Chapter 17 Beyond the Edge of Night

Chapter 17 AIW

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She smiles as she accepts the drink. “Looks like it is beginning gentlemen.”

Roman just smirks, “But the ending will be much different. Much, much different.”


The humans were escorted out of the club and the vampires inside were the first to swear loyalty to the new royal family.

Eric had announced that Pam would be taking his place as Sheriff of Area Five, and Godric announced that the capital will become Shreveport. Then Godric sent out the call for the rest of the vampires to come in that he wanted in the state.

After all that, the four of them left for Eric’s home. There were plans to be made, and Pam was informed that Fangtasia is hers.

After they settle in, Roman kneels before Sookie, and to her surprise, swears his loyalty to her.

Looking at her shocked face, Eric tells her gently, “As the Mate of his Maker, you are now his Maker also.”

She looks to him, “What about you?”

He grins at her, “I am your Mate. Godric and I don’t think we are Mated to each other, but soon it will not matter.”

Roman nods as he stands up. “Once Godric pledges to him, it all becomes minute to everyone else. But Eric knows why I do not swear my loyalty to him. You are another case. You are the Mate of my Maker, the one I hold above all others, and now you are beside him. I will protect Eric with everything I am, but that is because of the pain you will suffer, and therefore Godric will also. When it comes time, you will understand so much more, but for now, our relationships have to be kept quiet.”

Then Sookie remembers something, and glares at Godric. “How can I be your Queen? I thought we had to pledge and I am not vampire!”

Eric cannot help his laugh from the fiery spirit of his Mate. Roman, too, is amused knowing that many would not question Godric on anything.

Godric has a mischievousness look on his face. “You were the one who assumed, a ghra. Mates are a whole new world of rules. And as my Mate, you are my equal. When we were not going to expose our relationship, there were intricate steps we had to take. But now? Now I pledge with the knife for love, and to save you from listening to the idiots who hope to have an alliance with us. No, as my Mate, you are my Queen. When we are bonded in love, we will be pledged by the knife and there will be no excuse for any proposals to be entertained.”

Roman nods. “This is smart. I expect to have some backlash, but the matter of Mates is sacred, the Ancient Pythoness has announced this to all. In fact her decree came moments after the assassin exposed the Queen’s treachery. There was no question of hiding it at that point, Master.”

Nodding, Godric tells him, “I suspected as much. Mates have always been celebrated for the rare occasions that we have them.”

Wondering since they had told her, she asks, “What happened to the others?”

Roman raised an eyebrow as he tells her, “One was killed, which made the current rules. The others have died or are in other dimensions now. Mates only share the same lifetimes. Whoever has the longest determines the possible length of their mutual lives. This is the first Fae/Vampire mating. But the fact of your Mating calls for instant peace between your races. And since Vampires are not mortal, nor are Fae, you three are pretty much immortal.”

Thinking on what he says, she asks, “Then why the whole thing with Warlow? If I am the Mate of you two and there is no way to separate us? Why? It seems senseless.”

Eric leans back in the couch he was sharing with Sookie and Godric. “We don’t know. There is something more, something we are not aware of. Godric and Roman have fought him through the years, and he is the one who mortally wounded me in battle. We don’t know if he knows and has worked to actively separate us, or if it was all luck and chance on his end.”

Sighing, Sookie tells Eric, “And you believe that as much as I believe the world is flat.”

Nodding, he leans forward, his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped in front of him. “Too many chances. No one is that lucky. The AP has interfered many times, and she has the gift of knowing the future. This ties her hands many times, but in the matter of our line, you will find she will interfere. It is her line also.”

Her eyes widen and she asks, “Who is she?”

Godric tells her, “My Maker. This is not known to others, but you need to know. She also is the leader of the Guardians. Roman is the Guardian of the Vampires, and you know the Guardian of the Fae, Niall. There are others, Guardians of the Weres, Witches and so on. They all form the council who hand down the rulings on all species. They are also the one who orchestrated the Revelation, and the Weres are the next to be exposed. Some, like the demons and angels are not wishing to be revealed, since humans have a different look on them. Fae are often mistaken as Angels, being of the same species.” With that said, Godric frowns and then looks at Roman and Eric.

Eric sits up, and he swears, “No. No!”

Sookie is confused, but Roman is shaking his head. “It would explain much. Why the drive to have her, why so many want her, where her telepathy comes from. And it would explain the light you have seen her use, Eric. It is similar to a Fae’s but not. But why her and not the rest of the family?”

Eric looks off, growling. He pulls Sookie to him and holds her close. “No.”

She turns and feeling his panic, holds his face in her hands. She stares into his eyes, and finally asks, “Why is Eric so upset?”

“Because if what we think is true, you will be hunted. You are not Fae, you are Seraphim. And that is so rare, that it is not even your blood you will be wanted for. No, it will be for what you will become as you age. You will become one of the truly immortal…” Roman trails off as he looks at her with that information in his head, and he realizes she matches the description of a female.

Godric sighs at Eric. “You know if she is, denying it will do nothing. If we are right, because of the Mating there is a good chance that she is moving into her transition.”

Sookie shakes her head. “I don’t understand.”

Looking at his Mate, Godric tells her, “Seraphim, or as humans refer to them, Angels, are one of the truly immortal ones. To be one, you don’t have to be pureblood. One of their line, yes, but you could be 1/1,000,000 part, and transition to a pure blood. Theoretically all humans and Fae are part Angel, but in reality, that is false.   They are in fact rare, and at one time, the Fae tried to breed with humans to enhance the chance of the race coming forth. But one of the things that signify the race? They are all Mated. Every. Single. One.”

She shakes her head. “Ok, but why is Eric so upset and why would I be hunted?”

Roman clears his throat, all his thoughts running through his head. “Because they are all Mated, and immortal, people will try to force Matings. They may not be able to die, but they can be tortured to the point that one would wish for the gift of death. Legends abound with the fact that all the other races can Mate with Angels, but Angels are Mated by the heart.”

Looking into Eric’s eyes, she softly asks, “And you are worried by this?”

He nods. “I don’t want you ever to die. But at the same time, I would rather you die than suffer to that extreme. If it ever gets out, you will be taken from us. Experimented on, raped, tortured beyond your imagination. The only way to escape is to leave us. Why would I wish this?”

Godric softly tells him, “It won’t come to that. Now that we suspect, she will be protected, the secret kept.”

Eric interrupts him, still staring at his Mate, “And secrets are never kept. You taught me that Godric.”

Washing his face, Roman leans back in his seat. “There is more to this than we thought. If she is Seraphim, then is the time coming? The time of revelation of all? Is this why the AP is more active lately?”

Eric closes his eyes. “And it would explain why Warlow wants her. If he believes that he can force a Mating, then he would be immortal.”

Sookie then tears up. “Wait does that mean to you two?”

Godric nods. “Mates share the same life force. If you are immortal, then so are we.”

“Then you can be taken to force me.”

Godric and Eric look at each other in surprise, but Eric is the one who closes his eyes as he realizes his spitfire is right. “She is stubborn, and will fight for herself. But for the ones she loves?”

Looking up at the ceiling, Godric shakes his head. “It will not come to that end. For now, we work aggressively in finding those to help defend her. And we work to find as many allies. If it is the time, if the trumpets are going to be sounding as foretold, then there is more coming that we expect.”

They all nod, and Eric leans his head against his Mate’s. “I never thought nor wanted this, Sookie. I was thrilled with us being Mates, being given this second chance at life. But never at the cost that you may suffer more than you did in the past.”

Sookie smiles at him, and tells him, “It is more than worth it, to know this type of love. We will deal with it, Eric. We have gone through too much to give up now. I didn’t think you would be one to give up, Viking.”

He smiles, feeling the love she is sending. “And I won’t be. I will fight until the ends of the earth and universe for you, min älskade.”

She smiles back, and tells him, “Maybe that is what is needed. A love like ours.”

Godric smiles at the two, and says nothing. He is not jealous, feeling the need of Eric to be reassured. But a thought occurs. “What did happen to the Angels?”

Roman looks at him from his place. “They were chased from this plane.”

Godric frowns. “But what would chase them. I remember their legends, the fiery spirit of them. Why would they give up this place?”

Eric tells them without moving an inch from his look at his Mate. “The females were all killed.”

Sookie shakes her head. “I thought they were immortal.”

He shakes his head, his long hair falling forward. “The males are. The females are subject to one horror. Childbirth. The few females left were raped to the point of dying in childbirth.”

Godric and Roman stare at him. “How do you know this, Eric?”

He looks from his Mate to the other males. “Because the last one was an ancestor of my family. You may recognize her name in fact. Freyja. It is the secret of the Vikings, and we are named the defenders of them. It was what made us different from the others, why we were so tall, athletic and so on. Nothing of what a normal human was at the time. We failed, and have been cursed to become part of the past.”

He looks at his Mate. “If this is true, then you already have my loyalty and life. I will call all others who are left, and become the King you need, min älskade.” At that announcement, they all stare shocked at the Viking who seemed to grow before them all.

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