Chapter 9 Failed Attempts to Fly


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Huffing, Sookie tells him, “I still think you need to inspect Eric to make sure about this Mate thing.  He has been trying to get into my pants since I turned 18.  He agreed to cut back on it, and I agreed to treat him as my brother.  This has been acceptable up to now.  What has changed?”

Vamping in front of her, Eric towers over her as he tells her, “You are mine.  Godric has checked.  I agreed as long as you agreed to form no romantic attachments.  I can see you protecting Compton.  I do not like this.  So until you stay away from him, I will be enforcing my rights as your mate.”

Glaring right back at him, Sookie snaps at him, “And I don’t care.  I don’t feel anything towards you Eric!”

He smirks at her, “I will grow on you, just give me a chance, Min Karlek.”

“I’d prefer cancer.”

Godric sighs, wishing as much as Sookie is that this is over.  But he cannot deny the entertainment value in watching them snark at each other.  Thankfully, he doesn’t think that will change much, since they have done it all this time.  Their love is very evident to those that know.  But to Compton, this will feed his hope.

And that is the purpose of this isn’t it?  Godric goes back, mediating between the two, knowing that Compton is going to be released as soon as Eric gets a promise from Sookie.  This will be entertaining.


Eric won.

But only for an hour; no more, no less and Pam will keep time.  However, it is amazing what you can do to a vampire in an hour when given incentive.  And all of them have incentive to cause William Compton as much pain as they could.  Unfortunately, Sookie could not be one of his torturers.  She would have given away the whole thing with her glee.

Eric and Godric have spent the hour in a productive manner, managing to remove important items, with Eric flaunting the fact that he will not be able to do much with his cock missing.  In fact, that had been a special request of Sookie’s when they had discussed this earlier this evening.  She had actually begged her mates to remove his cock so that she wouldn’t have to worry about him being amorous with her any time soon. Especially knowing that he probably was sent to seduce her or Sophie Ann would want that pleasure.

Eric had laughed and bowed to his mate when she had asked.  “I will do as you ask, lover.” He looked up grinning with a light in his eyes.

Also laughing, Godric replied, “Since you do not ask much of us, we would be failing to not grant this one request.  But what happens when it grows back?” He arched an eyebrow at his beloved.  He as well as Eric would not deny her, they both understand why she wanted it, and they agreed.  There is no chance of rape or anything else if Bill won’t have the equipment.  No others will ever be close to even think about it.  She was THEIRS.

Frowning at them, Sookie told them, “We find another reason to cut it off.  As it is, I think you will need tweezers to find it to begin with.” The two of them had roared with laughter at that comment.  Pam had hinted to Eric the same thing, thought she never admitted why she would know that information.  Obviously she had talked with Sookie.

Hanging on the chains, Bill is in much pain, counting down the time until he will be released.  He is shocked that Sookie would go against her master and her mate for him.  It gives him much hope to win her affections.  He will just have to tell the Queen not to turn Sookie until she is much older in life.  That will at least give him some satisfaction, all the while conveniently forgetting that Godric will not give Sookie up and that the Marks can happen when she is human also.  When that happens, Eric won’t give up his mate to anyone, not even his Maker.  He will not have the choice; the Marks themselves will drive the two of them to each other.  It will literally drive them insane if they do not Mate. But right now, none of that is in Bill’s mind —in fact, he thinks the Marks are just made up— for tonight, Bill is giving up.


In a crowded room upstairs, filled with scantily clad humans and bored vampires, Sookie sits on Eric’s throne in Fangtasia.  Godric had ordered her to remain here until they were finished with Bill.  She is glaring at all when she is not reading a magazine that she had taken from Pam’s office.

At the same time, she is concentrating on her links to her mates.  She can feel their glee and the bloodlust that they are trying to hide from her.  She mentally shakes her head at her mates, it is not like she has not experienced it before.  Eric for one had wanted to make sure if he is ever caught up in it, that she would know what it felt like and what to do.  It had been a learning experience for the two of them.  They found out quickly that not only can she stand it, but even if Eric is lost in it, she is no danger from him.  His beast as he calls it, recognized her and responded to what she needed, even better than Eric sometimes can.  Godric told them it may be cause of their bonds, but was relieved to find out.

Sookie sighs as she looks around the room, monitoring the club for anyone that shouldn’t be here.   She also meets the eyes of the vampires on the floor, acknowledging their deference to her.  All the vampires in both Godric’s and Eric’s area respect and adore her.  She has worked to apprehend drainers and was willing to work with them to look over their humans.  The loyal ones are very aware of what she can do, and work with her often.  For instance tonight, while Pam is mostly downstairs timing the boys in their play time.  And during the past hour, she has found 2 underage humans, 4 drainers that Pam had marked for later, and to their surprise, a couple of FOTS members.  They had not bothered with Eric’s club before, but with the information that Godric had relayed earlier making itself known, Sookie had Pam glamour them so that they can hopefully get more from them later.  When Pam had been called upstairs, the vampires in the room had delayed whomever Sookie had indicated.  At the same time, they are all watching over the small human on their Master’s throne.

Eric had told Sookie earlier about the cell phones and how he had sent her a warning along with Sam.  Sookie had checked her phone to make sure she had not received the warnings, but showing where she had received his ‘instructions’.  He had also told her that new phones were on the way, but for now, not to send anything that may give anything away.

This made her duty of sitting here harder, since she could not text anyone to relieve her boredom.   On the other hand, after the club had closed, she will be doing a check on all the employees to make sure they are all loyal.  Well all the human ones. The vampires they just had to trust, but they have proved themselves in different ways in the past.  Except Longshadow.  Sookie had been glancing towards him, getting an uneasy feeling.

She sighs again as she glares at a male trying to crawl up to her.  The vermin all have decided that since Pam and Eric pay attention to her since the vampires came out of their coffin, that if they are kind to her, they would get the attention of the two they wish.  But all the while, they hated her with a passion that only indicated how sick they truly are.  And the hate only grows when she is shown preferred attention by all the vampires and especially the times Eric has her on stage with him.  She has no doubt that it will only be getting worse since Eric has already teased her that he will require that she sit on his lap.  When she looked at him, Godric had commented that it will get her out of working nights in Merlotte’s and may actually give her a legitable reason for quitting.   Her grin and Eric’s answering one had made Godric roll his eyes.  He had told them both to make sure they played up the fight at least.

As the man touched her shoe, she kicked at him as one of the vampires removed him.  Sookie nods at Thalia as she removes the male. Thankfully, Sookie is more than aware of the fangbangers true feelings for her and it just intensified her hate of them.  They lust over both her mates whenever they are in the building along with her sister.  Pam isn’t as anger inducing, but her mates being coveted and desired made her possessive tendencies surface.

And for anyone who doesn’t think that they are possessive, stay a week in a place where the two people you love, those same two people that you are having to wait to be fully intimate with, are desired with the full attention that the fangbangers gave them, the sick ideas that they think of constantly and the hate they spew in their minds as they sweet talk to you.  Try it, then tell that her that you wouldn’t be possessive.  And oh yeah, both her mates had to be opposites of each other, but truly beautiful in their bodies…

She smiles at Thalia as she takes a place behind Sookie.  Thalia is one of the trusted vampires that know quite a bit about the plans.  She is like Isabel is for Godric.  Pam is Eric’s second, but Thalia is his ace in the hole.  She often is one of Sookie’s guards and personally she has admitted to Eric, Godric and Sookie that she really likes Sookie.  And part of the reason she is so loyal to Eric is because he has the sense to accept the gift Sookie is from the Gods.  Eric had grinned as he kissed Sookie on her temple telling Thalia, “There is no way I wouldn’t want her no matter what.”

Sookie slumps some more in her seat, not wanting to have to do the ass kissing she will need to do with Bill when they are done with him.  At least there is no reason for him to think she will be taking him home since Godric has already made it clear that she will be staying with him the entire time he is here.


Thalia grins to herself, hidden in her hood.  She is amused at her human charge.  Thalia is older than most vampires, being one of the few who actually know what and who Godric really is.  As the head priestess of Hades before being gifted with immortality, she was charged with tracking down Sookie and guarding her.  No matter if she is human or vampire.  Thalia had accepted the task from her God and was thrilled when she became part of Eric’s retinue, and then tasked by him to guard Sookie.  She just hopes with what had happened tonight that Eric will give up this silly game and make Sookie be where she belongs, with them.  Silly of the boy to not allow her to guard Sookie in Merlotte’s.  Thankfully he and Godric learned their lesson and she is to openly guard her charge from now on.  Finally. She watches one of the waitresses walking up and uses her nose to make sure the drink is safe for her little one.  Once assured, she goes back to watching the rabble.

One of the waitresses brings her a ginger ale.  Sookie smiles at her and thanks her.  Luckily most of the waitresses have been hired by her and are made very aware of what would happen if Sookie did not like them.  Eric does not stand for anyone that works for him to be impolite to his mate.  After a couple of examples have been made of, the staff is very polite.

Looking out across the floor, Sookie doesn’t notice that she is rubbing her Mark…


Pam is gleefully watching Bill’s torture, as she comments dryly on her suggestions.  But one thing worries her.  She had noticed the night before Godric rubbing the area that the Marks are supposed to be, and she has noticed both Eric and Godric doing the same during the night.

She is happy it is getting close to time, but fuck a zombie, the timing!!!!

She glances at the stop watch she is holding tracking the time for Bill’s punishment.  She is thrilled that Sookie used her head and asked for Compton’s pencil dick from her mates.  Not only did it make it where there is no chance he could attack her sexually for awhile, but it also has been a thrill for her to pick on him until Eric ordered her reluctantly to be quiet.  She glared at her Maker but followed his order.  Pam had been hoping for the chance to make fun of Bill, she had made a judgment error when Eric had allowed her freedom for the first time, and no one but Sookie and Bill are aware of it.  In her mind, that is one person too many.  And Sookie didn’t count.

At the beginning of the torture, Bill was trying to get all he could out of Sookie’s restrictions on them torturing him.  He has lost on much since the only physical restriction she had put on them was nothing that wouldn’t grow back.  That was after a much enjoyed debate from Eric and Sookie.  The innuendoes that they both used that the four of them are aware of almost made Pam lose it.  But Billy boy believes that Sookie is an innocent and that she is an idiot.

The much anticipated ending is one that Godric had deemed necessary.  Bill is to lose his fangs.  And this is why Pam is watching the time so carefully.  No one wanted the time to get away from them and them not to be able to take something that would further the young vampires shame.

Godric’s fangs are down as well as Eric’s.  They have gotten slightly lost in the bloodlust and are using Bill to sate it.  Neither of the Rattray’s would survive it when they got to their fun, and they have important information to share with them.  So Bill is the one they will lose it with, so when Sookie comes back they could be under more control.   Not that their Mate would think anything different of either of them.  Eric had taken care of that worry in the past.

Currently Eric is using a thin flaying silver knife to remove the skin from muscle in a design from Bill’s chest as they wait for him to answer the most recent question.  Godric is getting the liquid silver paint ready for his Mate’s gifted use.

Eric has made quite a few paintings along with woodworking.  Often he combines his artistry in making frames for the paintings he has done.  The effects of the two have made for some beautiful pieces that Godric is proud to display in his homes and his office.  They are also displayed in their homes also.  The one Eric had done of Sookie is in the main resting places of them both.  Eric has done one each year on their anniversary of them meeting.

Sookie has one of both Godric and Eric.  Jason had teased his sister that she had gotten the short end of the stick since neither man changes.  But Sookie reminded Jason that at one time, Eric had long hair.  It is short again, per her request, but Eric had mentioned growing it out per Pam’s request.  Sookie had sighed and agreed with the restriction that she get a self portrait of him in his Viking clothing.  Eric had agreed laughing. Godric has refused to ever having long hair again.  But Sookie has spoken about letting his hair be a little longer, enough for her to tug…

Eric steps away as cocks his head to the side. “I think this will work, Godric.  Now do you think we should yank his fangs out now, since Compton doesn’t want to spill any more information, or wait?  Either way, we will need to do something about the bleeding.  It will mess up the work of art I am attempting.” There is a glint of mischief in his eyes.  Eric is enjoying himself immensely.

Chuckling, Godric looks back to Pam, “Where are we with time, Pamela?”

She looks down and grins, “Fifteen minutes, Masters.”

Looking back at Compton, Godric taps his chin.  “I think we should pull them now.  Then allow the blood to flow to be able to use it to enhance your work of art, my son.  Would you need any colors to be mixed with the silver?”  His eyes too start to gleam with anticipation, knowing why his Mate is wanting to yank the fangs.

Eric gets an evil look on his face, “No, Master.  I think the blood mixing with the silver will give it just the right look. I am glad you thought of it.  It will be unique work of art.  Pamela will need to get a photo of the end result.”

Bill’s eyes are widening during this and he argues weakly, “Sookie will be mad!”

Eric moves close to Bill, “I bartered with her for this hour.  She knows very well about deals with vampires, Compton.  Godric and I have taught her what she needs to know now.” His eyes are searching as he cocks his head to the side slightly, working out how he will want the final work to look like.

Not backing down, truly believing that he is protected, Bill proclaims, “I have noticed you have not told her everything.”

Godric growls at the insolence of the vampire hanging in front of them.  “As her potential Maker, I reserve the right to teach her as I wish.  She needs not be more knowledgeable about our world than what she is right now.  I don’t want her scared.”

Neither Eric nor Godric give any indication that Sookie has been thoroughly taught what she needs to know.  And they both have made her very aware of their world, not wanting their mate to be surprised.  As Godric had taught them both, knowledge is everything.

Eric moves to the table and grabs the utensils he had specially made for removing fangs.  Both Eric and Godric have on gloves to protect themselves against the silver, as well as leather coverings over their clothing.  They would not want any of the paint or blood to splatter on them; Sookie will be upset if they ruined more clothing that way.

Bill’s eyes widen as he sees what is in Eric’s hands.  The device has been duplicated many times, Eric being applauded for making it.  It has clamps that snap the vampire’s jaws to be open as far as they can, while pressure being put on the top of the mouth to make the fangs extend down to the holes made for them.  The holes are a standard size, and as fangs are very sensitive, any who don’t match the size of the premade holes, also have to suffer the pain of them being forced through a smaller hole. This happens often since most fangs are not straight and the holes force them that way.  Then the vampire operating the contraption can use the trigger mechanism to clamp down on the fangs and then once the trigger is released, the fangs are pulled out at the same speed, as fast or slow as the user wishes.  The whole thing is made of silver of course, to make it more painful.

Eric smirks as he uses the contraption.  He ignores Bill’s screams as the clamps snap his jaw open and force his fangs through the holes.  He looks at Godric. “Would you like to do the honor, Master?”

Godric smiles.  “Go right ahead, my child.  I will be taking Sookie out afterwards, and don’t want to worry about anything more than opening my jacket.”

With this information, Eric precedes to remove Bill’s fangs.  He would take more time, but he is looking forward to his painting.

Bill pants, his voice almost gone from the screaming.  His mind is starting to work more on getting out of here, not on how long it has been, nor that he is on a mission that could end up being his true death if he lets the vampires in front of him know anything about it.

Eric pockets the fangs, so that he can give them to Sookie when she comes down.  It will make her angry, but in reality, she will know it for the honor it is.  Vampire fangs are very rare and usually only taken on the field of death, or under punishment. It has only been with the invention of True Blood and other synthetics that allow the vampire that have gone under such punishment a chance not to starve.  It had been in the spirit of keeping the secret that had caused this punishment to be rare, and often combined with being chained inside a silver coffin.   The fangs being given to someone else is a sign of great favor from the giver, often only being a gift between Mates.  Not even Makers are given this gift.

Eric grins at Godric as Godric gives him the silver and paintbrush.  They both know that Bill is only moments away from spilling everything.  They don’t need it, but it would help if they get some confirmation. Knowledge is power.

Bill throws back his head in pain and screams as Eric starts painting him.  The scream from him is enough to make the Rattray’s tremble from where they are.  Even the vampires upstairs grin as they hear the scream through the soundproofing.  It is just proof that not all can be hidden from them.  Nor does Eric want anyone to ever question that he has gone soft.

In the next ten minutes as Eric creates a masterpiece on Bill; Pam, Eric and Godric are treated with every plan that Bill has involving Sookie.  Some of it surprises them, but not much.

Unfortunately for the trio, Pam says quietly, “Time.”


Eric backs away from Bill’s body as the door opens from the bar.  Sookie’s heels descend the stairs, as Eric and Godric turn to clean up.  Bill is passed out and they know Sookie will need a minute to take in what they have done. They both quickly remove the protective coverings from themselves and clean their faces.

Thalia is following Sookie when she stops, her mouth dropping open as she takes in Bill.  She can see what her mates have put him though and looks at the two of them.   Eric is beside her in a second, his mouth by her ear. “He has admitted to everything, min alskare.   You will need to be careful, but we have removed his cock and fangs.” He stands there, monitoring their bond to make sure she is okay.

When Sookie nods her head to him, Eric vamps to stand in front of Godric.  Pam is walking to Bill and looks up at her sister.  In her hands is a bucket of water with silver colloidal mixed with the water.  When she receives her nod, she swirls the bucket once to make sure the silver is mixed in then throws it on Bill.

Taking a breath, Sookie screams and turns her head into Godric who has moved to her side.  She is shaking in his arms, as he soothes her.  Bill had reacted to the water by screaming and his whole body is smoking.  He looks up wearily at Sookie as Godric brings her down the stairs, her vigilant guard following her closely.

Nodding to Thalia, Eric walks up to his Mate and holds out Bill’s fangs.  “My dear Mate, I give you proof of his punishment and my favor.” He is staring into her eyes as he sends her his love and adoration, and she sends back her pride and acceptance for the gift.

Outwardly Sookie shakes her head as she takes a step back from him in mistaken horror.   But before she can say anything, Godric tells her, “You have to accept, Sookie.  Take them, then go upstairs to wait.  You see we are done, and you will see him in a few minutes.  Then we will talk.”

Disgust plain on her face, Sookie accepts the fangs from Eric and moves back up the stairs with Thalia in close attendance.  When she slams the door, Eric turns back to Bill with a smirk on his face.  “Billy boy, you may as well give it up.  Once she is turned or even if the Marks show up sooner, there will be no denying me.  She is MINE!” His smirk widens as he stares at the male who thinks he can challenge him or his Maker over their Mate.

Bill coughs and hangs his head down.  He is done.  He has never been tortured like this before and is finding it hard to believe it was only an hour long.  But he isn’t going to fight anymore tonight.  Tonight he will go home to lick his wounds and tomorrow he will try to gain Sookie’s sympathy.

Eric is gleeful as they clean up.  Sookie really is his and Godric’s.  Being able to take some of the aggression from Bill’s attack on their mate out on him was gratifying.  However, the fact that the whole confession was recorded from the beginning is what Sookie would call the icing on the cake.  They have everything they need to take Louisiana from its bitch of a queen.


Sookie looks up, her eyes red as though she had been crying as Pam and Longshadow bring Bill through.  Godric is following them and when Sookie starts to get up, he vamps to her and tells her, “The deal you made with Eric will be followed.  You gave yourself to be with both of us for the rest of the night in return to only torturing Bill for one hour.”  He stares at her, his expression making it clear that there will be no backing down.

Sookie shakes her head and reminds her Maker, “And nothing to remove my status as a virgin.”

Coming into his office at the heels of that statement, Eric comments lazily, “Not to worry, my Sookie.  I will relieve you of that status when you come to me willingly. One way or another.” His grin makes it clear he has no doubt that she will be coming to him.

Turning to face at him, Sookie spits out at him, “If you are right about the mating, there is little willingly done about that.  Godric taught me it will be instinctual.  At least I get to wait until I’m a vampire.” She lifts her head as though she is making a point.

Eric moves to stand in front of her as Godric moves behind her.  He cups her face and tells her, “Oh my little one, if the Marks appear before then, you will be Mated.  And you will enjoy everything I do to you, the Mark will ensure that.  I cannot wait until you are under me, and I will be the one to relieve you of your virginity.”  Then he smirks, “It sure won’t be Compton for awhile, I’ve taken special care to make sure.”

Sookie gasps as though she is horrified and shuts her eyes, since Eric won’t let her face go.

Chuckling, Eric caresses her face as he looks past her at Compton. “You will stay away from her unless ordered otherwise.  If I or Godric ever find the conclusive evidence that Sookie has demanded, you will be brought back to be tortured as long as I wish.  Pam and Longshadow will make sure you reach your light tight abode for the night.”

Eric takes Sookie’s face and turns it to him as he lowers his mouth to her ear, “I am eagerly awaiting our time for tonight.  Unfortunately, we have to go downstairs to see what you can get out of the drainers as per our agreement.” He kisses the skin below her ear, then drops his hands, one capturing her hand to pull her behind him.

“Eric!! Let go of me!” Sookie yells, as though she is exasperated with his handling of her.

When she glances back at Godric for help, he tells her, “Remember, I fully approve of my Children being mated to each other.  Makes life easier for me.  Plus this amuses me.  I may have been too lenient with you, my Child.” He chuckles as he and Thalia follow Eric and Sookie to the basement.

Her cries for help are drowned out as the three vampires take her down for the torture of the Rattrays and then completely silenced once the door closes on Sookie’s fate.

Final count, 5,004 words.


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  1. Lisa Kisner

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