Chapter 8 Another Day, Another Sunrise


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Sam nods, getting off the couch, then nods to Eric as he leaves.

As they both listen for him to leave, Eric calls Pam. When she arrives, he asks, “Are they secure for the night?”

Gleefully smiling, Pam tells him, “Yes Master. I bound the humans to the wheel for the day. Bill is under silver and in a coffin in the wall. No one will find him.”

Nodding in approval, Godric tells her, “We will be resting below. Is there food down below for Sookie?”

Pam answers him, “Yes. I stocked it last night myself. She will be fine until you both rise tomorrow.”

With their good wishes for a safe sleep, they both make their way through the security precautions to their mate below. Once in the room, they reset everything, undress, then get into bed and curl around their mate. Both smile when they hear her sigh of pleasure and they take the memory of her scent and that sound to their death.


The sun begins its descent over the Louisiana bayous, marking the end of its reign over the day.  The night animals begin to wake and crawl out and start their symphony to herald the sun to sleep and the rising of the moon to its nightly position.

Down below in a secret room protected by the best security her vampire lovers could find, Sookie wakes up disorientated.  She feels her mates beside her, her back to Eric, his arm lying across her waist.  Her head is under Godric’s and she can feel his arm stroking her back.

Godric is relieved as he feels his mate waking up. He had woken an hour earlier and could tell that sein kleiner Schatz (his little darling) not moved since Eric and he had died for the day. He had been happy that she was cuddled to both of them, but he needed more.  He had pulled away enough to move her  from Eric so that he can touch her, feel her.  But he would not deny his other mate the comfort of her.

Kissing the top of her head as he murmurs, “Good evening, meine Auserwählte (my intended).  How are you feeling?”

Sookie kisses his throat and sighs as she nuzzles him, feeling him getting closer to her.  “Better.  What happened while I was out?”

Godric pulls back to look at his mate, meeting her eyes in the low lighting.  He smiles as he remembers back when they had shown her the rooms, how she told them they needed to make sure there was some light for her to be able to see, since she was not a vampire yet.

Looking into her eyes, he remembers the night before, the pure terror he had felt when he had realized how close she had been to be taken away from him, again.  “Sookie, we need to be more careful.  I cannot have what happened to you last night get that close again.”  Godric stops talking, his breathe caught in the ‘what if’s’. He knows he will not survive another separation from his love.  It took his father, a god, to make him forget, and even then, he had killed in revenge of his love being taken away, his very soul crying out.

Cupping his face, Sookie moves where she kisses her mate gently on his lips.  She can feel his anguish and is not able to be able to help him with it more than she is now.  She is aware that he is remembering the first separation, the one that made him a vampire, her a soul kept in his father’s vault until she could be reborn.

Godric pulls her close to him, not caring that he is pulling her further away from Eric.  He needs her, needs to assure himself and the beast inside of him that his child, his mate, the missing part of both Eric and he is still here.  He tells her, “I am sorry, my love.  But it has been too long away from you both, and then only to meet under this circumstance.  I can only think that the Mating will be soon.” He secretly prays that it will be soon.  So many plans would not come to fruition, but he finds he does not care.  He wants that full connection he will have with her.  Godric craves it with every bit of his being.

Lying there in his arms, she just sends her love and assurance through the bond.  And when he kisses her again, she meets him.  He kisses down her jaw, using this as an opportunity to assure both of them of her life.

Sookie’s breath catches as she feels his love flowing through their bond.  They have always been close, but Eric is usually the more affectionate, the one to give into her physically, not that Godric hasn’t.  When Godric gives in, she can feel his actual hunger for their Mating to happen.  She suspects that is why he holds himself apart from being more physical with her.

Reaching her ear, Godric tells her, “My love, My Mate, My Child.  I love you.” His hands are busy recommitting the feel of her body to his memory.  It never fails to amaze him that his memory never does her body justice.

His mouth trails down, nibbling on her vein, leaving a mark that he knows will be gone in a few minutes due to the quantity of their blood she had last night.

When he reaches her breasts, Sookie arches up into his mouth, his name falling from her lips breathily.  He chuckles, then suckles at her breasts as their child may have done, if Fate had not been a cruel mistress.  Godric loses that thought in Sookie’s willing body, not wanting to travel down that path again.  He uses his fangs to scrape her nipples lightly to give them both the pleasure of him taking her blood as he suckles.  His body starts to purr at the sensation of being this close to his life, his soul.

Closing her eyes, Sookie can feel the connection they have open just slightly more.  Godric is very careful in not taking blood the same night as giving her his.  Unless he feels their connection is getting weaker.  She suspects that this time, he is wanting, needing a closer connection because of the events last night.  She can’t blame him, she needs, craves this herself.

Once the shallow scrapes heal, Godric nicks his tongue, making sure that there are no marks, before he goes and repeats the action on her other breast.  He cannot stop the smirk from not only feeling her desire but hearing her voicing it also. This is what he loves, hearing his mate giving into the pleasure he is bringing her.

When Godric is done with worshipping her breasts and moves down her body, Sookie huskily advises, “You and your son are the same.  Both breast men.” She is not complaining, not one bit.

Laughing, Godric moves up to kiss his beauty.  “I have tried to teach him everything I know.”  Then his smile grows larger as he feels her small hands grasp him.  “Feeling frisky, Sookie?”  Oh, how he loves his little mate!

Giving him a look full of mischief, Sookie moves down his body, giving attention to his tattoo’s around his neck, closing her eyes in pleasure as she feels him purring from her attentions.  Eric purrs at her also, it being a sign of mates, but Godric’s is louder and it always makes her crave him more.

Leaning back as he gives into her pleasuring him, his purr only increases as he feels her hand drop down to his sack as her warm mouth envelopes his cock.  He feels her hand move his foreskin back as she licks around the tip. His eyes close in pleasure.

Not wanting her to be the only one to bestow pleasure, Godric reaches down, and maneuvers her body so that he can suck on her juices.  Her gasp only makes his tongue make figure eights around her clit.

His tongue pleasuring her makes it harder for Sookie to concentrate on Godric.  Though, being a very determined woman, Sookie works harder to make him falter, wanting to finish him first so that she can enjoy him pleasuring her.  She uses every trick she has learned from both, and with Eric she has had plenty of practice.

Taking him farther in her mouth, Sookie licks around his tip, knowing that for both of her men that this is a very sensitive area, while her one hand covers what she cannot cover with her mouth.  The other hand makes it way to his sack, tugging it gently.  When she feels his pleasure from that action, she quickly removes her mouth from him, to moisten her own finger before moving the same fingers to his hole, gently inserting her finger in and out in relation to what her mouth is now doing to his cock.

Growling as his purr increases in direct correlation to what his love is doing to him; Godric realizes that she and Eric have been around each other too much.  Knowing as she does that they both enjoy the same things, she is pulling out every trick right now to please him.   But being around for 2,000 plus years plus having a perpetually horny child as Eric was, gives him an advantage that he uses.

Sookie arches into Godric body as her thighs clamp around his head as his fingers and tongue stimulate her.  And when he uses her own trick against her, using her juices instead to provide the lubrication needed.

They both race each other to completion; Godric is winning by using his fangs to his advantage until giving in to his desire, and sinks his fangs into her thigh, bringing them both to orgasm.  Both pant as they try to come down from their orgasmic highs.  Godric moving her to where he can nuzzle her head as his purring continues to let his mate know his pleasure in her actions.

After the two clean up the other, the two lay there, waiting for their other mate to wake.  Godric’s beast is comforted, but he is still upset about what had happened last night, and Sookie picks it up, making her curl further into him, trying to comfort her mate.

After an hour, Sookie is thinking of getting up, not knowing how close it is until Eric wakes.  She is getting hungry, but before she can move she feels the lightning going through her body from Eric waking.  The next second she is pulled closer to him, and his mouth drops kisses on her shoulders.

Eric’s first thought is of his mate.  And finding her still in bed, he cannot help but pull her closer, showing her his affection, as he does a check on her through the renewed bond.  Finding that she is physically well as is Godric, he is pleased as he can smell their activities from earlier.  Then he turns his attentions to the emotions vibrating from Godric and Sookie.

Lifting his head from her shoulder, he asks softly, “What is wrong?” He continues to bestow affection to his min lilla älskling.  His beast is needing the assurance that she is here, in his arms.

Godric’s mouth lifts up as he acknowledges his mate, “Just my normal worries and such.” He is watching Eric, and wonders if he is realizing what he is doing.  He understands the need, and still feels the need himself to reassure himself that she is here.  But Eric deserves some time with her.  Especially after last night.

Laughing softly, Sookie kisses Godric, then tells Eric, “He is still getting over last night.  But for that matter, so am I.” She melts into Eric, loving all the affection she is receiving from the tall blonde.

And with that statement, the two men look at each other, then move closer to their diminutive mate.  They enclose her not only with their bodies, but with their emotions and fall into what Pam refers to as a Mating moment.

There is no accurate description, since when it rarely has happened, the three lose time.  It can only happen when they are physically close as they are now, but nothing sexual happens.  It’s as if the three rest in the emotions of them being together.  It is very healing to them.

This time they are brought out of the moment when Sookie’s stomach growls at them.  Godric is the one who laughs, but looking at Sookie, Eric and he can tell that they had all needed the trance-like state.  It had soothed all their nerves, letting their love flow between them all.

Eric moves off the bed, hitting the switch for the main lights as he heads to the fridge to get blood for Godric and he, as well as food for Sookie.

Godric leans up and watches Sookie as she carefully makes her way off the bed, heading to the bathroom.  When she makes it without any trouble, you can see him relax slightly.

Shaking his head, Eric tells him, “She is fine.  I checked when I woke, and I know you must have also. You would have never have been with her as you were unless she is 100%.” He heats the blood for the two of them then turns back to the small fridge to retrieve something for Sookie.

His eyes not moving from the door where their mate disappeared into, Godric replies, “I know.  Eric, last night…”

Exchanging the meals, Eric pulls out a bag of donor blood from the microwave and pours into two glasses. He brings Godric’s and Sookie’s silverware to the bed, heading back to wait for her meal.  He answers carefully, thinking it through as he drinks his glass. “We underestimated the enemy.  We know to be more careful.   You also have pointed out that Sam didn’t receive the texts, and I am willing to bet that Sookie didn’t receive any last night also.  Godric, we can’t wrap her in bubble wrap.  You know it will make the threats against us worse.” He looks over at his Maker.  He understands the want, the need to protect her and why it would be affecting Godric more.  But she is his mate also!

Walking out of the bathroom in a robe, Sookie answers, “And I won’t stand for it.  Eric is right, Godric.”

Sitting against the headboard, he rubs his face and tells them both, “I know.  And I know I am overreacting.  But that instant, it is not one that I ever want to repeat.  What if I wasn’t close and we have no idea how Eric got there as quickly as he did.”

Climbing into bed, Sookie settles against Godric, accepting the tray from Eric as he climbs back in with them.  Eric, having drunk his blood as he waited, grabs a fork and slowly feeds his mate.

While he is more settled than Godric, he is also aware of how close they were in losing Sookie.  He is normally more affectionate than Godric with Sookie and him.  But Sookie is everything to him.  He loves her and Godric with every part of him, however, Sookie holds his heart in her hands, she means the world to him, and she is the one who calmed the storms in him.  Sookie allows him to be himself, never wanting him to change.  That fact alone makes him want to be a better man for her.  Godric is his Maker, his first person who he has ever loved.  Sookie is the one who makes both of them whole, and if she is not here, they would neither survive.

Drinking his blood, Godric gathers himself.  He finally says, “It is done, and as Eric has said, we are to learn from it.  Now, we need to speak on what needs to happen.” He shakes the emotions off.  They need him, and he will be there for the two of them.  He cannot ever fail his mates.  Ever.

Nodding her head, Sookie grins at Eric as he feeds her.  “From what I remember from our conversation last night, Eric’s status as my to-be mate is now established?” She is thrilled, and is thinking of all the ways that they can use this.

A smirk appears on Eric’s face. “And Beehl is not happy.”

Sookie lifts an eyebrow.

Godric mischievously tells her, “It seems Mr. Compton is not happy with the fact that Eric is to be your mate.  I think it blew some of his plans out of the water.  He was also not happy to know a little known fact that a potential Child will reject other blood or if for some reason does take it, the Maker or a Mate will eradicate the blood from the Child.” He bestows the information on their mate, knowing that will make her feel better.

Sookie is surprised. “I didn’t know that!”

Wrapping an arm around her, Godric tells them both, “I didn’t either.  I received an email yesterday eve from our benefactor letting me know.  Makes me wonder what could have happened to make that information known.” He watches Eric as he feeds Sookie, glad that that is not something they will have to worry about.  Though, he wonders if it is only applicable to them, or if that information is true for all mates and Potential Children.

Eric gives Sookie another bite as he thinks.  “Maybe there was the potential that we wouldn’t make it on time?” He had been surprised at the information, never having come across it when he has studied the old writings on their situation.  He had wanted to take advantage of everything they could do to each other.  It had been him to find that as long as they did not complete a Blood Bond with Sookie before the mating, that they could exchange blood.  Hades had backed up the information, telling them it was imperative that they not complete the bond before they mated.  So instead the three had begun one, and only when Eric or Godric, with a confirmation from either Hades or Niall, feel it weakening, do they bolster it.   On the other hand, Eric and Godric could and did drink from her.  They were careful about their gift of their blood to her, usually Godric giving her some when they bond a new nest member.

Taking the last bite, Sookie leans back into Godric as Eric removes the tray.  He hands her some orange juice before taking the tray out of the bed.  She thinks outloud, “Ok.  So we have Bill in custody.  Who else?”

A growl escapes Eric as he answers, “The drainers that were attacking you.  While Bill may need to live for our plan, they do not.” He smiles; happy he can let some of his aggression out on someone.

Sookie sits up, trying to remember something that she had reminded herself to tell them both.  Then as the information rises up in her brain, she sits up straight.

Eric balances the juice before it tips as Godric and he reacts to her emotions.  “What’s wrong?”

She looks to both of them as she tells them, “When my shields failed in Merlotte’s, Denise was thinking about how much she could get for Bill’s blood from Dallas.” She knows of the efforts of both of her mates in eliminating drainers from their areas, and she helps and supports them wholeheartedly.  She has seen in the minds of past drainers what they do with the vampires they are done with.

Godric’s fangs drop as he growls.   “There are no dealers that I know of.  But there have been… rumors.”

Eric’s eyebrow rises up as he and Sookie look at Godric.  After a minute to get himself under control Godric tells them, “I was going to let Eric know that Sookie should not come to Dallas unless for an emergency.  And if so, to make sure you are guarded the entire time.  The Fellowship is getting more aggressive.  I would not be surprised that they know about her, even with all the times I have denied her image being used.  And quite frankly, I have heard disturbing information that they may be buying Vampire Blood.  No proof, just rumors, but this may be what I need to be able to bring them to justice.”

Shocked, Sookie just stammers, “But why would they be dealing in V?  They hate vampires.”

Looking at his mate, Eric answers her, “For the same reason the tribes in Africa would sell their beaten foes as slaves for the New World.  Money, Sookie.  It all boils down to money.”

Nodding his head, Godric expands, “The church has a brand new headquarters and Reverend Newlin’s son is also building a retreat for what he is calling The Light of Day Institute.  From the leadership conferences he is going to hold there, he will be recruiting for what he calls the Soldiers of the Sun.  I myself have wondered where the money for all of this is coming from.  But I never would have thought of them selling V for it.”

“Which makes it perfect for them.” Eric muses.  He reaches out and pulls Sookie to his lap.  With her there, he nuzzles her neck as he thinks.

Chuckling, as he recognizes what Eric is doing, Godric tells him, “She is not an object for you to use when you need to think, Eric.”

Shaking her head, Sookie replies, “He is always doing this.  If I am in the room, he just grabs me and seats me in his lap as he thinks.”

“You help me think.  Now be quiet.”

Both Godric and Sookie laugh at his tone.  Eric ignores them as he tries to piece together all the information.

Knowing what Eric is doing, Godric tugs Sookie from his arms.  Before Eric can react, Godric carries their mate into the shower, calling out to Eric, “While you think, Sookie and I need to wash before we go to talk to the drainers and Compton.  But you take all the time you need to think.”

And with that statement, Godric strips the robe from Sookie and the two of them shut the door.  Only to have it opened seconds later by their mate.


Eric moves quickly to overtake his mates, commenting lightly, “Now Godric, you and Sookie have had your time together.  I think it is only fair that I get some time.”

Not being able to withhold his laughter, Godric comments, “And you get her anytime you wish for our mate.  I don’t see what the problem is.”  He sets the shower to the temperature that he knows Sookie prefers.

To Sookie’s enjoyment, Eric sidles up to their Maker, and tells him huskily, “Maybe the problem is that I have not had time with you.” With that, Godric chokes, and Eric gleefully pulls Sookie in with him in the shower.

Godric shakes his head, “Eric, play time will be limited, and since Sookie cannot have our scents in her,”

Eric is behind Sookie, his hands busy with washing her, as his mouth leaving open mouth kisses on her throat.  He looks up at Godric, “I know this very well.  But if you don’t want my attention, you can stay out there.  Sookie is more than willing to please me.” Then thinking of his mate’s temper, he amends, “Well, I know I am more than willing to please her, I just hope she wishes to please me.”

Unable to help it, Sookie starts laughing at Godric’s expression.  She rubs up against Eric enjoying the feel of his gracious plenty rubbing against her.  She answers Eric, “Oh, I will be more than willing to please you, my love.  As I have told you in the past, any time, any place.” She reaches back to rub his cock.

Godric growls as he watches Eric caressing their mates breasts as his fangs caress the skin around her artery.

Looking up at Godric, Eric tells him, “You are more than welcome to join us, Master.  Just remember that we will need to make sure Sookie is very clean afterwards…”

Needing nothing more to be said to him, Godric moves behind Eric.  He rubs against Eric, telling him in a growl, “Then you will please both of us.  And Sookie will pleasure you.”  With that, he pushes them until Sookie is forced to sit on the built in seat, and Eric is bent at the waist.

Sookie looks up at Eric through her lashes as she takes his cock in her mouth, moaning as the taste of him hits her tongue.  She loves the taste of both of her men.  Eric always tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel, the kind that you can only buy in like Godiva.

Godric is growling, his cock hard as he leans forward.  He rubs his finger in Sookie, sending his approval of how wet she is, as he gathers her moisture on his fingers.  Leaning back, he uses one hand to start preparing Eric for him.  The other hand he brings to Eric’s lips, demanding “Taste our mate.”

Eric purrs at the offering.  He is anxious for this, needing Godric.  The added pleasure of their little mate sucking his cock is an added pleasure. He groans as he can feel Godric scissoring his fingers inside him at the same time Sookie works her way down his cock, swallowing when she is as far as she take him.

Closing his eyes as he can feel the pleasure of Eric and Sookie singing through him, Godric brings his hand from Eric’s mouth and opens a slash on his hand, rubbing his blood on his hard cock, then moving to thrust it into Eric’s puckered hole.

Sookie stops when she feels Godric’s thrust, knowing what will happen now.  This is one of times when Godric is taking control of their lovemaking.

Eric throws his head back and growls.  His hands grasp Sookie’s head, readying her for what is to come.  It is not often that they get to do this, but when they do…

Looking down where his child and he meet, Godric begins thrusting, hard enough to send Eric’s cock down Sookie’s throat.  Carefully listening to their little mate, Godric begins to bring himself and Eric to new heights.

Caught in between his two mates, Eric is panting.  The only time he can even imagine it being better is when they can be inside Sookie.   For now, they need her smelling of her virginity.  He is holding carefully to his lover, making sure that their lovemaking is not hurting her.

Staring up at Eric, Sookie works his cock between her lips.  She catches onto Godric’s rhythm and is sure to alternate swallowing when Eric is deep enough, to breathing when she can.  It has taken her a long time to be able to do this, but it turns her on, knowing Eric, who gives so much of his love to them both, is being pleasured by the two of them.  She moves one her hands down, starting to work herself to her own orgasm.

Working towards their mutual release, the only noises in the shower is the mutual purring of the two males, intermixed with the noise of their pleasure.  The sound of skin slapping against skin, the moans of Eric as he ends up using one hand to brace himself as he watches Sookie not only sucking his cock, but working on pleasuring herself; nothing is more pleasing to the Viking.

By this time, Godric is grunting as he feels himself coming close, thrusting harder into his mate.  The feeling of Eric tight around his cock, tightening as Eric is getting closer to his own climax is overwhelming.

Sookie, sensing how close they both are, reaches down and tugging on Eric’s sack at the same time she swallows around his cock makes Eric throw his head back, shouting her name, shooting streams of his cum down her throat.

At the same time Godric reaches his climax, and buries his fangs into his mates shoulder.  It has been a long time since Godric and Eric have shared blood, much less pleasure like this. The two of them shudder against each other as they come down from their orgasms.

Sookie licks Eric’s cock clean, making sure all his delicious cum is cleaned off of him.  When done, she leans back and watches her two mates come down from their mutual high.  She is smiling, enjoying the sight.  Eric’s hand is cradling Godric’s head as he drinks from him.

Godric retracts his fangs from his child, licking his shoulder until the marks disappear.  He leans his head down on Eric, asking, “Sookie, you alright, my love?”

Chuckling, Eric looks down at their mate that is grinning, “I see who is more important.”

Pushing Eric as she stands up, “I am fine, Godric.  Now I think we need to get moving since Eric cannot complain of not having any loving given to him.”

Extending a hand for Sookie, Godric pulls her towards him, bestowing a kiss upon her.  He tells her softly as he feels Eric moving behind her, “I cannot wait until our mating little one.”

Leaning down and pulling her head towards him, Eric tells her, “No truer words have been spoken.  Do not doubt that the two of us, the day we mate you, will make it where you will not walk for days after we let you out of the bedroom.” With that, Eric kisses her.

Pulling them both towards the spray, Godric gather the shampoo and starts to wash Sookie’s hair, smiling as Eric only stops to let her take a breath.  He tells him gently, “Not now, Eric.  We need to deal with the issues.  Afterwards, we can both give her pleasure.”

Growling under his breath, “I will return the favor, min älskade.”  Eric nuzzles her as he reaches for her shower gel.

Sookie leans forward to rinse her hair, leaning back into Eric when he tugs her.  She tells him, “I have no doubt, Eric.”  She smiles at Godric as he works conditioner through her hair, as Eric continues to clean her.

Before long, she is rinsing off, as always grateful for Pam’s gift of laser removal of her hair.  It makes times like these so much better with her not worrying about shaving or even when she will have to be waxed again. She opens her eyes, to see Godric smiling down at her as he rinses off the last of his shower gel.  He bestows a kiss on her, then smacks her rear as she moves into the towel that Eric is holding out for her.

“How is it you two take care of me, and somehow are usually finished before me?”

Teasing her, Eric pulls her towards him as he tells her in her ear, “Vampire secret, darling.”

Godric laughs as he turns the water off, wrapping a towel around him as he moves out of the room.  “Hurry you two.  We have people waiting on us.”

Eric kisses her neck as he moves out of the room, “Pam is only one person.  I don’t know where you get people.”

Looking in the mirror, Sookie smiles to herself as she brushes her hair.  I will never regret this life. With that thought, Sookie readies herself, listening to her two men teasing each other as they wait for her.


Compton is in severe pain. When Pam awakened this evening, she had put him back on the wall to await Godric and Eric’s punishment. He is also wishing he could catch one of the drainers eyes, but Pam had warned them that he may glamour them if they looked at him.  And for their ‘safety’ had blind folded them.

So as soon as he was wakened in the coffin, all he has heard is the two of them whining and moaning behind their gags.  He is at least glad to have the gags as he can too easily imagine what they would be saying.

Of course, he much rather not be subjected to them or their smells.  He is grateful that Eric had installed a toilet near the wheel at some time.  He can only guess how gross it would be down there if not.  And while Eric and Godric may be monsters, he is a civilized vampire and would much rather not deal with the stink of mankind.  But who knows, it may bring fond memories to the both of them.

Compton grimaces, as the pain of his wrists trying to heal and the silver burning through it.  Though it is much better than his day death; that pain had been enough to delay his death, and distract him from calling his maker to him.  But he has not called with an update to the Queen nor to his grandsire.  Someone will be looking for him.  He distracts himself from his situation as he imagines the revenge he will see visited on the Gaul and his line for what they have done.

It was to this sight that Godric and Eric make their way downstairs to Bill.  They both smirk as they look at him, knowing it would be easy to break the Civil War veteran.  But for now, they need to play a part, so that him leaving here, not totally broken, will be acceptable.  Then they will start the task of finding out what the Rattray’s know.

Eric chuckles and this causes Bill’s head to jerk up.  “So, Compton.  You want to explain to my Maker and I what you were doing last night as Sookie was attacked?  And why you didn’t defend her?” Eric moves to a table that Pam left for him, examining the paraphernalia that is on it.

And as easily as that, the true elephant in the room is exposed.  Bill backpedals as quickly as possible, “I just arrived.  She had made arrangements with me to ride with her to her place and from there we were to go to Fangtasia.”

Godric shakes his head.  “I would like to believe you, Bill.  But upon my questioning of Sookie, she mentions that she felt a vampire in the woods.  She currently believes it to be one of Eric’s guards.  But we just finished checking her guards and none were there.  We will be having words with them, of course.  But I wonder why did you not defend my Potential Child?” He is watching his child test the blades of the knives after donning the gloves needed to handle the silver.

“Maybe because these are the same drainers that attacked him the night before, Godric?”

At the sound of her voice, the three vampires snap their heads to where Sookie is coming down the stairs, dressed in white.  Pam is following her, saying in a monotone, “Sookie, stop.”

Eric glares at his child as he asks her, “I take it you couldn’t stop her?”  Then feeling his Maker’s emotions, he shakes his head, “Never mind.  Leave.” He will deal with her later.  A shopping trip with his card should do.

Sookie walks across the floor, her face showing her anger.  Bill’s hopes lift. And her next words, cement a chance of him winning against the Viking.

“Eric.  I told you before that Bill had been beaten by Denise and Mack.  He probably was having a flashback or something.  I cannot believe that he would just leave me to be severely wounded.  He was probably on his way to rescue me.”  Sookie glares at her mate. This is going to be fun, if she can only manage to not break.

Biting his tongue, Godric prevents his chuckles coming out.  He had heard how good she is at this, but seeing it in action against Eric? Priceless.

Reminding herself to tell her mates that sending her their amusement does not help her keep a straight face.  She continues, turning to Bill. “That was why you were there wasn’t it?  To help me?”  Her face looks hopeful that that is the true reason he would not rescue her.  Inside she is praying that she is pulling this off.

Bill can barely contain his glee.  “Of course, Sookie.  I had lost track of time and was on my way to you when I found them attacking you.”  I will say whatever it is needed for you to believe me, you dumb blonde.

Eric glares at Bill, but before he can say anything, Sookie had turned to him, “See?  I told you I was unsure when the void had come.  So you can release him.”  Her hand is on her hip and she is tapping her toe.

Godric clears his throat when he can feel Eric’s amusement reaching new levels.  “Sookie.  I am not convinced of this Compton’s innocence in your attack.” He looks off to the drainers, knowing if he looks at his tiny mate, he may lose it.  She is acting like one of those blonde Hollywood bimbos that she, Tara and Lafayette used to make fun of when they were younger.

Turning to him, with a flip of her hair, Sookie retorts, “And I am convinced.  You have no proof and this is America.  You cannot hold him for suspicion of not being on time.  He is innocent until proven guilty.  And if you find proof of him being guilty, please bring it to me.  Otherwise I will report to Bud that you are holding an innocent being.”  Then huffing and rolling her eyes at Eric’s sigh, “Besides I know Eric doesn’t like him personally.  So he will use any excuse to make him look bad and to punish him.” And she glares at him while sending her wishes to get this over with.  She had enjoyed her time with her mates and would like to continue doing the same if possible.  Faking an attraction to the Civil War Vampire is not what she really wishes to deal with.

Godric stares at her as he tells her, “Sookie, this is Vampire Business.  You told me yourself that you did not want to know anything more than what you needed before you were turned.  You have refused to acknowledge Eric as your Mate on the point that you feel no different to him as any other person.  But now you want to dictate how this vampire is to be handled?  You do know that you cannot form a romantic attachment to him since it would not last beyond your turning.  And as soon as the Marks appear, you will be turned and Mated, if in fact you and Eric’s Marks do not appear here shortly.” His voice and face both give away that he hopes either will happen.  It is completely truthful, only Bill not realizing exactly how truthful it is.

Huffing, Sookie tells him, “I still think you need to inspect Eric to make sure about this Mate thing.  He has been trying to get into my pants since I turned 18.  He agreed to cut back on it, and I agreed to treat him as my brother.  This has been acceptable up to now.  What has changed?”

Vamping in front of her, Eric towers over her as he tells her, “You are mine.  Godric has checked.  I agreed as long as you agreed to form no romantic attachments.  I can see you protecting Compton.  I do not like this.  So until you stay away from him, I will be enforcing my rights as your mate.”

Glaring right back at him, Sookie snaps at him, “And I don’t care.  I don’t feel anything towards you Eric!”

He smirks at her, “I will grow on you, just give me a chance, Min Karlek.”

“I’d rather have cancer.”

Godric sighs, wishing as much as Sookie is that this is over.  But he cannot deny the entertainment value in watching them snark at each other.  Thankfully, he doesn’t think that will change much, since they have done it all this time.  Their love is very evident to those that know.  But to Compton, this will feed his hope.

And that is the purpose of this isn’t it?  Godric goes back, mediating between the two, knowing that Compton is going to be released as soon as Eric gets a promise from Sookie.  This will be entertaining.

Final count, 7,103 words.


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