Chapter 7 Two Lovers Dreaming of Forever

Chapter 7 AIW c

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And as they reach the end, neither can recount how many orgasms they had given to each other, because it was no competition. No, this was sealing the bond that had started in another lifetime, a love that given them another chance.


The sun is rising. Godric is still awake as the house goes into lockdown while he works out plans. Unable to help it, he had taken a slight break when the two began to renew their Bond. The need to be with them is strong, but luckily, he soon feels them phasing out. He closes his eyes in relief. He never felt so much like masturbating than at that time, but he knows it wouldn’t work. His body knows its Mate, and will not allow him satisfaction until he mates with her. So he sits there, rock hard, and nothing he can do about it since he wishes to be with his Mate once he woos her.

Once they are gone, he allows his longing for Sookie to fill him, knowing that at this time she won’t feel it. However, he can hear a part of him saying that he is just being a martyr for her love and punishing himself. He does not know why he left them in that other time line, but he cannot accept it.

Taking a deep breath, he wrenches himself back to planning their future. This is his chance to plan out what needs to be done and to get people in line. When the two lovers come back from the place they are at for their Bonding, they will get started. This is a time when no one knows what is going on and can make the difference between them succeeding – and knocking themselves off the course of last time – or failing. Godric is aiming for the win, nothing in him allows anything less than a slaughter of their enemies to make sure that both Eric and Sookie will be safe.

He plans to not have Eric or Sookie involved, not until Godric has the state in his hands. He will take care of the Shifter for Sookie, making sure he will not be an issue, and he will gladly take care of Bill. From what he had seen, Bill makes enough mistakes that he should not be an issue this time. Godric will not stand for it.

He also knows that once he is King, he will have more resources to take care of Russell. Roman has been very aware of the search for the vampire that killed Eric’s family. He had told his Maker that he would be by their side when they take him on. Godric wonders what happened to make that promise a moot point.

Nan needs to be taken care of as well. He had seen the dislike for her from Sookie and Eric along with the reasons why. The stunts she pulled, including taking out Sophie Anne for Bill, meant that she was too dangerous to leave alive. His dislike for her was because of her treatment of him when he was in Dallas.

That, of all the memories, bothered him the most. How could he have fallen so low? He was not that vampire. It made him suspicious. Also, he had been so pale. It was like he stopped drinking all together. When vampires do that, problems arise. This is not something he can imagine himself doing. And it is not like Eric who had tasted his Sookie’s blood. He himself would be forcing blood down if it was not his Mates’. His Mates…

He leans back. It is no surprise to him that he has two. He also suspects that Eric does not feel the pull to him as he does to Sookie. Godric himself felt the pull to Sookie to be so much stronger. He wonders since they are both Mated to Sookie, if the Maker/Child Bond and the Mate Bond with Sookie allows them to feel a shadow of the Bond with each other.

Not that it will be a problem with either of them. He smiles to himself. Eric and he have been lovers for a long time. He had never loved another like he loved Sookie and Eric. That love is why he is so adamant to gain Sookie’s love for himself without damaging their own Bond. He doesn’t want them suffering.

Leaning forward, he emails some more invitations, and plans to talk with Eric in more detail about the shortcomings of his fellow sheriffs. All in all, everything Godric has found is that none of them are worth keeping on. He will be pulling more trustworthy vampires to serve under him. Eric is the oldest in the state, and he will be calling in favors to get the age levels higher. This state will need to be a powerhouse to be able to take everything that will be coming at them.

And the debt? Godric shakes his head. There should be none. But the Queen has spent money on many things that is not needed to run a state, like a day room. Seriously. A day room. A room to imitate the sunlight. She is not old enough to be longing for it in that way, but he wonders if it has something to do with Hadley.

From what he is finding, since the Stackhouse cousin has come to be in her retinue, Sophie Anne has become more unstable. He also cannot find out what happened to her children. It is as though they had all disappeared, which doesn’t make sense either. No, something happened about the time that Hadley Stackhouse came into the picture and it was enough to cause many vampires to almost go crazy.

He plans to look into it, as well as Jason Stackhouse. He may be biased, but he neither tasted nor feels anything odd with Sookie. Her memories tell him that her brother and cousin were alike, and there had been plenty about Jason in her memories. Godric’s eyes go dark as he remembers the slap he had given her for their Gran dying while high on V. He could have killed her if it had not been for Bill’s blood in her at the time.

Then there was the run in the FOTS, but again, Jason comes out smelling better because of his courageous decision to defend his sister at the end. Though there is the mess with the Hot Shot Panthers, and from what he can gather, they raped him.

Godric sighs. No man or woman should ever have to suffer through that, but it seemed to be a wakeup call for Jason. He had become a police officer during the year Sookie left. Though there was the oddness of Jason near the end. Jessica had been odd, and she was the only one that had drank from Jason.

All in all, their little Mate will need some time to be more confident, and one of the ways he plans to help speed that up is to have her stay out of the range of those that will treat her like crap. Eric will and does worship her. Godric will be wooing her traditionally, and he is going to hope that they can give her a boost.

He soon feels the pull of the sun to have him rest, and thinking of things that need to be done, he smiles evilly. If everything goes as he plans, he will have the Queen overthrown soon. Call it his Mating gift to the two people who were meant to be downstairs.

With that he heads off to his room, as he hears the house lock up its final parts.

Downstairs, in their own reality, Eric is hovering over his lady love, kissing her slowly down her body.

Sookie moans as she wakes to his love. “Eric.”

He smiles as he continues down her body, only stopping to ask, “Yes?”

She cannot help the moan coming from her as fingers slide into her. He chuckles, telling her, “I plan to finish our Mating, min bondi. What do you wish?”

Her fingers clench the sheets as he reaches that spot inside of her that she swears didn’t exist for any but him. Bill sure as hell couldn’t find it with lights and a map directing him there.

Eric is laughing at the pleasure he can feel from his Mate, his wife when this is all over. And as far as she is concerned, the only wife he has ever wanted. He settles between her legs, knowing that this will be so enjoyable to them both. But he is slightly cautious since the last blood exchange was more than they thought it would be – uncontrollable basically. There was no love making at that time, unlike their first time. They both craved the other in a way that would have frightened someone looking in.

It had proven to Eric that Sookie really was everything he ever needed in a Mate. She can take him holding nothing back. He remembers that Godric had told them that she will not need to be turned to walk the ages with them, and that pleases Eric so much. His love should not have to give up anything. Though he chuckles at a snippet of a dream she had of him, and his promise of the stars and moon. No. His little one will have it all. And be as greedy as she wishes.

By this time, he is treated by a view of her that in a previous timeline, barely any had seen, and in this timeline would only be his Maker and he. His nose takes in the scent of her, mixed with his own, and this time he does allow his eyes to roll back. “Sookie, my love, I could spend eternity here between your legs and never want for anything.”

By this time she has raised herself on her elbows and cocks an eyebrow at him, “Never? Are you sure about that, Eric?”

He laughs, and then licks her, groaning at the flavor. “No, you little minx. I would miss the rest of your tempting body. But for now, I think I will see how well I can drive you insane being here.”

Sookie moans as he proceeds to do everything he can to bring her to multiple orgasms, using his tongue, fangs and fingers. She already knew he had a talented mouth from their previous times, but with all his memories, well, obviously, there had been things to learn over his thousand years in making love.

Eric on the other hand enjoys unleashing all his tricks on this goddess below him. He has no idea what time it is, nor where the sun is, something every vampire knows down his molecules, instead, he plans to use all the time they have to give his lover pleasure in every way. He has been faithful to this woman in his heart for so long that the travesty of Nora and he is being erased by this time with his true Mate.

When Sookie whimpers because of the overstimulation, he moves up her body, kissing gently, and tells her, “That is the cue for the next step, my love.”

She smiles up at him, her face on a pillow with her golden tresses falling as a halo around her. He smiles down at her, knowing that this memory will stick with him always. He leans forward to kiss her, their lips meeting in a caress.

Sookie’s eyes are closed when he leans away, and he smiles gently at the look of love and satisfaction he has left on his Mate’s face. He murmurs to her softly, “Ready?”

She nods. They look into each other’s eyes, as he bites his hand, and he leans forward to prepare her neck. When she takes that first draw from him, he sinks his fangs carefully into her, never wanting to hurt her at any time.

Both are wrapped up in the feeling of the other becoming that much more of a part of themselves. Their minds are soon wrapped up in the other.

Neither notice the room reflecting the soft glow around them, as their souls and minds become part of each other. Mating is so rare that there is no one to tell of the phenomenon. No, most of the time the Mates are so wrapped up, there is no one to witness it. But then, there had never been a fairy and a vampire Mating until now. The races themselves make up the differences of the Mating, along with the love and intent of the ones involved.

Both Sookie and Eric love each other to the point that their love threw them back in time to give them a second chance. That type of love is rare even in Mates. This is why Godric wants it for himself, to have this type of love. And why he is patient to have it.

Their bodies are soon glowing a soft blue, and when they stop drinking, both their eyes open to each other. Eric tilts his head, cupping her face. “Min Älskare, your eyes have changed.”

Sookie frowns, “My eyes?”

He nods as he kisses her eyelids. “They are blue. The same color as mine.”

Sookie, looks up at him, but she finds she does not care.

Eric, though, is looking over her, and he smiles finally. When her eyebrow goes up, he tells her, “I believe Godric was right, you are becoming more fairy. But the scent of you is saturated with me, and you even smell of Godric.”

She lifts an eyebrow as he settles on top of her, and she relishes the sense of being protected by this man. She shifts just enough to open her legs to allow him to settle between them.

Eric can’t help it, he nuzzles her neck then by her ear he tells her, “I guess your legs will magically open for me.” Then he softly chuckles.

Sookie pauses for a moment, then laughs out loud. She is shortly joined by Eric as they enjoy the time.

She looks up at him. “The great Eric Northman not taking advantage of being able to have sex?”

He kisses her. “No. This time, I feel like showing you how much I treasure you. I wish to know more of your past. I know I can get the memories any time I wish, but I rather hear them from you. I already know the bad things, I wish for you to tell me the good things.”

Her eyes fill as she realizes that their coming back this far means…”Bartlett.” Eric slides to the side bringing her to him, allowing her to cry as he comforts her.

He tells her gently, “I am all for killing him as Bill did. But I am not wanting your wrath. Honestly, the man deserves to be punished more than he is. He is free to subject others to his mentality, and you said Hadley had a child. Do you wish him to see what goes on in Bartlett’s memories of his mother and you?”

Shaking in his arms, she thinks over her great uncle, then Hunter. “Do it. You are right, if for some reason Hunter ever comes around him, he should not be subject to seeing his mother’s and my shame.”

Eric shakes his head, “There is no shame, Sookie. He was older, stronger, and an elder. His job was to take care of you. There is reason for your brother being the way he is. He never had a strong male relative to teach him how to treat the females of his family.”

He is holding her close as he feels her shivers. He can also sense her feelings and he tells her again, “I suspect this was one of the times that concreted your belief that your gift was a curse, but who would not in this type of situation. He never did anything to you, but you were just as violated as though you were physically raped. Same with the others who attempted it in the past. You were still raped in your mind, you saw what they planned to do.”

He holds his lover closer. So many things are falling into place about his beloved, and he realizes that he and Godric will have a lot to work on. But, he swears that his little fairy will be fully healed of what harm others in their pettiness have done to her. He kisses her on her forehead, and settles down to talk with her, letting her know everything about him, as he wishes to know about her.

Softly in the background a radio station is playing, and the song’s melodic sounds soon are joined by the sounds of Eric and Sookie letting go of their lifetimes of hurt, allowing the other to shoulder the weight of the world, since another pair is always easier than one.

Final Count: 2,923 words

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