Eric.  As she does this, Godric’s hands are moving up slowly her body, cupping her breasts, and bringing one up for him to bestow little kisses around it, circling until he reaches her aureole, then he purrs out to her as he licks it slowly, feeling it shrink as her nipple hardens.  When he reaches her nipple, he suckles on it, watching as his other mate’s hand takes her other breast from his hand, pulling gently on the other nipple.

Eric is kissing her neck, tracing the outline of his gift on her neck.  He loves it, it reminded him of a torc from his time, adorned with the fire of the very stars gracing her neck. It is having the crosses on it that she adores it, the lines are all diamonds, but the swirls are different shades of diamonds making a subtle color change in them. Godric had chuckled when he purchased it, telling Eric he didn’t leave much for him to adorn their mate with to accompany it.  But he had agreed that it did signify Eric in the design, and that was what they had tried for.

This time.

He left her breast trading it for her other one, as Eric’s hand moved down her body, and is soon lightly running through the light dusting of blond hair between her legs. Taking a deep breath of her beloved scent, Godric closes his eyes to make sure he imprints the scent, the almost flavor he has from it in his mind, as he worships her breasts.  It had helped him when he had been away from her in Dallas, and though they will not be leaving this time, it is a habit he indulges in.

Godric had also told Eric they need to start preparing her body for mating.  Yes, they are aware that they will change her, but neither want her to feel any excess pain and had discussed options for when it happens.  But on the off chance that both are not able to remember their plans, they will start preparing her.  It won’t hurt her, and will only start adding the pleasure of the night.  Of course, it will help calm their own needs to have their mate, to have these times of getting her ready.  It is as if the vampire sides of them need some verification that they will be continuing the mating process.

He just hopes they can hold themselves back.  Both of them are feeling the need to claim their little one, to make sure that none can take her from them.  However, they both admit that it was partly because, in the vision, Eric had taken Sookie completely, claiming her as his.  Eric’s body wants that and Godric wants what he had been denied in that timeline.  But neither Godric nor Eric is sure what that had done to their plan, since by then, Eric had decided (and rightly so according to Godric) that Sookie had been more important than a plan that, at that point, was hurting her.

So, they are going to do what they can.  If they end up taking her before the mating, then they do.  No more time for regrets, the most important lesson they had learned through Godric’s vision, is that nothing is worth losing each other. Nor can they wait on plans, since there is so much ahead of them.  The three of them can only survive what is to come by working together, being of one mind on what needs to be done; not worrying that their passions will cause issues.

Soon though, all thoughts are driven out of their minds as Sookie arches into them, pressing her breasts more firmly into Godric’s waiting mouth as Eric slowly strokes her, moving just enough to adjust and have his thumb on her clit, his first finger to slowly move inside of her.  This makes Sookie slowly shudder from the attentions of her mates on her, their bond allowing them all to feel each other’s arousal.

Smirking at his mates and their faces mirroring the pleasure they were all feeling, Godric reaches over and grabs the earrings he bought to match her necklace.  His mouth kissing and tugging at her earlobe before moving below it, allowing him to attach the earrings. He kisses the spot behind her ear that gives her goosebumps all over as Eric adds another finger to stretch her.

When he is done, Godric leans back and looks at their naked mate in front of him, being pleasured by Eric with nothing but a ring of fire around her neck and the new adornments to her ears flashing as she is moving with Eric’s fingers.


He leans past Sookie and kisses Eric, his lips nipping at his other mate, as Godric feels Sookie undulating between them.  He feels it as she unbuttons his pants and her small warm hand grips him. He moans in Eric’s mouth and slowly, carefully, backs away.  Kissing Sookie’s mouth sensuously, he tells them, “I am going to warm up our shower.  Don’t be too long.  We have to take care of some business, but we also have reservations.” And with that he is off the bed, his pants shed as he moves to the bathroom. Knowing that he will not be forgotten as he leaves them.

Sookie just gasps as Eric’s third finger enters her.  His mouth is soon by hers, “The sooner you cum, lover, the sooner we can get to that shower.  And sooner to making sure Godric will be pleasured.  You will love to have his cock in your mouth as we fuck him, wouldn’t you lover?” He needs her to cum first, nothing new there.  He always wants their little mate pleasured before them.

And with that Sookie gasps, and she feels Eric also come behind her as her body shakes from her own orgasm. She is panting, looking at him with only love in her eyes for the tall blonde that had just given her one of the best orgasms yet.  Which is saying a lot from all the time she has spent with both men.

Eric smiles down at her, his eyes glowing blue from the emotions in them.  He stands up, his eyes on her as he strips, and soon has her in his arms, his shirt lying in pieces as he carries her into the bathroom. Their clothes are often the casualties in their passions.  This time, no matter how hard he tried, he is lucky that it was only his shirt that came apart as Eric watched his mate with her dark eyes ogling his body as he exposes it to her gleefully.


The bathroom has steam already gathering, with Godric already in the shower.  When Eric enters with their mate in his arms, Godric takes her from him, laying a kiss on her, that soon has her knees buckling under the pure passion in it.  He smirks down at her, ‘So, klein geliebte gefahrtin, you wish to have Eric take me while you are sucking me off?’ He knows how much she loves it when he talks dirty to her in German. He grins at the unintelligible sound she makes. It has been awhile since Eric had fucked him, even taking in the time that he thought elapsed during the vision.  He is all for the la petite mort for himself, as well knowing that Sookie will get off from their shared pleasure if her own arousal doesn’t do it for her.

He is leaning down, kissing his love, and mid-kiss Godric moans as he feels Eric start prepping him.  He can feel his tiny mate’s hand on his cock as he is running his fingers up and down her slit.  Godric wants to make sure that Eric is getting their mate ready for their mating, he has some big plans for that night.  He is hoping that he will be sane enough to be able to implement them, but he and Eric have mentioned that if they cannot do what they want that night, they will do it when she is rising as a vampire.  There is no way she will not escape being claimed by her mates in every way.  Even if the Apocalypse comes, it will need to wait for their pleasure.  They have been waiting a very long time for this mating, and they will complete it one way or the other.

His mouth is moving down, and he kisses her right above where the necklace dips down when Eric jerks him up as he thrusts into him, Godric throws up his head in pure pleasure as Eric manages to hit his prostate and be fully inside in one thrust.  Then he moans as his cock is enveloped in pure soft warmth as his other mate take advantage of Eric’s maneuver.

Loving the feel of his Maker’s ass as he rests there, letting Godric and Sookie ready themselves for their lovemaking Eric is grinning.  He looks over Godric’s shoulder to see Godric’s cock in Sookie’s mouth, and he can feel Godric’s pleasure ratcheting up from her efforts.  He tells him ‘lean forward, lose yourself in our gratification, as we will be losing ourselves in yours, in your love for us.’ Nothing will be more pleasurable for the three of them, than losing themselves in this act.  It will be healing for the three of them after the last day.

Then Eric loosed upon Godric all that he had taught him and that he had learned in his thousand years of living.  While Eric prefers women, he has found his pleasure with men also.  And being with his mates this way satisfies his own dominance needs.  Though Godric is their Alpha, Eric is also a dominate person.  Luckily for both of them, Sookie is a natural submissive to them only.  Though, anyone else outside them would not believe it, with her fire and need to be in control of her destiny.

Right now, everything is perfect for the threesome in the shower.

They always keep almond oil in their showers and rooms, for these times.  And as Eric is thrusting into Godric, his mind is lost in Godric’s dual pleasure.  Sookie is doing for Godric the same moves that send Eric into a frenzy, but with Godric, she makes sure that she not only deep throats him, but she also licked him up and down, even sucking at his balls.  Godric is all about stimulation.  She also looks up at him through her eyelashes, making sure when she is on a down stroke or sucking on his balls, that her hands reach behind and moves up to where Eric is fucking him, her fingers rubbing them both.  She gives a very light nip to his sac and manages to move quick enough to have his cock back in her mouth as he thrusts.  His hand soon is holding her head still, as he fucks her mouth.

She works hard not to lose herself in the pleasure from both of her mates, still worried about Godric pulling away because of what happened last time.  But she can see their pleasure on their faces as they both start going faster, chasing their orgasms.

Then Godric’s other hand drops and holds her head still as he loses himself in the orgasm Eric and she had pulled out of them, Eric following soon on the heels of it, unable to hold herself entirely from losing it some, allowing some of their pleasure inside while managing not to orgasm herself.

While they are still lost in their pleasure, she regains her control. Sookie cleans off her mate, then leans back as she watches them coming back from their mutual high.  She is smiling lightly, and when Eric soon notices that she did not cum with them, she refuses to be pleasured, saying that she had hers already.

Neither of them like it, but the glance and a quick mental conversation has both Godric and Eric relaxing.  For denying them the pleasure of her orgasm, Sookie will have plenty of time for regretting the refusal as they tease her all night long.  They may allow her to finally come later, but it will be after some apologies for holding back.

They soon are finished in the shower, both of the males teasing their little one, little touches here and there to start the buildup.  By the time they are at the restaurant, their female will be quivering in need for them. Then they will begin the process of making her regret her selfishness.  All the while making sure it is done in the same teasing manner they are in now.  They will never make her beg for them unless she requests it of them.  Neither are wanting to demean her, just make her think twice of refusing to allow herself to fall in the pleasure of the bond.


Soon, Eric is drying her hair for her as Godric grabs his suit and dresses.  He is smiling at the love pouring through his mates as they talk about what to do with her hair, as well as what she is going to wear.

Their night tonight is not one they had normally been able to do, to go as openly as they are tonight as a date; most of the time this is hidden from all, disguised as them teaching her the finer arts.


One of the happier results of their actions for Sookie is that she will get to wear the clothing that she prefers now.  It is more grown up than the sundresses that often made her seem younger than she really is.  She prefers form-fitting dresses, ones that show off her body as well as letting her be the powerhouse she really is.

For now, she will have to wear the sundresses when they are not ‘up’.  It will be her little ‘protest’, but for the most part, she will be wearing clothing more to her liking and blaming it on her mates.  At least in Godric’s case, the less daring ones will be accepted, while Eric will have fun ‘fighting’ her on her clothing.

As Godric wonders back in the room, he looks over the feeds to Fangtasia that Eric pulled up after finding that their thief is Longshadow.  They will be looking into his background to see why he was stealing the money, in a way to figure out if this is another plot. Which they are thinking it is, with how Sookie is being set up by the timing.

Grabbing his cufflinks that Sookie had given him a few years ago, Godric is watching the bar, trying to find the spies that had been there last time.  He soon is recognizing a few and sits down in the chair to make screen shots of all the agents.  Even though tonight is a night celebrating their love, he uses to the time to make sure that they are aware of their enemies.


In the bathroom, Eric and Sookie soon quietly talk in their heads, worried about Godric.  Though they both are relishing in having the man that they love and have known for most of their lives being back, there is the worry that what had happened in the vision may happen again, even with the shields that they learned.

Thinking it over, Eric finally tells Sookie over their mental connection, ‘Lover, there is nothing we can do but be observant.  Make sure we talk and let nothing like what happened before.  And with what Godric had seen, he will be more likely to listen to us this time.’ Eric caresses her shoulder, watching as she puts on her makeup.  He is leaning against the wall in the alcove where she has her table to get ready.

This is one of the things that Eric loves to watch, his woman getting ready for a night, all dressed up as he has known she loves to be. The red dress she had picked out is going to look great on her body, as it shows off her curves for them to enjoy and others to envy.

The only thing that might bring down the night is the fool Compton, but even then, they have a way around it.  As it is, Leigh is about running perimeter and working to scare the bejesus out of him as Jason would say.  There will be others here for when he shows up, to watch over their beloved matriarch.

Even down here they can hear her roaring every so often.  And the pictures she sends them with her wry commentary lets them all know that if Compton could piss his pants, he would have by now.  It didn’t matter that he is supposed to be calling on Adele, they had agreed on a time, and Leigh is making sure he doesn’t show up earlier.

All good fun, basically.

They continue to chat quietly when Godric comes back in to lean on the other side of the door watching Sookie.  He chuckles as she puts on her lipstick, the last thing she ever puts on.

“You look beautiful, mein Geliebter.”

He kneels at her feet and helps her with her heels, kissing her ankle as he straps on the shoes.  Once done, he rises and holds out his hand to help her up.  With Eric on the other side, they soon make their way up the stairs to the main part of the house.

It is time for their date.

Final count: 3,900 words.


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