Chapter 5 All I Wanted, Comes With a Price


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With both those actions, Sookie can’t hold back the ecstasy that rips through her body. “Eric!”

When she comes back to earth, Eric is holding her, smiling down at her. Seeing her aware, his lips brush her forehead as he murmurs, “Welcome back, lover.”

Sookie looks back and smirks. “Your turn now, lover.”

And with that, the two of them forget the rest of the world, as the night surrounds them and the sounds of their lovemaking.



The following morning Sookie wakes to her Gran’s voice, “Good morning Sookie.  Do you want some breakfast?”

Sookie smiles, then replies, “I’ll be right there in a couple minutes, I just need to take a shower.”

Her Gran laughs, then tells her, “Everyone else is here for their update.  Don’t take too long, dear.”

Sookie turns over in their bed and smiles at the sight of her mate asleep beside her. She knows that technically he is dead, but he never looks like it.  No, these sheets don’t leach out any color he has from her blood, not like the black ones he prefers.  Of course the Viking also tries to get red sheets, telling her that color always looks best with her.  It doesn’t help that Godric agrees with him.  The argument that she had won over these sheets is actually marked on her calendar.  It’s not often she wins those types of battles with her mates.

Eric had, as normal, surrounded her with his body.  When Godric and he is around they both surround her, as though they are protecting her even as they sleep.  But at least they have learned to listen to her, normally.  They have stopped the death grips on her.  But this time Eric has her hand in his, so she has to work herself out of his grip. After her exercise for the morning, Sookie leaves a kiss on his lips, enjoying seeing him looking so boyish in his sleep.

Sookie enters their bathroom, showers and doing her business, finally brushing her hair and pulling it up in a pony tail for the day.  She dresses in her bikini and a cover-up, intending to spend some time in the sun, knowing Eric will love the smell on her later.

She exits their suite and makes her way upstairs.  As she ascends the stairs, she can feel the wards as she passes through them, a light caress on her skin.

When she enters the kitchen, she is greeted by the rest of the nest.  She smiles, telling Gran, “Eric is here, but he will probably be using one of the other exits later when the sun sets.” Since the suite was built downstairs, Sookie normally rests there since there are not just wards to keep minds quiet for her, the earth itself lends itself to shielding her mind from the dreams and terrors of others.  The wards don’t always work for family.  She normally lets her Gran know if one of her Mates are sleeping downstairs, in case they come up for any reason.

Gran nods, setting a coffee and orange juice in front of her.  She tells her, “Now, Godric had sent a text to everyone, saying they needed to be here this morning for an update.  What in tarnation is going on, Sookie?” She puts some of the eggs she had made to replace the ones that the boys had inhaled waiting for Sookie to arrive on her granddaughter’s plate.

Sighing, as she loads her plate up with the rest of choices, she tells them, “It has started.  That means no more talking about Eric and Godric unless you are here.  Also, everyone needs to be careful to enter the house by the obvious entrances.”  This is said with a pointed look at Jason.

He is stuffing his face while listening to her, and when she looks at him he stops and says, “What?  It’s easier sometimes to get here by the entrance close to the house.”

Tara slaps him behind the head, as she comments, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.  And Sookie is just telling you none of that now.” She has never quite gotten over her crush on Jason.  She is still holding out hope that he will wise up and choose her.  But one thing at a time.

Lala is leaning against the counter, watching the rest with a cup of coffee in his hand.  He asks Sookie, “Hooka, how are we going to explain all of us being here so much?” Lafayette is wishing he had something stronger in his cup, but he knows that Gran will not stand for it.  So he makes do with what he has.  Plus he is thinking that if Eric is here, he will need to drop a note for him letting him know that the Rattray’s are getting more active lately.  Gran’s voice brings him back to the here and now.

Sitting in her chair again, Gran looks at all of them and replies, “We don’t.  None of this meeting is any different than any other time to someone not part of this nest.  You all have been in and out of this house so much it would actually look odder if you stop coming all the time.  That was the thinking behind all of you being in the house so much, so that when the plan is enacted, no one will comment about our nest.  The only ones that have to be careful now are Godric and Eric.  And goodness knows that the two of them have forgotten more about being careful than we can think of all together.  Niall won’t visit anywhere but the property.  And it is all warded to seem normal.” She nods her head at the end of her instructions.

Nodding in agreement, Sookie tells them, “The only thing that we may need to explain is the wards on the property if Bill asks.  However, Godric says that we can just say that he had a witch come and put them.  He won’t be able to ask more about them without raising some eyebrows in the Supe community. According to Godric it is not an unusual precaution that it will be remarked on.  The ones Bill or another vamp would question are the ones that cover all the other entrances.  But they are covered by so many wards by us to make it where no one should be able to sense them unless they put them up.” She takes another bite of her food, trying to eat while it was hot.

Lala warns them, “But don’t count on that.  That is why none of us should use them; one accident could possibly expose the network.  Even though it would cause a lot of the deadfalls to trigger, we cannot take that chance.” He and Eric had talked about the chances alot during odd times.  He is willing to do alot to protect this nest of theirs.  Everyone of the people here have worked to make his life better and he is very grateful to all of them.

Swallowing, Gran tells Sookie, “That means unless one of them is here, you sleep in your room, young lady.”  She gives her a pointed look.

Sookie agrees reluctantly.  The nest all talks about random stuff, allowing Sookie a chance to eat.  As she fills herself, Sookie thinks of the network of rooms and tunnels that are under the house.  Through Niall and him teaching Sookie her magic and then Lafayette practicing his witchcraft, there is an impressive amount of them.  Godric and Eric had also made use of Niall’s ability to have a portal open in one of the rooms to update the rooms and house with the state of the art surveillance system as well as the alarm system for the house.  In one of the rooms below that is accessible from her room is their panic room, one wall full of monitors for anyone down there to check that they can leave by any entrance.  The wards that they all placed made it where no one was supposed to find the underground nest, but in case it is breached, deadfalls would replace the dirt removed, making it a trap for whomever.  All this was deemed necessary to be able to allow the vampires safe rooms in the nest, and more importantly to Eric and Godric, a way to protect their mate.

Once the food is consumed, dishes are cleaned and put away, the group heads to the living room.  There they sit and listen to Sookie tell them what Godric and Eric had revealed last night and the interaction that some of them missed between Bill and Sookie.

In the midst of Sookie telling them about Eric rescuing her from a laughing fit, the phone rings.  Gran is handed the phone by Jason, while the rest of them quiet.  The matriarch of the Stackhouse answers, and her eyes jerk over to her grandson, as she is answering the person on the phone.

Sookie’s eyes widen as her Gran’s mind is screaming the news to her.  She also looks at Jason in shock, unable to articulate the information.

When Gran hangs up, she directly asks Jason, “Where were you last night, Jason?”

He is looking confused as he answers her, “At Merlott’s.  Then after Sookie left, I went home.”

Sookie asks him, “No stops?”

Frowning as the hamsters go faster in his head, Jason tells her, “None.  You know that Eric told us what to do if a strange vamp came to Bon Temp.  I made sure to go home, in case you needed me.  What’s going on Sook?”  He is getting worried with the questioning his Gran and sister are giving him.

Exchanging glances with Sookie, Gran tells him, “Do you know Maudette Pickens?  As in biblical knowledge, Jason?”  She does not act embarrased as she may have in the past, being around Eric has enured her to much.

Jason reddens, answering her, “I did a year ago, but you know I don’t like to talk about that time.  Eric told me that if it was done for, that y’all would forget it if I behaved.  I did as he said, Gran.  No more tomfoolery around.  I am done with that after the debacle with Maudette and Eric having to rescue me.”

Hesitating, but seeing her brother’s sincerity, Sookie tells him and the rest, “Maudette was murdered last night.  They are blaming you, saying that there is a sex tape of the two of you from last night.  Jason, you did as Eric said and locked the doors, so you would know if someone had tried anything?”

Jason stands up, angry, but tells his sister, “Sook, you know I would never do anything that could get you hurt.  Eric and Godric has told us all if we didn’t follow our parts.  Plus, please look, you know what it looks like if I was glamoured.” It has been a long road for them both, but Jason now trusts his sister enough to invite her to look.  He has also learned to be polite.  Even if he somehow survived the people in this room hauling his ass out and handing it to him, Eric has made it plain that he will be bed ridden if he ever did it agian.

Sookie, with his permission granted, takes Jason’s hand in hers as she looks through his head.  After a couple of minutes, she tells them all, “He is clear.  No glamouring other than the suggestions he asked Godric and Eric to put in there.”

They all nod, relaxing.  The glamours that Jason has are the same as the rest of them.  It had been decided unanimously that they all wanted some help in making sure they won’t mention anything.  The only one exempt was Sookie and that was only because of her inability to be glamoured.

Hoyt asks, “What are we going to do?  Jason is being set up, and I am not sure how we can prove this.  Everyone knows Maudette records her…uh sessions.” He reddens, glad that Eric is not here to pick on him.

Tara tells them, “We will just need to let Godric and Eric know, and deal with it until we can figure out what is going on.  And Jason, try not to be alone.”  This is simple to her.  Eric and Godric do much to help them and she trusts them completely.  They will not fail, this is Jason and they had invested much to bring him into the nest for Sookie.

Hoyt quickly offers, “I will stay with Jason until otherwise.  Mama is getting verbal again.”

The rest of them grimace, knowing Maxine Fortenberry did not like her son being too independent of her.  And since he has been included in the nest, he doesn’t take much from her.  For all intents and purposes he has basically moved in with Jason.  So this will raise no attention for him being there.  It honestly will give the woman an outlet to complain about him instead of making something up.

Jason glances at the clock and tells them, “Hoyt, Lafayette and I need to be leaving for work.  Let us know if we need to come back afterwards.”

Gran is sitting there, trying to think of the possibilities.  She tells them, “Make sure one of you calls us if anything happens.  No one is to be alone if possible.  And remember Jason, this is nothing you need to be telling Rene about.  Eric has not given permission for him to be part of our nest.”  She levels her look at him, waiting for his answer.

Jason nods, telling her, “Eric and I talked.  I asked him to glamour me to make sure I don’t be talking to him about our family.”

This said, those that need to be at work leave, with Sookie and Tara heading outside to tan.  The two best friends talk about Tara being hired by Sam last night and anything else that comes to mind.

Gran brings them tea, reminding both of them to stay hydrated.  The three ladies ended up chatting about a book they had read, the Twilight sensation that had made Eric grump about sparkly vampires.  Tara and Gran are both entertained by anything that they can use against the cocky vampire.

Wiping sweat from his brow, Hoyt is watching as Bud Dearborn and Andy Beffluer drive up.  Rene looks over and asks, “What they be here for?”

Shrugging, Hoyt keeps an eye on them in case he will need to let the rest of the family know.  Hoyt is thrilled to be counted as one of them, even though they called it a nest.  But he has always thought of Sookie as a little sister.  He grew up with her for God’s sake!!

He never listened when Jason had first called his sister names and spewed the nasty shit that his mama had told him about his sister.  Michelle Stackhouse had kept her son away from her daughter, telling him she wasn’t right in the head.  Secretly, Hoyt was happy that Sookie’s mama had died when she was so young, and even better that Eric and Godric found her early and moved her into her Gran’s house.  He loves how strong she is, and often tells her how proud he is of her.

He is also one of the few that really know why Eric and Godric had shown up when she was five.  Everyone knows that they are mates in the family, but few knew that they had shown up because of her uncle.  In those early years, Sookie had needed constant approval because of that incident and her mama.  Hoyt is quiet, but he watches.  He had, at a very young age, approached Godric and told him that Sookie was still hiding during the day in corners.  This was when her parents were still alive, and they would come over for Sunday dinner.  Her mother and Jason would think nasty thoughts how it was Sookie’s lies that made Uncle Bartlett not be allowed to the dinners.

Godric had been shocked, then thanked him.  Hoyt then asked if Bartlett was a funny uncle.  That conversation had been one for the books, Hoyt being shy, Godric not understanding, and having to have the shy boy in front of him explain what a funny uncle was.

It had made Hoyt angry to find out the girl he saw as a sister had been treated that way, and his reaction had sealed his introduction to the nest.  He was actually trusted more and before Jason was.  It had been his input that had allowed Eric, Adele and Godric to lead Jason to thinking positively about his sister.  Jason now was as protective over her as anyone else.  It had taken awhile, but the last part of Jason psyche being changed was his manwhoring.  Now Jason still fooled around, but it was as normal as a man would be.  Actual dating and staying with the same woman for months.  Dawn is his girl right now, and that has lasted six months so far.

So it is with trepidation that he watched Bud and Andy question Jason about Maudette’s murder.  After awhile, he sees Jason’s shoulders slump and then turn to make his way to them.

Jason stops in front of him, telling him, “Hoyt, take over please.  I need to answer some more questions at the station.” His eyes telling Hoyt that he is scared.

Hoyt nods, saying, “Of course, Jason.”  He also knew as soon as he could, he will be sending some texts out so that everyone is aware of what is going on.  He is sure that Eric or Godric can figure this out, neither have ever let him down before.

Hoyt goes back to work, after meeting Lafayette’s eyes and them sharing a look.  They hope that the glamours hold, since Andy hates Jason.

Eric rises earlier than younger vampires, though not as early as Godric.  He uses the time to take care of his businesses and to check on the investments he has made for his mates.  Godric also has investments for the three of them, but his are public.  These are actually backup funds in case everything goes south.

Pam took over her own investments about 50 years ago, and seems to enjoy it.  He has encouraged her and given her advice if she asks, but due to her independent nature, he doesn’t let her know there are backups in place for her.  Of course, knowing Pam as he does, she probably has her backup plans for him and his mates.  It is just a sign of how close their nest is.

This evening, however, he awakes with the scent of his mate in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, she must have already taken a shower earlier in the day, since he can hear her humming to herself as she readies herself for working in the shifter’s bar.

Eric vamps himself to behind her, his arms wrapping around her as he softly greets her, “Evening, Lover.”

Sookie smiles at him in the mirror as her hand cups his face.  “Evening, Eric.”

He takes a deep breath and purrs, smelling the sun on her skin.  He nuzzles himself on her, laughing when she tells him, “Eric!  I am trying to get ready.  How are we going to explain your scent on me?”

Smiling wickedly, Eric tells her, “Tell Compton if he asks that I punished you for our Master, since you ignored his call last night.  Some places would term what we did as punishment.”

Her eyes snapping with mirth, Sookie tells him, “Normally punishment would be what you received, not what you did to me!!”

Laughing at her, Eric comments loftily, “I can endure anything you want to do to me in punishment.  I would revel in the torment of being your lover, even if it would lead me until my final death.”

The two grin, taking this moment for themselves.  Eric has not forgotten Compton, nor has Sookie.  Sookie has also not forgotten her brother.  But this time together would not harm anyone, nor would her brother be upset with either of them.  Eric does not let humans know he rises early outside of his nest.  Not even his day man knows.  All of Eric’s emails to him are delayed to arrive at different times of the night to keep up the pretense.  So there is nothing Eric could really do to help Jason anyways.

Sookie puts on the last of the makeup as Eric watches her.  He comments, “I cannot wait for this to be over and you don’t work for Sam anymore.  You deserve nothing more than the best that either of us can give to you.”

Smiling at him, she answers him, “Now Eric, you know that to the outside world I am just a country bumpkin bar maid.  For this to work, I can’t seem like I know anything on how the supernatural world works or my position in it.  However, I agree.  I can’t wait for this to be over.  You know how hard it was to let Bill talk to me like he did?” Her temper flares as she remembers how he talked down to her as though she is an idiot.

Eric kisses her temple, reassuring her, “I know, lover.  The Marks are a little bit darker, so we need to try to hurry this up.  Neither Godric nor I will wait once they are complete.  So patience min lilla.  It won’t be long.”

Taking a deep breath, Sookie nods.  She then tells him, “We have another problem.  Jason is being questioned on the murder of Maudette Pickens.  She was killed last night and they found a tape showing he was with her last night.  Jason swears he wasn’t and he hasn’t been glamoured by anyone except you and Godric.”

Eric frowns, his mind turning this information in his head.  He gently tugs her in the direction of their room, and the two of them move.  He gives her a kiss as he moves behind his desk, and seats himself.  In a move that is long practiced, Sookie sits in his lap as he turns on his laptop.

Entering the passwords to get in, Eric is soon hacking into the Bon Temp Sherriff’s office looking for what they have on the murder.  Reading over the evidence, Eric tells her, “All they have is the tape; it is of the night that I ended up having to step in.  He had choked her that night, but she had revived and was fine.  I didn’t know to look for a tape or I would have removed it.”  He is mad at himself for not checking.  It is sloppy, and being sloppy may end up in his mates being hurt.

Shuddering from the memory, Sookie tells him, “Hoyt told us this morning that she normally tapes all her encounters.  You know I hate being in her mind, so I never knew that.  So you are saying the tape they have is of a prior time?”

Nodding, Eric is still going over the information, then growls. “They are so slow here.  They have not completed the autopsy.  Sometime tonight, I will send someone to look over her remains and see if they can get any clues.  I will have your brother free before the night is over.” He kisses her temple as his fingers fly over the keyboard, sending instructions out to be delivered later in the evening.

Sookie just nods her head.  She asked him, “And tonight?  You need me to do anything?”

Eric leans back in the chair, looking at her.  He asks her, “Do you feel confident enough for me to order him to bring you when he reports to me tonight?  It will give you a chance to vent over how much you hate me.”

She grins, “I would love to have a chance to vent my frustrations over your high handeness.  So order away, I get off tonight around 11.  In fact, I need to leave soon to get to work.”

Eric grins, telling her, “Have fun.  I look forward to seeing you tonight, lover.  Maybe you can do something else to be punished for?”  He leers at her.

Laughing as she got up to grab her keys, “I don’t know.  I should behave for my Master.”

Eric folds his arms behind his head, watching as she gathers her things around their room.  His eyes are roving the perfect shape of her body, giving thanks to his Gods for giving him a woman so perfectly suited to him.  She is also perfect for his Master, but then the three of them fit together in a way that is unexplainable.

When she is ready to leave, he moves to her side quickly.  He holds her as he reminds her, “Be careful.  I will be monitoring our bond closely tonight.” ‘As if I do anything but monitor the Bond as close as I can normally.’ Eric thinks.

Sookie looks up into his eyes, and tells him, “I will.  Be careful yourself in exiting from here.”

He grins cockily at her, “Always am.”

Sookie laughs, and she makes her way out of their suite.  Eric watches her climb out of the lair, unable to shake an uneasy feeling he has.  Once she leaves, his face drops into his mask, and he vamps back to the computer, making plans and to find out who has tried to implicate one of his nest mates.  He is quickly gathering information, copying Godric so he is aware of what is going on.


Sookie tells her Gran night, letting her know the plans.  She plans on coming back to the house to change before heading to Fangtasia.  Hopefully Sam will not keep her too late, and luckily she doesn’t have to work until the following evening.

As Sookie climbs into her vehicle, she fondly smiles.  The Black SSR was a compromise between the three of them.  Godric and Eric had wanted to get her a Guardian.  She had put her foot down mentioning that the car would not be able to handle the roads of Bon Temp and would stick out like a sore thumb.  She had wanted a nondescript car, an used Honda Hatchback or something similar.  The discussion had ended up engulfing the whole nest  as everyone tried to convince the three what type of vehicle to get.  It had been Jason who had been watching the Indy 500 as the good natured bantering on her vehicle was going on.  He interrupted them, saying “I know.  Sookie should have one of those.”

Sookie looked at her brother in horror then tells him, “Jason, if I wasn’t going to drive a Corvette or any other sports car, why would you think I would drive one those vehicles?  That is just asking for a ticket!”

Hoyt had started to laugh, telling her, “He isn’t talking about the race cars, he is probably talking about the pace car.  They usually have some nice vehicles for them.”

The rest of the nest looked at the TV as they waited to see what Jason had been pointing at.  Then the Pace Car had another close up and Sookie fell into love.

Eric and Godric grin at each other, knowing that this was the vehicle.  They would order it, and make sure it was bulletproof and other safety features, but their mate would be happy as long as she can have that vehicle.  They also admitted it was practical, with the roads of Bon Temp but would like nice for the times she had to show up in Shreveport.  And being new, it shouldn’t break down on her trips in between.

Sookie had been excited about the vehicle when they gave it to her.  To this day she still loves the vehicle, with Pam teasing her that she would be like Eric and just buy newer versions when they came out.  She didn’t care, the only thing that was negative on the vehicle was that it, like Eric’s Corvette, was only a two seater.

Breaking out of her memory, Sookie quickly parks her SSR and gets out, smiling as she heads into work.  She is looking forward to Tara’s first official day at work.


Godric had risen earlier, and is currently waiting for the jet to land.  The jet had been one of three that Eric and Godric had purchased.  They rent out the jets normally, leaving one where they could be reached in flight by whoever was with Sookie at the time.  The income they had accrued from renting out the jets had been enough to pay for the jets and their upkeep within a couple of months.  They will never equal Anubis, but the security of their own jets meant that they didn’t have to worry.  Plus it is a stipulation that at any time, the planes can be rerouted to owner’s preference.  Most Vampires, knowing Eric and Godric, didn’t worry about it.  Those two wouldn’t do that unless absolutely necessary and most cannot see a reason they would.

This particular jet, the newest of the bunch, is usually kept in Dallas, only allowing in state traveling for other vampires.  This one had been specially altered, so that it can accommodate their mate if need be.  It is possible to make international trips, so in case all their plans fell through and the three of them need to leave, this plane can do it, and even be able to take their nest with them.

Also, this plane is used when Godric wanted to be officially known to be visiting Eric and Sookie.  He tried to leave the night before and just stay on the landing strip at their personal hanger, however the information coming in on Bill Compton made that impratical.  He had worked in his home office late gathering the information since he could stay awake longer and be more active. He had left as soon as possible and right now was waiting for the jet to finish taxing to the hanger as mused over his findings from the previous night.

The picture he has come up with has made him more upset.  It seems the maker of Bill’s maker, Lorenna, is no other than Russell Edgington. And that is one vampire they are trying to fly under the radar of.  Sookie and what she is would interest the 3,000 year old vampire. Very much so…

Godric had also felt his mates’ amorous feelings and had grinned; knowing that the following night would find him in their arms.

Right now, Godric feels his child being irritated, but before he can call, his email signals.  He reads the incoming emails and snarls.  This is not something that needs to be happening right now.  They didn’t need any distractions, and having one of their nest being blamed for a murder at this time is very unfortunate.

Then Godric sits up straight.  It does seem that it was a diversion tactic that he would do to distract someone.  He immediately called Eric.

Eric answers his phone, “Northman.”

Godric quickly tells him, “Eric, I want all the information you have on this case against Jason.  Then I want you to go to Merlotte’s and get Sookie.  I am on my way since the sun is setting right now.  I think that someone is framing Jason to pull our attention from Sookie.  They must know that we would pay attention to this since it is her brother and they are close.”

Eric snarls as what Godric is telling him sinks in.  “I just sent Bill a message through Sookie to have him bring her to Fangtasia.  She is planning to come home first.”

Godric weighs this in his mind.  He thinks Russell may be behind the plans, but Sookie should be safe until she gets home.  “I will make my way there as a surprise.  Whatever plan you had for her to do tonight will be delayed.”

Eric is still seething, as he can feel his maker doing the same.  He replies, “I have to be at Fangtasia, I cannot be seen this close to her home.”

Thinking, Godric tells him, “What time should she be coming home?”

Eric is dressing in his usual attire, “She said eleven.”

With Godric agreeing to be there, they make plans to have Sookie be with them while they look for the culprit behind the murder.  Eric is going to send Sam a text letting him know to not let Sookie be alone.  He also sends another text to Sookie so that she is careful with Compton.

Final count, 5,476 words.

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      Thanks for the in depth review!! I love these and they make my day!!

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