Chapter 10 Gonna Have A Devil To Pay

Chapter 10 AIW

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Unfortunately for Compton, his scent is easy to separate from the house’s smell, and Godric is soon tracking him through the house.

He finds the file on his Mate easily, and shakes his head at the ease in finding it. Because of that, he searches out everywhere he can smell the veteran. When he ends up in the attic, he stares at the wall full of pictures of his Mate. A lot of them show how close he has been to his Sookie. Godric’s snarl rings out through the house and scares the birds out of the trees in the area around him.

No, it is not a good time to be William Compton.


William Compton, one time farmer and plantation owner, had built the home he moved in to recently with his bare hands for his wife and children. He had been a supporter of the Confederate States, going so far as to go to war for his beliefs, only to find when he was coming home that all of it had been taken away from him because a vampire decided that she would keep him.

Now here he was being transported to Fangtasia because of a stupid rule. He sneers in the direction of Pamela, knowing that he will have to suffer for his Queen because of his mission.

But the mission! He had been disgusted at first to find out that he was being sent to his home. He quite enjoyed the life in the Queen’s palace, but he had been sent back to BFE to procure a new human for her. He had been close to refusing, until he heard the details of the human. She had been reported to be telepathic. As far as he knew, there were only a couple of species that were telepathic. His King would be highly interested to gain any one of them for himself.

So, he had agreed and left the palace after a fuck and feed with the Queen’s favorite, part of his reward for the mission. He had left to gather as much information on Sookie Stackhouse as he could. Bill had been in the town for a couple of weeks, long enough to glamour people and to have them tell him of how crazy Sookie is, but he had read between the lines and realized that she truly is telepathic.

He had found some other odd items – like Sookie has never been to a hospital in her entire life for herself. She was born at home, and from then on, never needed a doctor so there was no blood type listed for her as well as other normal medical facts on people.

The one time she had been in the hospital was for her aunt, and she had not been able to stay a long time. By the time she had left, she had looked miserable. The townsfolk had thought it was because of her aunt dying, but Bill was willing to bet it had been the pain of being around so many sick, hurt and dying people.

He had learned that when she was young, she had won a spelling bee. Thinking on it, of course it would be easy for her to win, the words would have been in the people’s minds. But she had never done anything remotely close to that again.

Everything else he had found out indicated that she is simple. As far as he can tell, she has used her telepathy so much in her life that there was no way she would be intelligent. She also has a temper to rival her brothers.

Then Bill had smelled her one night when her windows had been open, and that had been it. Even now, he can feel himself harden as he remembers the scent of the woman. He had been working on showing himself in a manner that would capture her interest. Tonight’s plan was to allow her to be beat almost to death, then he could become her knight in shining armor. By giving her his blood, he’d heal her and be able to control her.

Bill had planned to keep her here until she was completely under his sway. He grinned inside, careful not to give anything away as he had planned to take that sweet innocence away from Sookie.

The Queen wanted her telepath, and she had planned to bond her, then eventually turn her. But, she was going to ‘allow’ Sookie to be with Bill as a reward for coming to New Orleans and being part of her court.

Bill would slowly ruin that innocence until she was as bad as her cousin, allowing anyone and everyone to have her.

The only exceptions were Eric Northman and his Maker. Bill had no idea why it had been imperative for him to keep far from them. To have found Godric with her scent had been alarming.

Sookie had been in her bed two nights ago. Knowing it took three exchanges and those needing to be a day for each exchange, there is no way Eric had Bonded and Mated Sookie. However, to have her missing yesterday did not bode well. The shifter had been no help either on where she had been. He had planned to talk to her today, but when he had appeared at the farmhouse, Sookie had not been there. As it was, the fact that she had told the Shifter she had a new job was not good. This is a woman who doesn’t change much.

Bill had been getting ready to go over and find out what he could from Adele. She had been surprisingly easy to glamour, and she had confirmed that Sookie is telepathic. The only thing was, there was a strong block in her mind to what Sookie really is. Her answers were more robotic than normal, only repeating “Human” each and every time.

This had made him dig, his glamouring being one of his gifts. His strength being another one. But, no matter how he tried to get around that block, he never got any more from Adele.

Sookie’s brother had been a piece of relief in this damn town. He had tried Adele for a drink, but she had normal human blood. However, Jason Stackhouse was like his cousin. He could be glamoured never to let Sookie have a chance of knowing what he is up to. Bill had soon decided that he would be his feed and fuck. Knowing that the young man did not swing that way made it even more enjoyable.

But now.

Now he is wondering what will become of him, and he is curious as to whom Eric’s Bonded and Mate could be. It will make waves in their world, he being one of the oldest around. It surely won’t take long for them all to know who it is. With Eric being who he is, the human will be turned in one way or the other. Eric was not known to be gentle with his fuck and feeds. And even if it is true that the fucker had actually met his Mate, well, Bill was sure that he wouldn’t change that much from the man he had met when he was younger.

To distract himself from thinking of unfavorable thoughts, he thinks back to Sookie and the nights he had spent outside her window masturbating to her scent. There had even been the times he had glamoured Jason to meet him there and had him silenced as he fucked her brother under her window. Those had been the nights. Even now he felt the hunger for Jason and Sookie. He had thought of trying to get Jason to come with them and present a full set to the Queen. Sometimes she likes to be fucked by a male, and this would satisfy her. Truly the only one who had satisfied him this much was Hadley.

He then grins as his plan is already being acted on. One way or the other he would have Sookie Stackhouse. His research on her shows that she is very loyal to her family. So he has arranged to have a murderer continue his spree in their hometown and ensure that Jason will be blamed for the murders.

Bill will have the murderer eventually come after her and by that time, Jason would have built a reputation of being out of control and it will be up to Bill to rescue Sookie and have the real killer be exposed.

It would not take much for him to glamour Jason to do any of it, and him being so subtle about the glamouring, after taking in consideration his sister’s mind reading skills, had covered his glamour. It is possible, but since there is no reason really to do it, no one bothers. Wanting to make sure that his glamour was fool proof, Bill had learned how. Now he is glad he had, since there is no way for Sookie to read what he has done to her brother. Plus the boy is known for being an idiot.

It had surprised Bill that Jason was actually just lazy. He had a mind that many would have used to further themselves in life, instead, he used it to get all the pussy he wants and being the big boy in the small town.

Before he can think any more on it, the van jerks to a stop, and the back doors open. Bill looks up as Godric is there, and there is pure rage on his face. Not understanding what had happened with the vampire nicknamed Death to make him so angry, Bill is confused. There had not been enough time for the ancient vampire to find his wall. It is the only thing he could imagine would piss the ancient vampire off. Since he was always protective of Eric, he wouldn’t like that wall…

Godric roughly grabs him and soon has him in the basement of Fangtasia, chained to a wall with silver that is not wrapped.

Without saying a word, the vampire disappears from the room. Then, after a short wait, the door is thrown open, and there are four footsteps coming down the stairs.

Right before they came into sight, Bill catches the scent of the woman he had been thinking of, and is shocked to see the change in her, the color of her eyes, and her body is much curvier. Then he caught the tones to it, smelling Eric and Godric on her.

He couldn’t help the snarl that escapes him, but before he could say a word, Sookie is in front of him, slapping him hard enough to make his head rock to the side. When his fangs drop, Eric and Godric are right beside her.

Sookie gives him a look of hatred, and says in a dark voice to him, “How fucking dare you!”

From the snarls, he is guessing he knows now who Eric’s Mate is, and that they had found the wall…

Final Count: 1, 870 words

Fairfarren ~

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