Chapter 7 Every Tear a Waterfall


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Eric looks at Sam and Pam and they both nod. Eric turns so he could see his mates, while keeping an eye on the rest of them. He asks Sookie, “Min kärlek, känsla du någon bättre?” (My love, you feeling any better?)

Sookie coughs, then takes a breath. She tells him horsely, “Tur att du lärde mig detta språk. Det verkar som helst är jag illa dåligt eller om du är arg du talar bara detta språk för oss båda.” (Good thing you taught me this language. It seems anytime I am hurt badly or you are angry you speak only this language to both of us.)

Godric laughs. “You must be feeling better lilla kompis. You are teasing Eric. Just hold on, we are waiting on the van then we will take you to Fangtasia and heal you. For now, don’t talk.” He needs to remember to tell Eric he needs to be careful even when he speaks to Sookie in this language. It would not take much for others to learn the language.

Eric relaxes slightly. Sookie will be ok. Then his face hardens as he stares at the ones who hurt his mate. The time for answers and revenge will be soon.


Eric and Godric lead the group as they make their way into the back entrance to Fangtasia.  Godric is carrying Sookie, floating off the ground just to make sure she is not jarred.  She still has broken bones but the internal bleeding has stopped, as far as they can determine.  Once Eric and Godric have her in the safe room down below the bar, they will finish healing her.  The rest of the nest plus Sam follow Chow and Pam as they bring in Bill and the Rattrays.

Eric tells Pam over his shoulder, “Put them downstairs.  And put Bill in the unpadded silver chains.  I want him in pain as long as Sookie is and has been.”

Pam growls at the reminder of how this vampire hurt her mistress and pulls him with her downstairs.

Eric and Godric wait impatiently for the group to make their way downstairs, then Eric closes the office door and opens the door to their room below, using his finger for the tiny prick that will register him.

He enters the code on the panel hidden on the wall just inside the door, activating a light that comes out and scans his eye.  They hear a click, then both hurry to the bottom and through the door hidden in the panel below the stairs.  Once in the room, Eric turns on the main lights as Godric puts their mate on the bed.


All this security is actually present in all their homes, but Sookie’s.  As technology grew, so did Godric’s security, and therefore did his mate’s and family’s.  This is one of the more secure places; where it is made it have so much security.  They cannot allow anyone in the room below, oftentimes it has been either too close to daylight for Eric to make it anywhere else, or in rare times, one of them hurt.  Having a resting place in Fangtasia is too much of a cliché to make it safe.

Sookie is in pain, but she can feel Godric’s blood healing her slowly.  She knows they wanted her stabilized enough to bring her here, just in case something happens.  She can’t help her whimper when she feels someone move behind her.  Then she hears Eric’s voice telling her, “Drick min kärlek” (Drink my love.) She greedily takes in the blood being offered, knowing it is one of her mates and will help her heal.

Eric breathes in relief, as well as Godric, with Sookie’s acceptance of his blood.  He feels her drinking from him, and his fangs are down, but as much as he normally enjoys this feeling, his concern for his mate is more, making him feel none of the sexual intonations he normally feels.  He doesn’t flinch as Sookie uses her teeth to keep the wound open.

Godric monitors them both, making sure as Eric said, he doesn’t get weak as he walks over and grabs some donor bags from the fridge.  He does not even heat his up before he starts drinking.  He needs to replace what he has given Sookie, and will continue when he notices Eric weakening.  Godric also works to calm both himself and his mates, well aware that this was a bad scare for all of them.  And, that he is one of the worst ones, but he had felt his dead heart turn over when he came upon the two humans taunting and kicking his love there on the ground.  His inner beast came out to defend her when his fury ripped through him.  How dare they! Godric takes a deep breath even though he doesn’t need it.

Eric is soothing his beloved as she drinks from his wrist, wincing as he hears her ribs snap back into place.  He too is remembering the rage from Godric before he had arrived.  Then seeing his Sookie on the ground bloody and in so much pain made him snap.  The only thing that held him together was the fact that his Maker and mates both needed him to take control.   Otherwise Godric would have released his aspect that he received from his father.  Tthat would have been a disaster, the least being that Hades himself coming before them.  Hades loves his son and both of his mates, but especially Sookie.  Eric is shaken out of his thoughts from Godric telling him, “That is enough.  Eric, move.”

Godric and Eric move as one, and before Sookie can register the change, Godric’s wrist is in front of her and she is drinking from him. Godric is nuzzling into his mate, using her to bring him under control.  He loves Eric, and is affectionate towards him, but they are all aware that Sookie is the integral part of the mating.   They both are devoted to her, and she to them. Godric will do anything for both of them and knows Eric feels the same way, but, without Sookie, they had never felt the Mating bond as they do now.

Eric grabs a bag of blood and heats it, knowing that Godric will be only giving her a little more; she is mostly healed from their donations earlier. He leans against the wall and watches them, knowing that Godric is still needing to calm down. Eric moves to get a bowl and a sponge, knowing  his mate will want some of the blood off of her.  This is all just making time for when Sookie is healed.  They will find out what happened.  Eric is looking forward to taking some of his rage out on Compton and the two drainers being held in the basement.

Sookie senses she is healed and goes to pull away, but Godric tells her, “Finish until it heals, Sookie.” He kisses her head as he pets her arm, encouraging her to finish.  He closes his eyes as he follows his blood as it travels with Eric’s throughout her body healing her.

Once Godric’s wrist heals on its own, Sookie bestows a kiss on his wrist, telling them both, “Thank you.” She leans back into Godric’s arms taking solace in him as she tries to understand everything that happened tonight, how close she was in losing these two vampires because she had not been paying attention.

Eric moves to her side, handing Godric another bag as he tells Sookie, “Lover, there is no thanks needed.  You are our priority, and it is always an honor to have our blood inside you, either healing or nurturing you.”  He gives her a kiss to her temple, wrapping an arm around both of his mates, leaning his head against Sookie’s.  Godric closes his eyes as his body lets the last of the tension from his rage go.  His beast settles, both of his mates are here in their arms and safe.  Now is the time to find out what happened and plan their revenge.

Eric and Godric open their eyes and open their senses to Sookie, knowing that sometimes after a healing like what she just had, is wearing on the body.  Even with their blood, her body still needs to heal after it suffered such a trauma to it; they need her to sleep, but knowing their mate, they will get better results letting her get to that point on her own. Plus, there is much information they need from their mate.

Sookie nestles back in Godric’s chest, feeling safe with the both of them near. Then her eyes fly open as she asks, “Godric, not that I am complaining, but how are you here?” Eric chuckles as he grabs the sponge and gently starts to clean his mate.

Chuckling at their mate as he nuzzles her, Godric tells her, “I had a bad feeling about this Compton.  I wanted to meet him, and this seemed the best time.”

Cleaning her arm, Eric asks Sookie, “How are you feeling, lover?” His blue eyes are dark with emotions, but his love for her is a constant.

Sighing, as she mentally assesses herself, she replies, “Better, much better.  But feeling like an idiot.  I should have heard them coming.” She is berating herself, and knows that they will pick it up so she will let them know that she messed up.  This is her fault.

Kissing her forehead, Godric tells her, “And you will be more careful, meine Liebe (my love).  Right now, I want to know is how did this happen?” He knows very well what is going on in her head but will not let her blame herself too much, though she does need to pay more attention.  This shouldn’t have happened tonight.

Closing her eyes, Sookie tells them, “As Eric and I planned, I was to meet Compton then head to the house.  He was late.  I told him eleven.  I had felt a void close by, but had thought it was a guard from either you or Eric.  I never suspected…”

Eric is quick to tell her, “Neither did I nor Godric, lover.  We had not liked some information we had received, but neither of us thought he would try to harm you this way!  If we had known he would have done this, Godric would have been there.  But now, we need to work with what we have.” Eric sends his love and assurance to her.  Yes, she should have paid attention, but she was not aware as either of them of her danger.  Plus, knowing his little one, she will stay on guard to make sure that she is not caught unawares again.

Godric nods as he holds her close to him, “This will be no problem.  We can just acknowledge that Eric is her mate. As both of your Maker, I can explain a lot away.  But, Eric she will need your protection even more.  I suspect that there is more to this plot.  Compton does not seem old enough or well connected to pull this off.”  Frowning, Godric is sure that they will find only proof that this was a well orchestrated plan.

Confused, Sookie asks, “All he did was glamour the Rattrays to attack me.  I am not seeing how this is anything more complicated.” She looks at both her mates in confusion, waiting for them to tell her what she is missing.  She has to be missing something if they are both are this worried.

Finished with cleaning her, Eric stands up, too annoyed to be sitting, now that his mate is healed.  “Sookie, do you understand what Bill’s mission in having the Rattrays attack you?”  At her shake of her head, he tells her, “He wanted to get his blood in you.  In a way that Godric could not argue against since it would have been to save your life.  And the pure amount he would have had to pour into you would have been a lot.  He is much younger and his blood would not be as powerful as ours, and you saw how much of our blood it took for us to heal you.  Then, as far as he knew, Godric was only your Maker and I am just an obedient child who has a physical attraction to you.  Now, as Godric said, we will have to admit that we are Mates.  Luckily, no one will think of a Tri-Mating in case it is asked to be proven.  Our Marks will naturally have parts of Godric in them since he is both our Maker.” He dumps out the water and is back in front of the bed, pacing as he thinks.

Godric nods taking up the conversation. “See, meine Liebe (my love), we have to admit to the mating of you and Eric, or how else would he have known you were attacked.  I guarantee there was at least one person in the club tonight that will report to Sophie Ann, at least.  So we will have to explain it.  And as why we didn’t say anything before, will be explained as why would we?  You were already in the spotlight being my Potential Child.  That my other Child is your Mate wouldn’t make that much of a difference.  Eric can prove that he submitted the paperwork admitting that you are his Mate.” He rubs his cheek on her, needing the contact.

Sookie is thinking on all this.  The only problem she has, is how she’s supposed to get Bill to agree with the plan?  And, she really wants to be with both of her Mates.  “But what of our plan?”

Smiling in pride of his mate, Eric tells her, “What was the first thing I taught you, min älskade?” His mate is thinking.

Sookie smiles, “That plans are often discarded as soon as the armies meet.”

Laughing, Godric remarks, “That is not it exactly, but good enough.  But this is an example of what Eric taught you.  Our plans made certain… assumptions.  However, we are finding that our foes are more than we had originally thought; this is why Eric has worried over the last years.  Because of that worry, we are both ready with another way to get what we need to protect you.  You also need to achieve this thought process; in fact that is what Eric has been trying to get you to do.  You think very fluidly on your feet, mein Schatz (my darling), but we need you to be better.”

Godric settles back in the bed, arranging Sookie to relax on him, as his instincts are calming down.  His mind though, is thinking over everything Eric and he talked about on the phone and on the trip here.  Some things are not adding up…

Listening to him, Sookie is reminded of all the lessons the two in front of her have imparted over the years.  Her Gran and Niall gave some, but these two are the ones responsible for her, and they took that responsibility very seriously.

Pacing as he thinks, Eric mentions, “I had planned for me to be revealed if it came to that.  That is why I made sure the papers were filed, even if they had been mysteriously lost afterwards.  But I am not sure how we are going to get Sophie Ann from this.”  His hands are flexing, he is subconsioly wanting Sookie there in his arms.

Smiling evilly, Godric tells them, “Mr. Compton will do the honors I believe.  Once we are through with him, he will admit that the Queen sent him in his position of procurer for Sookie.  We know this much is true, and it is a direct violation of our laws.  It just means we have to move quicker than we wanted to.” Mentally chuckling, he realizes his son is wanting his mate in his arms, as he normally does when he is thinking.  But the small bond they somehow have as mates, is telling him that Godric is needing Sookie more.  He wonders how long until Eric retrieves her from his arms.

Interjecting, Sookie asks, “What about Jason?”  She is worried for her brother.

Running his hand through his hair, Eric answers, “And that right there is why we think Compton is more diabolical.  Sookie, we think whoever set up Jason is working with Compton.” Eric meets his mate’s eyes.

Frowning, Sookie asks, “Ok, we have to admit Eric is to be mated to me.”  She looks at both of them as an idea comes to her, “But, cannot I still be fighting against it?”

Eric and Godric both stare at her in shock.  Eric goes to deny, but Godric holds his hand up, thinking.  “It could work Eric.  Theoretically, you will need her around as your future mate, and all your actions up to now will support this.  But Sookie will not feel the Mating pull as a human until the Marks appear.  We know she is not human, and Niall has hinted to us that is why she feels it, but to the rest of the world…”

Nodding as he leans against the bed post, Eric thinks though it. “It can work.  It would fit with her attitude and everything else.  As for her reactions tonight, it could be said stress made her call for the two vampires she knows.  She is, for better words, conditioned to call for us.  And it will make the two of us being around each other better.  Any signs of affection or softening towards her from me can be explained as part of the Mate pull.  She fighting it is something they would think a human would try to do.” He then grins as he looks into Sookie’s eyes.  “It wouldn’t be much different than normal, lover.  This pleases me very much so.  I was not looking forward to holding back my touches.”

Grinning, Sookie tells them, “And it will pull out from the woodwork any who think otherwise.  So my so called being seduced by Bill continues?”

Frowning at her, Eric tells her, “If I didn’t already know your feelings, min älskade, I would think you are enjoying this.”

Peals of laughter greet his statement.  “Oh god, Eric!! If you had heard him tonight, you would know I only enjoy this for the laughter it will be allowing.  I mean, the man cannot say my name right!! He calls me Sookeh.  Seriously??  And he asked if he could call on me.  The man couldn’t get a girl unless he could compel one! That is probably why he is so desperate to have his blood in me; he cannot get me any other way.” Sookie can’t help but try to find the silver lining in this, and making fun of Bill is the only one she can find right now.

Vamping and kneeling next to her, Eric looks into his love’s eyes. “Sookie, you can laugh all you want at the man, but never forget what he tried to do tonight.  Since we need to reveal who you are to me, there are going to be more signs of guards.  And since you were not sure who the void was, I will make sure you are aware of any guards I set on you.  Sookie, min älskade, I love you too much to allow Bill to hurt you.  It is he I don’t trust, not you, förstå?” (Understand?) He pushes his sincerity to her.  Eric can understand that she may be thinking of something good as she normally does, but this matter needs her not to let down her guard.

Sensing Godric’s feelings mirror Eric’s, she nods. Then her body starts to catch up with her mind, and she yawns.

Kissing her head, Godric tells her, “Go to sleep.  Eric and I will deal with Bill and the Rattrays.  Unfortunately, you cannot get your revenge since you will need to be angry with Eric on the treatment he will visit upon Bill.” He grins, looking forward to the match up.  Eric and Sookie arguing is never something to pass up.  Especially when they are not mad at each other.  The two of them are really made for each other…

Sookie, tired, nods, telling them, “Just make sure you get some in for me.”

Godric carefully lays her in the bed, making sure she is covered.  “Geh schlafen, meine Kleine.” (Go to sleep, my little one.)

Eric kisses her on the forehead and saying softly, “Jag älskar dig, min kompis. Sover och drömmer om paradiset, Godric och jag tar hand om dina fiender.” (I love you, my mate.  Sleep and dream of paradise, Godric and I will take care of your enemies.)

Her lips turn up as she tells them both, “You both better be glad I am multilingual. Now go to and smote my enemies as I dream. Or however you say it.”

They both chuckle, watching as she falls asleep.  Godric and Eric briefly touch her, then they both vamp out of the room, turning off the main light, leaving the dimmed ones that Sookie had insisted on when they made this for her and making their way back up the stairs, resetting the alarms and traps.  No one will be bothering Sookie, and they will rest here with her when they are done. For now, it is time to get some of the aggression they are feeling out.


Down in the basement, Bill is watching Pam as she gleefully tells the Rattrays what their punishment will be once Godric and Eric come for them.  He is trying not to hiss, but he can feel the silver sinking into his body.  Unfortunately once it contacts his bones, it will stop, but it will also stop any healing from commencing.

Sam is leaning against the wall, waiting for the show to commence.  He has decided that, with what happened to Sookie, he will ask Godric to become part of the nest.  He needs to protect her better. The rest of the nest had left when Sam commented on how bad the torture will get tonight.  Plus if Eric and Godric need to make up anything, them being here will be hard to explain.  Right now, her family and friends stepped in to help their beloved—if dim witted—friend.

Fortunately for everyone, or not, depending on your view, Eric and Godric make their way downstairs.  Eric is smirking as he walks down behind his Maker.

Godric ignores the humans, as he walks to Bill.  “I am told you are the one responsible for the attack on meine Kleine (my little one).”

Bill swallows, wishing he could ignore him, but he knows that Godric is one of the strongest vampires on the continent, if not the world.  He had been warned that he would be on his own if he is caught.  But how?

Godric is still staring at the vampire in front of him.  His rage is barely kept controlled, and that is mostly so he doesn’t wake Sookie.  He slowly shakes his head.  “I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it mein Sohn (my son)?”

Eric is still smirking as he answers, “No, Godric, it certainly does not.”

Sighing, Godric looks around the basement, as he calmly tells Bill, “I suspect you are not aware of why Eric is here with me for your punishment. And I can tell you it is not as your Sheriff.”

Still trying to keep quiet, Bill just glares at Eric.

Looking back at the pitiful excuse for a vampire, he tells him, “Eric will be Sookie’s mate.  She may be fighting it, but as her mate, he has the right to punish you as much as I do.”

This information shocks him, and Bill finally opens his mouth; unfortunately it only proves to them that someone must be helping him. “There is no proof, nor has he made a claim!”

Standing behind his Maker respectfully, Eric loftily tells him, “I have done so.  I told you there was no competition.”

Godric cocks his head to the side as he asks, “But you knew that, didn’t you Bill?  That is why you resulted in this foolhardy plan to get your blood in her.  It would not have mattered once I turned her since the mating pull would be too strong for her to deny then, if the Marks do not appear ahead of time.  If that happens, then human or not, Eric and Sookie will be mated.  I suspect that I will be turning my newest child after that.  Is it not fortuitous that Eric, as her mate, will be there to help with her training?”

Shaking his head, Bill is trying to think quickly. How could all this go to hell so quickly?

Unfortunately, Bill is made quickly aware that he spoke out loud when Godric answers him, “When you planned to hurt my child, to get your blood in her, was when.  I would never give up anything that is mine.”

He walks over to the humans, who Pam had bound their mouths when they wouldn’t stop mouthing off earlier.  He holds up the head of Denise as he lectures Bill, “Are you aware that if someone else’s blood gets into a Potential Child, that they would either violently expel it or the Maker can give them their own to disperse it.  The same is true of True Mates.  So your plan wouldn’t have worked since if I wasn’t here, I would have ordered Eric to give her his.  As it is, she is now healing with both of our blood in her.”  He drops her head and looks at Bill.

Eric is grinning openly by now.  Even though he is Sheriff, right now Godric, as his Maker and Sookie’s Maker-to-be, has more pull.  Even his status as her True Mate would normally only allow him to stand beside Godric in issuing punishment.  But he knows his Maker is truly angry.  Godric is not a vampire to make angry.  Most vampires work actively to not make him angry.

Still shocked at how everything has gone downhill so fast, Bill tries to escape the true death. “I will tell you anything you want to know.”

Shaking his head, Eric tells him, “Billy boy.  Do you think that Godric will not have that information from you either way?”  He turns back to his Maker and comments, “I told you he would make an excellent jester.”

Pam and Sam laugh, as Godric smiles at his child. “Yes, you did make that observation earlier.”

The vampires are all aware that dawn is unfortunately close.  Godric looks at Pam. “Pamela, I did not forget you, dear child.”

Pam grins at her Grandmaker as she bows her head to him in respect. “I never doubted it.  Welcome, Godric.  We have all missed you.”

Godric nods, then looks at Sam, frowning. “Sam.  I have one question for you.”

Sam frowns and answers him, “Ask, and I will answer.”  His respect for the elder Vampire has no bounds.  Godric is one of the few that give vampires a good name.  Though he suspects Bill and the Rattrays will be finding out otherwise.

Godric just lifts an eyebrow, then asks, “Why didn’t you answer your phone earlier?”  He really needs to know, why did the shifter ignore his phone?

His mouth drops open and he just barely manages to shut it as he asks, “W-what?”

Eric vamps to Godric’s side as he tells him, “Shifter, I called you multiple times and left messages on your phone for you to call.  My Maker and I wish to know why you didn’t answers.”

Completely confused, Sam reaches down to his phone and pulls it out.  He sees no messages or missed calls and hands it to Eric.  Eric looks at it, and pulling out his phone and unlocking it, tosses it to Sam.

Looking at the phone log, Sam is more than confused. “Eric, I never got any of these calls.  They are to my cell, but as you can see, they didn’t come through.”

Godric’s jaw solidifies.  He asks, “Sam, come with me.  Eric, make sure our guests are ready for the day.  We will deal with them tonight.  I wish to make sure my child gets her revenge.”

Eric just grins, as does his child.

Godric moves back up into the club and into Eric’s office, knowing Sam is following him.  When they are both in the office, Godric seats himself behind the desk and hit the button that would scramble any bugs in the office.

He then leans on one arm as he waits for Sam.

Sam is still puzzled, looking at his phone that Eric had exchanged back with him before he came upstairs.  He looks at Godric and tells him. “Hey, I wouldn’t have ignored Eric’s call.  Not when all this shit is going down.”

Godric nods, thinking.  He asks him, “Are you ready to become part of the nest, Sam?”

Nodding his head, Sam replies, “Yes.  I had thought about it and came to a conclusion earlier.”

Calling Eric to him, Godric moves around the desk.  He tells him as Eric walks into the room and closes the door, “Normally Sookie is here for any additions to our nest, but since she is not available, we will let her know when we rise tomorrow.”

During this time, Eric had retrieved the goblet and knife from his safe.  Godric rolls up his sleeve, and holds it out for Eric.  Eric promptly takes the knife and causes a small hole, catching the drops as they roll down Godric arm.

Sam watches this with some amazement.  He bows his head and kneels as Godric stands before him.

Looking down at the newest member of their nest, Godric asks, “Do you swear to put the nest above all, to follow mine, and my children’s commands?”

Swallowing Sam replies, “I do.”

Nodding Godric tells him, “You also swear to never betray the nest, knowing that I will know if you do?  And that your life will be forfeit?”

Looking up into Godric’s eyes, he answers, “I swear to never betray your trust.”

Godric nods, and holding his hand out to Eric, Eric places the goblet in it.  He has made sure there is no more than a drop, normally Sookie is the one to do this, making her tie to Godric stronger.

Sam opens his mouth and Godric tilts the goblet to let one drop land on his tongue.  No more, no less.  Anything more would be a travesty to the bond he has with his mates.  No this will allow safety and for him to know if any under his protection is in trouble.  He smirks realizing that until meine Kleine came into his life, no one besides Eric had shared his blood.  Now he has a nest full of humans, witches and now a shifter that he has given his blood to.  And he regrets none of it since it makes Sookie safe.

Sam closes his eye as that one drop of blood rockets through his system.  “Je-sus!”

Eric smirks as he remembers Adele’s reaction to when Godric had informed her he was older than Jesus.

Godric waits until he can lock onto Sam, then asks, “Do you know why your phone didn’t receive any of Eric’s calls?”

Still in the experience of feeling like there is rocket fuel in his veins, Sam answers absently, “No.”

“Do you still swear to uphold the promises you just made to me and mine?”

Sam freezes as the blood feels like fire, waiting for him to reply, “Yes.”  And with that, Godric’s blood releases Sam and binds into the Shifter, making him part of the nest.

Godric sighs and goes back to sit behind Eric’s desk.  He folds his hands together as he thinks.

Eric helps Sam up, and seats him on the couch.  This reaction is one he has seen when Godric does this ritual. Normally it is Sookie here, but Eric makes a point of being there also.  He often does it to make sure that nothing happens to either of his mates.  He turns and leans against the secret door that leads to their missing mate, wanting to be close to her.

Turning his head, Godric tells Eric, “Issue everyone new phones as soon as possible.  Do not use any of the phones for any messages.  Do whatever it takes, however long it takes, to get phones that would be hard to break into.”

Nodding his head, Eric lifts up his phone to email his dayperson, but Godric stops him, “No, Eric.  I want you to do this personally.  Do not use your phone.  We cannot be sure if it is your phone that is the problem or Sam’s.  For now I am staying here until we solve this.  I will need use of your office once Isabel sends me my secure computer.”

Eric nods, telling him, “Of course, Godric.  You need never to ask.”

Godric turns his attention back to Sam. “I will need you back tomorrow night.  I also need Sookie to be off for an undetermined amount of time.”

Lifting his head from the couch, Sam tells him, “Whatever you want, Godric.”

Eric laughs, asking Sam, “I take it you never took V?”

Coughing, Sam sits up.  “What?  Never!!”

Shaking his head, Godric rises, telling Sam, “It is time for us to rest.  I will need you to leave since Eric’s bar has been closed for awhile, and there is no more excuse why you will be here so late.”

Sam nods, getting off the couch, then nods to Eric as he leaves.

As they both listen for him to leave, Eric calls Pam.  When she arrives, he asks, “Are they secure for the night?”

Gleefully smiling, Pam tells him, “Yes Master.  I bound the humans to the wheel for the day.  Bill is under silver and in a coffin in the wall.  No one will find him.”

Nodding in approval, Godric tells her, “We will be resting below.  Is there food down below for Sookie?”

Pam answers him, “Yes.  I stocked it last night myself.  She will be fine until you both rise tomorrow.”

With their good wishes for a safe sleep, they both make their way through the security precautions to their mate below.  Once in the room, they reset everything, undress, then get into bed and curl around their mate.  Both smile when they hear her sigh of pleasure and they take the memory of her scent and that sound to their death.

Final count, 5,960 words.


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