Chapter 6 I Belong to You

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Shaking her head at him, Sookie inquires of him, “For what? We need to learn to talk, Eric. This is both of our faults. But… I want to know what Godric meant by calling Roman. I thought you and Nora were his only children?” She had wondered over the information and finally can ask the question that she has fretted about in her head.

Eric blinks…then he too looks at Godric.

Godric just smiles. “I am going to love courting you and gaining you as my Mate. You caught on and no one has for millenniums. Yes, I will call Roman. There is much I need to get straightened out.” He leans back again in his relaxed pose, his hands behind his head, as he watches the two of them.

The two of them share a look of shock and then stare at Godric.


Many thoughts are running through his head trying to make sense of what Godric just said. Instead of voicing them all, Eric just asks, “Roman is your child? But, he is as old as you are.”

Godric nods. “He was a mistake, but one I would acknowledge if he would allow me. When I was 10 years in this life, I was attacking Roman armies as they were in still in my birthplace. But Roman pulled something from me as I drank from him when he allowed me to take what I wanted without a fight. His honor was apparent as he lay there, and not wanting a good man to die, I gave him my blood to heal. Unfortunately, he was too far gone, and I turned him instead.” He thinks back to those long ago days, when he thinks people had more honor than now-a-days.

Then Godric leans back and shakes his head to move on from those thoughts as he informs them, the two people who know all of his secrets anyways, “My Maker trained both of us, and we were more brothers than Maker and Child, but I am his Maker. We have hidden it, and the most people remember is that my Maker had both of us at the same time. They think we are brothers. There has never been a case of a Youngling bringing over someone.” He states it with a shrug, but Eric understands, usually the magic is too weak in a newborn to bring over someone. For Godric to bring over Roman, he had been very powerful.

Looking to Eric, Godric states, “You have always been my true Child, the one I love and always have. You know Nora was brought over for you because you were so lonely at the time. When she wanted to enter politics, Roman took her in since she was his sister. Since then, I have found that they have been closer than even you and she. To find out she fucked you then, well it was odd, and I wonder what has happened.” He muses on the last part, wondering if they had fallen into a version of that show he had watched in the 60’s… Twilight something or the other.

Thinking over the information she is receiving, her head hurting enough to have her not diving for memories, Sookie ponders aloud, “Maybe ’cause you left us?”

Godric looks up at her. He narrows his eyes as he tries to see if that could be the reason.

Nodding his head, Eric muses, “He would have felt it like me, and I was very despondent. Sookie is the only reason I did not follow you the next day.” He stated it nonchalantly, but they all understood. While there is no proof that Eric and Godric are Mates, they have a very tight bond.

Godric nods in agreement as he looks back over that period of time, wincing as he tries to understand what that version of him was thinking. “Yes, Sookie was the reason you did not follow me. If it wasn’t for her, you would have. We have always been closer than most Makers and their progeny. You are not as close to Pam, and I am not as close to either Roman or Nora. I am not thinking we are quite Mates, but does it really matter? We are Mated to Sookie for sure. Our own status does not matter.” He shrugs at the end. Deciding that it isn’t that big of a deal in the long run. It just won’t matter.

Smiling just a little bit at the reminder that they have other reasons that this may all work, Sookie brings them back to the issue at hand by asking them, “But the Child that has been by you almost your entire life?”

Trying to let her know how odd Godric and he are, Eric informs her softly, “Nora felt him die, but she was nowhere as upset as I was. Though, I had wondered why Roman allowed himself to be killed. His vampire ability was his strength. He had also gained the ability to fly. But for him to die as he did under an attack he normally could have repelled easily? And for me to feel it in some way? I thought Sookie was hurt, but when I tried to search her out, her emotions were clearer. I didn’t understand.” Eric remembers that time clearly, and what a cluster fuck it had been. He normally didn’t use the current words, but that one definitely described the situation.

Thinking on their words, Godric slowly agrees. “You may be right, Eric. It didn’t make sense for his death. But no longer. If my Maker has an issue, she will speak up.” He shrugs. They will do whatever is needed to get through this, and if it ends badly, he has no doubt his Maker will step in, though he is not sure why she didn’t last time. Were things so bad that she couldn’t guide them?

Eric nods. Then he asks, “Is there anything else for tonight?” His hand is caressing Sookie as he asks, but in a thoughtful manner, not really aware he is doing it.

The three of them shake their head. Gathering his thoughts, as he looks down at his beloved, “Sookie, you can deny this, but I would feel better if you shared blood with Godric. We don’t need anyone thinking of taking you from either of us. This way, our Bond will be completed, but you will be accessible in case Godric needs to find you.” He would feel better to have them all ready, at the same levels at the least. Plus he feels like Godric needs to feel Sookie, and hopefully she will be able to feel him too as she did with Eric that night.

Sookie looks at Godric and asks, “Since I know what blood can do, are you going to use it?” She is blunt, and while she doesn’t really think Godric would do it, she is wary. She trusts Eric because he has proven it to her many times. She frankly feels like an idiot not to catch on to it before.

Looking at his Mate with shock on his face, Godric sits up and demands, “What do you mean what blood can do? Did you not know it is all intention?” He glances at Eric, surprised and upset that he had not told Sookie what the blood can do. What had happened and how did their Mate get these ideas?

Shaking her head no, she looks up to Eric for clarification. He smiles at her gently. He had a pretty clear idea on where she got her ideas, but he hadn’t had time yet to talk to her on what she might be thinking. So he explains to his little Mate in his lap, “The vampire’s intent is what governs the blood. None of us know why, but if we give it to another for love, if the intent is to be closer or even for protection, we have no control over the Bond in the manner that you think. Healing for some odd reason doesn’t count, but the rest? It counts as a Love Bond. Nothing you experienced from my blood in you was what I wanted when I tried to affect you. It would only let me know your feelings and to allow me to know where you were. But, I was happy with that since that is what I wanted so badly after I realized what had happened in the Church. I never wanted to not know if you needed me.” His eyes are hooded with the pain that he had experienced when he had heard the message through the door that Sookie needed help. He had gone after her not knowing if she had found Godric or not, and not really caring. She needed help, and he had been sitting there thinking. Then to find out what she had suffered from… no. He will never allow anything to happen to her without him knowing.

“So you mean, Bill’s blood affected me ’cause he didn’t care, yet you, who loved me, couldn’t affect my feelings at all?” Her eyes are narrowed at the thought that the idiot had lied the entire time.

Eric nods, his hand stroking her arm as he smiles at her. “Amazing is it not? Where I would have loved to send you comfort, strength, even proof of my feelings, I could do nothing until after we Bonded.” His smile faded into a smirk as he thought how much easier things could have been if he could send her his emotions.

Clearing his throat, Godric inquires, “About that, Eric you know it takes three exchanges, right?” His eyebrow lifts as he looks at his Child. He knows he taught him this information.

Eric’s eyes flick over to Godric’s. “Not for us. It took one and we were fully bonded.” He is resolute on that. Sookie felt him and they could send emotions to each other – all hallmarks of a true Bond completed.

The eyebrow rises higher as Godric goes back over the memories, and he nods slowly. “Yes. Mayhap the Mating Bond enhanced that? Either way, I insist that you two do a full Bond this time around. You can be kept here and I will look over your area and get things ready, so no worries for time spent in magical forests.” He grins at them at the memories of that magical time. He is hoping he will get his own version when he Mates with them.

Looking between the two of them, Sookie snorts. “And when we exchange? What is going to happen then?” She looks between her Mates, wanting to know if they will be ready for if they all go off to the mystical forest with the bed in the snow.

Eric’s eyes widen as he realizes the completion of her thoughts. He smirks as he looks down at her, knowing they will be soon in that fairy land again. He wistfully remembers watching the snow fall through the sun.

Godric just laughs. “Tell me Sookie, do you love me? Like you love Eric?” He waits, expecting the denial while secretly hoping for her to admit it. But it is too early, he tells himself. Not even an hour has passed since he told them.

She sadly shakes her head. “No, not yet.” She hates to tell him that, feeling the faint stirrings of hope now that she knew to look for his part of their Mating Bond.

He leans forward to cup her face. “Lovely Sookie, do not worry about it. It will come. You had a lifetime with Eric already. Our time will come, and we will fall in love. Until then, be patient and we will get to know each other. I think this will be a normal exchange, but we can take precautions.” Godric smiles down at her, the soft smile she had seen on his face before, the one that always looked a little bit wry at the same time.

Sookie looks at him and then back up to Eric. Looking into his eyes, she nods. “Ok. But first, we get what we can moving. And I need to be back in Bon Temps tomorrow.” She tells the two of them, as she lines up all that needs to be done in the next couple of days. She doesn’t really want to go anywhere without them.

Eric growls. “Why?” He is suspicious. Too much in that town had hurt his Mate, and he is not wanting her anywhere near there before they are bonded. Not until all the Supes in the area knows she is his, his Bonded, his Mate.

She sighs. “Sam wants to talk to me.” She leans against Eric, waiting for him to be upset. She knows how he feels about the Shifter. Not that she feels any better with all the shit she has put up with from Sam.

He starts shaking his head. “Sookie, have him meet us at Fangtasia. You can use the office but I want that meeting where we can watch over you. Sam…has a violent past.” He holds her closer, his instincts demanding that he protect his little Mate. Sam has a past that he doesn’t want her exposed to in this timeline if possible. His hatred for Vampires is well known.

Sookie nods as she recalls those memories, “Ok. It’s a little too soon for me to try to risk my life.” She smiles up at Eric, and he grins down at her, kissing her nose.

Godric grins at how they handled it, and then offers his own alternative to make them all happy. He knows that it will take longer than a day for them to Bond. “How about I call the Shifter, and set up time in three days? That should allow you time to Bond all the way, and for me to be ready to get things moving.” And for his plans to be made so he knows how they will be receiving the Shifter. Either way, it will be in a position of power. Sookie needs to learn quickly that she is more than others think just by being their Mate.

Sookie looks at him. “Why are we moving so fast?” She is not missing the byplay here.

“Your safety takes precedence, Sookie. Moving as quickly as we can for things that affect you is for the best. I will check on your Gran and do what I can to move the investigation on Rene with what you have found already. Even if you somehow wake during the day, do not leave Eric’s side. I will make sure there is food and the things you need down here. You will find yourself, umm… Hungry.” Godric smirks at the end. To say the least, she will be hungry… Hungry for food, for Eric and for his blood. It should be interesting knowing Eric as he does.

Eric laughs. “What he means, is we will be fucking more than we did when we first Bonded. But I have no complaints about this.” He nuzzles into her neck as he allows himself to lower all those barriers he has been taught to raise by the man before them.

Sookie blushes, but she cuddles into Eric more. She cannot deny she is looking forward to having the time with Eric. The time they had been together was short, but altogether it was the best she ever had. Then she blushes more as she realizes that this truly will be her first time.

Godric is watching them, then gently tells Eric, “Make the preparations. Sookie and I can exchange, then I will leave for your first exchange. This way there will be nothing between us. Yet.” He is watching her, not only physically but emotionally. The flash of embarrassment worries him, but he will trust Eric to handle her. He will have his time with her soon.

He is planning to use the time they are mating to research with his memories and online how to woo his little Mate. He is actually excited. Taking over Louisiana is nothing next to the challenge of having his little fairy fall in love with him, while not harming what his Child and she have already built up.

With that in mind, he leans forward, and hugs Sookie, then he looks to Eric as he bites his hand, and offers it to her. She smiles at him and, offering her wrist to him, takes his hand in her other one and begins drinking.

Godric’ fangs drop, and he prepares her wrist as he moans from the exquisite feeling of his little Mate drinking him. He bites her gently, then his eyes roll back at her flavor. He manages to control himself by latching onto Eric through their Bond, and after a couple of mouthfuls, he heals her wrist. The loss of control had nothing to do with Sookie herself or any lack of restraint of him. It is more the feeling of her drinking from him, and his knowing that this blood will be his to have many times, his Mate’s blood, that was especially made for Eric and he to drink from. The healing is a statement. He never wants a mark on her. Ever.

When he looks up to Eric, he finds him looking back at him. “Never,” his Child tells him, looking deep into his eyes, and sending his resolution to Godric. This is not something he will budge on. Their Mate is not to be marked as a fangbanger.

Godric nods. “Never.” She is their Queen. And they will treat her as one, as their personal goddess on earth.

Sookie leans back into Eric’s chest, glowing slightly. Godric leans forward, and kisses her on the forehead, and with a fond glance to her, leaves the room, dragging himself away to allow the two their time to Bond.

He heads upstairs, relishing in the Bond with her. Eric is right, the first Bond is unnaturally clear. But he is right also, the two additional will make them phenomenal. He shudders as he feels their blood exchange and the passion it ignites in both of them. He laughs. Their Mate will be more than able to handle the two of them.

He heads into Eric’s office and then performs a sweep of it. When it comes up clean, he sits down, opens the laptop there, performs checks on it, then proceeds to plan out the takeover of Louisiana.

After the first volley of emails go out, he gets two that he opens immediately. One tells him, “It’s about time. The bitch needs to be taken down.” He smirks and replies back to that one, planning to have the individual down here as soon as possible.

The other makes it worth everything. “This time you are doing the right thing.”

While Godric is working, Eric is soon kissing his Mate on her mouth, as he remembers that she is a virgin. Her scent gives it away, and as much as he wants, and needs, to claim her now, he will not take her violently.

Eric looks deep into the eyes of his beloved. “Are you sure, Sookie?” He has already divested them both of their shirts and is already making short work on her pants. His mouth is roving over her body, tasting, kissing, licking, biting with his blunt teeth. But he waits for her to tell him she wants it, not just the Bond itself.

She leans forward, but before she can bite his neck, he tells her softly, “Wait, min älskare.” When she gives him the eyebrow, he surges up to nip at it, then looking down at her, tells her, “I will not take you as Compton did. Your first time will have me making sure you are ready. No pain, my lover. When we bite, I fully expect us to explode with the lust rocketing back and forth right now. So, allow me to ready you for me.” He stares deep into her eyes, waiting for her to agree.

Staring up at him, Sookie nods, chewing her bottom lip. She had forgotten until just a little bit ago that she was untouched in this timeline, and that she would have pain this time.

He shakes his head, “Not the way I do it. I will never leave you in any sort of pain, my lover. I highly expect that you will always have our blood in you, since you seem to attract trouble.” He grins down at her as his one arm holds him up, while his other is caressing the body below him, his attention on it.

Eric watches as he cups her breast in his hand, enjoying the weight and the fact it fits his hand, as his fingers expertly tug at the nipple. He is also monitoring the Bond so he knows if any of this pains her, since as he told her, this is lovemaking. It’s not meant to be painful in any way.   Virgins are not easy to break in, but he has found some of the best lovers in the past were ones he had taken the time to teach them pleasure.

Eric looks up into her face, his lips curling up as he watches his lover close her eyes in pleasure. Turning his attention back to his hand, he repeats the motion with his hand on her other breast. He moves his body lower as his hand drifts down, his mouth loving on her neck and down her exquisite throat. He makes his way down to the nipples he had teased to be ready and suckles on them.

His eyes watch her as she arches into him, as his hand reaches her moist curls. He rubs on the outside of her lips, slowly moving his finger deeper each pass. He switches to her other breast, maintaining a watch on every part of her. This is his Mate, and he will make sure this is what she wants.

When he gets to her clit, he smiles at the gasp she gives as he lightly taps it before moving back and teasing her with just the very tip of his finger entering her. Watching his Mate, he is pleased with her reactions, and sets himself to teasing her until he can get her wetter. By then he should be able to watch what he is doing, which has him bucking his hips into the bed, glad he still hasn’t undressed completely.

Eric moves slowly, and by the time he is looking down at something that only Godric and he will ever see, Sookie is panting from the pleasure. He is sliding three fingers in and out, pleased that all he needs to do is stretch his Mate. With his blood in her, any other pain will be healed before she even feels it. As long as he does his job now correctly.

Not able to help himself, and wanting to know if she is as sweet as his memory remembers, he takes a lick, and moans. He rests his head against her thigh, and when she looks down at him, he tells her, “You smell and taste like none other, my love.”

She reaches down to him, and pulling him up to her, Eric kisses her neck and up to her jaw and then takes her mouth with his. But when she grabs his hair and tugs, he pulls back to look down at her. Her eyes are dark with need for him, and he actually can’t see anything but black. Then she suddenly bites his neck as hard as she can, and he grunts. He closes his eyes as he feels her drinking him, and nothing to block their feelings, he leans forward, and bites his love on her neck, completing the first exchange.

It is more than their first time. It is everything to them both. Without knowing it, they quickly have Eric’s remaining clothing torn off, and Eric is inside of her.

The taste of her, and his and his Maker’s blood combining in her make a truly unique bouquet that he cannot get enough of. He does not care that he is drinking still from her, as long as he feels her doing the same to him. The never-ending circle of them both will be enough to make sure she is not drained.

Sookie is lost in the taste of him, of how he is taking her, as he slides in and out of her…

Neither notice the surroundings change around them, nor does Eric notice the ties with Godric and Pam die out and there is only the two of them.

They are moving as one, neither noticing when they stopped drinking and began staring at each other, their love open in their eyes. This was unlike the last time. This time they are both in control of themselves, neither of them remembers more than the other of their past.

Eric cannot tear his eyes away from his beloved, no matter how badly he wants to roll his eyes back from the sublime feeling of being inside of his mate. Instead, he watches her, making sure that she is receiving nothing but love and pleasure from this joining.

Sookie smiles as she realizes what he is doing, and locks her legs around him, letting him set the pace. Knowing him as she did, this time there is no struggle for her to show him she is his equal; instead, she is letting him show her how he can please her.

He already knows she is his, his equal, his everything. He wants to show her how much he wants and needs her. So he works to please her without doing anything but what he is already doing. Their moans and the rumbling of both of their voices letting each know how they feel, how they adore their other half, is the only noise in the room or what would pass for their room in their minds. In reality, where they are has no borders and their cries are lost in the void as the universe itself cradles this two-thirds of a pairing in its vast nothingness.

And as they reach the end, neither can recount how many orgasms they had given to each other, because it was no competition. No, this was sealing the Bond that had started in another lifetime, a love that has given them another chance.

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