Chapter 6 What I Didn’t Deserve


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Godric weighs this in his mind.  He thinks Russell may behind the plans, but Sookie should be safe until she gets home.  He told Eric, “I will make my way there.  I will be there as a surprise.  Whatever plan you had for her to do tonight will be delayed.”

Eric is still seething, as he can feel his maker doing the same.  He replies, “I have to be at Fangtasia, I cannot be seen this close to her home.”

Thinking, Godric tells him, “What time should she be coming home?”

Eric is dressing in his usual attire, “She said eleven.”

With Godric agreeing to be there, they make plans to have Sookie be with them while they look for the culprit behind the murder.  Eric is going to send Sam a text letting him know to not let Sookie be alone.



Sookie is waiting tables and hops over to the bar to drop off some drink orders.  She gets a text and checks it while waiting. If Bill comes in, have him follow you home and then bring you here.  Will send him confirmation text.  See you soon-E

Sighing, Sookie grabs the drinks and thanks Tara for them as she goes to drop them off.  She didn’t mind the plan earlier tonight, but it seems as though everyone is broadcasting tonight and her shields are taking a beating.  Plus a lot of the crowd is here hoping to see the new vampire that came in yesterday.  Now with Eric’s text, Bill will be here.

Smiling at her customers, she passes by one of her tables as a teenager is moping in the corner, telling himself that as soon as he could, he should leave this town.  Sookie is tempted to answer him, but remembers at the last second that they are trying to not make it obvious about her telepathy.  Though she morosely thinks that since the cat is out of the bag anyways, why does it matter?

And with that thought, Sookie wishes Godric was here.  She has noticed that if he stays away too long, it seems both Eric and she gets more irritable quickly.  Of course this makes her wonder what will happen once they are mated, how are they going to be separated?

Shaking her head at her thoughts, Sookie tells herself it doesn’t matter.  That is what this plan is about.  If they don’t get to stay here in Louisiana, then Godric will finally accept the throne for Texas.  The Council has been asking to do so for years, and they had discussed taking both Texas and Louisiana and ruling them both.  Since for all intents and purposes, Godric is already doing the work of a King.  It will also put them in a stronger position to battle everything coming up.

Her thinking is interrupted by a void entering Merlotte’s.  Bill has arrived.  She turns and makes her way to him, knowing that he is there because of Eric’s text, all the while mentally preparing herself to act like a bimbo.  The next time they need someone to act, she is voting for either Eric or Pam to be the ones. ‘Oh, Pam acting like she is nice and loving.  That will be a stretch for her!’

While making her way to him, she can hear the town’s comments that they are making in the privacy of their minds.  Most of them can’t believe that with the two vampires that they actually trust and like, Sookie is looking like she prefers this other vampire.  Many of them are thinking of the times Eric has shown up to make sure she is ok, to make sure she got home and anything else.

Or the times that Godric has shown up and she had thrown herself at her future Maker.  It is quite shocking for her to hear that the town actually thinks that she is with the two.  And the thing that shocks her the most is that no one is judging her on that.  No, they were judging her because they think she is going to cheat on them with Bill!

As much as Sookie would love to tell them the truth, she has to live with their judgment for now.   But how she wishes she can tell them that she really is with Godric and Eric and she would never cheat on either of her mates with this…thing.

Before she gets too mad, she reaches him and he gallantly pulls out a chair for her to sit in.  He tells her, “Good evening, Miss Stackhouse.” Sookie wonders, ‘Gods, his southern accent is so annoying.  I wonder if it is real?’

As he watches her sit down, Bill runs over his plan in his mind.  Tonight, if everything goes well, he may be able to get some of his blood in her; the alternative would be that she would have died.  He is only honoring Godric in making sure his future child lives by giving her his blood, right?  No blame to him, and he would get the foothold to make her fall in love with him. ‘And Eric cannot do a single thing to me.  Competition?  There will be none with how he treats her and with my blood in her; I will make sure she is mine.’

With this in mind, Bill holds his hand out to her, and waits with patience for her to place hers in his hand.  He is quite looking forward to getting one over Eric, especially with the text he had received from the Sheriff. Imagine him being ordered to bring himself and Sookie to Eric like he is just a flunky??

Sookie on the other hand gathers her distaste of touching another vampire that is not her mates or part of her nest and works to put it aside.  As soon as she can handle it, she puts her hand in his.  She closes her eyes, trying not to show her confusion as fury rises between her two mates.  She is unsure of what has made them both so angry, but for now, she will follow the plan unless she hears something else.

She opens her eyes, as though she had enjoyed the quiet from his mind, but in reality, she is still wide open to the nest.  She needs their support and the ties to them are usually cut off by her shields, but for this, they are wide open.

Sookie replies back to Bill, “Good Evening, Bill.  Is there something I can get for you, or are you here in regards to Eric’s text?” She is smiling, trying to ignore the other people in the bar,  why are they so loud?

Bill regards her and blurts out, “What are you?”

Looking at him quizzically, Sookie answers, “I told you, I’m a waitress.”  What type of question is this, and why does he keep asking her this?  What all did Hadley tell them?

Shaking his head, he tells her, “No, you’re something more than that.  You’re something more than human.”  He wants her to admit it.  But he wonders at the same time if Godric or Eric have never told her.  Then he wonders if Godric allows his child to taste her…

Chuckling to herself in apparent disbelief, Sookie asks, “I beg your pardon?”  She puts just enough to be convincing of being affronted while at the same being disbelieving of her being anything but what she has told him.  ‘Eric better reward me for this.’

Changing tactics to try to keep her unbalanced, Bill states, “Sookeh.”

Right then and there he gains Sookie’s distaste for her name being uttered from him.  “There is no ‘h’ at the end of my name!’ She thinks in fury.

Unknowing of the blunder he just made, Bill continues, “It’s an unusual name.  Sookie, is it short for something else?”

Now you can say it right, you hick.’ Sookie just smiles, answering him, “Nope, just plain Sookie.”  She is hoping he hears the subtle inflection on how to pronounce her name correctly. She knows he can say it since he just did.  But really, Sookeh???

At the same time she can hear Sam and Tara laughing in the heads.  They all know how she must dislike his pronouncement of her name from her reply.  Hoyt is just thinking, ‘Stupid vamp.  Her name is so easy, how can he mess it up like that?’

Bill again continues, while Sookie is trying to reign in her laughter as he asks her, “May I call on you sometime?”

Seriously??’ Comes the thought from everyone.  Sookie is the one to verbalize, in a more polite manner but not being able to hide the laughter in her voice, “Call on me?”  Sookie cannot wait to tell Eric about this.  Godric may even get a laugh from this too.

Thinking how much of a simpleton she must be as he tries to think of what might be the lingo for now… “Um…May I come and visit you at your home?”

Thinking quick, knowing that this is almost a violation against tradition, Sookie tells him, “Sure, I will need permission from Godric first, and I am sure my grandmother would love you to come and meet her.”

Bill is looking at her, a little upset that she remembered that Godric would have to approve the visit.  Before he can think on it anymore, Sookie looks up and asks, “Oh, that reminds me, can you meet me here after work?  It would be easier for you to follow me from here.  Plus Godric has wards on the property and if you didn’t come with me, you would have to wait on Hummingbird Lane.”  She gives him a look.

A light comes into his eyes, as Bill tells her condescendingly, “Of course, after all I am in your debt.”

Sookie just stares at him in slight shock.  ‘How stupid does he think I am?’  She answers him. “No, nothing like that.  I just wanted it to be easier for you.  If it is too much of a hassle, then I will meet you on the road and we can leave from there.”

Bill’s eyes widen fractionally as he hurries to correct her, “No, that would be fine.  I wouldn’t want Eric to have any other reason to harp on me if any harm came to you because I wasn’t here.”  She needs to be waiting.  If she left straight from here there is too much chance that someone would walk her to her car.

Fighting a smirk, Sookie then tells him, “I get off at eleven.  Could you be here at that time?”

A slight smile is showing on Bill’s face as he answers her, “I’ll be delighted.”

Then he leans forward, asking, “Do you realize that every person in this establishment is staring at us right now?”

Only now he notices this?  They have been staring since he walked in!’  Sookie gives a glance around then tells him, “Oh, they are just staring at me because my brother is in some sort of trouble with the police.”

Then a thought crosses her mind, and she asks Bill, “Bill, did you know Maudette Pickens?”

With a side glance, Bill tells her, “I did not.”  He tries to regain the conversation by pointing out, “You know they are staring at us because I’m a vampire and you…are mortal. ‘No you dimwit, they are staring because they don’t like you.  Eric and Godric talks to them all, the town feels easy with them taking such good care of my Gran and I along with the rest of our family.  It’s that whatever you are doing making them not like you.  In fact, Eric maybe hearing about this sooner than we think since a lot of the people have Eric’s number for his office and he always answers.’  Sookie is getting a little tired of the conversation and blurts out, “Oh who cares what they are thinking?”

Taken aback from her statement, Bill tells her, “Well, I am going to make this town my home, so…I do.  I will see you at eleven.” With that he gets up and leaves.

Sam comes around the corner of the bar and grabs her arms, yelling at her as he drags her though to his office.  Once he has her in the office, Sookie sinks to the ground laughing. She manages to get out, “Sookeh, may I call on you sometime?”  and a couple more laughs as she stares up at Sam. “What the hell does he think I am?”

Before he can say anything, Tara comes in screaming at Sookie, then slams the door close as she falls on the floor laughing with Sookie.

San sits back in his chair, watching the two girls in front of him.  Eric had paid for his office to be soundproofed; anticipating times that any of the group may need it as a venting place.  Sam is happy about it since no one ever watches what they say here and he is included in that.  They have also used his office for other times for planning.  And there have been times that they have used his abilities for themselves as the rest have used each other.

Sam has never been inclined to being part of a pack —or nest in this case— but this nest of vampires that includes in their ranks a witch/medium, a telepathic fairy, a full blooded fairy, humans and now him, is unusual at its best description. However, everyone is loved and protected.  And even though Sam is not a nest member completely, he is close to being one.  All it would take is him letting Godric giving him a couple of drops of blood to tie him into the nest.  Sam just has to give up the last of the ingrained hatred for vampires to do this.  He is pretty sure that with the plan starting, he will do so, wanting to help out as much as possible.

Tara and Sookie are using each other as leverage to stay somewhat vertical.  Sam is chuckling, “Cher, I hate to say this, but you need to get ready for an ass chewing.   We have to make our exits so that if that vamp is still around, he will think you are driving your friends away.”

The two women look at each other and laugh even harder.  But soon they are getting up so that they can get this enacted.  Tara looks at Sookie and tells her, “Well, bitch, at least the laughing makes it look like you were crying.”

Sookie shakes her head and looks at Sam. “Let’s get this over with.  I am not really looking forward to the drive to Shreveport with Beehl.”  This comment sets of the two of them off again, Sam joining in this time.

When the trio finally calms down, Sookie takes a minute to calm completely down, knowing that she can’t give anything away.  When she does, all those years she has spent hiding what people are saying to her come to her call and she nods.  Sam and Tara yell at her (for laughing)  and Sookie starts telling them she is the one who runs her life and they just had better get used to it.  The last is being yelled over her shoulder as she exits the room.

Sam holds Tara back from going out there, to give a better impression that the three are arguing.  He sends a text to Eric to let him know what is going on.  Saying a prayer that Sookie will be safe for the trip to Fangtasia.   Maybe he should shift and run with them…just to make sure nothing happens to Sook.

Later that night, Sookie is walking out the back door, looking for Bill.  She feels a void, but she is unsure if it is one of Eric’s guards or Bill himself.  She knows that it is not one of her mates since the bond is not signaling this.

Sighing, Sookie decides to wait a couple of minutes.  If ‘Beehl’ doesn’t show, then she will head to her house without him.  She is actually excited to be going to Fangtasia.  Eric and Pam always make it fun, with their comments about the different fangbangers.  They often play a game of guessing what the fangbanger or tourist is thinking, using their cell phones.

Looking at her phone and seeing that it is almost 11:30, Sookie heads towards her vehicle.  She hits the remote start on it to give her lighting, and just enjoys listening to the bird songs and the melody from the crickets and frogs.  She has learned to enjoy the night.  There is just as much beauty in the night as the day; you just have to open your eyes to it.  And Sookie admits at the beginning, she had for so long willfully not tried to learn the beauty of the night.  But the prospect of her mates ending themselves if she dies is not one she wishes to entertain.  Turning means the two will continue on with her.

Lost in her thinking, Sookie doesn’t catch the malicious thoughts from the Rattray’s before Mack slams into her, knocking her to the ground. But after that she can hear all the nasty thoughts they have as they proceed to kick her.  Her mind screams out in terror, ‘Godric, Eric!!!!!’ as she tries to curl up instinctively trying to protect her body.

Godric is ansty because Sookie is running late, he had wanted to surprise his Liebling (Beloved). But the lateness of the hour has him exiting the Stackhouse home, looking towards Merlotte’s.  It would only take seconds to be there, and as Godric is about to decide to go meet her, he feels her terror and pain blossom through the Bond.  He is moving before he realizes it, his whole demeanor one that would frighten anyone.  His lilla kompis is being attacked!

At the same time in Fangtasia, Eric roars and is out the door, Pam following quickly.  They both head towards Merlotte’s, Eric hating himself.  How could he so misjudged Compton?  Never again.

The Rattray’s are still kicking the shit out of Sookie, but jump back when a roar from above scares them.  Godric lands, crouching above his mate, snarling.  The genteel façade is gone, leaving the 2,000-year-old ancient vampire that is defending his mate, his child, from harm.

Before anything else can register, the back door slams open with Sam and the rest of the nest showing up, and last but definitely not least is Eric landing, fangs out.  He snarls, then blurs, grabbing Compton and bringing him to Godric.  Sam and Hoyt have the Rattrays.  In the sudden silence, Sookie’s whimpers and cries of pain can be heard clearly.

Godric is trying to pull himself together, but the sounds of pain from his mate were driving his emotions right now.  All he can do is snarl at the ones who have hurt her, her pain and his rage spiraling inside to make a dangerous combination.  Unknown to him, he is grabbing at the Mark that is slowly emerging.

Eric forces Compton to kneel before Godric, then looks at his mates, he can smell the blood from Sookie’s wounds and can’t help the snarl from coming out.  He takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself, trying to block both Sookie’s pain and Godric’s rage.  He pulls his cell phone out, makes a call. When the call is connected, he tells the other end, “Bring the van to Merlotte’s.  Bring silver.  There are going to be one Vampire and two drainers to collect.  Hurry.”

Hanging up the phone, Eric can feel his child racing to get here.  He honestly has no recall of the flight here or how he got here so fast. He just felt Sookie’s pain and then when he felt Godric’s feelings on top of that, he needed to be here.

Sookie whimpers again, and Eric roughly shoves Compton to Sam, telling him, “Hold him for a few seconds, when Pam gets here, have her hold him.”  Then Eric walks over and drops down beside his mates.  He softly tells them, “Sookie, min kärlek. Vi är här och tar hand om dig. Håll bara på och Godric kommer att ge dig en del av sitt blod för att hjälpa till med smärtan. När vi kan få dig till en säker plats vi kommer båda att bota dig.” (Sookie, my love.  We are here and will take care of you.  Just hold on and Godric will give you some of his blood to help with the pain.  Once we can get you to a safe place we will both heal you.)  Eric softly runs his hands through her hair, trying to relieve her pain somewhat.

Then he looks at his maker, “Godric, vänligen lyssna. Du måste ge vår lilla kompis lite blod. Vi kommer att se de som ansvarar för hennes smärta läggs åt sidan för vår revansch så fort hon är läkt. Koncentrera dig på henne, du vet att du behöver för att läka henne, måste du att känna på samma sätt som jag gör. Slappna av och ta hand om våra partner för oss. Jag kommer att ta hand om allt annat.” (Godric, please listen.  You need to give our little mate some blood.  We will make sure the ones responsible for her pain are put aside for our revenge as soon as she is healed.  Concentrate on her, you know you need to heal her, you have to be feeling the same as I do.  Relax and take care of our mate for us.  I will take care of everything else.)

All this time, he is sending both his mates, love and trying to sooth Sookie as much as he can.  They cannot risk giving her enough blood right now to heal her, it would weaken Godric to give her that much.  Eric will need to give, in fact his instincts are demanding it.  But that would give too much away at this time.  However, Godric giving his blood to his Potential Child; no one will suspect a thing.

Godric is choking down his rage, knowing that Sookie needs him to be in charge.  He takes Sookie from Eric. He looks up at Eric, growling out, “Compton?”  All the while, he has taken over soothing Sookie from Eric, leaving his other Mate to be the one handling this.

Eric nods to where Pam is holding him.  She had shown up as he crouched down to help his mates.  “Pam will make sure he will be ready and waiting for us.”

Godric’s hands have been touching Sookie lightly, and once he is sure that Eric will guard them, he drops down beside her, biting into his wrist and putting it to his Mate’s mouth. “Sookie, dryck. Vänligen dricker min kärlek.” (Sookie, drink.  Please drink my love.) He massages her throat and both Eric and he relax as they can feel her healing.

Eric tells him, “Inte hela henne helt; jag hjälper när vi är säkra. Vi behöver inte någon av försvagades från att ge henne för mycket.” (Don’t heal her completely; I will help once we are secure.  We don’t need either of us weakened from giving her too much.) Once he gets approval from Godric, he raises to his full height, making sure his Mates are behind him.

Pam snarls as she holds Compton, asking Eric, “What are we going to do with them?” She needs to avenge her sister’s pain.  At this time, all vampire’s fangs are dropped from their anger.

Eric’s lips lift in an evil smile as he tells her, “He was supposed to meet me at Fangtasia tonight.  I wouldn’t want to make him late for his meeting.”

Everyone else is aware of the basement at Fangtasia and grins.  Sam asks, “Can we help?”

Eric looks over at them then back to his maker who is still trying to give their mate blood enough to allow them to move her. “You will have to wait; I think there is at least one person who should have her turn.  But after I and Godric had our fun, you can join.  I can’t promise what will be left of the drainers, but there will be enough of Compton.”

They all grin.

Eric looks at Sam and Pam and they both nod.  Eric turns so he could see his mates, while keeping an eye on the rest of them. He asks Sookie, “Min kärlek, känsla du någon bättre?” (My love, you feeling any better?)

Sookie coughs, then takes a breath. She tells him horsely, “Tur att du lärde mig detta språk. Det verkar som helst är jag illa dåligt eller om du är arg du talar bara detta språk för oss båda.” (Good thing you taught me this language.  It seems anytime I am hurt badly or you are angry you speak only this language to both of us.)

Godric laughs.  “You must be feeling better lilla kompis.  You are teasing Eric.  Just hold on, we are waiting on the van then we will take you to Fangtasia and heal you.  For now, don’t talk.” He needs to remember to tell Eric he needs to be careful even when he speaks to Sookie in this language.  It would not take much for others to learn the language.

Eric relaxes slightly.  Sookie will be ok.  Then his face hardens as he stares at the ones who hurt his mate.  The time for answers and revenge will be soon.

Final count, 4,493 words.

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