Chapter 15 I Give Her Hope

Chapter 15 AIW 1

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When they all agree, Eric swings his Mate out of her chair, and grins down at her. “Tonight we announce who you are to us. We have a lot to take care of tonight, but my lover, you look delectable.”

With that, he kisses her, and soon she forgets everything in the passion of her Mate and Bonded. Godric looks on with a smile on his face. Yes, life is so much better now than he ever imagined.


Settling in a chair, Eric has Sookie in his lap, Godric sitting across from them in a chair. He chuckles at the site of the Fae in the Viking Vampire’s lap.

But he clears his throat and tells them, “The Shifter is coming tonight. How do we want to handle this?”

Sookie lifts an eyebrow. “Are we not just going to do the ‘Sookie is mine’ shit?” Her voice deepens as she said the ‘Sookie is mine’ part, making the other two laugh.

Eric kisses her temple. “No, lover. You are not just mine, I belong to you also. Mating is not the same as what Compton claimed. We are both going to claim you as our Mate, and our Bonded. The reason behind this is that we want no questions. Before we were going to see how far the Queen would go to obtain you, to see if she would break our own laws.” He looks down at their hands joined together, and marvels at how small her hands are next to his.

Godric then tells her, “But she has done that all on her own. Roman received proof of it last night, and that is it. The game is up. There is no leeway for Mated couples. Eric announced to her his Mating. She had contracted with an assassin for his death. The assassin, when he looked into it, found out the whole Mating thing, and reported it to Roman. That is that.” He grins, not able to believe all the planning they had done, was over in seconds because of something so small.  That item that threw her plans was that the assassin she hired knew Eric, and he was more loyal to Eric than a upstart Queen.

Sookie is just shaking her head. “All that, all the past timeline, and it ends like that?” It just seems too easy to her.

Eric chuckles. “Sookie, we still have all the shit with Russell, Warlow and then there will be entirely new problems with us being the leaders of the state. We also need to get ready for the Governor Truman Burrell to make his move. He was way too prepared for it to be because of the Factories to be blown up. No, the anti glamouring contacts and so on? I think he is already preparing right now for that.” He nuzzles her neck, trying to calm them both from the painful memories of that time.

Nodding his head, Godric tells them, “Roman and I thought so too. So to make it where the state is ready for it all, Roman decided that I need to become King as soon as possible. I am going to look for any buildings on the spots you had noted in your memory. I am also going to try to find that scientist that made the Hep V. as well as making something to be able to detect if the True Blood has been tampered with.” He has made all these notes, but he grabs his phone to pull up the app to make sure they are covered. Too much is at risk for him to miss a step.

Leaning her head back, Sookie sighs. “I see what you mean. But, you cannot deny that I have a reason to want to kick her and Hadley’s butts. However, y’all are correct. We need to look at the bigger picture.”

Godric leans forward, clasping his hands in front of him, his elbows on his knees. “Sookie, Warlow is the biggest part of that picture. All this needs to be done, but I want us in place and everything ready for him. I have a bad feeling about the Fae and their part in all of this. Too much happened when you came back.”

Sookie shudders and Eric pulls her closer to him, his chest vibrating with a purr trying to calm her. “What is it, my lover?”

She closes her eyes, “It seems it all revolves around me. If I was not here, maybe not as much would happen to y’all.”

Eric growls, but Godric is kneeling before her in a sec. “Never mention this again, my Sookie! You are ours. Without you, I would end myself, and Eric would follow. Would you wish that for either of us? Do you wish to have neither of us in this world? Because that is what would happen. Please never think this; the pain it causes is not something to even muse about.” He begs her to see reason. The thought of what she said, the possibility… is not to be had.

Gasping at the pain shooting from both sides of the Bonds, and her own when Godric told her what would happen has her breaking down and crying. Eric wraps her up in his arms, his eyes meeting his Maker’s. It is a hard truth, but one that needed to be said.

Neither of her Mates believe in holding back truths. They had seen what happens when they do that. It became a huge problem, one that neither wishes to even to have happen.

Sookie acknowledges the truth as she feels Godric’s hands on her back and their thoughts come rushing through. She nods, and tells them, “I know. It did need to be said.”

Godric leans forward and rests his head on her back. “We do not wish to hurt you, a stoirin, but you saw for yourself what would happen when we try to be gentle. Which would you prefer us to do?” He hates to see the tears, and knows through the Bond it is upsetting Eric as well. He also knows no other way to do this.

Tears are still falling from her eyes, but she tells them, “Exactly what you are doing. I am sorry. It’s just the year I was gone, nothing happened.”

Sighing, Eric pulls her closer to him. “I missed you. I was miserable, I looked everywhere for you. But, it is not just you. So much was already in play, min älskade. Do not think yourself to blame. I have my suspicions that a lot of it was to make you feel the way you did at the end. Willing to give yourself up to Warlow just to save everyone, but you felt that as though we gave you up. That we didn’t care for you, and that could not be farther from the truth.” He wishes she would think on his memories of that time, or at least remember he never gave up on her.

“I agree, a stoirin. There is much to question on that timeline, and we will be on the lookout for any oddities this time around. But, first we need to deal with all the issues in front of us. Be aware of the issues and we will be ahead of any new ones, hopefully.” Godric murmurs to her.

Then the two look to the windows, and see the sun is down.

Eric sighs, then asks, “Do you wish to freshen up, my lover? We will be leaving for Fangtasia soon.”

She nods, and giving them both a kiss to their cheeks, heads downstairs to their room. They both watch her and then Eric tells Godric, “We will need to watch her.”

He nods. “I think you are on to something. It does seem that everything was to make her life so bad for her that giving her life to save you and the other vampires she cared for was the least she can do. She so wanted to give up.” The pain of that is there, and knowing she is thinking that now is something that cannot happen.

Rubbing his face, Eric nods. “Never again. Enough on that. What do we need to do tonight?”

Godric chuckles. “I think we need to clean out your office. Then we need to announce the Mating, and wait for Roman to come to ask me to be King. Afterwards, I will announce my intent to pledge to you. Until then, we have the murder charge to deal with for Jason, clear his memories for Sookie, deal with her grandmother, and all the other little issues. I also need to make sure someone understands in Dallas that Newlin is much more of a threat than they are taking him. There is plenty to do, Eric. Let’s not bother fate with giving us more.” He clasps him on the shoulder.

Laughing, Eric agrees. He gets up, stretching, and then smirks as he feels the lust coming towards him from both his Mate and Maker. Soon. Soon he will be able to satisfy both of them.

Eric has them both in the back of his SUV as he pulls into Fangtasia, and they are all laughing as they exit the vehicle, Sookie on Godric’s arm. Eric opens the door, and he grins as they walk through.

Entering their office, he tells them as they both stop in shock. “I wanted to make sure you feel like this is yours too. I had them sweep the office today as they set this up. I left the one on the phone to make sure, but…” He walks over, and taking the receiver off, he crushes the tap and puts the phone back together.

Sookie is looking in shock. The office she had become accustomed to has changed, and there is somehow room for all three to have desks and fit comfortably in it.

Godric just nods, heads to the desk in the middle, and grins as he sits down and gets to work. “Eric. This is greatly appreciated.”

Sookie just nods, completely blown away by the fact Eric did this so fast.

Eric turns her around to face him, and asks as he ducks his head down slightly to be able to look her in the eyes directly, “Sookie?”

She just shakes her head then tells him, “I am just… blown away. But, I am not sure what you are wanting me to do?”

He smiles, pulling her closer to him, “Right now, just be yourself. There is enough to make your mind feel like it is getting stressed. I need you by me right now, so we will deal with anything together, and you will learn by my side. If you see things that need to be done, you can work at it. Never feel as though you are obligated to do anything. You have a lot to learn, and you know this.”

She looks around then sighs. She knows from Godric’s and Eric’s memories that there is much to this world she is now part of that she couldn’t safely deal with without being taught. She knows their memories won’t help if she needs to react in seconds.

Watching her eyes, Eric nods finally. “Never think you are alone. We will be by your side for everything.”

Godric also mentions as he works, “I will be using you a lot when I take over the state. We will be busy and you will find your niche then. Right now we are in a holding pattern knowing that change is coming. Take the time to learn what you can, a stoirin.”

Taking a deep breath Sookie finally nods. “It is hard, but you both know why.”

They nod as Eric escorts her over to the desk beside Godric. “And you know what we think of it.”

Nodding, she looks nervously at the computer in front of her. Eric leans down and teases her, “It won’t bite, lover. Just open the lid. I bought you one that has tutorials on it. Just sit down and learn. We will be here for awhile. I never go out before 10.”

And with that he kisses her on the neck, and heads to his own desk. Both Godric and he keep an eye out on her, but they also keep a watch on the door.

Her desk is the farthest from the doors. Neither male wants to take the chance of anything harming Sookie, and this arrangement insures that everything has to get through both of them to get to her.

Soon it is only the sound of clacking keys as the three get enthralled with their work. Around 9, Sookie sighs, leaning back in her computer chair. “Eric?”

He looks up and lifts an eyebrow at her.

“What do I do for an email address?” She rubs her hands over her face as she tries to understand the technology that is being taught to her.

He gets an evil smirk on his face, “You want me to really answer that?”

She gives him a look, then asks Godric, “Since Eric wants to be a frat boy, can you help me?”

Eric roars with laughter as Godric looks up mischievously.

“Lover, Godric often has a dirtier mind than me.”

Sookie just stares at Godric.

He tells her, “I would love to help you, a stoirin. What would you like to have as a name?”

And that starts a debate that has them laughing. Sookie gets a fine education on how dirty her Mate’s minds can be. SexyTits, BiteherwithMine, Heaveninbetweenherthighs, GandETightLittleAss are a few of the names they come up with. As time goes on, they get much worse until Pam interrupts their fun with a knock.

She looks in at the three of them gathered around Sookie’s desk, Sookie fighting with Godric to have her keyboard, while Eric is holding her close.

Pam shakes her head. “I won’t nor can I ask. But there is someone to meet with you three? The Shifter?”

Eric nods at her, his grin still in place. “Have him wait out there. We will be out there shortly. Is everything I requested on the stage?”

She nods to him, stiff.

His grin gets larger as he shifts to hold Sookie closer. She takes the opportunity to try to get her computer back. “We will be out there momentarily.”

She rolls her eyes and closes the door.

Sookie immediately tells off Godric. “I thought Eric was joking! I am not going to agree to having Godricscumswallower as my name!!!”

Godric blinks innocently at her. “You won’t give me the pleasure of your mouth on my cock, a stoirin? I dream of it, crave it. And wouldn’t you swallow it?”

She chokes on the laugh from his so innocent look. “Nope. That look is so not working, buster! I know better now!”

Eric is laughing so hard he almost has to sit.

Looking at him over her shoulder, Sookie continues, “Like you are any better, Mr SookieridesEric and Telepathicswordswallower! Ugh!”

The two cannot help but collapse in laughter at their Mate, while she huffs as she pulls the computer from Godric’s hands. She types in a name and nods.

Eric looks over her shoulder, “KingsTelepath?”

She grins over her shoulder. “It works. It’s not like I will use it before Godric is announced King.”

His eyebrow rises higher, “But you are mine also!”

She sighs, “But Godric will be King. I think you need to be a King too.”

They both look at each other, then start grinning. The idea was too perfect. Godric asks his progeny, “Texas or Mississippi?”

Eric tells him. “I’ll take Mississippi. Sookie can have Texas.”

Eyes widening, she frantically tells them, “No! Besides, I am not a vampire. There is no Sookie takes Texas!”

Both of them crack up laughing. Actual blood tears leaking from their eyes, unable to hold it in.

Staring at both of them, the telepath shakes her head. “I broke them.”

At that statement, both give up. Eric grabs Sookie, and holding her to him, he kisses her temple. “My lover, I love you.”

With that, they both clean up and are ready in seconds, but still chuckling. Godric pulls her into his arms, kissing her temples, and just enjoying a second of being close to her. He finally sighs and asks her, “Are you ready?”

She nods, and with that, the three of them exit the office, ready to face the beginning of their future.

Final Count: 2,761 words

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