Chapter 4 Whisper of a Summer Breeze



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Deciding to ‘teach’ her again, Bill loftily tells her, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t share this information with anyone.  We don’t like for our weaknesses to be made public knowledge.”

And that is it.  Eric quickly drops down and asks, “What don’t we like to be made public?”

Looking up guiltily, Sookie tells Eric, “Oh nothing, Bill was just letting me know some private information about him and his family.”

A smirk appears on Eric’s face.  “Already trying to hold secrets from your big brother?  Sookie, what will Godric say?”

Bill clears his throat and tells Sookie as he glances around, “I need to get home.  I need to finish unpacking as I have an important meeting to attend to tomorrow.” He is hoping that Eric won’t notice the blood bags around. 

Eric holds his hand out to Sookie, “Sookie, come now.  We need to talk about answering phones.  Are you not supposed to answer when Godric calls?”

Sookie huffs and stands up, but when Eric lifts his eyebrow, she puts her hand in his.  Eric pulls her to him, holding her close.  Before he leaves, he tells Bill, “I expect to see you tomorrow, Compton.  And tell Merlotte that Sookie is done with her shift tonight.”  With that he takes off with his mate.


Through the humid night, the moon shining on the matching blond heads of the Viking and his mate. There is a streak of color as the Sheriff removes his beloved to the safety of their meeting place.  The music of the bayous ripple as they take heed of the predator overhead, but are soothed by the fairy in his arms to take up their serenade of the moon.

Eric is holding Sookie close as he takes her to the wooded area they frequently visit.  He instinctively knows that their place would soothe both him and Sookie.

It had been found in the past, when the two of them had been just playing around.  The magical nature of the place has made it a favorite of theirs.  Only Godric, besides the two of them, has ever been here, and with it being in the middle of a bayou, hard to find unless from the air, they are likely to remain its only visitors.

Looking down at his love, Eric relishes the feel of his mate in his arms, and pulls her closer.  He kisses her head as she tucks it in under his. He flies like this, his senses all out searching for anything that may threaten his life – be it his actual life or the one he is holding in his arms.

When they get to their spot, Eric slowly lowers them, knowing that they need to call Godric.  He looks over the trees that hide this getaway from curious eyes, checking to make sure no animals have decided to occupy their sanctuary.  As he does, he notes the stream that flows through the clearing, with the scattered flowers, which he has suspected that his mates are responsible for. But, unknown to the three of them, the fairies have done their part to make this spot as sacred for the three who will save the world; planting as many night blooming vines and flowers.  There are plants here that cannot be found outside of this safe haven.

Taking in the perfumed air in their retreat, Sookie finally relaxes for the second time that night in Eric’s arms, she can feel the hum of his and Godric’s ever present love in her head.  This time, they didn’t have to be quiet, nor worry about who will find them. She sighs in relief. Sookie knows she will need to treasure these times, and looks around their sanctuary, relieved as always to find it here and untouched.

Before either can do anything else, Sookie’s phone vibrates in her back pocket again.  They both grin at each other as she frees a hand and answer her phone.

Back in Dallas, Godric is standing behind his desk looking out on the skyline.  Though his stance and face show nothing, he has been worried with all the emotions that had been coming through the bonds.  It has solidified his decision.  He is leaving tonight to Bon Temps.  This may be just the beginning, but he can’t help the need he has to claim his mates.  He is slightly worried for the more aggression he is feeling about the plan. ‘I hope this isn’t more of a sign of our mating being close.  We need to get past this part of the plan.’

As Sookie answers her phone, he teases her though, “My lilla kompis, you decided to answer your phone?” After all the emotions he has been feeling from her, he needs to cheer up his mate.  He is aware that Eric had found the evening humorous after the start of it, but, before then, they had been both worried about her.  He makes a note in his mind to make sure to give his mate some of his blood, she has made the observation that their blood makes it easier for her to maintain her shields.  And, if the Marks appearing is disrupting her this bad, then he will give everything he can to make sure that she does not have another breakdown.

Unaware of the thoughts of her mate, laughter rings from Sookie as she looks up in the blue eyes of her other mate.  “I was busy, Godric.  But I will admit I was hoping and praying that you calling would make Eric appear.  Cheese and rice does that man lie!”  She shakes her head in remembrance of the information Bill had deigned to tell her, true information, but slanted.

Hearing her words, and remembering the emotions she had felt earlier, Godric stops and asks carefully, “Mein Liebling (My Darling), what do you mean?” He already knows that both Eric and he will do anything to make ihren kleinen Liebling (their little love) safe.

Feeling and hearing Godric’s concern, Eric hits the speaker on the phone, gently taking it from Sookie, as he tells Godric, “We have much to tell you.  That background check you wanted to do on him?  I think it is more urgent than we thought.”  He too remembers her worry and has a bad feeling about this Compton.

As he waits for Godric to reply to them, Eric brings Sookie over to a tree and sits down, pulling her into his arms.  He knows this will be a long conversation, and it is best to try to keep all three on them on the same page.  The rest of the nest will be updated when they can.  He nuzzles his mate, smiling as he feels her enjoyment of the simple show of affection.  It is truthfully why he does it so much; she enjoys it each time he does.

Godric smiles as he feels the affection from his mates, but at the same time  he is worried about the concern he picks up from Eric’s back ground emotions.  He can’t wait until he can feel Sookie to this degree, but at the same time, the Mating will ruin some of the plans they have made.

Sitting down and turning in his chair back to his laptop, Godric brings up his email and browses through the emails have populated his inbox since he had finished for the night to see if anything has turned up.  One of his investigators had emailed the preliminary findings.  Reading through the information that was supplied, he tells them both, “My investigator has sent me some information on the vampire.  His full name is William Thomas Compton.   It seems he is one of a few vampires to originate from America, as well as one of the youngest before the Great Reveal. He lived in the town of Bon Temps with his wife and two children when the Civil War began. In 1862, he went off to serve as First Lieutenant in the 28th Louisiana Infantry. After the war, it seems that Bill took a shortcut on his way home and got lost. Weak and without food, he found a cabin in which Lorena Krasiki was using to hunt from and he was turned by her [1].”

As Eric hears Lorena’s name, memories hit him.  Sighing, he tells them, “I met him once before along with his maker.  They were killing in a brothel at the time; I was an enforcer that happened to be traveling through when the Sheriff of that area asked me to take care of it.  I truly didn’t remember until you said her name, Godric.” He shakes his head remembering the absolute mess and all that had to be done to cover it up from the humans at the time.  The two of them had been absolute monsters, even by vampire consideration.

Reading through the rest of the information that his informant had forwarded him, Godric asks Eric, “What else do you know?” His anger is bubbling below the surface as he thinks of the ramifications of this vampire being around their mate.  He is hoping that now Eric is remembering some about the vampire, he can shed some more light on the danger to their mate.

Thinking of what information he has, Eric tells them, “I know he is part of the inner circle of the Queen’s retinue; however he is not in her immediate nest.  So he probably has not tasted Hadley if what we suspect is true.  But, to tell the truth, I am not sure what his position is, really.  I never cared too much since he was always on the outside.  Always listening to everything around him, but not seeming to hold Sophie Ann’s interest in a way that I needed to think of cultivating him.”  Eric now wishes that he had, but in reality, who can blame him.  Hindsight is always 20/20.

The anger boils over as he leans back in his seat.  Godric just says, “Procurer.  That is his position.” And he waits for the explosion he knows his child will have.

Instantly a growl rips through Eric and he holds his mate closer to him. “Never.” He will tear into the vampire before he gets his grubby peasant hands on his precious mate!  She is theirs!

The noises of the bayou grow silent as they sense the predator getting angry, not wanting it’s attention on them.  The night is as silent as a grave, the only noise that could be heard is Eric’s growling, and only if you were listening for it.

Hearing the silence of the night, Sookie can also feel Eric’s and Godric’s resolve as well as their anger.  She tells them softly, “He will never get me.  As your Potential Child, Godric, that protects me from the Queen.  If it comes down to it, we will announce our Mating and will deal with the fallout after that. No one is going to take me from either of you.” She also sends them both love and cups Eric’s cheek to help him calm down.  She relaxes some as the nighttime noises come back, knowing that they no longer fear the predator.

Feeling calmer, Eric nuzzles into his mate. “No one will.  The only one I swear to let you even close to is our mate.” His resolve is evident in his voice, but his actions are affectionate, reassuring his mate of his commitment to her.

Godric is still reading through the information; the more he finds, the more worried he gets for both of his mates.  “Eric, keep an eye on Sookie for the rest of tonight.  I do not trust this William Compton.  He and his Queen must know that I never give up anything that is mine, much less Sookie or you.  Ever.  There must be another plan.  Not that I don’t think Mr. Compton wouldn’t mind taking the direct method.” He knows Eric would not allow anything to hurt their mate, but if she is hurt, Eric will have vengeance and may not stop to think it through.  Of course, he may not either.  All three are deeply devoted to each other.

At his words, both Sookie and Eric laugh.  Eric tells him, “Wait a second; I will email you what I recorded of Sookie’s interaction with Beehl as he calls himself.” He can feel Godric and his deeper emotions unlike Sookie, and hopes this will lighten some of Godric’s worry.  Though he suspects that his Maker will see something that the two of them have missed, since they had been so involved at the time.

Pulling out his phone, he emails the video to both Pam and Godric. While also enjoying the spectacle that Compton had made of himself, he also is not taking the chance that Pam might see something that the three of them have missed.  Then he proceeds to play back the portion for Sookie to watch.

In Dallas, Godric reviews the video, but he is not feeling the humor as much as his two mates.  He quietly tells Eric, “Play back the video and watch only Compton.” He can see what made Eric so mischievous, but the expressions on Bill’s face worries him.

Frowning, Eric does as his Master requests. And he stills.  He can see Bill making the connection that they wanted him to make, but the pure hunger in his eyes as soon as he makes the connection makes him frown.

“I see it, Godric.” He was right to want to send this to Godric.  He had an uneasy feeling, and Godric pointed out what his instincts had tried to tell him.

Feeling the both of them, and hearing the emotion in their voices, Sookie seeks further safety in Eric’s arms. “Is Gran going to be safe? Especially since knowing that he is from the Civil War is going to help her get acquainted with him, but I don’t want to risk her.” Gran is part of their plan, and it worries her now that they have involved her.  She is getting on in years, and it is sounding more and more as though this will be more of a battle than they had thought.

Godric closes his eyes as he tries to picture possible outcomes, then finally says, “Eric, make sure the Stackhouse home is protected.  It would not be unusual, and if any questions this, I will say I feel the Marks appearing, which is true enough.” A slight grin flashes across his face at the joy he feels of the Marks appearing, even though they may mess everything up.  But he is waiting for seinen geliebten Partner (his beloved mate) to react to the news that they have all been waiting for.

At this announcement Sookie gasps. “Really?  The Marks are appearing?”  Both can feel her anticipation of their mating. And neither wish to destroy any of her happiness.  It may soon not be as easy to produce for her, depending on what heartbreak will be in their future.

Not being able to help his laughter at her eagerness, Eric kisses the top of Sookie’s head as he tells her, “They are just appearing to our sight, I don’t think they will be seen by you, min kärlek.  But they are appearing.  And I am most eager to see your own mark and Godric’s.” he teases her.

Chuckling into the phone, Godric asks Eric, “May I ask what yours are of, min son?” He is curious, he is wanting to know what part is from him.  The Marks will have something of each of them mixed in with their personal symbol.

Laughing, Sookie tells them both, “No revealing unless—“

Interrupting her, Eric tells her, “If you think you are getting away without me seeing it tonight, Sookie, I think you have another thing coming to you.  But I promise I will not say anything to Godric since you cannot see ours, but I can see both of yours.”  His hand trails up her leg, grinning as he feels her response. He is looking forward to seeing what his Mark will be on her.  Plus, he will be able to try to figure out what Godric’s is.  As the oldest, Godric’s Mark will be prominent on each of them.  He grins at his mate.

Shaking his head at the mischievousness coming from Eric, as well as the lust coming from both of them, Godric tells them both, “I will let you go, since I can tell Eric will be getting his way here shortly, as normal.  Be safe, my mates.  As always, know my love is with you both, and if the gods grant it, I will be there as soon as I can.  Eric, Sookie, do not trust this Compton.  I have a bad feeling.” He cannot help but warn them.

Unfortunately, while Sookie and Eric do agree, they aren’t really listening.  Their attention is on each other, and feeling this, Godric just shakes his head as he chuckles.

He hangs up and reads a new email that pops up with more information on Compton.  Reading it through, his bad feeling gets stronger and he shuts down his computer.  Once making sure his office is secure, he tells Isabel, “I am gone, contact me only if there is need.”

Isabel looks up at him and answers, “Yes, Godric.” She is worried, she can tell something is up, but all she can do is what he tells her, and hopes that he remembers that he does have others that are just waiting for his call to answer.

Godric leaves the office building, taking off as soon as he reaches the roof.  He just needs to head to the house to grab some things and he will be heading off to his mates.  If anyone looked to the sky at that moment, the most they would see is a white flash shooting across the sky, not unlike a shooting star.

Eric absently closes Sookie’s phone and drops it as he answers Sookie’s kiss.  Since he started the festivities, he can feel her lust for him skyrocket.  And who is he to turn away his mate?  While they cannot actually mate, there are hundreds of things he can do for her and to her to make her happy.  Both he and Godric have taken advantage of that loop, both of them wanting nothing more than to make her happy.

They had both waited until the age of assent, not just because of legal issues (that neither of them cared for) but because they wanted her to be sure they love her move than her body, blood or anything else but her.  They truly love their little mate and give her all the love they can.  And in return, she gives them back all her love and then some.

Eric leans over her, working down her jaw to her ear, kissing the blessing that his Gods have sent to him. Once he kisses down to her ear, he tells her, “I love you, Sookie.” Then he sucks on the spot behind her ear, the one that they have found that seems to have a nerve directly correlating to her lust.

Leaning her head back, Sookie submits to him, love pouring through her bond along with the lust that being with Eric comes.  ‘I mean, really, look at his body?  Who wouldn’t feel lust just looking at him, and knowing he loves me, wants me?’   Her eyes roll back as he attacks one of his favorite places, behind her ear.  He has told her in the past he loves it because he can touch it, kiss it, do anything he wishes to her in public, and know that it turns her on.

Sookie has never doubted him nor Godric since they had become intimate, she allows that the two of them were right to wait for her to be ready.  She is aware of herself that if allowed, she would allow her past to affect her and make her doubt that her mates would want her.  Eric has a body woman have done anything to have, and Godric was no different.  The two are direct opposites of each other in physical types, and mentally they compliment each other.  But, with her, they stole her heart long ago.  Now, they often take her breath away when she thinks on how they are hers and hers only.  No other woman or man will see them as she does.  But according to the both of them, no one has seen them as she does.  They are everything to each other and no one will separate them.

Her attention is brought back to the here and now as she gasps as his fangs gaze her neck, feeling as though there is a direct line from where his fangs met her skin down to her lower body, feeling it clench in anticipation of her Viking.

Leaning her up, Eric removes her shirt and as his hands move down her back, with a flick of his wrist, he frees her breasts, his hands pulling her bra straps down.  His eyes flick up to her brown ones, as he removes her bra.  His lips curl up in a smile, as he can see the lust in hers.  In times like this, the Bond between them is unnecessary since her face and eyes reflect her feelings.   He savors these times she lets down all her shields. He turns his attentions to her breasts, and more specifically her nipples, which harden as he leers at them.

Gasping as Eric lowers his mouth to her nipples and suckles them, Sookie holds him to her, arching her body into his.  The emotions from him along with his length hardening near her thigh make her wish that this was the time, when they can become one.  She moans as his talented mouth attacks her other nipple.

Feeling her emotions, her want of him, Eric raises his head from one of his favorite places on his beloved’s body, and looks into her eyes.  “Soon, lover, soon.”  He kisses the Mark he can see on her skin, telling her, “It’s starting, just be patient, we will all be one.  I promise you, lover that neither of your mates will deny you any pleasure until then, but the day the Marks appear, we will be here at your side, claiming you in every possible way.  Sookie, we love you so much, min kärlek.  Never doubt.” He watches her eyes, needing her to feel how dedicated, how in love he is with her.

Sookie cups his face and smiles at him, “I never do, Eric.  Never.  Now get back to work, Viking.  Or I will be the one calling Godric on you.” She grins at him at the end, her body actually vibrating with lust for her mate in front of her.

Laughter is heard through the clearing as Eric enjoys his little fairy.  “Yes, min lilla kattunge (my little kitten).  As you say.”  He goes back to worshipping her body, enjoying the feeling of her shuddering in his arms. This is just the start of the night for both of them.  Sookie never allows her mates to not be satisfied.  Though Eric suspects it is to her enjoyment as well since she is always dripping afterwards…

Her head dropping back in pleasure, Sookie moans as she feels him nip with his teeth, not breaking her skin, at her breasts.  She remarks huskily, “You know Eric, I would have guessed within moments that you are a breast man.”

Chuckling, Eric uses his hands to run along her body, flicking open the button holding her shorts on.  His mouth follows the movement, kissing her down to her navel, taking a short detour to her belly button, using his flexible tongue to dip inside as his eyes capture hers.

As she jerks, he grins, then lowers his mouth to the zipper, and pulls it down.  Once he is done, he looks up and his eyes darken. “Lace, my lover?  You know how I love the look of lace on your body.” The only thing better is nothing at all…

Closing her eyes briefly as she tries to right herself from his kisses turning her inside out, she answers breathily, “I know, that is why I buy only lace.  I love to please my mates.”  She smirks as she can feel the lust in Eric shoot up.  Her men really love her in lace.

Growling, Eric raises his body up to kiss her lips, using his long body to good use in removing her shorts.  He sits up on his knees, between her legs, staring at the beauty in front of him.  He is stroking her legs as he answers her, “Oh, Sookie, you please us no matter what.  But, I know I love looking at you like this.”  Then his voice drops and his eyes meet hers as he growls out, “Mine, my lover, my mate.”  He needs to claim her in some way; Bill had made his instincts come out.  While he can’t claim her completely, he needs to hear her.

Looking up into his eyes, Sookie tells him, “Yours. Godric’s.  No one else’s.  No one.” She loves when he is possessive over her, it ignites something primal inside of her, knowing he is claiming her.

With that, Eric smirks and moves so his nose is nudging her damp curls.  “Min Valhalla.”  Then his tongue licks her from end to end.   As he hears his lover gasp, his fingers enter her, reaching for her spot, wanting to taste her.  He loves doing this, even knowing he can go no farther… for now.

Not able to help it, Sookie is writhing under him as his mouth and fingers pleasuring her.  She is gasping for air, as she can feel her orgasm building.  Her lover is skilled in this, but so is Godric.  It always makes her wonder how much better it will be when they finally get to mate.

In no time, Eric smiles as he can feel her almost there, surprising her, he uses his fangs along her lips.  He then stops, and hearing her pleads for him to keep going, he tells her, “Lover, I want to show you that not all that Beehl said was a lie, there is an artery, as you well know, that is very pleasurable…”  With that, his fingers brush along that spot he has memorized, as his fangs sank into her femoral artery.

With both those actions, Sookie can’t hold back the ecstasy that rips through her body. “Eric!”

When she comes back to earth, Eric is holding her, smiling down at her.  Seeing her aware, his lips brush her forehead as he murmurs, “Welcome back, lover.”

Sookie looks back and smirks.  “Your turn now, lover.”

And with that, the two of them forget the rest of the world, as the night surrounds them and the sounds of their lovemaking.

[1] Information from Wikipedia’s True Blood page, paraphrased to fit as I needed.

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  17. kleannhouse

    must be difficult to hold back with her and mating to her…. but as long as they all get a release it will have to do. but i have a bad feeling something shitty is gonna happen. KY

  18. americanandroid01

    Can’t wait for the marks to appear. And I’m excited for Godric to get to Bon Temps!

  19. marilyn859

    O boy I always like me some 3-sum G.s.E

  20. julyhearts

    I really like your writing and stories and I’m happy that I can read them in on go. But when you translate “mate” as Kumpel… It means he’s a “bro, fella, pal”. The meaning of mate for your story is “Gefährte” or “Partner”, as well little in this context means “klein”, “wenig” means somewhat or a bit. And these are german!?
    It’s just a pity for me as a German to read such a good story with those google errors.
    I know that my English is not perfect and hope my comment seems to be hypocritical. It’s really really not meant to be. AND I just found your stories…

    • Kittyinaz

      Thanks for pointing it out. Google translator leaves things out, but once I get back to this story, I plan to try to correct that mistake. I don’t speak German, and the Spanish I know is not fit for normal society. People like you are the bomb for knowing two or more languages!!


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