Chapter 24 The Stars Light The Road

Chapter 24 AIW1

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He nods, then can’t help the grin. “Callisto. I am looking forward to working with you. I may not allow you to kill, but I can and will allow you to party. You can gain what you need to survive from them. Will this be to your liking?”

She grins and nods. Then with his acceptance, she heads to her home, making plans to override the ones that would have lead to her death.

Godric smiles and, happy he is done with his list, takes to the sky, sending his love to the two that are awaiting him.


Landing outside their home, Godric takes a deep breath, then heads inside to find what his love wants to talk to him about.

When he gets in, he smiles at the sight of both Sookie and Eric freshly washed. Eric is messing with his tablet, while Sookie is lying down with her head in his lap. He is running one hand through her hair, as he reads reports about his new Kingdom.

The homey feel of it all is enough to have Godric yearning for it for himself. Then a wave of love and acceptance comes from the two as they look up at him.

Sookie asks him gently, “Everything alright?”

Godric sighs and nods. “I am going to take a shower, I am not enjoying the smells left. I’ll be right back.”

Nodding at him, Sookie watches him leave. Eric’s hand turns her face to him, and he tells her, “It will be alright. He is not lying, he has done a lot today by the smells alone. One of the tasks was dealing with the Shifter, and you know that could have not been pleasant. Cheer up, min älskade. He did a lot tonight, and probably got more accomplished than we can ever think. Godric was made to be a King.”

A laugh from the hallway sounds as Godric walks back in a linen outfit like they had found him wearing in Dallas. “It’s just a bigger job of what we did as Sheriff. For you it should be the same since I am not liking what I am finding with Sophie Anne’s way of handling everything. She agreed to be the central representative under all the guardians, not just Roman. But, the more Supes I talk to, the more it seems she did not follow up on that agreement.”

Godric comes over and collapses on the floor, resting his head back on Sookie, Eric’s leg next to him, completing the circuit needed for their memory thing. He slowly smiles as he feels Sookie’s hands in his hair, ignoring the mess of information coming in. Unless needed, he has decided that he will only examine them if he needs to.

Sookie is watching him, and then softly asks, “Well?”

He opens his moss green eyes to her, and arches an eyebrow.

She grins at the look and tells him, “Since you know why we wanted you home, what do you think?”

Sighing, Godric looks at the two of them and informs them, “I’ve decided to just allow the memories flow. I don’t examine them. But I learned tonight, if I need them, they will present themselves to me. This is much more agreeable to me, since I do not want to worry about invading your privacy. I’d rather talk to you, much as Eric does, and have you tell me things. I enjoy the sound of your voice, a stoirin. Will you deny me it?”

Eric just grins, as he watches his Maker.

Grinning, Sookie tells him, “Eric and I talked when I was getting my stuff from the house. I wish to complete the Bond and Mating with you. I do trust you, and it was my own insecurities getting to me. It wasn’t fair of me to tell you that. Eric feels me, and he bluntly told me that I was doing the same thing that I did to him, and he is right. Life may be longer for us, but why waste any time? The previous time line showed us how mortal you can be. I don’t want to waste any more time when we both love each other.”

Godric turns around, and cups her face. “My love. I never expected this to be what you wish to talk about. But what about the time to woo you? I have made you dinner twice, and have done only a small part of what I planned. You deserve the romance.”

Sookie looks into his eyes, “You give me the romance as much as Eric does. The wooing you wish to do? You can do it still. I will love to be taken out and do all that you wish to do. I can feel how much you are wishing to do this, but why are we wasting time that can be used to make all of us happy?”

Godric sits back on his heels, and he looks at Eric. “Why am I thinking you are asking for more than completing the Mating and Bonding?”

Smiling at his Maker, “I wish to also Bond with you. There is no reason not to, it will only cement the affection to have us all be Bonded. I love you, my Maker. You know this, and it is not a love of a child for a father. No, it is a love of a man for someone in his heart. I know my heart, and I wish to be as close to you as I am to Sookie. Our Bond has faded over time, and I wish to make it strong again. Please, please accept us.”

And there Godric can see that his leaving as he did in the time line they had already lived through did not only damage Sookie, it hurt Eric. He also knows that Eric is truly his lover also. It had been what he had been missing, but he didn’t think their little angel would be that accepting.

Sookie leans forward and pulls him to her. “Godric, I want it all. The three of us. In every way we can be. I want there to be no feelings of ‘I do this to give them time’, when it really feels right when we are together. I miss you when I am making love to Eric, and I know he is missing you. I know what you are trying to do. You want to make sure we will not suffer with the addition of you to the group, but cannot you see that we are suffering without you being with us? You are as a ghost, there without being with us, and I for one don’t want that. I want to be able to feel you in those moments. I want, ache even, to be with you.”

He looks at Eric, and can see the complete agreement that he has with the statement. Godric looks down, hesitant.

Looking up at Eric, Sookie reaches out and holding Godric, the two of them look at why Godric is so reluctant to be with them. When they realize why, Eric tells his master, “No! You are not interfering in our love, in fact it will be more when you join us.”

Sookie then rebuts the other part. “You do not deserve to suffer for your actions in the other timeline, nor is this a dream, Godric. We want you, need you. Why do you reject us??”

The plea from them both strike to his heart, and Godric buries his head in the stomach of his Mate. “I don’t deserve this. So much pain you both suffered through because that version of me rejected you. Why should I not feel some of the pain? Why shouldn’t it feel like a dream? You call me and I come to find not only a miracle, but I find my other half that I have waited over 2,000 years for. Why do I deserve to have the two of you?”

Lifting his head, Sookie leans forward and kisses him deeply, and he loses himself in the kiss. He then feels the movement as Eric relocates them all to the bedroom, and he distantly hears the shutters shut. Then the hands of his Mate. yank the shirt he is wearing apart. He closes his eyes in pleasure as he feel her hands on him.

Eric is soon behind his Maker, and he grins as he sees that his little Mate is taking control of the situation. They need Godric. The ache in their souls as he is not with them is getting worse, and since they are fully one, they can feel how much the other yearns for Godric, the missing man in their love.

If it takes this to convince the vampire that it is time for it, they will do it. Eric already texted Roman to let him know they may be out of communication. Roman heartedly agreed, telling him it’s about time.

So Eric quickly undressed, then moved back behind his Maker, kissing his shoulders, and relishing in the feeling of skin he has had beneath him, on top and in other positions. Eric is normally the dominant, but with Sookie and Godric, he is willing to be what they wish him to be. But he will not deny that he is looking forward to taking Godric as he mates with Sookie. To be one with his Mates. He has in fact worked with his little Mate to make her ready for them if they both wish to be with her at the same time.

Godric moans as he feels Eric’s mouth on him, and at the same time, he can feel Sookie as she kisses down his neck. He can barely keep his mind straight as pure longing is coming through the Bonds he has with both, as they sweep him under their desire for him. He manages to tell them, “Yes. Yes, I want it all.”

Both Sookie and Eric give each other a glance of satisfaction, and get back to showing their Mate how much they want him.

Eric starts off the blood exchange, by presenting his wrist in front of Godric and when he kisses, then bites his place on Godric’s neck; Godric soon sinks his fangs into Eric’s arm. With a roar, Eric tears off the last of Godric’s clothing, and is soon rubbing his aching cock against him. He manages to not come, but it is with Sookie’s help.

When both have finished their first exchange, they stare at the woman who had removed her clothing and is laying back in their bed, her legs spread to each side, inviting them, beseeching them to come to her.   With a growl, Godric is quickly up and between her legs, ravaging her mouth. The hunger for his Mates is alive and sparking within him, and he can no longer deny them.

Eric leans against the banister, watching the two of them. He is stroking himself, relieving the need to be with them, but he knows that they need to connect. He and Sookie talked about this, and the last exchange will be with them all, and when they are in the middle of mating. She wants it, and he will, as always, give her what she needs, wants. He had already told her that Godric and he maintained at all times a first level bond, and while it was getting time to renew it, it will remain that for this Mating. After this, Eric suspects that they will all be exchanging blood so often it will not matter.

And for some reason, if it does not take, Godric and he can rectify the issue quickly. But feeling his Maker so much more, there is no need as far as Eric can feel. It may have been a couple of decades from their last exchange, but they exchange so much that it can last for a long period. The two smell strongly of each other.

Godric is kissing her, loving on her, making sure he is letting all of his love come out for this woman beneath him. He had seriously contemplated just finishing the second Bond with her and holding out for more, but he cannot anymore. Not with the both of them throwing their love and desire for him in the bonds.

Sookie moans as Godric moves down her throat his blunt teeth leaving marks as his hands worship the body underneath him, when her hands move to trace his body, he allows it, as long as she doesn’t interrupt his own explorations, his learning of her body. He has years to make up for.

Pulling the chair to him, Eric sinks down, and watches his Mates with each other, giving them this time to be together, and his eyes roll back as he can feel their hands on him as they are on Godric and Sookie. He feels it all as though he is there, as if he is the one being made love to, and enjoys it all.

Godric has been paying attention to her breasts, and he looks up from them to her. “I think, a stoirin, this is one of my favorite parts of your body.”

Sookie chuckles breathlessly. “That’s funny, seeing it is Eric’s also.”

With that in mind, Godric moves over, and sucks on her nipple, watching and observing her to find where her tolerance is. He smiles as he is proven right – she likes nipple play as much as Eric does. Before he moves, he cuts his tongue in his mouth and suckling, he works his blood around allowing her not to feel pain afterwards. He can just imagine the pain she would be in afterwards.

Repeating the process on the other side, enjoying her body as she arches to him, he grins as he makes his way, lower. “Mo ghrá, I have been looking forward to tasting you here.” He pulls one of her thighs up and licks the femoral artery.

Sookie watches him with fascination. Eric likes to bite down there also, but he normally spends time between her legs before doing it. Godric is touching her lightly, making her burn, a slow steady burn, but burning nonetheless.

Knowing what she is probably used to with Eric, he wants to have her not anticipating his next moves. It helps, knowing he scented them together in the shower earlier, and his own fingers finding that she is more than ready for him. He has waited so long for her, and he doesn’t think he be as slow as he wishes he could be.

With featherlike touches on her body, not being able to know where he will touch her next was driving her nuts. He was using vampire speed to get her body to the edge, and when she is presented with hand, bloody, she doesn’t hesitate to drink from it. When she feels his blood rushing through her body, she opens her eyes to his, and his hand is gone, as he moves and is biting into her artery, the hand that she had been drinking from, urging her to go over the edge.

As she screams his name out, Godric smiles, then licks his bite closed. He didn’t want to take too much, and there was another chance of having her blood, and Eric’s. He will not be greedy, he cannot be.

But he cannot explain the pure joy that comes when he moves up her body, settling himself between her legs, his cock at her entrance, and feels Eric touching him, then feels him gathering up her cum from between her legs, to use for his own entrance.

Godric is holding himself up from her, not wanting her to feel the combined weight of Eric and him. He looks down at her, and asks, “Are you ready, mo ghrá?”

‘Yes.’ She answers them both, and moans as Godric slides home into her body.

He is thicker than Eric, though not as long. But her body doesn’t care, it welcomes him into it. Godric groans, as he is fully seated in his Mate, his love, his queen of his heart and body.

Then his head drops onto Sookie’s shoulder as his own body welcomes the only male lover he has ever had willingly. The three of them are panting, and finally Sookie begs them, “Please.”

Eric chuckles from above her, “As you wish, lover.”

And with that, time is lost as the three of them make love to each other. None of them remember the final Bonding, nor the second that a bright light flashed from them all, making them one from then on and unleashing all the possibilities that could have been.

No, all the three of them remember of the time is the love, desire and completeness that was circling through them as the Mating is completed. Nevermore will any of them be lonely ever again. The three will never be apart, no matter the physical separation.

The universe itself rejoices in having one of its races welcome its new member, and the fact that the three lonely souls have become one as it had intended.

Final Count: 2,894 words

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