Chapter 22 Together We’d Stand Forever

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Adele comes closer and she tells him, “I thank you. For everything. For giving me back my granddaughter. She may have changed, but underneath it all is the little girl that used to play in my garden as I worked, twirling around in a white dress dreaming of her prince to come.” Then her voice turned to the past as she comments, “Funny enough, she could never pick if he was tall, blonde and blue eyes, or the dark soulful one. Seems fitting now doesn’t it?” She turns to him and gives him a hard look.

And with that, she heads into her house to pack up what she will need to be safe for her granddaughter.

Godric is staring out into the night, then as he runs his mind through her words, a smile appears on his lips.


Godric soon left, after talking with his Mates about what is going to happen tonight. Eric had stated that they would take Adele to the safe house so that Godric can deal with the rest of Bon Temps and not need to come back.

Then both Sookie and Eric asked that when he was done, for him to come home to them, that they wished to talk to him. Neither would touch him, and when he raised an eyebrow, Sookie grinned at him. “It will be quicker if you just hurry. Incentive.”

He had reached for her, and Eric had carefully stepped back so that he would not read what they wished to talk to him about. Godric had chuckled, but he had carefully wrapped Sookie in his embrace, taking her scent into him. “I need no incentive with you, a stoirin. I will finish what needs to be done, and I will let you know tomorrow how it works out. Or tonight depending on what happens.” He kissed her on the forehead, just relishing in the moment.

They all nodded, knowing that he was referencing their odd connection. It has calmed down some, and they now realize that they need to look in the memories for them to make sense. Before, it caught their attention. Now they are learning to not leave so much time between the touches, and this makes it easier on them. As Sookie commented, no one wants to know all the time what has gone on in the others’ minds when they are separated.

But, as evidenced earlier, they will and have used their connection to be able to act as one when needed. However for now, they will deal with what needs to be done, and use the memories if the time necessitates it.

Godric gave her a chaste kiss, then took to the air to head to the Compton place to see if he was there.

Eric and Sookie watch him leave, and they both look to each other. He cups her face gently, “He will be back, min frudu.”

She smiles as she looks up to her husband’s eyes. “I know. I hope he will be happy with the news.”

Eric just breaks out in a huge grin. “There isn’t a reason he wouldn’t be. Now, let’s get your Gran and get her to the safe place. We will have someone here tomorrow to pick up the things you wish to have come home. And they will then start with the improvements to the home. Luckily, I remember the trouble spots…”

With that, the two head back to the house, Eric teasing Sookie for the mess he had found her home in, all along knowing that he and Godric will be working harder than normal to make sure that it is never that bad again.

Godric enters the decrepit antebellum home and knows that the house is still unoccupied. While he has a huge urge just to burn it down, he prevents himself from doing so. As he walks around, he notices how sound the structure is and gives thought to asking Sookie if they can use it as the capital. The building they picked out in Shreveport is nice, bet he truly wonders if it would be better to be located here. Maybe they could keep the Supe community and the more in depth staff he and Eric think they need here, and use the office in Shreveport to house the rest of the workers.

He sighs, then exits the building, texting a were and witch to come and ward the properties. His mouth lifts up in a smirk as he realizes that he is also eliminating the chance of Compton coming back. With that in mind, he issues an alert to notify him if Compton is seen in his area. While Roman is doing what he can, it won’t hurt.

With that, he takes off to the Stackhouse residence. Soon he has Jason in his thrall and is inside the elder sibling’s home.

Jason is looking at him, and Godric can see the horror in those eyes. He finally tells the younger man, “I am here to help you with the memories, Jason.”

Jason shakes his head. “Why would you do that? You did the same thing he did. Just come in. What use is it to have to issue invitations when you guys can get in that easily?” His anger is present, the same anger that would lead him down a much harder path.

Godric sighs and leans back in his seat. “What it can do, once I set it up so no one weaker than me can glamour you, is make it harder to get an invitation in here. Not even I will be able to garner one unless you wish me too.”

Jason looks off in the distance. “You know, don’t you? What that fucktard did to me?”

Godric nods. “We got it from your Gran and from Compton himself. To be frank, Jason, this is a fucked up mess. What he did has no excuse. We are finding hints why it may have happened, but we are not sure.” He looks to the side, trying to figure out what they can do for this poor man.

He growls at the ancient vampire. “It happened because he wanted Sookie!”

Shaking his head, Godric corrects him. “That may have been the reason he sought you out, but once he was drinking from you, something snapped in him. He did all the rest in greed. Greed for you and for your sister. Sookie thinks it will all stop when he has her, but I don’t think it will.” And there it is, the one thing he has tried to keep from Sookie and Eric. The horror for the two of them would be too much.

Jason’s eyes grow in horror. “You cannot allow that piece of shit to have my sister!” He dismisses the rest of the vampire’s statement since it doesn’t make sense to him.

With a low growl, Godric states, “Your sister is Mated to Eric and I. There is no one who will willingly fuck with us now, and those that would, well, we will make sure they think twice. There are things in play that no one could imagine. I cannot tell you more, because you are a point that someone may try to use to get through to Sookie. But, before I remove the memories, I want your agreement, with you having all the facts.”

Jason frowns. “You can remove these memories? Why?”

Godric looks at him, and sighs. “For your own piece of mind. There is no need for you to suffer when there is nothing to be gained from it but pain. I would do it for your sister, but she wouldn’t want it, nor can it happen with her. That is one good thing, she is immune to our Glamour.” His fingers twitch, but that is all that moves on him as he watches the young man in front of him.

Jason thinks on it, and finally asks, “You sound like you know what can happen. What happens?”

Godric looks at him, and frankly tells him. “You won’t be able to perform sexually, but I think you have had this already happen. It leads to you being addicted to V and getting in more trouble. Because of this, you take out your hate on your sister after seeing her happy with the bastard who did this to you. She has no idea what is going on, nor could you tell her in any way. You also help kill a vampire because of the need for the blood. Because of the way you are brought up, your basic personality, this haunts you. The guilt of it and not being able to reconcile the hate from what Compton did to you drives you become an advocate of killing vampires.” He says it all in one tone of voice. There is much pain ahead for Jason, and it was from one vampire’s actions.

Jason is staring at him, and he finally looks down. “Is there a way to help me? Without taking the memories away? I need to learn my lesson, and there is no way I will learn it if I lose them.”

Godric leans forward, his mind in deep thought. He finally asks, “What do you suggest then? I don’t want you to suffer for another’s insane ideas. You mean much to your sister, and therefore you mean something to me. Help me, Jason. I know you are smart enough.” He clasps his hands that are resting on his thighs, with the rest of his body in that position, his head cocked to one side.

Jason stares at him, then thinks aloud, “People are raped often, there is therapy for it right? And he ain’t getting away with it, is he?”

Godric shakes his head. “For what he did, and many other things, he is being hunted right now by all Vampires, and most Supes. As soon as we hear where he is, we will go after him. There is much he needs to answer for.”

Jason nods. He thinks about it then tells Godric, “Can you do that thing that I cannot be glamoured, unless I give you and only you permission to do it? And make it seem not so immediate. Then I will go get help.” He nods to himself as he thinks it through.

Godric smiles at him. “I think that would work, Jason. And may I suggest, you might want to apply yourself to more than being a supervisor of a work crew. That mind of yours is something to be admired, not used to get in as many panties as you can.” He smirks at him.

Snorting, Jason leans forward. “I make you a deal, you treat my sister like she should be, and I will sign up for college. I had wanted to help people, and maybe I can do that instead of watching others work under me. Or do that and watch people under me in a more direct way.”

Godric nods. “This sounds like a winning situation. Your sister is my Queen, my literal Queen. See I’ve made King of the State, and Eric is King of Texas. Neither of us will ever be able to leave her. It would cause us physical pain. Eric and she are in love as well as already Bonded and as close as can be. He even married her in his fashion, as a vampire, and as the King of what you call Vikings. Now it is up to her if she gets married in her fashion. I am willing and wanting to do both, but am waiting for her to decide on it.” He informs him of the plans for his sister, so he will not worry about her. Sookie will be one of the most loved people on this earth.

Jason’s eyebrows go up, and he chuckles. “Damn. Long way from being the barmaid.” Then thinking, he looks Godric in his eyes. “I may see what I can do that can help you guys out. If you have any ideas, let me know. But for now, get that glamouring thing done; I suspect you have much to do if you are king of this shithole.”

Godric chuckles. “I think I like you, Jason. I will think on what you can do and let you know.” And with that, he is soon exiting the home, and listens for Jason to rescind the invitation on his home. Then he smiles as Jason then reinvites him into his home.

Soon he is in the air and landing outside the former workplace of the woman he loves. He shakes his head, the memories of Sookie in this place, and how much she fought to not leave here. He enters the building and, seeing the cook in the back is one of the men he is here to see, moves to the bar and announces that he needs to speak with Lafayette.

The cook in the back looks up at the sound of his name and watches the stranger. When Sam turns and lifts an eyebrow to him, he nods, taking off his apron.

He walks out and notices how stiff Sam is and that he is glaring at the young man in front of him. He then asks, “What can this fine body do for you, sir?” Flirting is as natural as breathing to him, and this is one fine assed young man.

Godric smiles at him, loving his love of life. “I need to speak with you for a couple of minutes. Would you mind stepping outside with me so we can discuss our matter in private?”

Sam growls, and is about to interfere, when Lafayette nods. “If a fine assed young man wishes to speak with me, I have no complaints!”

Godric cannot help but laugh as he walks out the door. He laughs harder as he hears the, “Fuck me,” from behind him as Lafayette follows him.

When they are a distance away, Godric turns to face the flamboyant man behind him. “I am going to be blunt. I am a vampire, the King of this area. Sookie means something very precious to me, so I am taking some information I came about to you privately. Stop selling V. I know you don’t hurt anyone to get it, in fact, Eddie is happy with what you do. But, you will unfortunately lead others to him and they will not be so kind to him to get his blood. If another, even the previous or current sheriff of this area, found this out… well torturing you would be the least they would do to you.” He stares at the man in front of him. He also remembers how the man defended and befriended his love when no other would.

Lafayette is staring at the man, no vampire, before him. He is scared, but he stands his ground and tells the man, “I would love to not do any of it, but what chance does a gay black man in a hick town have of getting out of it?”

Godric cocks his head to the side and asks, “What are you willing to do?”

Lafayette answers him honestly. “Anything. I have and will do anything to get away from here. I am thrilled Sookie has managed to get away. She needed to.”

Godric is thinking, and he also realizes that this man has done much for his lady love. “What if I offer you a job, one that can pay for your mother’s care and will allow you out of this town? All you will need to do is help take care of my lady. I will cook for her often; it is a need for a vampire to care for their Mates. But the rest? Shopping and such? She will need someone to go with her that is also a friend to her.” This will also allow Eric and he some freedom from worry. They cannot lock her away, and this will allow someone that she enjoys around her to be there.

Staring at him, Lafayette is blunt. “Why me? Why not Tara?”

Godric tells him honestly, “Because you care. And Sookie needs that. She is changing, physically and mentally, and she needs someone like you to help her. I try, and her husband certainly tries. But there is only so much we can do, and you can do more. Will you accept this deal?”

Lafayette stares at him, and then nods. “When do you wish me to be there? And where is there?”

With a grin, Godric tells him, “I will make arrangements, and you tell me when you wish to be there. There is nothing stopping you from being there tomorrow in fact, but your own wishes.”

The two of them talk over details, and then Lafayette heads back into the bar. He will be tendering his resignation on the spot, and tomorrow will start packing up his place. As he told Godric, he intends to put nothing but dust to this part of his life.

He had been impressed with all Lafayette is willing to do and thinks this will be a good move for all of them. He is a huge weakness, as much as her family is. This way none of the negative tones will be there, but someone who can speak with her and just be with her will be. If the flamboyant man wishes to be turned, he sees no issue with doing it. Anything to make his Mate happy in her long life.

He sighs, remembering he has three errands to run before he can make his way home. He calls out, “Now that you know what I needed Lafayette for, come forward so we can talk.”

Sam walks forward, wary of the vampire in front of him. “Are you done taking my staff from me?”

Godric just stares him down. “If you take too much of my time, another of your staff will be murdered tonight. So feel free to take up more of my time, shifter.” He cocks an eyebrow up as he waits for the shifter to comment.

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