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What if two people make a wish at the same exact second, and at that second, is between life and death.  What if that wish was granted and they find themselves with the chance to make it all right, to fix everything that had happened.  This is that Chance.

This came to me from the video of the week posted by Eric and Sookie  (11/10/13).  This inspired this when I was sitting down to do some editing to allow myself to sleep.  It won’t be posted for awhile, I want to get it finished or close.  But I have written enough to get me started.





Chapter 1 – What If

Chapter 2 – I Said the Past is Dead

Chapter 3 – Five Card Poker

Chapter 4 – I Just Wanna Wrap You Up

Chapter 5 – I’ve Been Awakened

Chapter 6 – I Belong to You

Chapter 7 – Two Lovers Dreaming of Forever

Chapter 8 – An Angel to Chase the Devil at Night

Chapter 9 – Every Breath is a Second Chance

Chapter 10: – Gonna Have a Devil To Pay

Chapter 11 – You Held Me Down, But I Got Back Up

Chapter 12 – Set Me on Fire

Chapter 13 – On His Face is a Map of The World

Chapter 14 – I’m Not Perfect

Chapter 15 – I Give Her Hope

Chapter 16 – Kingdom Come

Chapter 17 – Beyond the Edge of Night

Chapter 18 – My Heart is Singing

Chapter 19 – Across the Sea of Years

Chapter 20 – Nights Move Fast

Chapter 21 – Flow Like a River

Chapter 22 – Together We’d Stand Forever

Chapter 23 – In Your Perfect Eyes

Chapter 24 – The Stars Light the Road

Chapter 25 – You Set My Soul Alight


  1. msbuffy

    Looking forward to reading this whenever you’re ready to post it.

  2. cela whitney

    I am SO looking forward to this! this is the most amazing video, I am sure the story will be just as lovely.

  3. thevolturirule

    can not wait for this story so looking forward to it

  4. gwynwyvar

    This sounds intriguing!
    Look forward to reading it 🙂

  5. gyllene

    Looking forward to reading this.

  6. Dinah

    Can’t wait for you to start posting this. I know this will be good because all of your stories are. I’m a big fan of your writing. I hope your mother gets better soon I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  7. georgiasuzy

    I like this idea and I’m following so I’ll get notified when you start posting. Cheers!

  8. kinnik

    Can’t wait!

  9. MissVicki

    Great vid. Can see how that could inspire!

  10. ericluver

    Can’t wait. Looking forward to the new story 🙂

  11. Shalonda

    Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. You have officially saved me.!!!!! I now have something worth looking forward to. As many of us have seen….the writers of the show have let us down…again. You have my true blood experience beyond better. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  12. lovestoread1735

    I love it I have always loved Godric. I stopped watching after Godric met the sun.
    I Love Godric/Sookie/Eric stories

  13. kleannhouse

    awesome, looking froward to reading this one KY

  14. danceofflame

    Love this fic! But Chapter 10 doesn’t seem to be working?

  15. kara

    Can’t wait

  16. brenda

    Love the story, can’t wait for the rest of the chapters

  17. Laurie

    Love it! Actually I love all your work. Can’t wait for the rest of the TB stories.

  18. ldyjulanna

    I read another story somewhere that I loved in which Godric’s sir name was Nervii It was called ethereal Redemption was this your work as well? I do not recall a Sir name from the show….

    • Kittyinaz

      I know who you speak of, and I think I started mine first, but either way, it is a common last name in the fandom.

      It is what his tribe was called, so he could use it as the last name.

      Thanks for commenting.

  19. Shan Cooper

    With Nelson Ellis’s passing!! I forced myself to finish the last season!! It was and still is one of my favorite shows!! I was so heartbroken when Bill wanted to kill himself, but you opened my eyes, lol!! It like twilight all over again!! You took something wacky, and turned it into gold!!


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