Chapter 13 On His Face is a Map of The World

Chapter 13 AIW 6

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Sookie nods as she takes it all in, and then turns to Bill. “Eric, can you bring him down, I can’t reach him as he is.”

Bill looks in shock as the Viking did as his Mate requested and forced him to kneel. Pam had loosened the chains to allow more movement when Eric had him in the air. Godric moved behind Bill as Eric let go to stand behind his Mate, telling her softly, “Godric will force his mouth open for you. I will help guide you, if you will allow it.”

Sookie smirks, and the two move closer to the vampire in chains before them.

Upstairs, the vampires smirk as they hear the Civil War Era vampire scream as their new Lady take his fangs.


Taking out the fangs was the first step, and Eric had wanted that step taken care of. Pam documented it all for the Queen, on paper. None of them wanted any confessions wrung out of him where the Queen would see it, so they would do that later.

What came next is not something any vampire would have wanted another to witness. The vampires upstairs had been entertained, to say the least, with the inventiveness of their new Lady. She had taken to the lessons with a gusto they would have been shocked to hear in the previous timeline, but in this one, no one knew her.

Bill has now taken to begging her, telling her this is not her. His voice is hoarse from all the screaming she has caused him. Eric is leaning on the wall, only giving tips as she goes along. He is enjoying the inventiveness of his Mate.

Godric is the one who has been ensuring Bill is held down for his Mate. He touches her or Eric often, allowing them to make the link. This helps to formulate plans for the torture of the vampire in front of them.

Eric is the one who often reminds Sookie of just what they know of this timeline and what he has done already.

The fact that her brother was violated is one of the worst, to Sookie’s mind. To Godric and Eric, it was him being so close to get the naked pics of her in the poses he did. Some of them had to have been him standing right above her.

They teach Sookie the uses of silver clamps. Godric makes a few more trips to the cabinet when they realize Sookie is a very good student.

After the club closes, the three of them leave Bill to Pam’s tender tendencies, knowing she will work to get additional information from him. Back in the office, they all collapse on the couch, Eric holding Sookie to him as she leans against him, and Godric, not thinking, lies down with his head in her lap. Her hand falls naturally to his hair and plays with it.



“Why was your hair so short in Dallas?” she idly asks.

His eyes close and feeling the movement of her hand through his hair, he tells her, “No idea. I really don’t know what happened in that timeline. I wish I did. I wish I knew why I never noticed you, or why I decided to give up. I can’t even fathom it, nor could I before I came here to meet you. This is something that, as you know, both Roman and I are curious about and suspect that Warlow had something to do with it. But we have no idea and even though Compton rambled some information, it really is nothing more than we knew before hand.”

His own hand wrapped around his lover, Eric is smiling as he notices the by play and how the two are not even noticing the intimacy they are sharing right now. But he carefully says nothing, allowing it to play out.

The three are there, sharing the time between them, and they are thinking on the revelations of Compton. Godric idly thinks of how odd it is that Compton seems to be almost desperate to get to Sookie and wonders if it is because of the lure of the Stackhouses.

But Eric picks up on it and mentions aloud, “It is odd. The last time, there was nothing giving hint of Bill’s use of Jason before then.”

However, Sookie shakes her head. “There was. Jason never did drugs, and all of a sudden he is into V? And then there is the hatred he had of vampires that sent him off to be part of the Fellowship. I bet it was because of Bill. And that bald headed vampire, Liam. He was scary when I met him.”

Eric chuckles. “He is frightening to the fangbangers, but I have noticed he always leaves with one. But you are right, lover. From your memories of Jason, there is not much to point out that he is what they would call a user. I can see his impotency problems being caused by the knowledge of Bill using him the way he did, though. And your memories show that he became more of what you call a horndog?”

Sighing, Sookie’s fingers run through Godric’s hair, and she finally asks, “Is there anything to stop him from going that route?”

Godric smiles up at her, “I don’t doubt that Eric and I will work with him. If we cannot get him help normally, I would rather glamour it from him. He need not have PTSD from something that can be erased and replaced with other thoughts. In fact, that might be the better idea, if you can help provide girls he might have been with. And we may actually encourage him to use that brain of his.”

Sookie laughs. “Who would have thought that Bill would actually find out that my brother is smarter than most think?”

Eric shakes his head as he gazes down at her, “But you knew.”

Sookie gives him this look. “Of course I did. I lived in his brain most of the time before I acquired the shields. There was no way he could hide when he was scheming for anything. Grades to pass, girls to have, ways to not have to work as hard. He owns the house he lives in; bought his truck with money he saved, and bargained the guy down to a lower price. But too many things came easy to him, and he never wanted to work for it. There was nothing I could do to change it, so I learned that you can only change the things you are allowed to.”

Pam sashays into the office, and looking at the three, comments, “Well isn’t this cozy?” She cocks her hip and puts her hand to rest there, eying them all.

Eric gives her a sharp look, but the damage had been done. Sookie and Godric realize their positions, and Godric goes to move. Shockingly to Eric, Sookie pushes him back and gives Pam a look. “Can we help you, Pamela?”

Pam raises an eyebrow at the remark and then pointedly looks at the two of them. “If you are allowing anyone to share, can I take a turn?”

Eric and Godric growl and within seconds, Eric is holding her in the air. “Mine!” His fangs were out and Sookie remembers him only doing this a few times.

Pam was struggling as she gasps, “I was only asking since it looked like you were sharing with your Master.” By then she has run out of air. She conveniently forgot that they were all Mates, especially since it might get her a chance to share with her Master. She needed to make sure that nothing has changed.

Godric is standing behind his Child, in front of Sookie as he spits out to her, “If you were going to be invited, you would have been. What is between us is none of your business. We have no intention of telling you anything here, and now, with this childish behavior, I am going to caution Eric to not say anything at all. You can learn with the rest of the world.”

Pam is gasping, and Eric finally lowers her and with his fangs still out, brings her in front of his face. “I command you to never mention this, nor to ever ask again. I also command you to forget that Godric is Sookie’s Mate as well as mine. Understand?” He forces the last part through her, doing what is commonly a glamour. It is not something normal for vampires to do to each other, though older Makers have the ability. And it is NEVER mentioned. There are too many chances of it backfiring. But since Pamela only found out about their relationships today, he is ensuring that there is nothing to remember when she leaves the room.

She nods frantically, still trying to get air into her lungs. While they do not need air, no vampire feels good about holding their breath. The scenting that they do at all times is a critical part of them, and is often taught to them by their Makers as being the difference between a live vampire and a blood stain.

Eric drops her to the floor. She sprawls out below him and is shocked to her core with the reaction she got from him. But she can feel how resolute he is in this.

Godric looks over Eric as he is fighting to bring his bloodlust to calm. He finally tells Eric, “Go, take Sookie and I will meet you back at the house.”

Without waiting, Eric takes his beloved fae with him, sprinting out of the building and they are in the air in seconds. Godric closes his eyes, remembering the few previous minutes of peace with longing. Then he turns and heads back downstairs to the vampire there. He ignores the chastised Pamela on the floor where Eric left her. He knows she will be lost due to Eric’s command and ripping of the memory out of her.

He stops and admires the work of his Mate. Bill is suspended in the air, obviously having his shoulders dislocated, and unable to do anything more than moan in pain. In different places all over his body, there were thousands of silver coated toothpicks inserted. None of them would kill him, but the pain of each being inserted against an acupuncture point is an agony of itself. Sookie had taken Eric’s instruction very well in this. She had learned where to place each one where it will cause him the most amount of pain.

In addition, he was missing his cock, and she had coated the remaining area and his balls with layers of silver and plastic. In between each layer was acid that would eat slowly away and expose him continually to either relief or agony, depending on how the acid reacted. In addition, the pain of the acid on his body eating away enough to allow each layer of silver to not allow him to heal.

She had also applied a supply of blood that he can access only if he keeps his head in a truly painful position that causes the silver covered rope to burn his throat. So there is the life giving, healing blood dripping on him, and he can lean back and swallow enough to heal him, but to do so he would be in complete agony during the entire time.

He shakes his head as he walks around the vampire. “Sookie is a good student of ours, is she not?”

Compton opens his eyes at the elder vampire and moans.

Godric smirks. “Yes, I think she has learned well this lesson. I have to thank you. She would not have been as attentive if this had not been so personal, but then, fucking her brother and violating her privacy is a good way to earn her anger.” He shakes his head. He had gone to Jason’s to confirm that fact from the pictures on the wall. It is something he would never wish for his Mate to know had been done to her brother, not when she had been so close to it happening to her as a child.

Compton tries to speak, but the blood in his mouth from his fangs being removed causes him to swallow painfully then he croaks out, “What is she?”

The smirk on Godric’s face is bigger as he answers him, “She is Eric’s. And that is all you need to know. Now, let’s see if you have any additional information to give me. Even if not, I wish to give my Eric and Sookie time to bond. So I need something to do, and you are here. What an excellent way to waste some time.”

From the basement comes more screams as Godric cranks the chains to stretch the vampire even more, making all the toothpicks in him move and cause new pain. The entire time he is doing this, he is imagining all the pain this vampire has caused each of them. Even more, once he is in a rhythm, his mind turns back to his plan. His smile during that time is one that will haunt Compton for the rest of his admittedly limited lifespan.

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  1. murgatroid98

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  2. Tracey

    Like a child that never learns I anxiously hit that “next” button every freaking time… and every freaking time I am disappointed. Gruesome but awesome chapter… thanks for posting for us during the holiday craziness

  3. Jill Peterson

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  5. duckbutt60

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