Chapter 11 You Held Me Down, But I Got Back Up

Chapter 11 AIW

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He couldn’t help the snarl that escapes him, but before he could say a word, Sookie is in front of him, slapping him hard enough to make his head rock to the side. When his fangs drop, Eric and Godric are right beside her.

Sookie gives him a look of hatred, and says in a dark voice to him, “How fucking dare you!”

From the snarls, he is guessing he knows now who Eric’s mate is, and that they had found the wall…


Eric and Sookie soon make it out of their room, well, soon being a relative word. They had showered, but Eric found himself needing to make sure she smelled of him, not that Sookie complained about the way he turned their shower into a better memory of their first instance of shower sex.

In her mind, there is nothing better than for her vampire to hold her up with one hand while her back is against the wall and he is lazily thrusting in her, their mouths more interested in each other. Her hands roam his perfect body, and the sounds he is making let her know he appreciates it.

His other hand is also roaming her body, tugging at her nipples, caressing the rest, until he finally grabs her hair. Every time he does it, a thrill runs through her body. It is possessive, though not in a Vampire kind of ‘Mine’, but in a human male’s claim on his woman.

Only when they both got close, did Eric move any faster. Sookie is completely dependent on his movements, not able to move her own body, but she doesn’t mind. Who would mind a tall Viking who instead of pillaging his way, is making love to her?

After they both cum, he nuzzles into her neck, content to listen to the shower beating down around them and her heartbeat. She is also content being in his arms, feeling his emotions as he nuzzles her, loving her. Then they both jolt as they feel white hot rage pour through them.

Eric growls out, “Godric.” His rage grows as Godric’s does. For the vampire rarely got this mad normally, and to have him this angry means it has to do with one of his Children, or his Mate.

Reacting to the anger from them both, Sookie quickly rinses off and jumps out of the shower to find him there holding a towel for her, his body already dry. “Godric is angry? What could have set him off like that?” She is worried, since she cannot see the gentle vampire being easy to anger.

By the time she has dried herself off, Eric is coming back in the room fully dressed, and holding out some clothing for her. She smiles at him as she pulls on the jeans and the red halter top. She can feel Eric doing something with her hair but truly doesn’t care as she is worried about Godric.

The situations that could be responsible are running rampart in her head to the point she can feel panic starting to creep up on her. Sookie finally asks Eric when he is done with her hair, while slipping on the red pumps he had brought for her, “Is he hurt?”

Instead of Eric’s voice answering her, she hears, “No, a mo stóirin. (My Darling) I am not hurt.” And with that Godric walks up to them. Since he needs to calm the beast inside of him, he takes Sookie into his arms, only sighing in relief as he holds her. Then when Eric come by and lays a hand on the two of them, the memories catch up.

Godric is the one who catches their petite Mate and he growls. “I want to know how we can make her better prepared for that transfer!” He is frustrated from everything, but it makes him upset that she faints from their touch.

Eric is also shaking his head, and he takes his Mate from his Maker’s arms and sits them on the bed as they wait out until she wakens.

Needing to work off some of the sheer need to get revenge, Godric is pacing. He is so angry, and he finally asks, “Did you see?”

Nodding his head, Eric just shakes his in disgust. “Everything as well as you thought that maybe there is more to the Stackhouses than we thought. “

Grinding his teeth, he clenches and unclenches his fists as his eyes also are black with his rage. “A fucking wall, Eric. And the pictures on that wall are not ones you get from normal surveillance. I even left and went to her place and asked Adele to remember any previous Glamouring. Bill has glamoured almost everyone in town, and done it making sure he has covered himself in case Sookie looks. Worst of all, since he couldn’t have Sookie, I am gathering he took her brother many times. A lot of the so-called booty calls that Jason was on, were in fact being Bill’s fuck and feed. I smelled him! Under her window with her own brother!” He is growling, his voice not screaming, only because he didn’t want his Mate to be upset from waking to him doing so.

Eric is vibrating with hatred and wondered if this was the same as it was in the previous timeline. “Bill had always been somewhat odd, but even that I couldn’t believe. Or rather didn’t want to think about. Who would want to imagine something with the man who had the woman whom you loved in his thrall? I want to know if somehow he had managed to glamour her if he was that powerful.”

Godric shakes his head immediately. “She didn’t react to any of it. That is in the mind, and it would have transferred. But not having his blood would explain it. If he can do this with normal Glamouring, well, with a Blood Tie like that, he can manipulate as finely as a glamour. Tell me, who was more in control in the beginning, did she seem to grow more attached to him as time went on as he gave her blood?” He already knows the answers, but Eric needs to think through this on his own.

Thinking back through it, Eric can see what his Maker already has. “You know it did. I knew she was in love with me, but him giving her blood so many times muddled everything up. And I didn’t know he gave her blood again after we started to bond! But to find that Sookie only knew it from Alcide’s memories and how her body tried to reject it…” They both knew there was no way that the Vampire had missed the smell of a bond starting.

Remembering that time with a growl, Godric nods. “Because you started the Blood Bond and you are also her Mate. Her body didn’t want it. But he probably compelled her through the blood in her already to take his. He knew that she was falling for you, that he was losing his blood bag. His asset. He was in love alright, but with her blood.” He is shaking his head at the pain that his two Mates went through and so much of it can be traced back to William Compton.

A low growl comes out of both of them as they consider that timeline and how much had gone wrong, but then Eric muses, “As much as things went wrong, we still found each other. I wonder if something was trying to fuck us up. So many times we were close, but then something always seemed to happen to separate us.” He can’t stop the idea from being in his head… something just seemed to always mess it up. It was like a group of bad writers got together and refused to allow them to have a happy ending.

Godric nods but he is now paying more attention to his little Mate. “Eric, we need to find out what we can do. It is way too convenient to not be able to pass information to each other with a touch, but we cannot have her being knocked out. There is no way I want to refrain from touching the two of you. I literally cannot do it. Just like when I came in, I had to have her in my arms, to reassure myself that she is fine.” He trembles, his inner beast surging to the front as it remembers the need to have its Mate safe. Safe is his arms, or Eric’s.

And that makes him pause. He can feel that the beast is ok with Eric holding her, somehow knowing she is safe in his arms, as safe as his. Are they Mates? Then his earlier thought comes back. Does it matter? He is fine with Eric and Sookie being Mates, his own beast and soul is calling for them. And while it needs Sookie, it also has no issues with Eric. He already knows from his reactions to Bill, he has no patience or tolerance with another man with his Mate. But Eric?

Eric is watching his Maker, feeling him debating himself. He has no idea what is going on, but all he feels is the steady love that his Maker has for him, and the growing love for their Mate. He is also maintaining a bead on his Mate, waiting for anything to show that she is coming to.

He finally brings up the only answer he can think of, “If you didn’t know anything about the memory transfer, should we call the Doctor? Or do you have other sources that may have an answer to this mystery? I, like you, don’t want her collapsing each time we touch her at the same time. To be frank, I am looking forward to the first time we can both be with her. In fact, I am going to talk to her about it, and see if I can prepare her some.”

Weary with his worry, Godric washes his face with his hands. “I will check with Roman and see if there is anything he knows. If not, we will call in the Halfling. I am guessing, that once we both Bond to her, it might stop the blackouts. She already is changing in her scent and looks, I can see more of the Fae in her now than I saw before, even in your memories.”

Eric nods, his own eyes tracking the minute differences even since he had her earlier in the shower. She is becoming…more. There is no other explanation, she has a glow that lights her up from the inside, and her beauty is more obvious. There were changes going on in her face and body, but slightly at this time. It may not be what is thought to be popular nowadays, but for both Godric and he, she is perfect. He finally mentions out loud, “Also, ask about the eye color. Her eyes were my shade, I wonder if it is a change because of the Fae or if it is cause of the Mating Bond being completed with us. If it is the later, then it will be interesting what the mix of eye colors will be…”

Godric can’t help but smirk at the thought of his Mate having a trait of his. Then he and Eric both stop talking as they feel her coming back to them.

Rubbing her eyes, as she feels Eric support her as she sits up, “What happened?”

Godric reaches out and holds her hand, hoping that nothing happens, but even then is a rush as he feels Eric’s thoughts come in. He sighs. “It looks like any time we three touch, everything is exchanged. Even the short time between the last exchanges caused another one. But we can’t have you blacking out, nor can either of us not touch you.”

Shaking her head in horror, Sookie immediately tells them both, “No! Never!”

They both reassure her that they won’t but Eric tells her bluntly, “We can’t have you passing out if the two of us happen to touch you or even the other when one of us is touching you. Something needs to be done, lover.” He is calm, but there is a layer of worry under his words.

Thinking on it, Sookie remembers what happened last time, and she tells them, “Both of your ideas are good, but if I am remembering Godric’s recall, we have a vampire in the basement of Fangtasia that both of us want a piece of. I cannot believe he has been with my brother!!!” Tears are in her eyes as she thinks of the shame Jason would be feeling if he could recall it. And then she wonders if that is why he started to hate vampires…

Since they were all touching, Godric and Eric are shocked. They can hear her thoughts… Eric finally asks, ‘Sookie?’

She looks to him, “Yes?”

Godric slowly begins to smile, and Eric along with him. “We can hear you, and you can hear us when we touch.”

Sookie’s eyes grew huge and she started to shake her head, “No! I-No!”

Pulling her towards himself, Godric cradles her head between his hands, looks deeply in her blue eyes, and thinks, ‘Sookie. Stop. You don’t hear everything, and I bet it is because you are not wanting to. This is not your nightmare in person. I am thinking to you. You can hear me. WE- the three of us- will find out more, and I bet that we can regulate it. Calm down. Please. You are making both of us worry. Would you like us to sit here worrying, or would you like to do something about Bill?’

She stares into his eyes, and then Godric lets go of her, and tells her verbally, “It only happens when the three of us touch. I don’t think it will be a problem, though it would be a great benefit if this could be expanded on. Think on it, a stoirin, if I can hear your thoughts while sitting in court, no one will ever know about your ability. This is something I greatly desire, limiting the knowledge of it will help us hinder greedy ones. Also, you are turning more Fae. This will cause enough issues alone, but I will never give you up, nor keep you hidden. Who all knows the abilities that can happen when two ancient vampires Mate and Bond with a Fae? Telepathy would be the last thought on people’s minds.” His mind is running with all the possibilities.

Eric nods. “We just need to know who all Hadley has told about you, as well as the Queen and Compton.”

Closing her eyes, Sookie calms down, then takes a deep breath. “Let’s deal with Bill, then we can see from there where to go. Maybe he can also answer the questions Godric and Roman have about Sophie Anne’s children.” Then she turns to Godric, pleading with him, “Can you first call Roman and see if he can find anything? I want to know what we can expect and so on.”

Godric finds himself nodding, needing to please his Mate, and he notices Eric’s smirk at him. “Of course.” He puts a hand to her face, and examining it, he smiles and leans forward to kiss her cheek. “Get a jacket, a stoirin, we fly tonight.”

She gulps, but nods, watching him leave.

Eric grins, and pulls her back to his front, his mouth by her ear, “I don’t think it will take long, lover, for you to fall for your other Mate.” Chuckling as she gives him a look, he raises himself off the bed, then holds his hand out to her.

She sighs, but takes his hand. He leads her through the house and opening the closet in the hallway, grabs a jacket and holds it out for her.

She glances in the closet and sees a couple of other jackets, a cranberry one, and another leather one, but brown. She asks him as she shrugs into the jacket he held, “When did you buy all of this?”

He is in his own jacket, and moving in front of her, as he gently fixes the collar for her, “I ordered it all the other night and had it delivered along with some food and other items for you. I remembered your size from when I had remodeled your house. Though, it looks like I may need to get additional clothing.”

At her blank look at him, he tugs her over to a mirror that will show her upper body and lets her see what Godric and he have already seen.

Her eyes widen, “Oh my word! Eric?”

He glides behind her, and meeting her eyes in the mirror, his hands slide down her body as he tells her, “I don’t know, but I can say I like. Sookie, there is much we don’t know about Fae, nor about the Mate Bonds. We will find out. This is not something YOU have to face; WE will be beside you every step of the way.” He ducks his head down, and asks, “Agreed?”

She nods, sagging back into him, and closing her eyes, as she feels him almost caressing her through the bond, sending her love and reassurance. She can feel an echo, as though someone else was doing the same and her eyes fly open as she smiles. “Godric.” She breathes out.

Eric smiles, “Nope, it won’t take long. And yes, you are feeling Godric.”

Then, before her eyes could make out his movement, Godric is behind her, beside Eric. Eric had made room for him, and all three stare at the picture they make. Godric breathes out, “Beautiful.” He smiles at her.

Then looking deliberately at Eric, he tells them, “Roman is looking into it, but he suggested touching Sookie when she is prepared for it.”

She takes a breath, then nods, bracing herself when Godric leans into and touches the two of them. The memories rush through, and Sookie found herself lost in them, but not like before. She is living through them in that second, and she realizes that is why she is knocked out. When it was over, she had Godric and Eric holding her and watching her worriedly.

She smiles at them, “That worked, but we cannot be too long without touching. I live your memories.”

They look shocked, then look at each other. Eric muses, “It could be a side effect of her telepathy…”

Godric looks back at her, and holds her closer. “We will find out what the limit of time is, and that way we can find out how long to be apart. But I am happy you are not out, a stoirin.”

She smiles, then looks at them. “Let’s get this over with.”

Godric casts a look at Eric, and when he nods, he sweeps up his Mate in his arms and is out the door and in the air before she can react. He rises so slowly, and watches her carefully to make sure she is ok.

When she gets over being startled, she stares at Godric, curious.

“You and Eric have so many other firsts, I wanted this to be one for us,” he answers the look.

She smiles, then stares out. “I thought this would scare me like flying in a plane did.”

He pulls her closer, “Maybe it is the company this time?”

She grins at him, and then comments to her other Mate, “About time you caught up, mister.”

He laughs freely as he glides to a spot beside them, “I made sure the house was locked down.” He then levels a look at Sookie, “You need to eat, my lover. As much as I wished it did, my blood will not nourish you like yours does for me.”

She blushes, and Godric chuckles. “Would you like to eat before or after the meeting with Compton?”

She cannot help the feeling of hatred towards the civil war vet. “After. I don’t think I can eat anything until we are done. Plus if anything makes me sick, I can hide the reaction.”

The two vampires look at each other, both making sure that they will ensure she eats. Eric thinks, and finally decides to have an Italian place nearby to Fangtasia deliver for when they are done. He soon texts Pam and asks her to do it, and takes care of some trivial things that Godric had left for him.

Sookie just shakes her head, realizing that Eric’s know how with technology, is sitting in her brain. As soon as she saw him with the phone, she had wished to know more. And it poured in.

Godric was watching her, and quietly asks, “Do you wish for a phone?” He had felt her desire, and it was not sexual in content.

She smiles at him, “I guess I will need some things to be Eric’s assistant.”

Eric chuckles, as he continues to answer emails, “At least, lover. I will take care of it, if you will allow me to.”

The three share a look, the memory of all the times she has refused to allow him to. She does however admit, that the shared memories show her what Eric is meaning by his ‘helping’. He only wants to give her what he thinks she already owns. She is his, and all that he is, is hers, as all she is, is his.

Before long, Godric gently lands with Eric. Swinging her down, he gives her a look, then Eric takes her hand. He walks in with her through the main door, Godric walking after them. He is watching their back, not hiding his care of them.

The crowd parted before them, and both vampires feel when their Mate flinches, and send her their love and comfort. Eric heads to the basement, wanting to deal with Compton as soon as possible.

They walk through the doors, Pam joining them as they head down the stairs.

Eric cannot help the triumphant look he gives when Compton realizes that Sookie is his, and then he is as surprised as everyone when she slaps him hard enough to rock his head.

Then his little spitfire fires at Compton, “How fucking dare you!”

Both Godric and he share a shiver of lust for their Mate. This will be interesting…

Final Count: 3,781 words

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