Chapter 25 You Set My Soul Alight

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And with that, time is lost as the three of them make love to each other. None of them remember the final Bonding, nor the second that a bright light flashed from them all, making them one from then on and unleashing all the possibilities that could have been.

No, all the three of them remember of the time is the love, desire and completeness that was circling through them as the Mating is completed. Nevermore will any of them be lonely ever again. The three will never be apart, no matter the physical separation.

The universe itself rejoices in having one of its races welcome its new member, and the fact that the three lonely souls have become one as it had intended.


The three wake the following day, and Godric experiences waking up like a human for the first time in centuries. He also felt rested, and then realizes that the other two are just as rested as he is. He grins at Sookie who is in his arms, “Afternoon, mo ghrá.”

Eric chuckles as he lies on his back, his arm over his eyes. “Morning mina Älskades.”

Sookie just laughs as she leans up to kiss Godric. Then she turns over, and running a hand down Eric’s masterwork of a body, she waits until she feels his amusement. “Looks like we will be getting some extra time with each other during the day.”

Godric leans up, and kissing her neck, he tells her huskily, “I certainly don’t mind, nor can I see Eric minding it either.”

As she wraps her hand around Eric’s agreement, she gasps as Eric twists his body to be able to take one of her breast into his mouth, while allowing her hand to remain on his cock.

Her head falls back, and Godric is soon suckling on her other one, as he lays her back down, but she also turns enough that her ass is rubbing against him, telling him, ‘All is fair…

Chuckling, Eric lets go of her breast, and nuzzling her neck, starts licking where he wishes to drink from her all the while, unabashedly moving his hips against her. He reached down, and removing her hand from his cock, he twists his hips and enters her.

At the same time, knowing what he was about to do, Godric cuts his hands open, and soon has his coated cock starting its entrance in her other opening.

They are both careful, using their link to make sure she is not in pain, and moving together to not harm her. When they are both seated inside her, the three of them moan.

Moving as the one soul they are, they are soon nipping at each other, and as Eric strikes at her neck, she bites down hard on his shoulder in pleasure. Godric is a the other side of her neck, and all three drink, no worrying if one would be drained or hurt with them all drinking from each other.

Much too soon to the three of them, they all feel themselves cumming, none of them being able to tell who started it. But Eric is roaring his pleasure out as Godric moans. When they collapse, they are all lying tangled in a mess, Eric licking his mark and healing it, as Godric does the same, then cleans Eric from any blood Sookie may have missed. Both vampires are purring to their Mate, and then, to the shock of them both a humming noise arises from Sookie.

When they checked her, she is out, sleeping soundly, but the noise is not one she is making, it is the same as their purr for their Mate. Eric sighs, and laying back down, nuzzles his Mate.

Godric slides out of their Mate, but wraps his arms around her, then the other laying across her middle stretches over Eric too. He murmurs, “It is shocking, the feeling.”

Eric grins. “It feels much better now that you are in the Bond as well.”

Leaning up and resting his chin on Sookie’s shoulder he asks, “Why didn’t you tell me that you two were hurting?”

Sighing as he realizes they will be talking and not cuddling as he wishes, Eric answers him, “Because she didn’t want to push you, and she wanted the time. As you too wish nothing but to please her, does it surprise you all that much?”

His eyes flicking to their Mate, Godric shakes his head. “No.”

Eric sighs, then closes his eyes, to enjoy the peace and quiet he knows they will not have much of.

Godric looks over them both, then he too lies back down, content to wait until their Mate to wake to make plans.

That night, in a muggy part of Mississippi, a man is seated behind his desk with his lover on the same side, looking in disgust at his other Child, and her Child.

“A simple plan, really. And you couldn’t control yourself? We needed this to go without a hitch. This plan has been in the works for the past eons, and you fucked it up, not reporting to a fucking Sheriff? What is your excuse this time, William? Fucking the brother too much?”

The vampire before them is still in the chains and with all the paraphernalia that he had been tortured with. The vampire in front of him enjoyed the mastery of the placement of the toothpicks, and how a slight movement will make the pain anew.

He knew his Child was greatly angered by the fact that William’s cock and balls were gone, as well as his fangs. However the person who removed them did it, he wished to know since it look particularly painful.

He leans forward when nothing comes from the other vampire, and he lifts an eyebrow, “What, the cat got your tongue?” And laughs.

Lorena was seething. She has to wait for his tongue to come back in before she can get the answers of who did this, but she will get her revenge.

The tall dark and broody man behind the desk was seated on the edge of the desk and finally waves his hand at the two. “Russell, he is dripping blood all over my expensive Persian rugs! What can he tell us as he is?”

Russell pats his lover’s thigh and stands up. “Not much, though I am looking forward to hearing who came up with this unique torture. As it is, I will be leaving you to it for another night. Lorena can feed you her blood, but nothing else. You deserve it for fucking this up, and just be happy that my Maker or his Maker is not here. Though… on the other hand, you may wish you just stayed suffering until then. I am happy I didn’t fuck it all up like you did. I don’t think you did one single thing right.”

He waves them out of the room, sitting back in his chair. He had long planned with his Maker the downfall of the Gaul and his Viking, but it seems that they must have fucked Lady Luck. As their plans are unfurling against them, somehow they are coming out of shit smelling like roses. Right now, he is actually looking to see how Eric will pull off the shit storm in Texas when they find that the crown is backed personally by Godric. Not that it will set them back as far as they thought, not with Godric in the now and living.

And that is another thing; the blood should have poisoned his mind that the human had provided for him to drink. He should be susceptible to suggestions, like the one they had set up with the church. He had anticipated with the help of Nan that it would be a large enough hole that Godric would have been ripe to walk into the sun.

Instead, it looks as though he is back to normal, and actually took a lot of their plans to isolate the Stackhouse woman that Warlow had commanded them to ready for him. Now they need to step back and find out what is going on. Their little spy in Bon Temps is still active, at least Compton had done that right.

Sitting there thinking he finally tells his lover, “I want the wolf to send out some of the pack to Bon Temps. I want them to take the Stackhouse woman any way they can. I don’t care about the reprisals, time is coming for Warlow to be coming back, and I fully intend to have the woman here ready for him.”

Talbot sighs, looking at his nails. “You know I hate the smell of those things.”

Russell stands, and tells his lover, “Do it. You don’t want to be involved if Warlow finds out about any fuck ups now. It would be highly unpleasant for both of us.”

Rolling his eyes, he leaves, carrying out his errand as fast as possible, thinking about the new human he has on a citrus diet only. He is looking forward to the flavor to be had when that is done…

The following day when they manage to make their way out of bed, and another bout of lovemaking, and then the shower afterwards, Godric is cooking her a hearty breakfast as Eric grabs their computers to work from while she eats.

Sookie asks them, “I really need to buy some personal things. I will be only be gone for an hour, and it sounds like you have plenty to keep you out of trouble.”

Eric doesn’t like the thought of her being so far, and he can feel Godric’s unease. Sookie shakes her head. “It’ll be daylight, and I can manage to go to WalMart by myself. Anyways, you need to call Lafayette and tell him how to get here and do all that stuff. I don’t like sitting like a pretty china doll, and there is no reason I can’t go.”

Eric rises, and returns with her purse, his wallet and the keys to a car he purchased for her. He hands them to her, pulling a card he gotten last night and handing it to her. “You mentioned last night you were going to change your last name, are you still thinking of it?”

She nods, “Marriage may not be legal here, but changing my name is still available.”

Godric raises an eyebrow as he places the fajita meal in front of her.

She smiles, “I am thinking Nervii-Northman as my new last name.”

The joy that comes from both her Mates lets her know what they think about that. She nods and, kissing Godric’s cheek, asks Eric to grab her social security card as well as her birth certificate. She will take care of that today.

As she eats, they talk on the other plans they have, and Godric brought up the plans on the Compton place. “The way it looked, would be perfect. The other place is great, but I feel leaving such a grand home to fall into disrepair would be a travesty.”

Both Eric and Sookie shudder. “I just can’t Godric, but you can restore the home, and give it to a group to use. But it has too many memories that I rather not associate with a place that I will be at for a long period of time.”

He thinks, then nods. “I apologize. I just was taken by the structure, and the knowledge you like those homes…”

Sookie, as she pushes her empty plate aside, tells him, “There is nothing to apologize for. I would have loved to have a home like that, but I am not that woman anymore.” She hops down, and kissing Eric on the cheek, heads to get ready for her expedition out of the home.

Godric sighs and asks Eric, “Is there anyone we can send?”

He shakes his head. “Not right now. But to keep her here?”

The dark headed vampire nods. He then waves it off, “Since there is nothing we can do, no sense worrying about it.”

Eric chuckles at him, knowing the words are a lie as soon as they are uttered. But he nods and they go to work on the table, soon deep in the world of trying to figure out how fucked up their Kingdoms are.

Sookie soon enters the room, kisses them both, and asks, “Do you need anything?”

Both shake their head, and Godric pulls her closer to him. “Be safe. If anything feels off, leave. Promise me, mo ghrá.”

She smiles and agrees, and is soon happily backing up the car she has no idea that Eric had paid hundreds of thousands for, it being the only one in the states. But nothing was more precious to him than their Mate.

Heading out to the courthouse, she soon has the name change paperwork submitted, and is singing badly to the tunes in her car as she pulls into the Walmart. She heads into the store, grabbing what she needs, as well as some treats for herself. She pays and is heading out.

As she walks to the car, her mind picks up on an odd thought and she spins as three large men descend on her, her scream quickly muffled.

Final Count: 2,247 words

Thank for the reviews and for reading this.  I will say we will be continuing this later, but I am already getting Eric’s Vikings on my list.   When I can, I will leak some for you to drool look at.   This will be continued in the 2nd part of the Learn to Live Again trilogy, All This Time…

Fairfarren ~

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