Chapter 14 I’m Not Perfect

Chapter 14 AIW

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Compton tries to speak, but the blood in his mouth from his fangs being removed causes him to swallow painfully then he croaks out, “What is she?” The smirk on Godric’s face is bigger as he answers him, “She is Eric’s. And that is all you need to know. Now, let’s see if you have any additional information to give me. Even if not, I wish to give my Eric and Sookie time to bond. So I need something to do, and you are here. What an excellent way to waste some time.” From the basement comes more screams as Godric cranks the chains to stretch the vampire even more, making all the toothpicks in him move and cause new pain. The entire time he is doing this, he is imagining all the pain this vampire has caused each of them. Even more, once he is in a rhythm, his mind turns back to his plan. His smile during that time is one that will haunt Compton for the rest of his admittedly limited lifespan.


Eric is looking down at his Mate tenderly as he works on his laptop, waiting for Godric to come home. He had been shocked that Sookie had managed to keep up with him, truthfully. From the time they had come home to when they finished was a blur to him. He just knew she enjoyed it as much as he did, and he can feel the new infusions of their blood in both of them.

He looks up from his tender recollection to see Godric come in, heading to the shower, covered in blood. Eric lifts an eyebrow as he asks, “Did you end him?”

In the shower Godric grins. “Not yet. I am thinking Sookie should have that honor. No, I just made his life more painful. It’s amazing the set up she left him in, and I made sure it stayed in place. But those silver coated toothpicks? Ingenious. That is where all this blood is from. It squirts out of him if you stretch him any. I would liken it to wringing out a fruit for wine in my human days.”

Eric chuckles at the thought. Then his face sobers as he looks down at their Mate and says,“Godric, she was not like this previously.”

Godric comes out, his pants low on his hips as he towel dries his hair. He sighs, explaining, “And expect many more changes, Eric. She is not the same person. She is changing as much as you and I are. More than the physical. This is the Sookie that should have been, the one that would have been without Compton’s interference. You would have found her even without his interference. It was her grandmother that sent her to Fangtasia. Bill only went to control her.” He throws the towel into the hamper, making his way to them.

Sighing, Eric leans his head back. “I know. It’s just hard when I try to reconcile the two together. This Sookie will be able to deal with our world much better. But, she told me she wanted to be the girl I met in the white dress.”

Sitting on the bed, Godric runs his hand through her hair, smiling when she curled under his hand. “To you, she will always be that person. To me she will be this woman. And that is best. You love her for herself, and I will come to love the woman she is now. You too will love her, but she will have the joy of knowing you remember that girl. I envy you, Eric. You know things about her that you found out. You got to know her one on one, and while you may know everything now, I know you don’t depend on that information as much as I try not to.” He looks up into his Child’s blue eyes, letting him know how sincere he is being.

Eric lifts his head up and says frankly, “She is coming to care. Today was a perfect example of that, until Pam interrupted it. Even then, Sookie didn’t want you to move. Keep doing things like that, and you will find she loves it.” He offers the hope, knowing he would have loved to have it in the past.

Godric nods his head, his mossy green eyes watching over his Mate. “I arranged for the Shifter to come to Fangtasia tomorrow. I figure we need to move ahead and get as much done as possible. There has been a rumor of a summit being called. Roman is tired of all the monarchies thinking that the Authority is just something they can ignore as they wish. Sophie Anne will be brought up to show this. Roman is taking charge, and do not be shocked to find out that we will be more than the rulers of Louisiana.” He says the last softly, amazed by Sookie’s responses to his touches.

Eric looks back over his emails and sees the one from his brother. “I saw it earlier, and was going to ask if you know anything. I take it we are waiting until then to overthrow the queen?”

A look that reminds Eric of the Godric he knew as a young vampire comes across his face. “No.”

An eyebrow is raised on the other male and Godric explains, “Compton has given enough to have her brought up on charges. Roman and I have talked, and we both agree that the sooner we act, the better it is. The timeline you had erupted so quickly into such a mess, I am not sure what had happened. I also want to get rid of this Rene, he should have murdered the first woman, or even the second. But if my plans went right, there will be much talk of the capture of the murderer tomorrow.” His grin was playful, but there is the vengeance in helping ensure that events from the previous timeline never happen, and saving their Mate from grief.

He then settles in bed next to his Mate and smiles as she moves closer to him, her arms still around Eric. He moves a tendril of hair off her face, and murmurs tenderly, “So beautiful, inside and out.”

Eric nods, his eyes watching the two. Then he laughs. “Tomorrow, before the Shifter comes, I will have to cut my hair. She murmured a request to do it again before she fell asleep.” He runs his hands through his hair, actually glad to finally get rid of it. It was easier to take care of when it was short.

Godric cannot help the laugh. “She fondly remembers the short hair. I do to. It looked good. And it fits better with the times.”

Looking up slyly at his maker, Erics asks, “Is this why your own hair has been shorter?” He remembers having to dunk his Maker into a lake to get rid of the smell of him. And how he cut off the dreadlocks which were infested.

With an enigmatic smile, Godric settles behind his Mate, feeling the pull of the sun. “Come, Eric. Let’s sleep, and when we waken, see what changes to our world have happened.”

Eric just smirks as he shuts down for the night. Sliding under the blankets, mostly for his Mate, he chuckles as the day takes him.

The next day rises, and Godric wakes as is custom for him, after 1 pm. He opens his eyes and is pleased to see Sookie’s now blue eyes meeting him.

He cups her face tenderly as he greets her, “Morning, a stoirin.”

She smiles. “Morning, Godric. I felt you awakening through the Bond. I thought you may want me to wait before rising.”

He grins and leans forward to kiss her on the cheek. “I greatly appreciate it. But you need to eat, a stoirin. If I am correct, the kitchen is upstairs?” He remembers with the turmoil of last night, Eric didn’t get a chance to order for her.

She laughs. “You need to look at what Eric has done. He has gotten these windows that block UV light. If you are willing to test it out, I can give you some of my blood for you to see if they will work or not. It is what Eric had asked of me yesterday, using himself as the guinea pig.”

Smiling, Godric is soon out of the bed, helping his Mate from the bed. But when she blushes, he raises an eyebrow.

Sighing, she asks, “Can you grab me that robe over there?” Eric had ripped the clothing off of her so there is nothing to use.

Looking at her, then remembering last night, he laughs. “There is no cause of your embarrassment, a stoirin. We are Mates, and I expect, knowing Eric’s appetites, you will often be loved to sleep. Besides, I find you quite perfect.”

She snorts, as she looks up at him. “Far from it. I know I am not a beauty model. I can hold my own in a small town but, you both have had seen beautiful woman from all of time.”

Cocking his head to the side, Godric asks, “Do you not believe me or Eric when we call you perfect for us?”

Sookie laughs. “I am surprised by it continuously, but I do accept that Eric loves me as I am. I am not perfect, but I try for him. But you… I just can’t see what attracts you to me besides the Mating Bond.” She looks away blushing.

Godric is soon kneeling in front of her, moving her face by her chin to face him. He breathes out, “You are breathtaking to me. Your body is that of a goddess reborn, your mind fascinates me, and your soul calls out to mine. You are my opposite, but yet, perfect. I am well aware that you are not considered a beauty in the world as it is now, but you will find through time, that standards change. There is no overall beauty. Marilyn Monroe is often remembered for her beauty, but her curves are the closest to rival your own beauty. Believe me, I would much rather have you than some stick.” He caresses her face, and then his hand rests on her neck.

She blushes even more, feeling how sincere he is through the Bond. He smiles at her, and quickly moving, grabs her robe and holds it open for her to slide into.

Looking into his face and seeing the look of adoration, she nods and slides out of bed into the robe. He closes it around her, and holding her close, kisses her on her throat. When she turns her head to the side offering herself to him, he chuckles. “Not now, a stoirin. I much rather wait until we at least Bond the second time. I do not think I have the will power to refuse you after that. I do not ever want you thinking you are only dinner to me. You are so much more.”

She smiles leaning into him, relishing the feel of his arms. “It won’t take long, Godric.”

He nods his head, his face content resting in her neck. “I’m glad to hear that, my Sookie. Go get ready for the day, and we will head upstairs to check out these new windows.” He gives her a kiss on her throat, and watches her head into the bathroom. He sighs, a smile on his face, and he whistles softly heading to the closet that holds their clothing. He is quickly dressed and out of the room, before he hears Sookie enter the room from the bathroom.

While she is dressing, he is booting up his laptop, checking on his investments, making sure the ones he set up for his Mates are doing as he thought they should be, and checking on the ones he had set aside for the state.

Shaking his head at the fact he needed to finance the state for the foreseeable future, he is glad that he can quickly gain back the money. He has also started buying up property in the state to use for investment purposes. Once the state changes hands, he will have Sophie Anne’s property as well. He also knows that a lot of the vampires he wants to use, who are slowly trickling into the state, will rather be paid with land.

He is soon making decisions and doing what he can so that he can be ready when the state is given to him. He also sends a transcript to Roman of what they found last night.

His head rises when he hears the doors to the closet open and he smiles at the site of his Mate in a black sweater dress. “I like that.”

She looks down, asking, “Will this be alright for the club?” She smooths the dress worrying.

He gets up and cupping her cheek with his hand, “You are the Lady of Area Five. You can go in sweats and no one will say a word. If anything, I would not be shocked to find Fangbangers imitating you by wearing sweats the very next day.” They both start laughing knowing that it could very well happen.

Sookie sighs, then offers her wrist to Godric, and he shakes his head again. “Contrary to what you might believe, I will not go up as fast as you saw me before. I never seen a vampire go up as blue flame before. Too much is unexplained, but we will try to do what we can, a stoirin.” He offers her his arm, and she slowly takes it, worried about him.

He smiles at her, “No worrying. I promise I have so much more to live for that I do not care to take chances anymore. Now, let’s get you some food.”

And with that, he escorts his Mate and future Queen upstairs, only pausing to unlock the door. He walks out with her confident in what his Child has put into place to allow them time with their Mate in the sun.

Sookie is more hesitant, but she relaxes as she feels nothing from the Bond from Godric. Her smile gets larger as he walks her into the kitchen and seats her on the stool at the counter. “What would my lady wish to have to eat? Breakfast, lunch or what you call it, brunch?”

Lifting an eyebrow to him, reminding him of Eric, she asks, “You can cook?” She is amazed.

He smirks. “I had 2 days of planning and waiting for you two to come up for air. I decided that I wanted to be able to take care of you. So I had the Food Network on the TV in the background. I may not be able to cook much yet, but I can make you something for today. I wish to be able to provide for my Mate as you will for Eric and I in the future.”

She grins at him, and tells him, “I would like a brunch. Surprise me.”

He grins back at her, and is quickly moving around the kitchen, making her a spinach and cheese quiche and then in a break, serves her a fruit dish to snack on as he works.

Sookie watches him, noticing that he knows when to slow down and take time with the dishes, that vampire speed works, but not for everything. Then he starts asking her questions that she knows he could have pulled from their memories, but it is obvious that he wishes to learn from her.

Godric is careful with his questions, making the effort to know his Mate’s preference for food. Eric won’t be awake until a couple of hours later, and this is the time they have to forge their Bond. He will make sure that Eric and Sookie have some time during each day to be together and allow their own Bond to flourish. It will take work on all their parts, but what is worth keeping that is not worth the work put into it?

Sookie answers his questions, what type of fruits she likes, if citrus bothers her, if she liked meat and how she likes her steaks. And so on went the questions.

When she mentioned that she loves a lot of her family recipes, Godric promises to take her to her house and will read through the books if necessarily. He can reproduce them if needed.

By then, she had eaten the quiche her Mate had made for her, and when it was mentioned about the reading of cookbooks, a voice came from behind her as Eric makes his entrance. “No need, I read them all and can reproduce them. I too wanted to cook and care for my Mate, so I took note of what she likes.”

Sookie laughs as he comes up and kisses her, then holds her. She blushes, “I am sorry. I should have brushed my teeth already.”

The two vampires look at her oddly, “Why?”

She rolls her eyes, “Bill had commented that vampires hate the sight and scent of food.”

Eric leans down and gives her a kiss that tells her the answer of that one. When he lets Sookie up for air, he tells her, “I enjoy the scent and taste of it. I like the differences that there are from when I could eat. But a lot of humans eat fast food and that disgusts me. But this? This is nothing, min älskade.” He rests his forehead against hers, and sends her a burst of his love and they both sink in the Bond for a moment.

Godric nods from the other side of the counter, where he has cleaned up the mess from his cooking and put the leftovers in serving sizes. “I agree with Eric. I suggest you ask Eric or me if we like something or not. Compton is not a very good person to base your thoughts and actions on, a stoirin. For now, I think it is time for us to sit and talk. As much as I enjoy the benefits of a quick touch to share thoughts, I am hoping we can learn to limit those exchanges. To learn of one another this way.” He stops and is leaning on the counter in front of her, smiling at her.

When they all agree, Eric swings his Mate out of her chair, and grins down at her. “Tonight we announce who you are to us. We have a lot to take care of tonight, but my lover, you look delectable.”

With that, he kisses her, and soon she forgets everything in the passion of her Mate and Bonded. Godric looks on with a smile on his face. Yes, life is so much better now than he ever imagined.

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