Chapter 3 Could See Crystal Clear


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Sookie jerks herself out of his arms and glares at him. ‘Not fair to use an argument that he knows I rather work with him!

He laughs at her look and then leans down to her ear, “You remind me of an angry kitten, lilla syster. (Little sister) Be there tomorrow.” He kisses her cheek, “Until then, min kattunge.” (My kitten). He then vamps out of the establishment hiding his chuckles.

Sookie huffs, trying to keep the laughter from the names he had called her silent, and turns to find the whole bar staring at her. “What?”

Jason just shakes his head and tells her, “You are the only one that dares to argue with a 1,000-year-old vampire. Just go as he says and get it over, sis. There is not much you can do.” He tries to keep up the pretense that everyone knows she should just give up and be with Eric. He smiles in his head, ‘If everyone really knew she is with not only Eric, but Godric, this town will blow it’s collective mind!’

Bill is watching the whole scene with barely concealed glee. Eric seems to be doing everything to annoy Sookie. ‘He does not know how to treat her, maybe Hadley is right and a ‘southern gentleman’ is exactly what she will respond to. With that he decides to continue with the test tonight to see if she really is a telepath.

After all, this is just the beginning, and if she tastes anything like Hadley, there is some recompense in having to be here in the backwater town. It should not be that hard to get her.



Bill turns his attention back to the red haired woman sharing his seat with a thin veneer of disgust on his face.  Denise Rattray didn’t even notice, too busy feeling him up as her glamoured mind acts out its instructions to her best interpretation.

Sookie settles beside Tara, the two best friends sharing a look before Sookie comments, “What a bitch.  Do you think she is really going to let him bite her?”

Tara hides the chuckle she wants to let out, knowing that both Godric and Eric have had Sookie’s blood.  Shoot the whole nest has shared blood.  The two vampires had wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, that the nest is safe.  So they have all had both Godric’s and Eric’s blood.  Drops, but enough for them to know for sure that the nest is safe and that none of them will betray the others.  It had grossed out Tara, but Godric had sat down with her and Lafayette and told them why this had to be, and wouldn’t they want to stay here where they know that everyone in the nest is trustful and will never hurt each other?  Once they understood that, the thought process to employ it wasn’t hard.  And if Eric or Godric ever thought the bond is getting unclear, they gave another drop of blood.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Only Sookie has shared her blood otherwise.  But they are careful, not wanting to complete the bond until the Mark shows up on the three.

From what Tara has learned, they knew if the Mark shows on Godric and Sookie, it is time for her to be a vampire.  Eric is the one that would show when it is time for the three to mate.  She is not sure how they would know when the time to change Sookie would be if the time to mate comes first.  And when they were aware that the Marks for mating happens, none of them will be able to stop the mating, and it will be time to announce the Tri-Mating.  Until then, they hid this information, knowing it will give their plan a huge boost. Any knowledge that is kept private is power.  Godric has taught them all this.

Knowing her part in tonight’s festivities — and knowing that Eric has to be around, still since he will never leave Sookie without a word to her,  or Sam and the rest, since the new vamp was here —  Tara tells Sookie in a matter of fact voice, “Do you know how many people are having sex with vampires these days?  And you know what happens to those people?  They disappear…”

The only problem Tara is having is that she could see herself saying this before she had gotten to know Godric and Eric.  She would not be just saying it to give the impression of being a normal country hick with their attitude that anything different is wrong, she would be meaning it.  And how much would that hurt Sookie if this was real?

Rolling her eyes at her best friend, Sookie quickly comments, “No, he’s not like that.” She is trying to keep out of Tara’s head, as she does with the rest of the family, but Eric and Godric has taught her to keep a low level scan going on to keep her safe.  She still has to work on it, it exhausts her in these types of situations, but this time, she needs it on. There is no choice. She just wishes  Tara wasn’t such a loud broadcaster.

Tara just shakes her head at her friend’s put on sense of naivety.  Sookie really hasn’t been that naïve since before she met her. “Oh, Ok.  You spoke to him for like a minute.  Do you know how many people he has sucked the blood out of over the centuries?” She fights her smile and looks dead earnest while in her head she thinks, ‘Not as many as Eric, not to mention Godric.  What is he doing here?  Wanting a death wish, is he that bored with his life?’

Tuning out Tara, Sookie turns her attention back to the Rattray’s, her normal hearing enhanced by the blood that Eric had given her a few days ago.  That had been part of the reason he showed up tonight, to explain why she had his scent even though she wasn’t his by any meaning of the word to the outside world. She can’t wait until the subterfuges are done with.

Denise Rattray is giving her all for what the glamour is demanding of her.  Unfortunately, she just does not have the intelligence to make it as subtle as Bill had wanted.  She coyly looks at him, “People have always discriminated against me.” She touches his sleeve, while looking up through her eyelashes.  It would look a lot better if she was maybe Sookie, but life has been hard on her and the innocent look is not working.

Her husband has even less intelligence than she does and is also going through withdrawals of V.  Bill’s glamour is not helping his intelligence, and in fact all Mack can barely do is encourage Denise, “Oh, boy have they ever…” while in reality he is thinking how fast they can get some juice out of him. He is stretched out on the other side of the booth, resting both arms out on the back of the booth.

Denise barely gives her husband a second glance as she continues to tell Bill, “And just because I have never felt like being what society wanted me to be you know…”  She keeps up her light touches and such.

Mack is almost completely gone as he agrees with her, “Me neither… Me Neither…” His fingers stop tapping the end of the booth with the jitters he is getting from withdrawal.

Neither Denise nor Mack notice Sookie getting closer as Denise tries to convince Bill of their pity for the vampires and not getting their rights, “So, we know what’s it been like for you.”

Bill notices with barely concealed glee as Sookie comes up and asks, “Can I get ya’ll anything else?”

Mack quickly appears disinterested in anything but getting his fix and his brain is running over things jerkily, how to drain Bill, how he’d like to fuck Sookie, having his wife and Sookie while Bill watches as he is bring drained…

Under the onslaught of Mack’s deranged mine, Sookie’s shields fall and she can hear Denise’s thoughts come through clearly, ‘He’s not that big but he still probably has about 11 or 12 pints in him.  Holy shit times that’s almost 200 ounces we get $500 for each ounce in Dallas. Fuck me that is almost $10,000. Sweet Jesus!!’

Sookie is completely overwhelmed with the information, and she knows she needs to let Godric and Eric know that there is a link between the Rattrays and Dallas.  However, she realizes from the flash of worry from Eric, that she needs to get away, so she tells them, “I’m going to bring y’all a free round of beer, okay?”

With her shields down, she hears Denise’s comment, ‘What the hell is your problem, you dimwit?’ As she looks over Sookie as though she is trash through and through.

Not really thinking, she tells Bill, “Don’t you go anywhere.” She is not sure what to do.  All the thoughts in the room are flooding her mind, and it is only because her attention was on them to begin with that she is paying any attention to the Rattrays.

Turning to get the promised pitcher, she hears Mack thinking, ‘I guess  you are retarded.  Just like everyone says you are.  No matter about your vampire… too bad we can’t hope to catch him…’

Sookie practically runs to Tara, telling her, “Tara, Tara we have to stop them!” Fear is now running rampant through her, even though she knows that Eric would never be caught by people such as these.  But emotion is controlling her as her shields are down, the fear she has always had of that happening running alongside her deepest fear, that something will happen to her mates.  So she runs to her best friend to help her even out; to help her.

Tara had been making her way out of the bar, hoping that with her outside, that she can send a text out on what has been happening, but when Sookie runs to her, demanding her to help Bill, she is confused.

“Stop who? Why?”  She had thought they were not to get involved with anything, Eric didn’t tell her to get involved with saving a vampire outside the nest.

Sookie tells her excitedly, “The Rattrays.  They’re gonna drain him and sell his blood.  We have to stop them!” ‘Before they can somehow do it to Eric!

”No, we do not. We don’t have to get anywhere near that vamp!”  She is getting a bad feeling for this.

Sookie is just reacting, her shields had fallen and she is barely shoring them up, but she remembers that they are supposed to follow through for Bill.  She responds to Tara’s comments heatedly, “Tara, I’m very disappointed with your small mindedness.”  She is no longer thinking, even though both of her vampires are throwing every ounce of calm they can to her.

Sam has just heard them coming back down the hall and is putting his cell away along with Jason and Hoyt.  He knows why Eric wouldn’t involve Tara in protecting Sookie, Eric didn’t believe in letting the women have a chance to get hurt.  But the rest of them, they will help.  And Eric just sent the text, Shield Down.  They knew what that meant.

Trying to help out, Sam tells her, “Sookie, that vampire can take care of himself. I promise you.”

Sookie looks around and seeing that Bill and the Rattrays are gone, she says, “Shit!”  And throws her apron to the side as she runs to the back to rescue the vampire.  Her mind is so upset she is confusing Bill and Eric, and nothing will stop her from saving Eric.

Sam looks exasperated as he demands from Tara, “Tara, do you know how to tend bar?” He needs to get outside and find out what is wrong with Sookie.  She is acting as though Eric is the one out there, and that doesn’t make sense.

Tara looks taken back as she answers, “No. Uh-uh.”  No way.  She is going to get Eric — or better Godric — on the phone and make them bring her sister back to her.

He throws her the bar towel he had in his hands, taking off after Sookie telling her, “Fake it.” He doesn’t have time to explain to Tara or to find out why she is fighting him.

Tara watches Jason and Hoyt take off after him and says, “Shit.” She goes behind the counter, taking her phone out and texting both Eric and Godric, Sookie is acting weird.  Save her.

Sookie runs out into the parking lot, not registering the others that are coming after her.  She barely registers Eric and Godric pushing their worry onto her.

Then Godric sends her calm again, pushing it prettily heavy towards her and she stops, closing her eyes.  She takes a breath and with that, she can feel both Eric and Godric sending her calm and strength.  She remembers the plan and feels guilty that she forgot when her shields fail.  Eric caught on and sends her reassurance.

Eric had only held on due to Godric sending him strength.  When Sookie’s shields failed, they had both felt her fear and worried since it has been years since her shields had failed like this. The last time it had happened was when a towns person insulted one of them in her mind.

Godric had called to talk to his child, asking, “Eric, how is your Mark?” He has a hypothesis on what may be happening, but since Eric is the key to knowing where they were, if his Mark is forming, then it is closing to the time that they will be mating.

Eric actually takes his phone away from his ear, stares at the phone in shock and then asks Godric, “What?”

Godric asks again, “How is your Mark?  Is it getting visible?” His is, it was the first thing he saw when he had checked.  And with how her emotions are fluctuating, he suspects it has to do with their mating.

Eric lifts his black shirt and looked at the area above his heart and could barely see an outline of what he recognizes as Odin’s Horns. He asks Godric, “Is yours becoming visible?”

Godric sighs, “Yes.  Sookie will probably not see it, but we could probably see it forming on her.  Eric, this may be why her shields failed.  The Mark has not been on a fairy ever.  Niall couldn’t tell us what would happen, if this would make her mature faster than a normal fairy, or how any of this will happen.  For now, keep a close eye on her.”

He is very worried about their Mate.  No one could ever explain how it felt when the Marks came upon mates, other than you found your mate very quickly, and it is best to have a place in seclusion.  Mating is still pretty rare, and their’s is the most rare.

Scoffing, Eric asks him, “You think I would do anything else?  She may be your Potential Child and Mate, but she is also my Mate, my very fragile, mortal half of me and your other half also.  And knowing she holds us both in her little hands, our very fates, it makes me wish this stupid prophecy had never happened and we could be at her side at all times.  At least until we can turn her.” Eric is vehement in his words, voicing everything he has said in the past but never at once.  Their mate, with her very existence, holds both of theirs; there would be no reason not to meet the sun after they had revenge on whomever ended her.

Godric is silent, and then says softly, “Eric, I know how you feel.  I feel the same.  Just think with that mind that called to me to transform you all those years ago.  You know what I think the Calling is and why we never formed Marks, not until now.  But that mind of yours has gone over the plans in every way possible and you know this has to happen.” As he has said, he understands how his mate and child feels, he feels the same way.  Eric has Pam to try to survive for, but he will lose not only his mate, but his potential child.  The death would break him and that is what he suspects will drive him to the sun and Eric with him.  They are all too tied to each other to survive one of their deaths.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Eric sighs.  “I know, Master.  I just don’t like this.  I cannot be by her side, nor by your side.  And… I yearn to hold her in my arms, claiming her all the time.  But I will stay close to her tonight.  Something else happened when her shields fell.  Don’t ask me what, but I just have the feeling that it is something we will need to look at.” Eric had felt her surprise and determination while in the midst of everything else.  He suspects someone had exposed some piece of information that his mate thinks they need.  It has happened in the past, but with her fear at the level it had been, he suspects it is something connected directly with either Godric or himself.

Looking around his office in Dallas, as he finishes the last of the paperwork that will free him for the next couple of nights, Godric tells Eric, “I will look forward to the two of you calling me soon with the information.  Until then, I am trusting you with our hearts, mein Freund (my friend).  Take care of them as you always have.”  With that Godric closes his phone, knowing that Eric will keep ihren kleinen Liebling (their little love) safe. It just is not in Eric to do anything else.  He is the nurturer, and warrior when peace failed.  Eric is their strategist, and warrior for their safety.  Sookie is the link between them all.  She is loving to Eric which he craves, and is stable for him.  To Godric, she is the one he has waited for, she is fun, light, loving, the very sun in his darkness.  And it won’t matter when she became like them, she will never lose that light.

Sookie feels their love and calms; she consciously lowers a part of her rebuilt shield, trying to locate the Rattrays.  Immediately she hears, ‘This is so thick. Damn this is gonna bring a pretty penny. We should keep some for ourselves. Although, if Mack freaks out on me again, I am so through with him.’

Sookie orientates herself and jogs towards the drainers.  She stops by Jason’s truck and carefully grabs the large chain there, hoping to be able to use it against the drainers.  She creeps closer and listens as she could hear them out loud, trying to avoid their thoughts with how messed up they are right now.  The glamour is messing with their thought processes, making blanks in the middle of thoughts.  Thankfully Eric had trained her to ignore the thoughts, saying that there may be a time it may fail her. ’And as is normal, he is right. Thankfully he also trained with no shields in case they fail me again tonight.

Mack is pacing back and forth telling Denise, “Hurry…”  He is nervous, the withdrawals and the fact that bitch Sookie had been paying them attention not working well in his head.  His normal cautions in draining a vampire are messing with the glamour from Bill.

Denise is working the lines as she tells him, “We should have taken him home, this is just too dangerous out here.” Denise moves as she removes a filled bag and sets the next one up.  They both have only survived this long in Area Five because of that caution, now neither understand why they were literally compelled to do this in one of the last spots they would consider it.  Not in the back of the Sheriff’s girlfriend’s work place.

Mack asks her, “Where are we gonna hide a dead vampire in our trailer?” Mack rubs the top of his head as he tells her.

Denise mutters back to him, “Well, we wouldn’t be out in the fucking open like this.”

Sookie is still hearing the blanks and can see how it looks like it very much may drive the two of them crazy before long.  She is not going to shed a tear, knowing how they normally drain the vampires with them comparing this to other draining.  Eric can use this to end them.

His pacing becomes worse as Mack mutters, “Just needs some V juice, just needs it, my body is starting to hurt and I need to just get it in me!” And with that, his thoughts are mostly gone.

Still working on the lines, changing out the bags as fast as they fill up, Denise rebukes him, “Goddamn it Mack!  You’re a fucking drug addict you know that!”

Mack just snarls at her, “Woman, would you just shut the fuck up?”

What neither of them notices is Sookie creeping up.  Bill looks up, trying to look weak and hopeful that Sookie will take pity on him and rescue him; all the while trying to keep the triumph from showing in his face.  This is what he needs to start getting his hooks in the delectable but stupid blonde in front of him.

Mack continues to belittle Denise, “Sometimes, when you talk, this is what I hear: a yada- a –yada –a.”

Sookie takes the chain in two of her hands and whips it across his back, knocking him down.  In the trees watching, Eric smirks.  ‘Remind me to tell Godric never to get her mad with a chain.  Especially when she has had our blood in her.’  He sends her encouragement and strength, letting her know his pride in what she is doing.  ‘Vår lilla mate kommer att vara exceptionellt när hon görs till en vampyr.’ (Our little mate will be exceptional when she is made into a vampire.)

Mack falls to the ground cussing and swearing.  He manages to stand up, and seeing Sookie standing there with the chain in her hands, he tells her, “You crazy bitch!”

Under Eric’s hands, the branch he was casually holding as he watches the scene below him crumbles as his fangs drop down.  He barely keeps himself from dropping down and ripping the man who has insulted his mate.  He feels Godric sending him calm and he controls himself, knowing that he would be mad if he gave away everything this early in the game.  ‘But no matter what, I will be checking on her tonight… Pam can cover for me at Fangtasia.  She will happy that Sookie will be there tomorrow.’

Watching Mack carefully as he stands up, she flinches when she sees him whip out his knife and swing with it in his hand towards her, dodging it as close as she can make it.  She can feel Eric’s rage ripping through her and knows she will need to take care of this fast before her fiery Viking comes down and defends her.

With that in mind, as she dodges a couple more attacks, she throws the chain at Mack’s neck, shocking herself and everyone when the chain wraps around his neck, choking him to the point that his legs give out on him.  Bill, Eric, and everyone else watching, except for one, is shocked.

Denise shakes off her shock and jumps to her feet, going after the knife her husband had dropped in his attempt to loosen the chain around his neck.  Before she can get to it, Sookie has seen her intent in her mind and grabs the knife before her.   They both stand up, Sookie holding the knife at Denise.  Hunting with her brother and the rest of the nest had taught her a lot of skills, knives and the skill with them just being a few of them.  Godric, Eric and her great grandfather had wanted them all to be able to defend themselves.  Though it shocked everyone when Adele was the one who taught everyone, including Pam how to shoot.

Denise tries to talk her way out, saying “This ain’t your business, you stupid cunt.”

Hyped up on adrenaline, Sookie lets loose some of the anger in her as she acidly retorts, “Now, see, that just proves how low-rent you really are.” She is trying to stay calm knowing that with the rage she is feeling from Eric, that if it looks as though she is going to get hurt, he will be here in a second, and will make up whatever excuse he can later.

Mack is still gasping behind them, trying to loosen the chain as Denise replies back to Sookie, “You have any idea who you’re messing with?”  She stalks towards Sookie, keeping a healthy distance for the knife, but wanting to intimidate this piece of trash waitress.

Mack manages to unwrap one link of the chain, but the rest seems to wrap closer to his throat.  He grabs it with both hands, frantically trying to get air.

Denise is still trying to intimidate Sookie as she tells her, “You don’t wanna be on my bad side.”

Eric smirks, knowing that Sookie would not be intimidated by the red headed little cunt below him.  He really can’t wait to tell Godric about this.

Sookie feels Eric’s emotions change to amusement, and in a sickly sweet voice replies back to Denise, “I’m not so sure you even have another side, you no-account backwoods trash.” She keeps all her attention on her opponent, while keeping the others in view.  But she is relieved that Eric is getting amusement from this.  He is the one that maintains that she can defend herself the most.

At this point, Eric is recording the scene below, knowing both his mate and child will enjoy seeing their feisty min kattunge showing her claws. He smirks knowing that once he calls her that, she will be giving him a piece of her mind. He loves her fire.

Denise is wanting to fight, but the glamour is making her back off from Sookie.  She is not happy about this, as she stomps back to the vampire lying under the silver chain.  ‘At least I can sell the blood after all this.’

Sookie, seeing in her mind what she was going to do, stops her from grabbing the blood, “Uh-uh.  Do not even think about taking that blood.” She doesn’t need to allow them to make a penny doing this.

This being the last straw for Denise, she fights the glamour and stalks again to Sookie, telling her, “I will kill you for this.”

Sookie, being more relaxed as the confrontation is going her way, orders Denise, “Get out.  Now.”

Above, Eric reminds himself to tell Sookie never to relax until the enemy is dead.  They can always come back.

Below him, not aware of Eric in the trees, Bill is amazed as he is watching the diminutive waitress in front of him fight off the two drainers.  ‘This is much more than I hoped for.  Maybe I can get her to take some of my blood.  Glamouring did not seem to work earlier, and neither Eric nor Godric can say anything if she takes it voluntarily.’

Denise continues to fight the glamour, but even her anger is not enough to fight the hold Bill has over her.  She grabs Mack telling her, “Yeah, Yeah.  Get up Mack.”

Mack chokes, as she asks him, “Why can’t you take that fuckin’ thing off?”

His hands wrapped around the chain he tells her, “Don’t leave me!”

Sookie lowers the knife as they walk off hearing Denise tell Mack, “I ain’t got time for a fuckin’ cripple, because I’m getting out of here one way or the other.”  Mack is following behind her, stumbling as he chokes out, “Wait!!”

Realizing that Bill is still on the ground, Sookie drops down and grabs the thin silver chain.  She will ask Eric later about the thickness, she is sure that such a small amount of silver would not hold down a vampire.

Eric floats off a little more, still close enough to be there if Sookie needs him, but further away that Bill won’t scent him.

As she pulls the chain away, Sookie flinches seeing the burn marks left behind and the skin that is coming off of the vampire with the chain.

Bill retracts his fangs as the silver is pulled away, not wanting to scare the blonde in front of him.

Looking back at Bill, Sookie watches him heal from the wounds, saying softly, “Shut up.”

Eric hears the car, and after seeing Bill not doing anything, sends a warning to Sookie.  Her head flings up, and grabbing Bill by his shoulders, she yells at him, “Lift with your feet.” As they scramble away.  Eric is seething that Bill allowed the car to get that close to her.

Denise yells at her out the window as she tries to run them over, “I’m a get you, bitch!”

After they are far enough away, Sookie scrambles back, not wanting to be too close to the vampire.  To cover up her movement, she tells him, “Oh, bless your heart. I am so sorry I didn’t get here faster.”

When Bill looks away, she hurriedly asks him, “You’ll be okay in a minute, right?”

Bill is trying to keep his face in control.  This is his chance, chance to get her on his side, thinking of him instead of Eric Northman.  The man had laughed at him for saying he was competition, wait until he steals Sookie from him.

Mistaking his glance away as him not being with her, Sookie asks, “Do you want me to leave?”

Quickly Bill tells her, “No.”  He looks away as though he is ashamed, but he is still planning this out in his head. “They might come back and I can’t fight yet.”  His eyes shift to the side as he lies to her.

In the trees Eric rolls his eyes.  He cannot wait until he shows Godric and Pam this video.

Sam has shifted by now to his collie form and quickly runs up.  As the only one that would not be obvious about it, Sam would let the vampire know that she is being protected.  Only the vampire wouldn’t know how much she is being watched over unless he does anything.  But a show of some force is thought to be a deterrent.  He runs up to Sookie barking.

Sookie hides her laughter as Sam runs up barking, then proceeds to warn Bill.  She tries to cover it up by greeting him, “Well, hey, there, dog.”

Sam knows that the vampire can smell him. But the idea is to make Bill think that Sookie doesn’t know who he is.  So he licks her a couple of times and barks at Bill.  He runs off, knowing he will be hearing from Eric about the ‘kiss’.  He grins, knowing he got one over the Sheriff.

As Sam runs off, Sookie watches him fondly then her attention is pulled to Bill as he tells her, “He’s checkin’ on you.”

Smiling as she placates him, “That’s just some old dog that hangs around the bar sometime.” She nods her head off to the side as she continues, “He must live nearby.”

Bill couldn’t hide his shock.  She doesn’t know Sam is a shifter?  He replies to her, “Well, no doubt.”

Sookie stands up to help him with the stuff from the drainers, but Bill jerks back from her.  She stands up tall and with her hand on her hip, she sauces back to him, “I reckon you’re not too happy about being rescued by a woman.”

Bill shakes his head.  This woman is something else.  He mutters to her as he removes the bands from his arms, “Thank you.”

The next part is going to be the hardest, and Sookie can feel Eric pushing reassurance and strength to her strongly, and feeling Godric echoing it.  Sookie has never really revealed her talent to anyone outside the nest once she had trained.  Her eyes immediately seek out Eric’s in the darkness and she sees him nod.  She closes her eyes like she used to and makes a bit of a scene in case Bill is watching her.  AS she does this, Eric sends her his amusement, recognizing the act as one she used to do back when she was seven.

Sookie relaxes some in the silence that she only heard before when she was around Eric and Godric.  And realizes that without them, she might have been drawn to Bill just because of the silence.  Before she thinks too much on it, she blurts out, “I can’t hear you.”

Bill looks up and thinks, ‘Great, she is hard of hearing too.’  He tells her more slowly and loudly, “Thank You.”

Dropping down and holding his head so that he will listen to what she is saying, Sookie tells him, “No, no, no.  I can hear you, but I can’t—“

Bill is looking at her oddly but his mind is furiously thinking on what she said.

Sookie drops her hands and then smiling at him, tells him, “Oh, my stars.”  The last is said slowly as if she is shocked pleasantly.

Connecting the dots, Bill is staring at her just as wondering.  Is she really a telepath?  As he is coming to term with this, he asks her softly, “Aren’t you afraid to be out here alone with a hungry vampire?”  Surely she can’t think that her status would keep her safe, does she?

Sookie just bluntly answers him, “No.”

Bill smiles briefly then calmly advises her, “Vampires often turn on those who trust them, you know. We don’t have human values like you.”  If Eric and Godric have not told her this, he will ‘teach’ her.  Of course only the things that will make her rely on him than them.

In the air, Eric’s fangs drop at the subtle insult he just gave his mates.  But he also feels Sookie’s amusement and waits for her comeback.

Uneasy on how close he is getting for someone who knows she is claimed, Sookie stands up and backs up a few steps as she retorts to him, “A lot of humans turn on those who trust them too.”

She walks back and takes a seat on a log behind her and pulls out the chain in her pocket.  If he was imprisoned by this chain earlier, then it will work for her now.

Taking the chain in two hands she wraps it around herself as she tells him, “I’m not a total fool.”  ‘Like my mate being in the air right now and would be upon you in a second if you tried anything.’  She can’t wait until she didn’t have to act like a total idiot.

Bill looks at her seductively.  He knows she is a virgin, he can smell it.  He briefly wonders how and why, specially with Eric around.  But then who knows, maybe Godric is reserving that right to himself.  But to see if she will react to sex, he tells her huskily, “Oh, but you have other very juicy arteries.”

Undressing her with his eyes, he informs her, “There’s one in the groin that’s a particular favorite of mine.”

Both Eric and Sookie’s amusement shoot up as they both remember that that area is a particular favorite of Eric’s also.  Godric too, actually.  Especially when their Mate is coming from their actions and her blood is scented with pheromes from her release.

But faster than you would think with them both remembering, Sookie shoots him down, “Hey, you just shut your nasty mouth, mister!  You might be a vampire, but when you talk to me, you will talk to me like the lady I am.” She doesn’t allow Eric to talk to her like that.  Well outside of the bedroom.

Unable to help himself, Eric’s jeans get very tight.  He enjoys when his mate is feisty.  Then he smirks as he hears Bill scoff. ‘Oh, Bill.  You have no idea how to get Sookie.  You are going about this all the wrong way.’ 

Shocked, Bill stares at her and then frantically thinks of another way to get her.  He sees the blood bags around him and asks her, “You wanna drink the blood they collected?”

Not bothering to hide her disgust of drinking anyone’s but her mates blood, she replies, “No.”

Not thinking about what he is saying to her, beyond the fact that she seemed naïve earlier, and he can maybe trick her into drinking his blood.  He will deal with the consequences later, but it won’t matter, his blood will be in her.  He exploits the benefits to her of his blood, “I understand it makes humans feel more healthy.”  He tries to use sex again. “Improves their sex life.”

Not believing that she is hearing this, knowing it was a huge deal for him to be trying to get her to drink his blood, she tells him, “I’m as healthy as a horse.  And I have no sex life to speak of, so—“  Her anger is spiking though she can feel both Godric and Eric trying to calm her.  She replies more calmly, “You can just keep it.”

Still watching and growing more incredulous at this Bill Compton, Eric sees Sookie looking down and blushing.  He will need to talk to Godric.  His senses are telling him that Bill Compton needs to be looked at closer.

Bill tries another route, one that he could hold over her with Eric, “You could always sell it.”  The thought invades that he may need to silence her in either way.  While she does not seem to like Eric, he does feel as though she does like Godric and would tell him about tonight in detail, if not, then Godric will be quick to ask.  As Eric had pointed out, Godric does not let anything of his go easily.  Luckily, it seems as though Godric does not come down often.  He could not imagine that one of Godric’s stature would call her.

Getting tired of rebutting Bill, Sookie tells him, “I wouldn’t touch it.”

Out of nowhere, Bill vamps to her side and staring in her eyes, trying to glamour her again,  he asks, “What are you?”

Scared at him being so close to her, she doesn’t even register the pressure she is feeling from his glamour right away as she answers him, “I-I’m…I’m Sookie Stackhouse and I’m a waitress and the Potential Child of Godric.”  She can feel that both of her mates are not happy she is scared.

Before they can call or interrupt, she asks, “What’s your name?” She then feels the vibrate from her phone.

Bill, hearing it, quickly answers her, “Bill.”  In would be in his best interest she not answer that.  He did not think that Godric would not have given her any blood, and he does not want her Maker talking to her yet. Then he hears another sound he is shocked at.  Her giggling.

Giggling, Sookie just can’t hold it in, “Bill?”  She knows Godric is calling in case she is in trouble, plus it would give them a good reason to have Eric show back up.  She is still trying to hold her giggles as she explains to Bill, “I…I thought it might be Antoine or Basil.”  With as emo as he had been acting, she continues to try not to laugh as she continues. “Or, heh…or, like Langford, maybe.”  She hears his snort of derision as she continues, “But Bill?  Vampire Bill? Oh, my.”  She knows when she tells Godric and Eric of this they will laugh.

Seeing him still staring at her, and waiting for Eric since her phone is still going off, she says, “So… Silver?” Seeing him move slightly, she waits for what tale he is going to tell her about this, “I thought that only affected werewolves.”  Then she realizes what she said, and decides to go for gold in making him think she is an idiot as she stammers out, “I-I-I’m not implying that werewolves exist. I mean, that’s just what you always see in the movies.”

Bill can’t believe how much they have kept her in the dark.

Above, Eric is mentally counting down the time until he will be able to be with her, knowing he has to make it believable.  But he will be teasing her about this later.

Deciding to ‘teach’ her again, Bill loftily tells her, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t share this information with anyone.  We don’t like for our weaknesses to be made public knowledge.”

And that is it.  Eric quickly drops down and asks, “What don’t we like to be made public?”

Looking up guiltily, Sookie tells Eric, “Oh nothing, Bill was just letting me know some private information about him and his family.”

A smirk appears on Eric’s face.  “Already trying to hold secrets from your big brother?  Sookie, what will Godric say?”

Bill clears his throat and tells Sookie as he glances around, “I need to get home.  I need to finish unpacking as I have an important meeting to attend to tomorrow.” He is hoping that Eric won’t notice the blood bags around.

Eric holds his hand out to Sookie, “Sookie, come now.  We need to talk about answering phones.  Are you not supposed to answer when Godric calls?”

Sookie huffs and stands up, but when Eric lifts his eyebrow, she puts her hand in his.  Eric pulls her to him, holding her close.  Before he leaves, he tells Bill, “I expect to see you tomorrow, Compton.  And tell Merlotte that Sookie is done with her shift tonight.”  With that he takes off with his Mate.

Final count, 7,237 words.

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  1. Carol

    My first time here and I’m sure I’ll be popping back in to see how fast you update! lol I’m enjoying this story and I see there is another one I don’t think I have read so I have that to look forward to. I like your user friendly page layout.

    • kittyinaz

      LOL. I think I clicked somewhere else when I wrote this out the first time!!! Oops…

      Thanks for looking at my site!! I went through alot of themes before I found one I could work with. I am still learning and working with the site. I find things out each day. Anything that is listed, with a songlist, is waiting for approval to post, so there are alot of stories are getting moved over. It will be awhile since it there so many chapters and my beta is working.

      Hope you continue to check my page, and I do post whenever a page is loaded as soon as I know. Enjoy! And thanks again for reviewing!!

  2. Elizabeth Sarah

    Excellent chapter! I really liked how you used a lot of the dialogue. It worked out well and only needed a little alteration. Nicely done.

    • kittyinaz

      I thought I replied t you earlier, but it looks like it got erased. Teaches me to try to answer on the iPad!!

      Thanks for the review, and I love how you notice the details! The new chapter should be out soon!

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    • kittyinaz

      As you can read below on the replies, I am having a hard time with them. But ah well!! And you will be happy when the lemons hit. Bill is devious, that is all I am going to say, he will cause the nest much pain….

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    All the best! Pat

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      I think I have mentioned elsewhere how your comments always made my day along with your name.

      I am quite amazed to hear that others are recommended my story. I write for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers. For others to like it enough to recommend, well that is a high compliment!!

      I know you have reviewed more, and I am making an effort to get through all my stories to find them since I am still learning this site!

      Thanks for reviewing!!!


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    rofl for scumbill being completely oblivious. hmm need to hear more of this prophesy. Suck them having to all be apart and all.

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