Chapter 5 I’ve Been Awakened

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She smiles at him, then kisses him. “You are wrong; it is up to both of us. Me thinking of myself got us in trouble. You thinking of yourself got us in trouble. It seems we are perfect when we think of the other. So you have just as much input into this as I do.” Sookie lifts an eyebrow, knowing he realizes the same thing.

He breaks out into one of the smiles she had seen when he had been in her home. And he kisses her. “This is right, lover.” Nothing more, nothing less. But he is also telling her the truth, it is right to have Godric with them. It feels even more right than having Sookie being his.

Sookie nods, accepting his answer as she looks inside of herself to find the statement perfect. She then looks to Godric and says, “Ok.”




With her answer, Godric’s face lights up the room while he takes her hand in his and kisses the back of it. “I will endeavor to do whatever it takes for you to feel for me as I am beginning to feel for you, a stóirín.” This is a promise he will do much to ensure is kept. The delight on his face is enough alone to express his joy at her statement.

She smiles at him, and then frowning at the unfamiliar word he keeps calling her. “What does that mean?” she asks, not noticing that her hand is now twined into his.

Eric chuckles in her ear. “Search those memories. If I am right, you know it already. Time to put those memories to use for us, min älskare.” He suspects that she knows everything they do, as they do of her. He knows things such as her favorite flower being tulips and that she loves to wear sundresses because they reminded her of dressing up as a princess when she was younger. There are so many things he knows about her, and he can freely admit he wants to know more. He wants to hear her tell him these things, though, so he can remember her voice telling him.

Turning her head to the side, Sookie looks into his intense blue eyes, and then smiles as she says, “My little darling?” The memory bubbled up, reminding her of times that she had tried to recall information from hearing it in someone’s memories.

Godric grins, “Yes.” He is pleased by the skills his Mate is showing. Hopefully, they will allow her to learn enough to be able to communicate with them in their native tongues. He suspects that with enough practice she will easily access the right memories to allow them to become like her own.

Also proud of her, Eric grins and kisses the top of her head. He feels the longing from his Maker, but when he lifts an eyebrow to him, Godric informs him bluntly, “I told the truth. I want what you have with her but not at the risk of your feelings. The two of you truly are something to feel.” He tightens his grip on her hand. Sookie’s and Eric’s connection is amazing; he can’t wait for the same thing from her to him; he suspects it will not take long at all for him to feel as strongly.

Sookie looks at him, then to Eric. “Feel?” Her eyebrow lifts up as she waits for the two to answer. As far as she knows, only Eric should be feeling her. How can Godric feel them?

Eric nods, as he frowns. “How…” He, too, is as confused as he feels Sookie is.

Godric smiles at the two of them. “It is not your Bond, though I highly recommend you two reBond, to make sure that the Queen can’t take her from you. This is the Mating Bond, which is a phenomenon that is not well known. It seems the touch we shared when we exchanged memories was enough to bond us this way. If you search, I have smelled Sookie on Eric, and both myself and Eric on you.” He smiles softly to Sookie. Releasing her hand to brush a piece of her hair back behind her ear, he asks, “Do you wish to continue talking, or would you rather get reacquainted with Eric?” He waits patiently for her to answer. She guides them all right now. Eric won’t want anything without her input, and Godric certainly won’t do anything to upset her.

Sookie cocks her head to the side. “You don’t want to stay here?” She tries to stop the sharp poke of pain from going to the others, but her mind thinks he is rejecting her already.

His hand resting on top of her as Eric’s hand is caressing her side, but he too looks at his Maker. He caught the pain from her side and can guess what has caused it.

“I would love to stay, but remember what I said – I don’t want to mar what you two have already. It is beautiful. Never let me get in the way of it. You will need to work to maintain it, but you both have admitted your love to each other, and our memories show that was part of the problem before.” Godric is perfectly serious, not wanting a thing to hurt what they have already. He is unsure how their threesome will work out, especially with the two of them so deeply in love with each other. Godric doesn’t want to hurt their current relationship, nor does he want to be the 3rd wheel so he will tread very carefully, and wait for them to invite him in.

Sookie blushes as she looks to Eric and she admits, “I would rather talk and clear everything in the air. There is plenty of time for us to Bond, even with another trip to the forest.” She rolls her eyes at that memory; looking back, it was so surreal.

Godric laughs as he remembers that part from her memories. “It is a sign of being Mates. But yes, we do seem to have a lot that the two of you faced.” He then ticks off his fingers the issues he can think of, “The Queen. That man that tried to kill you and did kill your Gran. We have Bill Compton. Eric needs to arrest Longshadow. That is all I see for the next two weeks. Then we had you two going to Dallas to rescue me, and the Maenad destroying your house and taking over the town. And we can’t forget the end of your search for the vampire who killed your family, Eric.” The look on Godric’s face at the end was sad. He doesn’t delve into Eric’s memories because they are over a thousand years of living. A lot of it he knows of already and the little he doesn’t must not be a big deal.

Eric swallows as he remembers that and the feeling it gave him to kill Russell finally. But he looks down at his beloved and tells her softly, “I apologize for fang raping you, and for fucking Nora. I really shouldn’t have, no matter how hurt I was.” He had had that flash through his mind at the end and realized that he never apologized. He needed to. He loves this woman with all of his being. What is a moment of pride to that?

Sookie nods, tears in her eyes. “I am sorry, too, for flaunting Bill and almost fucking Alcide. I am so sorry for not choosing you as I should have…” The tears spill down her cheek as she remembers her own last moments.

Eric lifts her face to his, wiping her tears with his thumb gently. He smiles then tells her, “I love you. I forgive all that and anything else from that timeline, if you promise me one thing.” He stares into her eyes, deadly serious.

She looks into his face and lifts an eyebrow in question.

He kisses her then tells her, “Never lose that fire of yours. The one that had you slapping me. I may have been after you for the feelings you awakened in me, but that slap made you mine, one way or the other. I never wanted a woman so much as I wanted you in that moment.” He smirks, his eyes laughing into hers.

Laughing back at him, Sookie informs him, “I don’t think I could ever be subservient to you.” She may be laughing, but both vampires can feel how serious she is being with them.

He grins. “And that is how it should be for my Mate. The other vampires can take notice. My Mate. My Woman.” Eric will never want her to show him submission. Not this woman. No, how could he love her for her fire, but at any time try to tamp it down? That would make no sense. Yes, her smell is a huge attraction, but her sassing him in seconds after meeting him made his blood lurch in his body. He may have initiated the Bond when he touched her, but he wanted her before then.

Godric is grinning as he watches them. He finally clears his throat, and when their attention is on him, he divulges to his Mate, “You will need to know that how Eric and I will treat you is not normal. There will be questions that arise.” He agrees wholeheartedly with Eric, but she needs to realize that she cannot expect it to be normal for other vampires to treat their humans the same way. He will make changes, but outside their circles, it will not be possible to hide it from her.

Growling at what he is guessing his Maker is referring to, Eric states to them both, “But she is MINE.” He holds his hand up before they say something. “Or more accurately ours. They can go fucking sit on a stake and rotate if they don’t like it. There is no reason other than outdated tradition that makes her be a fucking puppet.” He stares down his Maker, willing to fight him on this for their Mate.

Godric just laughs. “I remember once when I taught you about Mates. You could not fathom treating another being that was not a vampire as an equal.” He is pleased by Eric’s attitude. She will need them both fighting for her.

Eric just growls louder as he looks away.

Thinking over the consequences that may happen, Sookie laughs, but asks what is on her mind. “Will it make you look weak to others?” She understands more than the naïve version of her did at this time. If a show of strength is needed, she will suck it up.

Eric’s fangs drop as he conveys to her his thoughts. “I do not care.”

An amused laughter makes them both look over at Godric, and he enlightens them, “No. Not when we admit to being Mated, and to being Bonded. There are no traditions or such for that status. It is too rare.” There are no present couples to be able to say nay either. Eric and he would have the complete protection of the councils, as well as others, since the Mating of any species is spread throughout all the Supe world.

Still angry at the conversation, Eric growls. “It shouldn’t matter. She is mine. I can treat her the way I wish.” He pulls her closer to him as his eyes turn dark at the thought of another trying to subdue his Fae!

Feeling how angry he is, Sookie cuddles into him. “Is that why Bill never let me talk?” She is putting things together and trying to see what was real or not from the only other relationship she could compare it to.

Eric wraps his arms around her closer, and growls, “Yes, den inavlade kuksugare.” (the inbred cocksucker)

Godric just shakes his head. Sookie closes her eyes, and he watches Eric calm down as she obviously calms them both down. Why didn’t they know sooner? He informs him, “I need information gathered, Eric. Your Queen is too much of a loose cannon. So many of your problems came from her. I am going to take care of that part, but Sookie, I need to know what you wish to do. You know what happens in the future as well as we do. What do you wish to do?” He watches her, wanting her input into their lives. This is a good way to get her used to being asked to include her thoughts.

She looks a little shocked and looks up at Eric. He is looking back at her, waiting to see what she says. “I thought I signed paperwork to be Eric’s dayperson and to work for him?” Her voice is questioning. What else can she do? She thought that had been the reason she had signed it?

Eric shakes his head. “You signed paperwork making you my head of Human Resources. My personal assistant, really. I left it ambiguous for a reason. I rather you be my personal assistant. That means you are by my side at all times, and your talent is only allowed to be accessible to those I give permission. I may have left it up in the air for your title, but you are mine completely.” He looks up at her proudly but is concerned that she didn’t read the contract. He glances up to Godric with a look in his eyes.

Godric lifts his brow questioning this contract. He is not happy his Mate has signed something she didn’t really read. He may trust his Child, but he rather know exactly what it is his Mate signed. Getting out his phone, Eric pulls up the contract and tosses it to him. Catching the phone, Godric is soon reading through the contract. He looks up at Eric and asks, “How did you get this ready so fast?” This was a very good, intricate piece of work that will make sure Sookie is legally under Eric’s thumb in both of their worlds. This would do a lot towards saving her.

Eric grins. “I had done it before. I was going to offer it to Sookie to get her away from Bill and the Shifter. I just never had time to use it.” He looks down at her lovingly, hiding the memories of the times he couldn’t do anything for her.

Shaking her head, Sookie asks him, “But what will I be doing as your personal assistant?” She wanted to make sure there was work, actual work. She didn’t want to walk around behind Eric and just be there for looks. She would be bored and her pride would be smothered quickly.

He leers down at her. “Just what you are thinking, lover.” Eric lifts that eyebrow of his.

More amused than he has been in centuries, Godric cannot wait for him to be part of their relationship. He will get there, but until then, he will take what he can. Right now, seeing someone hold their own with his Child is a treat, as is feeling Eric’s emotions in this. He is mischievous and acting much like his human self probably did before his parents and sister were killed.

Shaking her head, Sookie flat out states to him, “We are not going to have sex everywhere.” She tries to cross her arms, but Eric holds them with his own hands.

He laughs. “I just wish to point out that you made that jump all by yourself.” He leans down and kisses her on the lips chastely. “You have been known to hit with these, min älskare.”

Rolling her eyes, she looks to Godric. “What is your input?” She feels Eric’s chuckles from the bond and from his body as he lets her hands go and wraps his arms back around her.

Moving off the bed, Godric settles himself in Eric’s chair from earlier. His ablity to be that close to her without touching her is reaching its limit, and he doesn’t want to push her yet. He stretches himself out and, putting his hands behind his head, muses about his plans out loud. “I think I am going to be King. And you two will be with me, with a wedding taking place soon.” He watches the two of them with his eyes almost closed, waiting to see what his bombshell will cause to come up this time.

The two of them just stare in shock at him. When they don’t say anything, Godric continues, “The wedding will prevent Russell and any others from trying to offer for alliances. I don’t want Sookie to ever feel that she is not wanted by me while having to listen to monarchs ask for my hand. So I will marry both of you once I am King. That will eliminate a lot of the crap coming. The other stuff can be taken care of. The Authority issue will be simple to fix. As I become King, I will call Roman to me.” He is still in the position of relaxation, but his emotions tell a different story to the two, now that Sookie knows what to look for.

Sookie looks at him, and then back to Eric. “Marriage? How?” She asks the first question that comes to mind.

Eric moves them up on the bed, and he has her resting between his legs, her back to his chest as he leans against the pile of pillows. “Vampire Marriage. It is mostly for Kings and Queens. Bonded Mates normally don’t bother with it, but Godric is making sure you never have to listen to another King or Queen ask for his hand. But what he is proposing, or what he better be proposing to you, is the eternal version.” He looks at his Maker, waiting for him to agree. Sookie deserves the fairy tale. And he will do anything, including forcing his Maker to comply, to give it to her.

Sookie is shaking her head, still not understanding and Godric leans forward to further explain. “There is two versions of Vampire Marriage. One for love that is forever, and one for alliances that typically lasts a hundred years. The intent of those making the vows are the ones who will determine the type. I have no doubt that we will get there to make the true love bond. But if nothing else, I will marry Eric, and he will marry you at the same time, allowing the bonds to form from love. It will do the same thing, allowing us to have our own vows when we fall in love, so we can be Bonded that way too. I refuse to even have a moment of time spent with you doubting me. I have much to prove to you, and I will work to make our lives safer as well as show you that we can love each other.” His eyes are bright with his conviction, turning them an even more beautiful shade of green.

With that, Sookie is just staring at him in shock. Eric smiles, holding her to him. He deems that changing the subject would be good and questions his Maker on some of the details. “So you are going to hand over your Sheriff duties?” He smiles, as he remembers the last time, and how much happier he would be if Godric stayed around them instead.

Godric is still watching Sookie closely, but he answers Eric. “Yes. I will announce it once I have taken the throne, but until then, I will have Isabel doing the duties, with the intent of having her take it over. As you should remember, Mates cannot be far from each other. This just gives me the excuse to leave behind the idiocy that is Texas lately.” Nor would he wish to be away from his Mate. Eric will protect her, he has no doubt, but he wishes to make sure she is safe also. His beast would never allow otherwise.

Thinking for a second, Eric asks with a smirk, “Who are you going to leave as King or Queen of Texas?” It is a long known fact that Godric rules the state in reality. It had been one of the reasons Eric had been so angry with Nan Flannigan.

Godric chuckles. “I think I will leave it up to them. Lukas needs to learn that he cannot play all the time. I am tired of ruling the state without being able to make the changes I need to.” He wonders if the fact that he was the force behind the state was the reason that he died last time. He just wished he could see into his own head from that time. How much he wishes Sookie and he had touched so he would have an idea of all that is going on. He does not doubt that what they are missing from his side may make a huge difference.

Nodding his head, Eric’s finger plays with the slip of skin exposed on Sookie’s stomach while he asks, “What about the money the Queen has hemorrhaged?” He is trying to think of everything. This is how Godric and he often worked, questioning even the obvious to make sure everything was thought of. It is what made them such a formidable force together.

Thinking on it, Godric sighs. “Let’s see how much I can fix by selling off unneeded properties and such. If it comes down to it, I will balance the state with my own proceeds. I will need both of your help doing this though. And it will mean time in New Orleans. This house will do once we can move the capitol here. Will Pam take over Area 5 or 1? I will need you both as my 2nds, so I am unsure if you will have the time to be Sheriff too, Eric.” He is blunt. He wants the two of them with him at all times. He doesn’t need Eric dealing with things that would pull him away from court. If Eric still wishes to control Area 5, he would make it where he rules that area himself. That way anything brought up would have to be in court. He is already taking actions to protect the two of them.

Eric waives his hand dismissively. “My Sheriff duties are easy, I have a well behaved area. Asking Pam to be Sheriff of Area 1 would be a good use for her. I called her back for the Revelation, but she is more than able to do the job.” And it would send her away far enough for her not to cause as much trouble for Sookie.

Sookie finally breaks in. “What do you mean both? Pam and Eric?” She is confused. She thought he had wanted her with him, but now he was talking about Pam and Eric?

Godric smiles, and shakes his head to gently correct his little one. “You and Eric. You will be more than I need. Just at the beginning will things be harder.” He knows her past of doubting she is enough, and he will prove how much he needs her. This is just one of the ways he can do it outwardly for their kingdom to see how precious she is besides just being his and Eric’s Mate.

Sookie finally tells them her fear. “But… I’m human.” The voice that comes out is small, childlike.

Unnerved by the sound of her voice, Eric forces himself to chuckle. “Nice try Sookie. We have your memories. You are not human, you are fairy. And your Grandfather is full of shit. He was wrong to tell you that you can use up your powers.” That makes his fangs drop back down as he recalls that memory. It was one of the ones that stuck out when he received them.

Godric actually growls, he recalls that memory with ease also. “What he didn’t know was that you were already Mated. So he made up shit to explain what he didn’t know. As long as you take our blood, you will live as long as we do. In fact, when we all Mate, you should freeze. There is no reason for you to become vampire. Your powers activated after you took Eric’s blood in Dallas. He is the one who started your turning to full fairy. Once you have mine as well, you should be fine. No limits.” He is clenching his hands together behind his head, his whole body coiled in anger due to the lies his Mate was told. The risk she had thought of taking.

Pulling himself back to the here and now, Godric looks disgusted, and discloses his thoughts on the matter to her. “I don’t know what his reasons for making up the information he gave you were, but I am not liking that he had a part in the whole Warlow thing either. He disappeared after teaching you how to expend your gift in a last blast that might have killed you both.” This is something he plans to find out more information on.

Eric growls as he puts together the pieces. “Fuck! I never realized it. I’m sorry, lover.” He nuzzles her in apology. Too much, too much went so wrong at the end.

Shaking her head at him, Sookie inquires of him, “For what? We need to learn to talk, Eric. This is both of our faults. But… I want to know what Godric meant by calling Roman. I thought you and Nora were his only children?” She had wondered over the information and finally can ask the question that she has fretted about in her head.

Eric blinks…then he too looks at Godric.

Godric just smiles. “I am going to love courting you and gaining you as my Mate. You caught on and no one has for millenniums. Yes, I will call Roman. There is much I need to get straightened out.” He leans back again in his relaxed pose, his hands behind his head, as he watches the two of them.

The two of them share a look of shock and then stare at Godric.

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