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Here is the character list for In The End.

The Horns are called the Horns of Odin and is important in Nordic symbology.  The Ravens are actually been dated back to Gallic times as being the companions of Death.  It is also symbolic of something to come.  Sookie’s is indicative of her Fae background (celtic) and is called the Fox knot, Foxes being held as the carriers of wisdom.   I loved the rest of the design but since Fae don’t use Ravens in a positive manner, there were no symbols with them involved that held aspects of Eric’s.  How each are is also very important to their person.  Hint:  The Foxes aka Ravens come from inside of Sookie’s circle but surround her Mark.  Eric’s horns are pulled apart but are protecting the heart of the Mark the ‘eyes’ of the knot looking inside…


Our Trio



His mark has ravens instead of Dragons.  This is how it appears at first.  The Ravens are the Mark of Godric.  Sookie’s will be last, and hers will encircle the horns.


Godric’s comes in stages.  The ravens are first, then comes the marks on the circle, then Sookie’s circle is last.


Her Mark is complete.  The only change to this is the foxes are Ravens flying in the same formations. Eric’s is the work inside the mark, it is a reminder of the intricate knot, but also how it surrounds the middle.

The Nest

Pamela Ravenscroft ITE_edited-3


Adele Stackhouse_edited-1

Jason Stackhouse ITE_edited-1


Lafayette Reynolds ITE_edited-2

Sam Merlotte ITE_edited-2

Thalia ITE_edited-2

Amelia ITE_edited-3

Leigh ITE_edited-1




Niall ITE_edited-2

Desmond Cataliades ITE_edited-1

Bobby Burnham ITE_edited-4











Unknown Characters

talbot-ite_edited-1 russell-ite_edited-1 mordred-ite_edited-1 michelle-trachtenberry-ite_edited-2 matt-egan-aka_edited-1 freya-ite_edited-1


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  1. valady1

    Ian is NIall…I’m in fae heaven….what a perfect choice for beauty with a serious edge of danger..

    • kittyinaz

      i thought so to. And since I know him in VD, I think I can catch his wittyiness to do him credit. I needed someone like him… lol

  2. My Universe

    so…its my old standby…but is Chris our Andre???

    • kittyinaz

      Yes. I hope u agree with my choice for the QSA’s darling boy.

      • My Universe

        I hadn’t realized I’d gotten it right until I saw your latest post! I think he fits very well as Andre! Great choice.

  3. My Universe

    Is Scarlett going to be our Claudine???? Seems to fit.

    • My Universe

      Oh, and if she’s Claudine, then maybe Levy is Claude????

      • kittyinaz

        Nope. All characters that have been introduced by TB are the actors from there. But anyone NOT introduced yet is fair game. Just saying.

  4. Nicole W

    Could we be getting a Victor/ Felipe plot in time??? Hmmmm.

  5. My Universe

    You have no idea how much time I’ve spent staring at these pics and trying to figure out who the new adds are…especially with the comment about anyone not showing on TB be far game. LOL

    I swear I can only see Scarlett as a Fairy for some reason, but the only female fairy that I don’t think has been on TB is Claudette.

    The two guys are killing me too. I do think that maybe they are Filipe and Victor, but maybe that’s too obvious. Maybe Levy is Dillion?

    Argh….I just can’t stop thinking about it!

    (PS…it is kinda fun though)

    • kittyinaz

      I sent you an email comment since I would have given too much away by answering you here……………………… And just for fun, I added another Character to drive you nuts.

      • My Universe

        Saw your email. Sorry I didn’t get to reply sooner. I still have no idea who Scarlett is but I guess I’ll wait and see (unless it suddenly comes to me. lol)

        btw – love the choice for Desmond.

        • kittyinaz

          hehehe He just seemed perfect when I was looking through actors. I really did google actors and looked thru them all. That is also how I got Bobby. Hugh Laurie has such wit that it will go with my Bobby.

  6. theladykt

    I see Ian better as hades. I always picture Niall as older with blonde or silver hair. Like a grandpa. Great choices though

    • kittyinaz

      Niall has a purpose in this story. I know most people see him as a grandpa, but in my story he is something different. It is huge, and I needed a puck like character who could be a bad guy if needed. Ian plays that to a ‘T’.

      Also Hades was voted on. He is what the readers voted as who they wanted as Hades… 😉

  7. Rosemary

    Scarlett is Erics momma???????????????????

  8. Rosemary

    Sorry I forgot to tell you How much I love you and this story

  9. nicomell

    Lachesis is played by?? Michelle or Scarlet? Or another option?

    • Kittyinaz

      Lachesis is not in this one…. So it will be neither.

  10. kleannhouse

    those are awesome character banners.


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